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Big Brother 20- Wednesday Overnight Update

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It’s eviction day! I’m curious to see Kaitlyn adjust to leaving the penthouse, have to stop bossing people around and go without 3 massages per day. This girl has no shame and I’m not talking about the boyfriend stuff either. She hasn’t had a problem all week telling someone to go downstairs, deliver someone to her and bring her some water while they’re at it. We were able to milk a little more out of her HOH and so was she because this week could technically be a tie vote. (I don’t see it happening tho)


Swaggy was still working last night and here’s what mostly went down:

  • Rockstar spoke with Kaitlyn yesterday evening and told her that if she acted the way Kaitlyn did around men, she wouldn’t have anyone to go home to. This set Kaitlyn on fire and she repeated how offended she was to multiple people for a long time until the next person pissed her off.
  • Haleigh spoke with Brett, Kaitlyn, JC and Tyler throughout the evening about her vote pretending to be torn over what to do.  She eventually decided she had to vote Swaggy out even though she didn’t want to. (Haleigh was never voting to keep Swaggy but she’s in a tricky position with her original alliance continuing to be so loyal)
  • Kaitlyn and Baileigh had a talk. Bayleigh let her know she didn’t understand why Swaggy had to take all the punishment for things everyone was saying. Kaitlyn claimed everyone else denied saying anything bad about her so in her mind, Swaggy was the only person doing it. Kaitlyn said it wasn’t personal and Bayleigh told her that she took something personal and tried to make it about the game. Anytime Bayleigh made a good point, Kaitlyn announced she was done talking about it. When Kaitlyn claimed no one else said anything to her prior to the bd and her hoh, Bayleigh called her out on it and reminded her she spoke to her to give her a heads up about the problems in their group. (Over the Fessy/Hayleigh situation) Bailey eventually told Kaitlyn her decision this week was a reflection of her and her game moving forward. I’m not even sure what that meant but once again, Kaitlyn was pissed!
  • Kaitlyn whines to Tyler about how offended she is and he continues to blow smoke up her butt so she can feel validated, the usual.
  • Bayleigh gets more irritated and tells Hayleigh about the talk with Kaitlyn. Bayleigh fells it isn’t fair that everyone denied saying stuff but Swaggy owned up to it. (It’s called playing BB) Bayleigh asks a lot of questions to herself while she’s going off but also answers them perhaps without realizing it. She asks how did we even get involved in something that was between you 3….(Fessy, Hay, Kait) just because we’re the only ones that said something to her? (Well, that’s why, you said something, the others didn’t and that gave Tyler ammo)
  • Kaitlyn was mad and kicked everyone out of her room after the Bayleigh talk….well, except the boys of course.
  • Kaitlyn was still upset with Tyler for having a talk with Hayleigh that involved too much physical contact. She said it was because it looked like they were talking about her from the view she had on the HOH cam but we know that had nothing to do with it. She’s also made arrangements to make sure she sleeps with Tyler next week downstairs. She said they could put up a barrier but she needed the human contact or something like that.
  • Swaggy and Fessy talked about Swaggy’s sex with Bayleigh. I didn’t catch it all but there was discussion about them falling in love, how serious things are and a decision that was made in the heat of the moment which could potentially cause pregnancy. He was very explicit with his descriptions but I’m not going there. He mentioned going in (I ‘m assuming the DR) and requesting the plan B. Unless he has some kind of production assistance  to save him in the game this week, I don’t think Plan B is a coup d’etat. I really wish he wasn’t putting Bayleighs info out there because it felt a little creepy and because I think he’s really into her. (well, obviously he’s into her since that’s what started the entire cono but you know what I mean) I think they really do have moments when they forget the cameras are there.
  • Swaggy informed Fessy he got a glimpse of the HOH set up when the thing blocking the view to the door was accidentally raised. He told him he thought it would be Q&A’s because he saw booths and warned him he didn’t think it was going to be endurance. (I don’t know why Fessy is so overconfident  with endurance since traditionally, they don’t favor the big guys) Swaggy said Bayleigh gave him her password and asked him to run her act if he’s evicted then he told the password. ??? I guess it may have to be changed now.
  • JC did his usual bouncing from room to room telling everyone what to do on Thursday. He let Tyler know not to worry, Haleigh would do what JC told her to do and I think he told Hayleigh the same thing about Fessy. Haha
  • Bayleigh has been on a mission to hide people’s things hoping they might blame Winston. I don’t know if she’s followed thru but it’s been mentioned alot.

