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Big Brother 21 First Night Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!

It’s time! The pre-recorded shows are out of the way and it’s time for actual live Big Brother (watch along here!)

I want to talk about the episodes, but there isn’t really much to talk about. It was two days to kick David out only to basically promise that he’ll be back in the game. How will he be back? My guess is it will be a weekly thing where someone gets banished from the game and they sit in a ‘time out’ until the next Camp Director ceremony.  Again, this is strictly a guess but I’m thinking this banishment thing isn’t done yet because they really want to stir up drama and the best way is to have someone get booted every few days (once a week?) only to come back a week later. Of course, there will still be a normal eviction every week so I guess two people would leave?  Just a thought. I’m not sure that would even be a good twist, but it’s just something I can see them doing to try and stir drama.

Enough rambling, feeds are about to go live. Not sure if noms or veto have been played yet as the first two weeks inside the house are the longest (we only see a week of it), but there is a very good chance noms have at least happened.

  • Feeds are live, and on time!
  • Everyone hanging around the kitchen. No sign of Cliff though, probably sleeping
    • Nevermind, Cliff sighting!
    • Holly and Bella are in the bathroom. They seem a little isolated but this is early impression.
    • They are all wondering when the feeds are going live
    • Bella is chatting a little game with a toothbrush in her mouth, awesome. Easy to understand
    • Loading up with screenshots early because we need to get to see the new people!
    • All the girls are brushing their teeth. Are they really getting ready for bed already?
    • David’s face is gray but that doesn’t mean much
    • Need more game talk!
    • Holly whispers to Kathryn that Jackson is being weird lately
    • They go back and forth worrying about his loyalty
    • Veto hasn’t been played yet. Sounds like Kathryn may be nominated. I think Cliff is as well
    • Jess is talking to Kat in the bathroom, she is paranoid about Jackson as well. He is playing the game too hard right now imo
    • The house is all playing tangled or something like that.
    • Kat is feeling left out because she was in the bathroom when the game started
    • This is a long game….
  • 10:00 pm – They are still playing. This is a bit boring lol
  • 10:15 pm – Game is done. Jackson is telling Kat that she’s safe and he’s going to play veto for her if he gets to play. Okay
    • Cliff, Sam, Nick, Nicole, and Khal are in the lounge chatting. The rest in the kitchen. No game talk
    • Tommy suddenly makes all the girls watching wish they were him
  • 11:00 pm – Jackson and Holly have been talking a bit of game in the kitchen but it keeps getting broken up. I don’t think that 6 person alliance is still around, but that isn’t a shock
  • Random plug – I have been updating our IG a bit so you can follow along here for pictures!

I’m going to wrap this post up for now. I have an early morning tomorrow but I’ll be back to recap the overnight in the afternoon and then live blog through the day! Have a good first night on the feeds and stay up with the comments


Check back for updates!

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