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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Recap

Never Miss A Post Update:


Good morning! It’s finally Thursday and with no campaigning going on, it feels like forever since we’ve had an eviction. Tonight, we’ll see that plus a juror return or the start of the comp to determine who returns. It was leaked yesterday the comp will be the one where they spin in the air on ropes with some type of small platform for their feet. I’m going to assume for now that the leak is true and also assume the battle back and hoh comp will be combined like it was in the past.


In season 17, Johnny Mac was the returning juror and it came down to Vanessa and him with Vanessa winning the hoh. In season 18, it was Natalie and Victor. Victor won the comp and I can still hear Natalie begging Victor to “let” her win. It would seem Scottie has the best chance out of the jury to win this one.  I think he won bowl-a-Rina this season which also involves spinning. Smaller people usually do better but since Victor won it, we can’t count anyone out. The spinning has to be factored in as well because someone with small feet and not too much body weight could also have a hard time and throw up when they get dizzy.  I think the hoh winner could be almost anyone and I could see most of them doing well. We’ll know soon enough. Until then, let’s go over yesterday.

Early in the day:

  • KC suggested they paint JC’s nails and Brett suggested they tape his mouth instead. (This would’ve been a good thing to happen and a sign for things to follow, we just didn’t know it yet)
  • Brett said it was the 1 week anniversary of him trying to burn down the BB house so he celebrated by making bacon again. He said he used less sugar just to be cautious.
  • Hay tried to get Fes up and out of his hermit hole he created without any luck so she moved on to other people. She’s using the same strategy but with new people. She goes from bed to bed laying on or by everyone.
  • KC tested out swinging her ponytail braid around and almost took out Brett.
  • Angela answered her Twitter hoh questions and said KC is her best friend in the house, she hates to think of losing a L6 member but when it happens, it will have to be Brett. She wants to use the money to buy a flip house, a project she and her father can do together. (It’s what he does already)
  • Tyler told KC he didn’t want to sleep with JC after the night before but not for the reasons people on social media are mad at JC over.

Bedroom News: The night before, Tyler and JC slept together. JC kissed Tyler’s armpit in the middle of the night and massaged his arm. A lot of people were creeped out. Some sources were saying Tyler had been assaulted in his sleep. It wasn’t that serious. Bizarre…yes. assault…no. He wasn’t massaging Tyler’s face. (which was also reported) He was fixing his eye shades they use to keep the light out. JC is a bed hog, a close sleeper and hot to sleep with. He also has a lot of gas. Those are the reasons Tyler doesn’t like sleeping with him. ALL these people are very touchy, feely and snuggle when they sleep. (I’ve said before, it would drive me batshit crazy! Except for grandbabies who are also bed hogs, I need my personal space, period) Does anyone remember Frankie and Zach from bb16? This situation wasn’t an assault on Tyler in his sleep and it looked innocent enough to me. If JC weren’t gay, people wouldn’t have such an issue with it imo. It was leaked that Tyler was asked about it in the DR and he had no problem with it. It also wasn’t a secret JC was trying to keep the next morning. They joked and Tyler knew about it.  (There are enough beds for everyone now but they’ve talked about the have nots taking most of the comforters. The house is also known to be cold all the time. That’s the reason most of them sleep together, along with the habit of doing it. I’ve also heard hg’s talk about missing a connection to people because they’re shut up for so long) Fessy recently told Tyler he could see over the showers. Where was the outrage when he proudly made that announcement?  I think this was blown out of proportion but wait, there’s more JC trouble to follow…

  • Brett tried to put on JC’s shirt from one of the comps”
  • Angela came out of the DR crying and said she’d talked about her childhood and was having a very emotional day. KC, Tyler and Hay comforted her.
  • Fessy finally made an appearance and left the have not room. That’s KC & Hay in the bed, having one of Hays strategy meetings:

This was around the time the episode came one. I only have a few comments about it. Angela having to call Haleigh and Fessy “a power couple” in the DR was cringe worthy when you know what’s really going on in the house. The veto comp was cool but the first round was bad. Not only was it almost impossible to catch the balls, they had to light them up to even see them. I thought the segment of Fessy & Haleigh going over how bad their games were and being able to laugh about it was really cute.


