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Big Brother 21 Friday Roundup – Can Bella Turn The Game Around?

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The first week of any Big Brother season is the hardest because we’re all still trying to catch up on what happened during the week without feeds which is typically a pretty crucial week in general. People get to meet each other, lies are told, bonds are formed, and relationships start to blossom.  It is probably the reason I felt so connected to BBOTT because we actually got to watch that entire week and it helped fans really engage in the house.

Last night, we found out that Nick apparently had a kissing session at some point with Bella which makes this …

Seem a lot different than this …


Based on images, you’d think Tommy and Sis were closer than what they are, but they’re obviously not because Tommy isn’t even into girls. However, the pair on top have already kissed which could lead to a closer bond as the season progresses (side note – Nick did say he thinks it was a one-time thing and he’s actually into Sis more, but I don’t think she’s into him at all)

Now, this isn’t just to cover all the romances that blossom. I’m always more into the game than hookups, but the reality is hookups typically lead to game moves. Let’s take this week for an example. Kemi is becoming a very big target in the house for some unknown reason. She very well may be sitting on the block next to Kathryn by the end of the day today. However, getting her out isn’t a sure bet right now because of the Bella/Nick connection.

Showmances typically vote in pairs. It’s what they do. While Nick/Bella are not currently in one, if they remain on the path to one, chances are high that Bella can influence Nick to vote to keep her friend Kemi. With that subtle shift, Nick may be able to work Sam as they’ve bonded as friends, and Sam can work Cliff.  Suddenly we’re looking at 7 votes to keep Kemi (Bella, Jess, Nick, Sam, Cliff, Ovi, Nicole) versus only 5 to evict (Jackson, Sis, Holly, Jack, Tommy).

Yes, those are a lot of ‘ifs’, but they’re high probability ‘ifs’ because the ‘cool kids’ of the house have certainly taken control like they typically do every season. Sam is probably one who is playing a bit of both sides, and the cool kids are also looking to hook in Cliff for the votes, but they have to understand this is actually a pretty key week to retain numbers and not let a ‘level 6’ situation just run the house all season.. right?

Unfortunately, due to another typical casting session where they fill ‘roles’ with players who don’t know the game, the ‘others’ in the house are likely unaware they’re the sitting ducks of the season and we’re destined to watch another failed Hive-type of alliance where they never quite got their shit together long enough to take any real control in the game.


On another note, Aquaman Jack is a weird dude this season. He’s actually rather obnoxious at times and people are jumping off his bandwagon faster than anything I’ve seen in a while. I believe it was Holly who agreed he is hot but she’s losing interest in him daily because of his personality. That has summed up quite a bit of his fanbase so far and doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.  Jack may find himself on the block sooner than he is expecting.

It’s likely veto meeting day in the house, and Kemi is almost certainly going to be sitting there next to Kathryn at the end of it. From after the meeting until eviction on Wednesday, Bella has to work her charm to Nick really hard if she wants to avoid being in that group of sitting ducks.

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