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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Recap

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Good morning! The houseguests had the backyard yesterday which always makes them more relaxed. KC was able to get in the pool and Sam hung out in her smokers corner with the craft supplies. Instead of scrambling to stay in the game, it seems some of them are in a race to see who can toss theirs in the garbage first. It was a tight race between Baleigh and RS most of the day but not wanting to be left out, Haleigh came pulling up from the rear. As Steve said last night, we waited most of the evening for a house meeting that hasn’t happened yet. We may get it later today.  I’ll go over the highlights of what did happen:

  • Bay was mad at everyone. She’s on the block so I get it. She talked with Sam and told her she wished she’d never came on the show. She thinks it’s ruined her reputation because she said she was cast as an aggressive, sassy, black woman. Sam tried to give her a pep talk but sometimes people just want to be upset. She said she’d quit her job and didn’t have a family to go back to and they didn’t want her on the show. Sam said she’d also quit her jon. Bay told her it was different because Sam could get a welding job. I guess when you quit a flight attendant job, you can’t go back??? She was mad Tyler told her “good morning Bay” and told people ALL day how rude he was to her. As usual, she took something someone said and turned it into something else. She had one brief moment of admitting this happened because she told Rachel about her power. (Finally!)
  • Bay and RS talked about what would happen if RS gave a nasty speech and went off on the hg’s. RS said she was considering getting herself voted out if Bayleigh thought she could still win the game. Bayleigh told her that one person’s game wasn’t more important than someone else’s. RS said she’d just keep being the pawn and used by the other side, made up of rich white kids, so she couldn’t win the game. RS would like to take a stand against social injustice and help Bayleigh be the first black woman to win the game. (I’m not seeing the social injustice of evicting a player in a game who’s against you) Bayleigh hopes the ratings tank if she evicted. It would be entertaining to see if RS gives a social injustice speech so we’ll have to wait and see.
  • RS told Sam about what she was considering. Sam reminded her that RS’s real team was on the outside of the BB house.
  • Fessy asked Scottie if he thought they should talk to Brett about doing something together, along with Tyler to get further in the game. Scottie said it was worth a try and he thought Brett was kind of alone.
  • Bayleigh told Haleigh she couldn’t campaign the normal way and didn’t know what to do because of there being a Hacker in the house. Bay said the hacker was evil and ruined her game. She talked about unfair it was.
  • Bayleigh and KC talked in the kitchen because Bay was upset over thinking KC wasn’t sticking up for her. KC said she cared about Bay, was sad over it but she was also close to other people in the house. Bay felt KC lied to her and KC assured her she didn’t.  (Bay spent the rest of the day telling people how rude KC was to her but she wasn’t)
  • Haleigh and Bayleigh decided to have a sushi date but once they were in the little geo room, Hay broke down and told Bay she was the hacker. They both cried and you could see the sincere look from Haleigh of the guilt she felt. She told Bay she’d never meant for any of this to happen and we finally got the story behind Haleigh’s choices this week. (Finally! Why won’t these ppl talk to the cams?) Hay said she knew someone needed to take a shot at Tyler but no one wanted to do it so it was an opportunity. She said she didn’t have time to discuss it with her alliance. (We don’t know if this part is true) Hay thought if Tyler won the veto, Angela would put Scottie back on the block and he’d go home. She told Bay she would call a house meeting, tell everyone, Bay would get an apology and Bay would be able to campaign to stay. Bay thanked her for coming clean and said it meant a lot that she was a real friend. (No matter what happens Thursday, this probably solidified a friendship once the games over) Hay wanted to wait until the next day to have the meeting.
  • Haleigh told Fessy she was the hacker. He said he already knew and it’s why he questioned her so much. (True, JC planted the seed and it grew)  At first, Fes questioned having a house meeting and didn’t think it would save Bay but decided she may as well do it. He thinks its better than Bay telling people. He said if she was going to, she needed to fully throw Tyler under the bus,  own it and then they’d just go to war. (She should’ve stayed quiet but since she didn’t, I think she should do this too. I can’t believe I agree with Fes) He told her he’d known all along about Bays power app.  She said she’d chosen KC for the veto player because she’d been wanting to play in one, didn’t think she’d win and if she did win, she thought KC would do what Angela wanted. (Now we know Hay bought into Angela wanting to work with the women and get out Scottie or Tyer)
  • Bay and Fessy talk and think the house meeting may help Bay stay. They also think RS will be upset that Hay took Scottie down instead of her. (Hay had said taking RS down would be too obvious their side won it) They think she might get KC’s vote now.
  • Haleigh and Fessy think that they may get KC. Fessy will talk to JC and Hay will talk to Brett. Hay will cancel Tyler’s vote. They said Scottie still wants to keep Bay so they thinks there’s a chance it could end up being unanimous. (They have a terrible read on the house)
  • KC and Angela talk about how fake they think Haleigh is with her relationships in the house. They say it’s obvious and they can see right through it. They don’t have a high opinion of Hay.  Angela and L6 say mean things about the other side the same way RS, Hay and Bay talk about L6. I don’t repeat every comment because both sides talk crap. I don’t care about people talking behind each other’s back and I don’t judge them for it for the most part. When I think they cross a line, I try to mention those things)  I’m not saying this crossed a line, it just made me think to mention it so I don’t seem biased against one side or the other because I’m not. I’ve brought up much more of what Bay said lately because she runs her mouth a lot…she gives us more material to work with.
  • Haleigh thinks Sam will respect Hay for having the house meeting and not letting her friend take the blame. Hay has tried to make friends with Sam a few times after she put her on the block  and basically called her a ho. Sam already thinks Hay is the hacker and told this to Tyler. I don’t see Sam respecting Hay after this, I do see Sam making a prison shiv or “stomping a mudhole in her chest” for putting Tyler on the block. Sam will only see that Tyler went otb and Scottie was getting blamed for it. No, Sam won’t be weaving a bikini out of artificial grass for Haleigh anytime soon.
  • RS still doesn’t know the secret and said she could see Fessy being the hacker but not really because the person who did it, made all the wrong choices.
  • Brett and Scottie continue to fake bond. They had more of their random conversations where they talk about anything and everything that isn’t related to the game. Example: Last night they were discussing whether or not dinosaurs masturbated. They both think they’re playing each other and it’s kind of fun to watch.
  • Fessy asked Scottie if he thought Bay would stay if the house found out someone else was the hacker. Scottie said she probably would. Fessy asked if he thought the hacker would come clean and tell people and Scottie said not if they were smart.
  • RS was called out of bed to make pancakes and do jumping jacks. Sam got up and did it with her.
  • L6 hopes Scottie wears his Swaggy C shirt to evict Bayleigh.
  • JC learned some southern slang from Sam so now he walks around yelling “I reckon'” and “down yonder.”
  • Fessy tells Bay about the app he created and said exposure for it was why he went on the show. (We already knew this) She didn’t seem as impressed as Kaitlyn.