Back to the feeds:

  • Tyler and Angela napped together while the rest of the house hung out downstairs.
  • JC reminded Fessy he needed to talk to Sam about not going after Hay. Fessy said he would but told JC he needed to do it too. He said he couldn’t do all JC’s dirty work for him.
  • Fessy and Hay hung out together so he finally got some of the time with her he wanted. He said the house would be stupid not to evict him. Hay is still acting like she’s not sure who’s leaving. (It should be obvious but in her defense, she’s been blindsided all season so there has to be a little doubt) It also sounded like Hay was trying to get Fessy to tell her that he loved her. I don’t think she’s too worried about leaving because she’s been active with the house, in a pretty good mood and she watched him pack. She didn’t seem anxious to do her own packing tho.
  • L6 talked about who to go after in case there’s a double. (They think it’s a DE but no battle back) Angela asked about getting rid of JC over Sam & Hay. She also mentioned getting Sam out before Hay. Brett and Tyler both shut this down and each, for their own reasons. Angela thought Hay would go after Sam but Brett told her it was an act and Hay would still be coming for them. Angela snapped out of it and remembered Hay annoys her and said Hay has her head up everyone’s ass. Brett said they needed to take JC to F5.
  • JC walked in on Brett giving Angela a massage. He said something to them about it making great tv. She had her shirt off and he made a big deal about it when he came downstairs. He told people not to go up there and acted shocked over what he saw. Sam sounded like she believed something was going on but this is Tyler laughing because he knew what JC was trying to do:
  • Angela was annoyed with JC and said she knew Sam would be mad. Later, she cried over it and said the “making great tv” comment bothered her. (She was already having an emotional day and that’s why I think she cried. They all know what JC is up to so it wasn’t a big deal) I don’t think things like this makes sense to get upset over. They have cameras so what’s really going on is on camera, therefore it doesn’t matter what someone says. The “great tv” remark is true…in a way. If BB wants, they can edit the massage with music to make it look like more than it was (they’ve done it before) but the hg’s know this already. If you don’t want that, don’t get a massage with your top off. It isn’t that complicated. (Don’t worry if you don’t like JC, I won’t defend him over the next thing he’s involved in later in the night…)
  • Brett point out the Fessy/Hay shomance must be real because Fessy hasn’t talked to anyone about trying to stay. He knows that’s the only reason someone would fall on their sword.(He doesn’t realize Fessy decided to save his energy and win the battle back) JC made a joke about not telling Fessy there probably isn’t a battle back and he’s just letting Fessy “live his little dream.” (They really are going to be surprised tomorrow)
  • Fessy and Hay talked about walking out tomorrow night. Hay’s bothered by the idea of leaving wearing athletic clothing if she’s the one going. She doesn’t want Julie to think she doesn’t have better fashion sense. Fessy asked if Julie has a lot of fashion sense and Hay kept repeating his question like it’s the dumbest question in the world. (First, Julie’s hosted the show since the beginning so I think she’d know why Hay was wearing athletic clothes.  Second, most people know I always have an opinion about Julie’s clothing. Truthfully, she misses more than she hits but it’s her stylist’s fashion sense I usually have an issue with, not Julie’s) Fessy asked about hugging Julie because he’d heard she isn’t a hugger. Hay confirmed this so he decided he’d probably just pick her up. Hay begged him repeatedly “please don’t pick up Julie Chen.” (I agree with Hay on this one. Remember when Paulie did it? She looked like she wanted to punch him)

