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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Recap

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Good morning! There’s a lot of coffee being poured this morning by feed watchers who stayed up to see the hoh comp last night. I’m one of them so this recap may be a mess today. Steve covered everything from start to finish so there isn’t much I can add anyway. I also have to move some furniture around before work this morning.  My son is changing apartments and I’m storing a few things for him, big things unfortunately. I was already keeping a ping pong table for him and hoped the apartment change wood give him more room, not less! If it doesn’t leave soon, I’ll probably start asking you guys for repurposing suggestions for a ping pong table…maybe I could contact Sam when the show’s over, she’d probably have some great ideas!


Tyler won the hoh “endurance” comp but Haleigh really hung in there. It only went for around an hour so I don’t know about the endurance part. (I’ve never been swinging and spinning on a rope while being hit by oversized pies so I shouldn’t judge how long it should go) They looked like they were extras in a horror movie last night. I kept thinking blueberry pie would’ve been a choice more visually appealing but hey, not my call. Speaking of visually appealing, Julie looked great last night and right after I insulted her stylist too. (In my defense, I said earlier in the season that I thought she might have a new one this year because the choices have been better…most weeks)


Not much happened yesterday before the live show. It became clear production did have a stern talk with JC. From what I could gather, JC was told it would be better if JC stayed out of Tyler’s bed and I’d assume he was scolded over the bathroom door prank. JC made comments to Scottie later in the night about production not letting them be together anymore so they broke up. (I’m sure this is JC trying to save face, as they say) Brett spilled to Tyler the things JC had been saying about targeting Angela & KC. JC also talked to Tyler and agreed to take out Haleigh before splitting them up. (I’m mentioning this so people realize they didn’t change their minds because Tyler became the hoh, it happened before) Haleigh talked to Fessy about the night before with JC and said she felt really bad. She said she knew “they were eating JC’s ass” and said she didn’t want him to get in any trouble. She told him she’d started the bathroom pranking, not JC and he was only paying her back. (It sounded like most pranks gone wrong, she was pissed in the moment but once it was over, she thought it was funny) I think she meant it because this is how Haleigh started her day the morning after it happened:


She jumped on top of JC and Brett in bed, laid on top of them and moved to get between them once JC said she was hurting his balls. Twitter is still “demanding” a public flogging for JC but for me, if they don’t care, I’m not going to care anymore either.

The live show had a nice amount of nervous energy I like to see on Thursdays. This is Angela giving Fessy some side eye during his speech:


I noticed Haleigh didn’t say anything about Fessy in her speech. I was glad she got through to Fessy and he went with a handshake instead of picking Julie up. I also realized listening to Haleigh’s goodbye msg, Fessy probably thought it was worth leaving just to get to hear that because she said the things he’s been wanting to hear.

Next came the announcement of the battle back. I was so happy to see genuine dread and unhappiness from the players when Julie said it. There was none of that fake excitement we usually get. Haleigh was the only person who was happy which was also a sincere reaction. This is Angela when they were told:


At first, I thought Bayleigh coming back could give us the most unpredictable week. There were two moments I realized I was wrong. During the jury house segment, she was just as much of a ahole to RS as she’d been in the house so she hadn’t toned down being so condescending. (A player who intentionally told the opposing side about a secret power app didn’t have the right to make RS feel even worse about a mistake she made in the heat of the moment) The second thing was when Julie asked Bayleigh who she’d like to see coming out of the house. They were already in position and about to play the battle back and she said Tyler or Angela. Why would you want such stiff competition trying to get back in? She was a bad player before she left and this convinced me that she’d be a bad player if she returned. Here is some last minute Foutte strategy before they sent Scottie back in. (Run Scottie, Run! Don’t listen to them!)

