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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone.


Another day in the Big Brother house and one more day closer to eviction night. It’s super slow in the house this week as once again both nominees feel confident that they’re going to stay. Who actually stays remains to be seen, but it’s something we’re keeping an eye on this week.

Right now it seems like Brett has the votes to stay, but this is entirely dependant on JC which means nothing is set in stone. Sam should vote whatever way Tyler wants her to but finding that final vote is still tough. Fessy and Scottie appear to be voting out Brett for some reason (do they really not see how stupid voting out another guy this week is bad?) and Bayleigh has Haleigh and RS on lockdown so those votes are secure. JC very well could be the deciding vote this week which means we may not really know what will happen until the actual eviction.


Note – I had a few people come to me yesterday about the comment section. I feel like I need to say this every season but just remember that this is only a game and there is no need for any personal attacks in the comment section. People get along amazingly considering how popular the comment section is on a day to day basis, but every once in a while there are people who get too heated and need to step away. Everyone knows that I don’t like deleting comments because we’re all adults here (I think – I hope) so just please keep it civil. Thank you



Here are some updates…

  • 12:30 pm – Tyler is talking to Kaycee in the Jenga room which I’ll come back to but Bayleigh is in the HoH room with Hay
    • Bayleigh says she doesn’t want to be responsible for Rachel moving forward, but she did make a promise to her
    • Bay is frustrated with Sam because she asked what she’ll do if she wins HOH. Sam said that she made it clear that it’s all personal and she’ll put up people who are hardest to live with. Okay then
    • Haleigh says “she made that very clear”
    • Haleigh mentions how she’s picked up on her end but it may be too late.  Amazing how people are tiptoeing around the house because Sam is acting crazy
    • Rockstar is frustrating Bayleigh because she is clueless about the people in the house. RS told Bayleigh before that JC and her are best friends because they have the whole gay thing in common. Bay is like: ‘you’re not gay’. I’m sure Bay said that in her head but would have been funny if she said it out loud
    • RS also said her kids would love JC.  People clearly don’t understand how this game works
    • Bayleigh mentions how young Haleigh is and how she doesn’t know better with Fessy. Bay, she’s only like 4 years younger. Relax
  • They are now talking about Haleigh’s feelings with Fessy. No thanks. Switching to Tyler and rewinding…
    • The two are just talking about what we already know. They did say Bayleigh is on a power trip which is again something we knew
    • Kaycee says that her and Tyler are in a bunmance
  • 1:20 pm – Brett has been explaining his fake career to JC for about 10 minutes now. It’s pretty impressive the story he has. It’s a little easier since he works in IT and claims to sell IT software but still impressive talking about selling zones and things like that
  • 2:40 pm – Fessy and JC are preparing to work out
    • Bay’s face describes how i’m feeling with this slowness
    • They (JC, Fessy, Bay) are talking about the house. One thing that side never lacks is confidence. Bay thinks she has Haleigh and RS or will flip out on them if not.
    • JC leaves and the two begin talking about Haleigh again .. .ugh
    • Fessy is jealous because Brett was petting her leg.. ugh
  • 3:10 pm – Bayleigh is downstairs talking to Sam about Brett but it sounds like she’s dropping hints to Sam as well
    • She says ‘At this point in the game, you’re either with me or against me’
  • Note – Thanks to everyone for the donations so far this season. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you guys
  • 3:40 pm – Most people are outside by the pool or tanning.
  • 5:00 pm – Tyler is up in the HoH room and Fessy joins
    • Fessy is giving him advice on how to play the game. Alright then
  • 5:10 pm – Bay is finally having a game talk with Brett
    • She mentions how it’s weird that Brett never paid attention to her
    • He tells her he was showing respect out of Swaggy early on then by the time he left he was involved in his game
    • He didn’t want to talk to her and make it seem like he’s only doing it because he’s desperate
    • Brett really bullshits her and is making it seem like he’s just been playing dead all week. He promises that he is not coming after her if he does stay
    • She apologizes for not talking to him more
    • Bay sounds like she’s considering some type of thing with him (alliance) because she wants to be a loner in the game and have individual support rather than a group of people she can’t rely on
  • 7:00 pm – JC working out in the yard, Sam in the bathroom. Blah
  • 8:00 pm – Scottie and Bay are talking
    • Scottie thinks that he can control Tyler pretty easy – lol
    • They both feel things will be civil at the final 5 and people will accept defeat – lol
    • They are fruatrated with Rockstar for not holding her weight at all in comps
    • Bayleigh asks if he has the power. He says no and they’re probably all expiring after this week. Bay obviously knows different but won’t tell him
    • Bay still hints at Swaggy coming back.
    • Bay also re-told the conversation with Brett so chances are slim she’ll work with him. She was just paying him lip service like he was doing to her
    • The way she re-tells it makes her sound like she was much tougher than she was
  • Bay has some seriously HoHitis it is crazy to see how she has changed this week.

Check back for updates

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