This was close to the part of the night JC decided to pull a prank on Haleigh. (I get things a little out of order. I’m not a time stamp kind of recapper, sorry! ) (editors note: it was 10:59 pm) He opened the bathroom door on her while she was, I guess peeing. Thankfully, with the camera angles at the time, these are the kind of shots we saw:


Haleigh yelled at him, laughed and then she yelled “production.” I’m specifically pointing out that she laughed because there are some people who think this meant she must have been okay with it. I completely disagree and I know a lot of people, including myself who’ve  laughed in situations that made them nervous or uncomfortable so that means nothing imo. I also understand that if you’re sitting on a toilet and have your shirt on, none of your intimate body parts will be seen but should that matter? Who wants to be shown on the toilet? He made the situation worse by trying to tie the door open. Production did cut to feeds when she asked so that was good. Sam came to her rescue and was irritated with JC. This pissed off JC because he said he was tired of her yelling at him whenever he was trying to play a prank. Sam wasn’t having any of it and defended herself. Afterward, Haleigh thanked Sam. You guys know that I’ve always liked JC but if he opened the door on me while I was trying to pee, I’d punch him in the damn face.

I said from the beginning of the season he has a different comfort level than some people because of the people he’s with in his regular life. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that he’s sort of a club kid who hangs with a very “free-spirited” crowd for lack of a better way to describe it. He’s said this himself so I’m not stereotyping JC in any way. Having said that, he isn’t living in the house with that group of friends so he needs to be the one to adjust his behavior. I’m only saying this to point out that I don’t think he’s trying to be malicious, I just think he has a different standard of what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t. He got called to the DR and hopefully they laid into him pretty heavily. For now, he’s mad at Sam and thinks Haleigh overreacted. We’ve seen in the past how JC has a very hard time apologizing or admitting when he’s wrong. His normal reaction is to get mad at the person who’s calling him out on something. This situation is over in the house but for the fans, I think he lost quite a few yesterday.


Back to the feeds:

  • Brett told L6 he left the “I’ll take care of Hay” goodbye msg for Fessy but he could be lying.
  • Tyler asked JC if he apologized and JC said: “to who?” Tyler said “Haleigh” and JC asked, “why?”  JC retold his bathroom story to L6 and said it was just a prank and she had her clothes on. (He just refuses to get it)
  • JC kept pushing the Brett/Angela massage situation and Tyler told him he knew what he was trying to do but said it was bullshit and he needed to stop. Tyler said it was time for a new topic.
  • Tyler and KC checked in and Tyler said again it was good that people saw KC and Angela together and saw Tyler and Angela together but no one had ever thought of Tyler and KC together.  He said it was good that he was spending all this time with Angela. (Ya Ty, that’s why, sure) Tyler admitted they’d cuddled a little but said they hadn’t gotten very personal with their conversations (which we know is a lie) Later, he tried to backtrack it a little bit.
  • KC consoled Sam because she was  sad. She said it’s over the situation with JC. It could be her usual Wednesday night depression that many people think she’s using as a strategy but I actually think she was upset over JC.
  • Hay and Tyler talked and fed each other some bs. They talked about a double eviction and wondered if it would be a 2 hr special. Hay said yes and that is always is. (There’s one person every year who annoys me with their BB knowledge I’m not annoyed when they guess and get things wrong, I’m annoyed by the person who states things as fact but rarely knows what they’re talking about. That person this year is Hay. Last year it was Alex)
  • JC asked Brett again if he had wine with the other 3 in the hoh the other night and again,  Brett said no. (He knows either Tyler or Brett is lying to him, it isn’t about the wine) He told Brett they’d have to put off getting Angela out because of Tyler and go after Hay & Sam next. JC had also told Tyler he would wait.

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s comp. This could be two seperate comps. It looks like it could be the one with the balls that have to be dropped in tubes from above. Maybe the jurors do that part and have the swinging one after. We’ll have to wait to know for sure but here’s a shot of the set up…you can speculate too!

I’ll see you all back here tonight. I’m ready for things to get exciting again. Have a great Thursday!


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