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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Recap

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Good morning! It’s almost the beginning of the week in Big Brother days. Once we get through what shouldn’t be a blindside anymore, we’ll have some anger, confusion and a new HOH. Vegas released that it’s the slip & slide comp and I can see most of the house doing well.  A long reach and good balance usually gives a bit of an advantage but you never really know. Past winners of this comp are Jason-19, Corey-18, Becky-17, Caleb-16, Jeremy & Aaryn-15 (team challenge that year), Shane-14, Jeff-13, Kevin-11 and Zach-8. There’s also pure determination to factor in as well because based on what ‘we think’ we know, Caleb shouldn’t have won it in 16 but he did. I thought I’d give you a list anyway in case you want to develop some theories and predict who has the best chance tonight. (I’m looking at you Helen) Bear with me this morning, I have a lot I want to cram in the recap because after tonight, it won’t be relevant and we’ll be moving on to a new week.


Here’s a few things from the daytime feeds yesterday:

  • RS was still in overdrive complaining about Angela. Sam had the day shift of having to hear it and she finally told RS to “just stop.” Sam told RS she didn’t think Angela was as much of a villain as RS was making her out to be. RS talked about needing the money and Angelas family having everything. Blah, blah, blah. Sam got called to the DR during this convo. It happened more that once during the day so production may be doing their part to help Sam not snap.
  • Brett made pancake animals. He worked on Mickey Mouse, a llama, a horse and a giraffe. RS though Mikey was cute until Sam said she thought he made that one for Angela.
  • KC pitched to Scottie very casually. She didn’t put in much effort and honestly, she hopes he doesn’t vote to keep her. It will give her a reason to add to her others for putting him otb. She and Angela are only biding their time to bust him on the things that got back to them. She did want to have a nice talk tho in case he wins hoh.
  • Sam started asking RS who Hay had a crush on. Eventually Sam, RS and Hay all chat. When Hay said she could see herself with Brett the most after the show, RS began trying to correct Hay because she knows about Sam’s crush on Brett. Let’s face it, Sam won’t be happy with Hay liking any of the guys. Sam’s the new Kaitlyn, she just doesn’t lay on them all the time.
  • RS bounced from being confident to nervous thru the day. Sam told her not to be nervous and she should be use to it by now. (going otb) lol RS asked Sam if she would do things the same way as before if she won hoh and Sam said “oh f**k yeah, even meaner.”
  • RS continued to work on her speech. You can tell who only watches some episodes or youtube clips. They think the speeches can actually sway the votes. Unless you blow up a huge secret, the speeches  don’t change anything.
  • Sam made a comment to RS about not worrying and said she and KC would both stay because she was leaving. RS said it didn’t work that way. Sam said she already had it arranged. I never heard any more about it and have no idea if she’s planning to have another freak out during the live show or just trying to calm RS down.
  • RS tells Brett she thinks their secret alliance name should be Survivors because they’ve both survived the block so much. (I can think of several past players who would argue about that) Brett encouraged sticking with Mr.and Mrs. Smith. I’m sure he doesn’t want goodbye msgs screwed up by a name switch.
  • Angela told KC about the msg she left for RS. She started with “I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I came off like and entitled bitch that gets everything she wants…” She said she “went in” after that and they (production) said RS could be going to jury and asked if she was sure she wanted to leave that msg. Lol

Some thoughts on Wednesday nights episode:

  • The show gave Hay the edit of figuring out KC was the hacker but they weren’t going to show it was because she could hear KC next to her during the comp and noticed the camera following KC around all day. (do better production)
  • I’m sure the “head of the snake” line in Hays DR (directed at Tyler) was a line fed to her to say since she refers to him as a little lamb and says gets led around by women.
  • We got to see the argument between RS and KC that we missed when feeds were down. I thought they both retold the story fairly accurately to people this week.
  • I was waiting to see if the OTEV questions were harder than usual since there were wrong answers more than once. They’re usually a gimme. They had 2 names but they weren’t harder questions imo. Remember when they tried to make OTEV scary? I think it’s become a ‘can we be more gross than last year?’ comp. (The guy who comes up with the challenges said the skunk gas really did stink)
  • This week we heard RS claim Ty gave his word to her about keeping her safe. She said, “don’t evict me.” I missed the part about the two of them making a deal.
  • The show skipped two days of Hay believing the person she just tried to get out would actually do what she wanted with the veto. The bathtub pitch was nowhere to be seen either. I guess that doesn’t fit into Hays edit of being a good player and a true rival for Tyler. Lol
  • Fessys DR’s were stupid. I don’t know why he kept insulting RS and saying “RS can’t win anything.” She outlasted him in OTEV and has kicked his ass in most of the comps this season.

