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Big Brother 21 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good morning, everyone!


It’s Monday and the noms are still the same. What does that mean? Well, as I discussed in the post yesterday, it’s been a hot debate as to whether or not Ovi can use his power after the veto meeting. It turns out, barring Ovi being an idiot who thinks he’s safe, he can’t use the power. Stuff like that kills me. One of the biggest ways we bloggers make our summer income is through referrals of live feed sales (sign up here!) but I can’t go recommending you sign up to boring feeds. Sure, I mean sign up if you like beach bodies, but if you’re looking for drama, you’re going to have to wait. So far the feeds have been Christie and Kat crying, most of the house bashing Kemi, and most of the house bashing Jack. Oh, and Jack making final 3 deals with everyone.

They had a chance to stir up the house with this latest twist but for some reason decided to make it so that it couldn’t be used after the veto competition. Thanks, Big Brother! Another wasted twist that makes you look like you haven’t been running the show for 21+ seasons and couldn’t foresee the possibility of the twist winner being a re-nom. Or just not caring. Either way, it’s stupid. Rather than give the audience what they were probably anticipating this Wednesday night after watching last night, we’re going to see Ovi briefly mention how he can’t use the power and then he’ll be evicted. Great.


Personally, I don’t care who gets evicted, but I do want good feeds, and good feeds would have been the house being woken up last night and Christie forced to re-nom two people on the spot. Although, that likely would have just resulted back in Kemi being on the block next to a pawn and Christie crying for the rest of the week. Maybe it’s better they didn’t do the twist.

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  • 9:00 am – Everyone is still sleeping
  • 1:00 pm – Had to run a few errands. I’m back and everyone is outside. I wonder when they’re going to close up the back yard. It feels like this season has had an unusual amount of backyard time compared to recent seasons so far. Maybe I’m crazy. Actually, I am crazy. I looked back at my old screenshots at my first outdoor shot was on June 29th and the last one was July 3rd. That is when they were on indoor lockdown for what seemed like a week. So they got early outside time (remember Sam as a robot). Damn, my memory is going
    • People still getting along swimmingly. Wonderful.  Like that word? I need to bring swimmingly back. It sounds so classy.
    • Cliff and Sam are playing cornhole. I’m just going to say it because I’m secretly 12. I can’t say cornhole without picturing them throwing into a butt.  There, I said it.
  • 2:15 pm – Kemi is sleeping on the couch, Bella and Sam are doing some tanning and small game talk
  • 6:00 pm – Super slow day in the house. The biggest event recently was the house playing hide-n-seek.
    • I’m just crossing my fingers we’re off to a slow start. It can’t be this boring of a season all year
    • But, for a house update, Jack and Holly are snuggling but I think he is still working a thing with Sis.
    • Meanwhile, Jackson is bragging about how he gets a great review at work every shift.
    • Outside, Nicole, Ovi, Cliff, and Nick are outside talking about general work stuff
    • They joke that Nicole is a secret MMA fighter which would be awesome if true. Little Nicole goes out there and beats the tar out of people on the weekend
  • 8:45 pm – Not much going on. Nicole and Bella are showering. Fun
  • 9:15 pm – Kemi found a bee in her hair. That was exciting
  • Outside, Tommy is outside talking about former seasons. Let’s hear his thoughts:
    • 14 is the sickest season (I agree, it was a decent season)
    • Derrick is the best player the group has seen, but Tommy just says the competition was shit. It’s a mixture of both, he was a good player but the competition was weak. (I agree, Derrick is overhyped a bit. Good player, but not the best)
    • He listed Vanessa as one of the best. He lost me there

Check back for updates

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