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Big Brother 21 – Live Eviction/HoH Thread!

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Good evening, everyone!

HoH Quick Updates:
(screenshots below)

  • Jackson
  • Nick
  • Kat
  • Sam
  • Christie
  • Analyse
  • Holly
  • Tommy
  • Jessica
  • Nicole
  • Jack

With a nearly amazing but then super disappointing week wrapping up, we’ll soon be down to 12 in the Big Brother house. I don’t want to start any trouble here, but tonight should be evicting the fourth minority player in a row. Not a good look. I am well aware that Bella deserves the eviction and this is 100% a result of her terrible gameplay and huge mouth. Her eviction tonight has 0 to do with anything other than Big Brother related stuff. However, it’s just not a good look overall.

In fact, the whole season hasn’t been a good look. You have Kat apparently not even feeling comfortable living in the same house as Jackson now, Jack making dumb comments all the time, Jackson sneaking food left and right, and a bunch of other people just sitting back and letting Christie and Tommy run the entire game, the season is quickly losing its shine.


On the bright side, there is an endurance competition tonight and you’ll have a ton of people rooting for Nicole to pull it off.

You can watch the endurance challenge play out here after the show

We just badly need a big move. The move Cliff was supposed to make this week. Something to light a fire under this crew. We’ll see what happens tonight after the HoH competition.

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  • Going to show some highlights of the last few days
  • Cliff says he knows his fans are wondering why he didn’t put up a pawn to get out Jack.  Yea.
  • Nick says to the DR “at least if you’re going to put Bella up, make Christie use the power”. Yea
  • Showing how Holly and Kat kind of know each other outside the house. They don’t actually, but they work in the same circles and Holly thinks she recognizes Kat
  • Tons of fluff filler content tonight
  • A segment on Cliff’s family
  • Bella says Jack is clearly a bigger threat and he’s going to pick people off one by one
  • Votes
    • Christie – Bella
    • Analyse – Bella
    • Jackson – Bella
    • Nick – Jack
    • Sam – Jack
    • Nicole – Bella
    • Kat – Bella (she originally said Jackson lol)
    • Jessica – Bella
    • Holly – Bella
    • Tommy – Bella
  • Bella admits that she treated Nicole poorly and feels bad
  • Bella says the entire thing was just her being bad at the game
  • HoH competition:
    • They have to hold on to the vines. Yea, this is going to be a short competition
    • If they fall off they have to pull a chip from the punishment box
    • Jack says “so much for 3 hours”  yup I agree. This is not going to be long
    • Nicole fell already. Up to Sam or Nick to make this week interesting
    • Feeds finally back up
    • Christie down
    • Sam down
    • Sums up the game right here:
    • Jack is out
    • Sis and Kat are not doing well
    • Tommy down.  Just 4 remain
  • 7:45 pm – 45 mins+ in and still at 4
    • Jackson pissed himself. Seriously. Hardcore
    • Holly and Jackson are using the wires to support their bodies which is smart.  I see people saying it’s cheating, but it’s no different than squatting on the wall. Use what you can to win
  • 8:15 pm – Same 4 still up
    • Kat keeps nearly falling but recovering. Fun competition to watch. These 4 want to win
    • Jackson down!
    • Kat down
  • 8:40 pm – Still Sis vs Holly for some reason. Not sure why they’re still going
  • 8:55 pm – Still going
  • 9:10 pm – The fact that they’re still going shows just how bad this alliance is. Why? I’m sure both of them are thinking very little of the other person right now. This could push Holly further into an alliance with Kat. It’s dumb
    • Finally, Sis falls, Holly wins

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