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Big Brother 20-Thursday Overnight Update

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Can Tyler keep his secrets? Which side of the house is in trouble? Will everyone be crying out “Namastop” in their sleep before this HOH is over? Regardless of the answers, it should be a fun week for us!


This is my first update for Steve this season so I’ll probably be all over the place. I’ll tidy things up as I go this summer but be patient with me because Mel in the morning is out of practice!

People were nervous last night while trying to act like they weren’t and there was speculation about the flip vote. Kaitlyn may have found the best way to get away with it because it usually doesn’t work and people almost always find out. When you win HOH, who’s going to call you out on it? Swaggy immediately felt it was Kaitlyn, Scottie thought it was Haleigh, Fessie thought Rockstar and initially Haleigh thought it was Scottie. (Haleigh and Rockstar had to know better since Kaitlyn told them she was going to vote Steve out and later said she wasn’t and it was a misunderstanding, didn’t they?)  What I saw happening was a bunch of people trying to convince themselves it was someone besides Kaitlyn since she’s HOH and they can’t have it be Kaitlyn because of what that could mean. Fessie tells Swaggy that Kaitlyn wouldn’t do it and he and Swaggy start thinking it was Rockstar. This is based on Rockstar having the idea to throw a vote to Steve in an attempt to blame the Bros earlier in the week. She was also very upset after the eviction. Haleigh and Rockstar finally realize it had to be Kaitlyn. (Ya think?) Rockstar was actually upset because she didn’t give her kids a shout out. Production told them not to but I think she felt guilty for not doing it when some other people did anyway. She also started to realize how much conversation she had with Steve and how he was the one person in the house who wasn’t trying to play grab-ass with everyone so it was nice having him to talk to. (I think she had a ‘I didn’t realize how much I’d miss you till you were gone’ moment)


Haleigh says she wants Tyler out sooner than later. She thinks Kaitlyn flipped and somehow took Tyler with her. She’s on the right track but traveling the wrong direction. She and Rockstar feel they are safe this week but see they have to watch out for her later. There is talk about Kaitlyn gravitating to males instead of females and think it’s a problem. (Again, ya think?)  Rockstar is also getting annoyed with the “manifesting things” BS talk from Kaitlyn. Haleigh mentioned working on a plan B and maybe picking up people like Kaycee and JC. (She and Tyler think alike)

Kaitlyn told Haleigh, Rockstar and Fessie they were safe soon after winning. She said she needed to find out more about the power someone had before she would commit to anything further. Rockstar tried to convince her that turning on Swaggy now was a bad idea. Kaitlyn said she didn’t like him saying he was running things and controlling them. Haleigh and Rockstar said it was good for them that he thought that way. Kaitlyns pigeon grandpa must be telling her something else.


Later and privately, Haleigh & Rockstar talk about Haleigh not wanting a shomance with Fessie. She said she thinks he only wants sex anyway. Rockstar doesn’t mind Swaggy thinking he’s running things. She knows he isn’t so doesn’t care. She says he’s a cocky 23 year old boy who thinks he’s the shit. She said she was like that when she was his age and he reminds her of herself at that age. (Gotta be honest, not hating on Angie Rockstar like I thought I would)

Tyler tried to convince Swaggy a power must have been used to change a vote. Swaggy wasn’t buying it and said Julie would have announced it if one had been used. (Sorry Tyler, you’re good but not that good)

JC talks to Swaggy and points out he wasn’t a flip vote because Fessie knew he was voting out Steve. JC does a good job of making it seem like it hadn’t always been his plan but Steve was giving him a bad vibe for his own personal game. Personally, I don’t think Swaggy cared about JC’s vote to begin with but JC gets Swaggy to say they are good and if Fessie trusts JC then he does too. (JC actually has some good game instincts for someone who knows nothing about BB. His execution will be a mess most of the time but he already plays better than most of the BB19 cast put together)


Sam found out who the votes were. She thought it was Rockstar instead of Kaitlyn. (I think Rachel told her) Sam made a comment about having to accept she was “the ugliest girl in the house.” Rachel tells her it isn’t true and blah blah blah. (Sorry, I don’t have the patience for this crap) I’d like to point out Sam was also the first one to leave the HOH room after the room reveal. Yes, Sam had a very rough start with the robot thing but that isn’t the only problem with her game and there are many others. Sorry Sam lovers, I think the best she can hope for to stay around is having stronger players wanting to use her for a while. She’s too sensitive and EVERYTHING in her game is based on who likes her. Hell, I like her but that won’t put $ in her pocket. If she had played into the robot more instead of complaining all the time, she could have possibly wrapped up America’s Favorite Player in week 1. That’s her best bet for money at this point in my opinion even with her power.

Swaggy overheard Angela or Rachel naming off people in their group and he heard Tyler’s name. He told his group they have to watch out for Tyler now and not tell him things anymore. Surprisingly, he said it was something to be dealt with later but not now. I think that’s smart but based on what I’ve seen, I didn’t think he’d go that route. He didn’t hear Kaitlyn’s name mentioned and he noticed that too. It has him thinking Rockstar flipped even more. All of this info was shared with Scottie so we may not have to keep wondering which side is going to scoop him up. The genius mind that is Winston was also saying last night that Scottie was a rat and he’d never trust him so I guess that solidifies it even more….for now.


Speaking of mastermind Winston, he thought it was great Kaitlyn hadn’t been busted yet for her vote. Later, he said he thought it would be a good idea if she was outed because it would put a target on her maybe rather than Level 6. I think this would be a very smart plan….IF SHE WASN’T THE HOH!!  Brett complained a little to one of the women (Rachel or Angela) about how Winston needs to take it down a notch. I think this was because shortly after the hoh comp, Winston came into the room Swaggy and Tyler were in and started mouthing a little bit about how they were in there talking privately.

Angela asked Tyler if he’s going to volunteer to be a have not. He says he should because he was the hoh for 2 weeks and it’s only fair. She said she would also volunteer. Later, Winston told her not to so they can try to get the guys on the other side to do it. Kaitlyn said she wouldn’t choose people who did it this past week to do it again if it’s up to her.

Kaitlyn got wine in her hoh basket (didn’t get the crystals she wanted) and proceeded to drink straight from the bottle and later, whenever she came on the feeds, they kept switching the camera away from her. I don’t know if this was because she was drunk or because she was reciting some song lyrics and said the N-word earlier in the evening. Either way, it was weird not to have the new hoh on camera a lot the first night. Read into that what you will for yourself because I’m just reporting what I saw.

I can’t wait to see who the nominations are and how much influence Tyler will have over them. Kaitlyn has already asked Tyler to tell her what to do. He told her to do whatever she wanted and she said he needed to tell her because he was smarter than her. Tyler has been stuck to her like glue but he is playing her right. One of the reasons Kaitlyn is drawn to Tyler is because he pretends he values her opinion. He’s also pretending she’s going to pick her own noms. She could go after Winston & Co, Swaggy and Bayleigh or play it safe and put up people like Scottie and JC since she doesn’t have big connections with them. Regardless, winning HOH may have helped her with the vote switch but it’s making her choose a side before it would have been necessary if she hadn’t won it. This probably won’t be good for Tyler’s long game either. I’m betting Kaitlyn spills everything she knows about Tyler this week. I don’t think she’ll do it trying to hurt his game. I just think she can’t keep her mouth shut. We’ll see soon enough…

On a personal note, where is our pal Gerardo with 1 “R” ???


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