I’m not really against Foutte/Hive and truthfully, they’ve given me a lot of entertainment. Originally, I kind of cheered for them because they were the underdogs. Now, I just want to see if they can keep getting blindsided every week. Watching this shit show of an alliance is hilarious! (Yes, I’m one of those people who laughs when I see somebody slip and fall down, can’t help it) Bayleigh had a power but told the other side of the house. It was a huge mistake and she’s paying for it. RS may consider ruining what little is left of her game for “social injustice.” She can’t make them vote her out and they probably won’t but any progress she made this week will be gone. Fessy never knows what’s going on and even though it was cocky for JC to say “I’m Fessys brain,” it’s true. 

Haleigh gets her own paragraph because she’s done everything wrong since the week began. She has one shared problem with everyone in her alliance. They don’t trust each other because someone always flips the vote on them. They never considered that Tyler did it until it was too late and they still don’t ever think its JC.  JC isn’t in the alliance so why don’t they think of him first? Whether she had time to tell her group about winning the hacker comp or not, she still screwed it up. She’s mentioned Tyler going up for a while and except for RS, could never get anyone on board. She knew this when she put him on the block. It’s similar to when Cody put Paul up and just assumed people would want to evict him once he was sitting there. Haleigh had to be screaming inside watching all the outrage from most of the house when Tyler went up but what did she expect? She did it without considering if she had the numbers. The next bad move was removing Scottie. She had him in her pocket, got him blamed for being the hacker and then spent 2 days trying to get him back on the block and evicted this week. She’s lost his trust when they desperately need numbers. She topped it off by choosing KC to play in the veto, someone she has no relationship with. I would say she’d lose RS once she finds out but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go because of her own game play. She tops it off by letting guilt make her come clean and probably ruin her game in the process. If she had any feel for what’s going on, she’d see they don’t have Scottie anymore, the power app is the real reason Bay is leaving, she never had Angela on board and nothing will save Bay this week. She was positioned the best of the people in her group and she blew it. I’m disappointed because her focus on the game instead of Fessy gave me hope for her as a player. Everyone knows the game she’s playing but she still doesn’t know theirs. She really needs to win to get out of this and hope the double shakes things up. She should’ve never told Bay but once she did, I agree with Fessy. I think the only option is to own the decision, point out how Tyler has everyone and hope like he’ll it gets other people in the house thinking. After that, her side needs the hoh and the hacker win this week. They don’t have numbers anymore so fighting it out and hoping for a little luck is what they have left. It’s a bad plan but it’s all she’s got imo. Everyone knows how much she walked around swearing she didn’t win the comp so she’ll have zero credibility to make deals with people. Who’s going to trust her? I think the worst thing she could do is cry, apologize and walk around dad and depressed. She’ll just be waiting to be picked off if she does. We’ll have to wait around today to see if the house meeting happens.

  • Have a great Wednesday!
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