A few tidbits unrelated to the update:

  • If you haven’t seen it, Tyler was used in the promo for next week’s TKO, the new CBS show that aired last night. He competed on the show sometime in May (I think) when it was taped. We’re starting to hear the usual grumblings about favoritism, rigging and unfairness. Tyler was starting to lose some of his fan base because he’s playing too well to be an underdog and this is only going to make it worse but since he’s already received an app and can’t get another one, it shouldn’t affect his game…unless America gets to vote for something else after the app twist ends. It’s known that Robin Kass loves Frank so complainers think she found her new Frank. Tyler’s where he’s at in the game (so far) because of how he’s played, it’s as simple as that and I don’t see the advantage. I suppose they could rig the app voting but if they were going to, I don’t think Swaggy would be leaving. No way CBS wants to give up the shomane yet.
  • Faysal was on American Ninja. He made it past the qualifying round but not past the Ninja Warrior round. This was for season 9 but since I don’t watch it, I don’t really know the meaning of what I just typed but am sharing just the same. He also has a Model Mayhem bio saying he was a D1 football player (which we knew) but it also says he was an NFL player. How did I miss that and is it true?
  • People are wondering if Steve is in sequester because he hasn’t been on his Twitter account. Someone running it said it was still “family ran” but they also said he was back with family. It’s confusing and people are wondering about a battle back. I don’t think we’ll have one for a couple of reasons. First, in Steve’s interview with Ross after he was evicted, Steve was given some details about the vote. Second, what’s special about Sam’s app if the first 4 people out get pretty much the same thing? Her app is basically a battle back opportunity. Isn’t it possible Steve just isn’t a Twitter person or he’s seen how insane some BB fans are and is scared of us?
  • DaVonne was on the premiere of The Challenge but from what I hear, she’s already out. I’ve never watched but was thinking about it. I’m sure I won’t now because I don’t  want to see Paulie, Natalie and Josea (they are also on it)

Thoughts on last night’s show:

  • I like the past hg theme so far and hope they keep doing it. If we can’t have an All-Star season, it’s a good way to celebrate season 20. I know CBS is saying it’s a technology theme but for me, it’s all about the past hgs. I think the “technology” looks like what players in BB1 would have guessed it was going to look like 20 years later. It’s sooooo corny and what the hell does a JC sized gummy bear have to do with tech? I like the interpretations for the apps so far tho. Yell instead of Yelp, Hamzon delivery for Amazon, etc. I’m assuming your stuff is supposed to be safe and secure in the cloud the way Tyler will be if used correctly but maybe it means something else. Ya’ll know I’m not very “techy” and Steve has to basically do everything for me except type these words.
  • My favorite thing about the comp last night was one of Jodi’s dislikes being Dan Gheesling. I think Corey from bb18 was a better fit to be the person who feels a certain way about goats but I guess CBS wasn’t going to take it that far. (I’ll just leave that right there)
  • I also liked thatMike Boogie liked sushi on his bio. Remember when he kept demanding sushi when he played? I think it was on season 14 but it could have been all stars. It’s also ironic since he was sued by former business partners for allegedly embezzling 800k  from their Geisha House Restaurant. Didn’t he also have a 10 million dollar judgement against him for not paying building rent for that place and a bowling alley for years?
  • The funniest part of the comp was Kaitlyns house guests only dating tape saying she’s 24, likes meditation and the back door. (I’m just going to leave that right there too)
  • The veto ceremony was great since they arn’t usually that dramatic. Kaitlyn can’t have it both ways tho. She can’t claim to be a BB bad ass but cry during and after the ceremony. Is she an enlightened woman speaking her truth blah, blah, blah or is she the victim?
  • They even used McCrae so I guess they’re finally willing to acknowledge bb15 did happen. I always hated what happened with that season because there was some strong gameplay that most people don’t acknowledge or talk about because of all the bad stuff that happened. If CBS would admit there was a season 15 and show it in sequester along with their beloved 16, there might be less offensive comments. I’m sure CBS wants drama and wants to make headlines but I can’t imagine they want to make them for that reason since it seems they’ve tried to ignore season 15 since it ended.

I think we’ll be saying goodbye to Swaggy tonight. I like how hard he’s fought to stay since he was put otb and I like the things Bayleigh is doing as well. However, they needed to be doing those things much earlier and if they had, this whole situation could have been avoided. Hayleigh went with the flow because Kaitlyns game probably terrifies her and she honestly had no idea how shaky Kaitlyns decision was. If she had known and she & Rockstar had really went to work on Kaitlyn, I’m not sure Swaggy would have even ended up the replacement nom. Bayleighs DR last night was a perfect example of where they all (except maybe Hayleigh) went wrong. Even if the lines were fed to her, they’re true. She said if Swaggy left, she didn’t have anyone or anything left in the game. Well, how did that happen? They should have been more social with everyone else. Kaycee made a joke about Swaggy needing to introduce himself to her before he campaigned to her yesterday and it was kind of true. I’ve enjoyed how cocky he was and after someone in a cast won a running comp last season, I’d take someone over playing any day even if it was a bad strategy.


I’ll catch up with you guys tonight and have a great Thursday!


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