RS made a serious blunder and unfortunately for her, she’ll be remembered for it. I don’t think it’s as bad as being one that ‘will go down in history’ though. She runs to the top of otev and sees she has a different color answer than a guy who does amazing in veto challenges. She wasn’t giving him the answer, she was double-checking her own because seeing that made her doubt herself. Once she saw their pill bottles didn’t match, she should have slid down and asked Hay the correct answer because there was a chance that Tyler was wrong. (We also shouldn’t forget that even tho you couldn’t see it on screen, Hay just gave up and quit before it was over once Ty and RS got to the top)  RS made a huge mistake but I think Bayleigh telling someone on the other side of the house about a power app that can be used anonymously is a bigger blunder than what RS did. RS’s happened during a rushed, adrenaline filled moment. Bay intentionally told Rachel about her app as a strategic game move.

Eventually, RS will realize she wasn’t making any moves and had virtually no impact on the game. She never voted out the person who went home, not even once. She was never in power and Hay putting KC otb instead of Sam was the only time she ever had any influence over anything. I liked her in the beginning because she was quirky and said funny stuff but it’s her time to go and I won’t be sad over it. I’d rather it be Sam only because RS does at least want to be there to play but the game doesn’t lose anything with a RS exit. On the positive side, RS beat Angela, KC, Fessy, Hay and almost Tyler in a physical comp that also required game memory. I hope she remembers that part and can take that feeling with her. (Maybe one day but for now, I think everything will simply remain….all Angela’s fault)


BB fact if you’re superstitious: Most people know the first person to walk in the BB house has never won the game. You may not know that no one who’s ever won OTEV has ever won the game either.

Evening and night feeds:

  • JC made Spaghetti for dinner and he used hot dogs along with the ground beef. It sounds terrible but it seemed to be a hit.
  • JC wants Hive to think Brett voted to keep RS and somehow blame the vote on Scottie to evict her. (I don’t think it’s going to work but at this point, I don’t blame him for thinking of it because this should have stopped working a long time ago) Brett thinks they should wait to see who wins hoh and decide if it’s a good plan after. Brett thinks Hay will believe Scottie over him.
  •  Sam told Hay she thought Hay and Angela were good with each other. Hay was explaining they liked each other but were going after each other in the game. Sam said “oh.” (She can’t wrap her head around this at all)
  • Hay and RS were pulling out everything to work on Sam. Sam showered and did a self tanner in the hoh. Hay told her Angela tried to get Sam otb this week. RS said how happy Bay would be to see KC in jury. (they know Sam loves Bay)
  • RS knows Angela and KC wore or took their deer antlers with them to do good bye msgs so she thinks she’s going to get nasty ones. (She’s probably correct….finally!) Hay spotted the #6 written on KC and Angelas caps and wonders what it means. This will keep coming back thru the night. Hay and RS ask Scottie, JC, etc. They think it could be something about the 6th comp but Hay finally lands on it having something to do with a 6 person alliance. That’s as far as it goes so far but it may be talked about more today.
  • Angela, Tyler, Brett and JC tried on KC’s unitards. They kept her company while KC packed. They had a good time with them but production made them take them off. Hay and RS were worried about it and they didn’t like the time people were spending with KC.
  • Hay told Scottie seeing them wear the unitards was making her very uncomfortable. Is this when the Hive joined the party to keep them from talking? Nope. They put their  work in by sitting in the hoh room, watching people on the camera and getting more paranoid.
  • Fessy and Hay had their daily arguement. She’s upset because he doesn’t know who to trust anymore. She doesn’t think she should be included in this but didn’t she just say the same thing to him recently? She also told him to shut up and he didn’t like the way she talked to him. These two are terrible together and she’s as bad as he is, it isn’t all Fessy.
  • Hay wants to put the whole group in a room and get them to say how they’re voting.  Scottie says it won’t work because they can’t put Brett on the spot like that and says JC wouldn’t do it last week. This comes up several times thru the night. Hay is being told some people (Brett & JC) arn’t solid yet because they don’t know if the votes are there. She doesn’t want a repeat of when Bay left and wants them to see they do have the votes. (Understandable if they weren’t lying to her)
  • RS asks Sam if she’d be comfortable talking with a group of 5 that would be their final 5 to confirm votes. Sam cuts her off and says no before RS even finishes telling her about it.
  • Fessy talks to JC to confirm his vote but isn’t successful. JC sticks with how the group doesn’t trust each other, Scottie’s in love with Hay and wants Fes out and Brett may want Fes out too. He tells Fes he knows Hay and Scottie were talking about not trusting JC.  He also says the whole thing is a mess because Hay went rogue when she was the hacker. JC says the only reason Tyler, Angela and KC are working together is because Hay pushed them together. The pic has nothing to do with the convo with Fessy. I just really like JC in a tutu.
  • Hay’s mad when Fessy reports back because she only gave him one job and he failed. Fessy passed on what JC said about Hay and her hacker moves but doesn’t repeat everything. (It would be impossible. JC rambles for 30 minutes and just confuses people. Not a bad strategy in a way) Hay says she’s done with JC if he doesn’t vote her way this week.
  • Sam and Tyler talk. She asks what to do and he tells her to do what she wants. He admits he obviously wants RS to go because she’s after him. Sam asks about Angela again and Tyler explains if people think Angela is his #1, he’ll go otb against her instead of Sam, his true #1. She wishes again there weren’t sides. She tells him she never picked KC, he did. She says she only wants him. She thinks the house is more tolerable for her with RS there but she’ll vote her out if it’s what Tyler wants. She said she knows people think she’s keeping RS because she smokes with her, is older and uglier. wtf?  (I think Sam’s wrong about RS making things better for her but just doesn’t know it because RS is so negative. Getting away from hearing it all day should help anybody) Sam doesn’t really have a problem with sides despite what she says. She just wants all the people she likes to be on the same side. (She has more in common with Hay than she knows)
  • Brett was already trying to work the word “level” into RS’s speech. If he ends up pushing her to say “level 6” which is the plan, Hive may finally have a light bulb come on. That would be fun and I’d like to see it.
  • Sam’s back to talking to herself and thinking people are making fun of her.
  • Brett and Tyler made some kind of protein, granola snack and burned it in the oven. Brett said “maybe broil was too much.” (I could do an entire “things Brett says” thread they way we’ve done with Raven and Kevin. Hay (being in her pissed off mood) said she didn’t know what they were making but it smelled like shit.
  • Hay keeps pushing for the group meeting and says they always do that every season when Scottie’s telling her it isn’t a good plan. He said they only do it on the edited show and season 16 which was boring. (Scottie and I may be kindred spirits) Season 16 was the main one Hay watched like most recruits.
  • Hay got mad because Angela (I think) said something about making one of Scottie’s favorite food dishes. Maybe she should get off her ass and out of the hoh room and cook something herself. She’s always got a fork ready when the food’s done though.