Once Scottie was back, the lying kicked into high gear. Brett faked his happiness, Angela threw out that she’d got Fessy out “for him” and later, Haleigh put a spin on what had happened the week he left. Sam made sure to tell him she’d stopped smoking (big announcement) and that she’d been taking out the trash. (not big announcement) I do think most of them were happy Scottie was the one who came back since it had to be someone. JC did a terrible job of pretending to be happy. He knows it’s bad for him:

JC was the most convinced there couldn’t be a battle back in order for the schedule to work. After Scottie was welcomed by all, JC told Brett it wasn’t right or fair to the other players. (Welcome to Big Brother JC!)  JC’s made the mistake of allowing a full week for the end of the game when in reality, the schedule moves faster than that at the end and that’s why his math is off.  I think this is what he was trying to calculate here:


Sam was happy to see Scottie but after everyone hugged, she went off by herself and did her isolation thing. She eventually talked to Angela and said she was going to vote Fessy out but after his speech, she questioned some things and voted Haleigh out instead. Angela told her that’s why Fessy did it and told her it was no big deal. (Angela had told Sam how people were voting earlier in the day) Sam said that was the reason she went off by herself for a while but after she thought about it, she knew the things Fessy said couldn’t be true. Angela assured her they weren’t.  Sam said she trusted Angela and if she won HOH, she wouldn’t put her up because Angela had been HOH twice and hadn’t done it to her. She told Angela how great she felt about her and brought up that Angela cooked and cleaned. (BB has become “who keeps the best house?”) Sam got Angela to say that she’d always pick Sam over Haleigh.  Later, Sam explained the same reasons for her vote to Haleigh. (we know Sam was always planning to vote her out and Hay knows it too)

Haleigh told Scottie that she’d accidentally hit Sam in the face when everyone went to hug him.  (Accident?) Later, she apologized to Sam.

Scottie told them alot about the jury house and how nice it was. He said he thought Steve was a cop because of something he’d seen during one of his interviews. I’m guessing it was the Off the Block appearance with Ross and Marissa. All the evicted hg’s give Ross & Marissa a small gift and Steve’s was a badge. (another production screw up) We also found out production took all of Scottie’s stolen storage room loot away. He said he’d made it out with a deodorant that production overlooked so Brett said at least that was something. (Lol)  The most annoying part of this conversation was the feeds kept cutting when it was mentioned. They let us watch him take it and hide it in his suitcase but we weren’t allowed to hear about it after?

Before the comp began, Haleigh started wondering if they had time to eat and Angela really encouraged it and said they didn’t know how long the comp would go. This was funny since we knew what they were about to do…food, not a good idea! Scottie told them what he saw in the yard and what he thought the comp would be so his time away hasn’t taught him much either. (Why tell? I’d have pulled a JC and started trying to feed them)

Hoh comp happened but Steve covered it already so here’s a few pics instead:

Brett getting hit in the face:


Haleigh just before the pie took her down:

Sam watching and hoping like hell Haleigh didn’t win:

JC’s potential hoh win slipping away and possibly his game in the near future:

L6 learned their lesson from last week and had a quieter and more subdued celebration. Angela and Tyler shared their own private hug too:


The usual chit-chat happened after the comp. I don’t think any of it was surprising stuff. Haleigh put a spin on Fessy making a deal with Tyler & Angela the week before. She left herself out of it. Scottie asked why she didn’t tell him she was voting him out and said he’d wished she’d been honest with him. Scottie tried a cover story for telling Fessy he had feelings for Haleigh. (in case Fes told her) Haleigh asked Tyler to tell her ahead of time if she was going otb. Angela & Tyler talked about needing to keep Brett and JC close and not let on they’re irritated with them. Tyler announced his hoh room may not be as available as it was during his last hoh. (wonder why?) Tyler wants Angela to sleep up there before she becomes a have not. (it will be her turn in the rotation)

I’m out of time today (furniture and work is still waiting) but I’ll look over my notes and include anything interesting or game relevant that I left out in tomorrow’s recap.  I’d expect to see Haleigh and Scottie otb later today. Thanks to a DR leak last night of Tyler saying it to someone in production, it’s almost a sure thing. Check back for Steve’s nom info later today and have a great Friday!

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