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Big Brother 21 – Random Sunday Night Ramblings

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Good evening, everyone!

Sunday is one of my work days for my regular job and since I cut down the number of days so I can have more time blogging, but I think they’re trying to be nice by giving me a ton of hours to make up for it. So, naturally, I missed most of the feeds today because of that. However, I’m catching up and the only thing I really missed was this weird love triangle between Nick-Bella-Sis. It’s weird because I don’t think Sis has any clue she’s even involved which makes it quite a bit funny. And sad. Mostly funny.

It started around 5 or so when Bella noticed Nick and Sis in a snuggle position on the couch


Now, to be fair to Bella, even though she’s a pathological liar, she has been bumping uglies with Nick and he’s clueless if he didn’t think that would bother her. She is understandably bothered and goes up to the HoH room to vent to Tommy about it. Regarding Nick and Sis, well that’s hard to say. I’ve watched a lot of this show and have witnessed a ton of cuddling like that. It has almost become normal in a house with so many people for so long. I personally don’t think Sis really gives a shit about Nick in that way because she’s all about big bad Jack, but Nick does seem to be into Sis so he was certainly enjoying it, and Bella knows that.

After some venting to Tommy and then Tommy/Sam, Nick finally makes his way up to the HoH room to have a talk with Bella. He tries over and over to reassure her that he likes her and the girl he looked like he was in love with just 5 minutes prior means nothing to him. She feels stupid for being played on national TV and doesn’t really like him cuddling like that. Nick said that above isn’t cuddling. Okay.

They chat for about an hour or so going back and forth how he didn’t mean it and how he really likes her blah blah blah. I don’t really care about the showmance crap so I’ll just skip ahead.  Around 8 or so, you have Nick back talking to Sis in what seems like a break-up of sorts. He’s explaining to her that he’ll always talk to her and stuff but they can’t really touch. Sis doesn’t seem to really care, but Nick is having his moment here and I guess it will help him sleep better?

Analyse, we need to break up
We’re not dating
I know, but it has to stop now. Bella is upset
Ok, done
I mean it. We can’t keep living this lie! We’re hurting Bella
No problem, can I go back to eating?
You will somehow have to move on without me. I love you, Sis. Please, say no more
Ok. Going to eat now

Moving on from that crap, let’s talk about the CBS episode a hair.

I’m glad they showed Bella was the person who created the name even though she vehemently denied it the other night. I also like how they put in the right context that Nicole was really just trying to play the game when she let Nick on a pretty big (and weird) secret that Jackson told her. Those morons (Nick and Bella) ended up telling Jackson and their alliance about it rather than listen to the warning and the entire house spent Friday night trashing Nicole up in the HoH room. Hopefully CBS does more editing on Wednesday’s show to emphasize how awful they were, but I somehow doubt they will.


Once again, they kind of made Kemi appear to be the sassy one of the group just like they did when they aired her ‘slicing the throat’ comment to make her seem crazy.

Nick said a few times how he’s not going to nominate Nicole, but tomorrow he’s going to nominate Nicole so that will be fun. I doubt there will be any drama from it, but he may look like an ass to the CBS viewers.

Ok, I am tired, I just wanted to get a post in today. Recap in the morning and then I’ll be back doing live updates tomorrow afternoon.

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