Haleigh is going to be miserable over her hoh reign and I don’t blame her. I’ve really been hard on her this week and it isn’t because I don’t like her. I’ve enjoyed her feistiness and even though she IS in a showmance, she still has the game as her first priority. Like Sam, I think she could benefit from RS leaving. Yes, she’s losing a number she can’t afford to lose and she has a target on her back from being the hacker and her HOH noms. However, level 6 simply doesn’t see her as a threat and wants Scottie and Fessy out before Haleigh which could buy her some time. I’m hoping some of the negativity and assumption that no one but her side is playing the game may leave with RS. Haleigh seems like a fun person so I want to see if she stops calling people bitches and the “C” word once RS leaves. I sort of feel about her the way I did Bayleigh. They both showed a lot of promise and fight but turned into extremely bad game players. I’m not saying Haleigh couldn’t still win the game because she could. She’ll just have to start making smarter decisions from here to keep many people from feeling like she lucked into it if she were to win. She’s put way too much weight in the power of flirting and doesn’t realize that will only get her so far. What’s it going to get her anyway? It certainly isn’t getting her a cohesive group to work with because she’s part of the reason some of the guys don’t like or trust each other. Her read on the house is terrible. Her use of the hacker power was poorly played and telling the house she was the hacker was even a worse move. Her inability to accept that Tyler wasn’t going to be with her this week just because she wanted it that way was ridiculous. You can’t try to get someone out and a short time later expect them to believe anything you say. Her bathtub pitch to Tyler was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on BB.

Swaggy’s on Twitter talking about the amazing Foutte team he created. I sure as he’ll wouldn’t be bragging about it.


Elena gave an interview to some news place in Dallas talking about how she’s an “internet influencer” whatever the hell that means. She told a story about being on a plane with the actress, Katherine Heigl and people wanting Elenas autograph but not Heigls. It was stupid and funny. I’ll try to find the source again and post it for any Marlena fans or people like me who sort of enjoy making fun of her.

Check with Steve for today’s activities leading into the eviction and I’ll catch up with you tonight. Have a great Thursday!

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