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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap

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Good morning everyone! Yesterday could’ve been called Monday meltdown since Christie is nuts! People compare her to Kaitlyn but with the nervous finger chewing, she was channeling a bit of BB20 Haleigh. For the record, I prefer Kaitlyn because she could chew with her mouth closed. The biggest things from the day were Christies total freak out from thinking she was going otb, Kat using the veto on Jess, Nicole going otb and Christie telling almost the entire house about her power. There was still time left in the day for some Kemi bashing.

As Steve said yesterday, Nick made a couple of random comments that meant nothing and Christie lost it. She was balling over going otb. I think it came from paranoia over knowing they’re getting ready to turn on Nick mixed with the fact that she’s self centered so every comment has to be about her. Watching this made me anxious for her to be put otb for real. She’s going to lose it and hopefully give us some entertainment.


She almost had Kat convinced not to use the veto which would’ve been great because Jess would’ve melted down too. Oh well, missed opportunity. Later, Christie blamed Kemi and comments Kemi had made as the cause of her paranoia. That’s not true, and Christie lies as much as Bella. Christie told Kemi she thought she was going on the block and Kemi was simply there.  Christie remembers it the opposite way.

Christie thought it was a good idea to tell Nick and Bella about her power. She and Tommy always plan their game moves together and it isn’t surprising, she did this one on her own because it was completely stupid. This is a power that needs the element of surprise. Even Bella, who is a terrible player, quickly figured out it would be harder for Christie to use it now. Nick seemed genuinely surprised at Christie’s paranoia. He may have talked about getting rid of Jack in the past but he feels very close to Christie and he really wouldn’t go after her.


Afterwards, Christie told the shit shooters about how she’d used the info of her power as sort of a threat for Nick not to put her on the block. I don’t know if she told Nick and Bella about her power to continue to throw them off about the Nicole vote coming up so they keep trusting her or if she just can’t keep her mouth shut. I’m only guessing but I don’t think this was a strategy. I think she was embarrassed because she had a meltdown and if she could convince people she was really going on the block, her paranoia would be justified. It’s possible she gave up that info just to save face but it’s such a dumb move. I have no idea.

Christie is still in a great position in the game because everyone in the house seems to love her. Tommy is the one with the strategy but Christie has some kind of charisma that the entire house is drawn to. Ovi is the only person I’ve heard mention putting her up and he only has a 1 in 4 chance of getting back in the game.


Tommy also has quite a social game and he’s in the middle of everything. He’s the person everyone goes to now that they want a witness for all of their conversations with Kemi and Nicole. Nick, Bella and Sam also trust him.

Here’s a rundown of some less relevant things that happened:


I’m with Steve when it comes to Kats veto tanning because it’s funny but traditionally, that would be a really dumb thing to do. They just arn’t threatened by her so it’s funny to everyone. Normally, wearing the veto for days would put a huge target on someone’s back. Imagine if Sam had done that. They look at it as Kat being Kat. She does and says so many ridiculous things, she can get away with it. I don’t think she’s being cocky,  I think she’s just proud she won it.

Here’s a quote from Kat yesterday when she wanted to go talk to Nick and find out who he would put up as a replacement if she used her veto:

Kat- ” I have a mission. I’m going to talk to Nick.” Nicole- ” Be aware he may not tell you.” Kat- “Bitches get stitches my friend. I don’t know what that has to do with the situation. I just always wanted to say that.”

She’s funny but for every funny things she says, she makes a mean comment about Kemi. Kemi doesn’t like Kat either and Kemi said she flirts with David sometimes for the sole purpose of annoying Kat.

Kemi thinks Jess has the power (the one Christie has) and she told Sam. Sam told Nick and told him not to tell anyone. Nick immediately told Christie and Jack and this got back to Sam. He was upset with Nick and Nick apologized.


Tommy, Jack and others discussed some of the things Jackson does that concerns them. He grinds his teeth, doesn’t sleep and drinks “tons of coffee.” Tommy talked about stimulants he said Jackson was on before coming to the house but now isn’t on them. That’s where the concern is coming from.

Nicole fed into Christies story about Nick being after her. Nicole said the main reason she was concerned for Christie was because it’s the same way Nick and Bella started with Nicole and Kemi. Nicole said it started with a little jabs towards them like Christie thinks shes getting. I don’t know if Nicole did this on purpose but it works to her advantage.

Christie told Jack she found out the reason Sam knew about the 8 was because Jack accidentally told him one day. Prior to this, they thought Nick had told him. (Jack slipped up and told Sam but this was after Bella already intentionally told him)

Jess and Kat are still very anti Nicole and want her to go home this week. They still don’t know the plan is to keep her.

After lying to people multiple times about her power, Christie was finally called into the DR and I’m guessing, told she couldn’t use production as a strategy or something similar. She came out and made the rounds correcting the details of her power. She still told some of it wrong but she managed to clear up part of it. She did a good job of passing it off as not understanding the details rather than lying about them. I personally think she knew she was lying because even if you had some of it mixed up, you’d know if it was good until the final 4 or not, which was one of the things she was saying.

Once it to got back to Christie that Kemi said Jess has a power, she pointed out Jess couldn’t have it because she has it.  That’s true but Kemi doesn’t know that. Christie said you can’t use production as a strategy and said if someone did, they should be ejected.  Christie said you can’t lie about having a power. For the record, someone thinking a person has a power isn’t lying about one. On top of that, you are allowed to lie about having a power. You aren’t allowed to have a power, choose to tell people you have it and lie about what it does.

Kemi told Nicole if she comes back and wins HOH, she wants to make all the people who’ve been rude to her sweat that week.

Jack thought it was a good idea to give Kemi a lecture about putting her water bottle in the fridge to keep it cold. He explained to her that if everyone did that, there would be no room left in the fridge.  He asked her what made her so special that she could do it when the others didn’t. (In that moment, I wanted to climb through the screen with my dogs clippers and shave his head. His hair had nothing to do with the conversation, it’s just what popped into my head as something to really pisses him off) He spoked to her like she was a child and she took it and apologized. She said she wouldn’t do it again. This is Nicole and Kemi sitting through this stupid lecture:


Jack bragged to everyone later about doing it. He says he’s only trying to help her be better because he cares about her.  He cares about her so much, he joined in with Kat and Christie to complain about Kemi using Sis’s flat iron. Kat talked as if it’s the worst thing someone can do and thinks Kemi is making Kat a bad person and making Kat say things she wouldn’t normally say.  (Yep, they’re even blaming Kemi for other people’s behavior now. Remember,  Christie also thinks it’s Kemis fault that she had a meltdown) Christie thinks Kemi is jealous because she doesn’t have Sis’s hair. Have I mentioned I hate these people?

Sexcapades alert:

Bella and Nick spent time in the shower yesterday evening. Sis told Jack she was in the mood for a shower. (This is after telling Tommy and others she plans to separate from Jack) Beth (Holly) has been concerned with a rash the last few days but Jackson says he still doesn’t have any issues with it. They did talk about cooling it with shower time for a while tho. Bella was sent to the DR right after shower time with Nick and when she came out, her IUD was discussed. Bella wondered if the timing of her DR was on purpose and said “is this because we just f*cked.” I wasn’t clear about what was discussed with Bella and I don’t know if it was about birth control or if they’re now performing gynocologist exams in the DR because of this particular cast. Are we also going to have an STD outbreak the season? I just don’t have words!

Have a great Tuesday!


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