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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Afternoon Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!

Still a slow afternoon, but I decided to create a new thread mostly because I see people asking about things like avatars.  Here is the thread to teach you how to upload an avatar. I know it’s a bit confusing because I also have another area where you upload an avatar but that is due to wordpress generally being a flakey program so I was bouncing back and forth to balance speed with functionality. At this point, it would be easier for people to use the avatar link on their profile pages, but if I changed it now, thousands of people would have to re-do their avatars and it’s just simpler to have new guests follow the above steps.

One trend I’m noticing is that people are changing their avatars to their cats which gave me an idea. I love pets (as most people do) so I’d like to showcase your pets on these threads. Just one picture on a thread, I’m not going to overload, but I’ll try to have like a ‘pet of the day’ or something. If you’d like to contribute you can use the contact form and I’ll reply with the best email to use (I don’t want spam on that so I don’t want to post it), or you can email stevebeans –at– therealityjunkies –dot– com.  That’s my email for my old website that I used to talk about reality shows before this one.

On to the show –


Nick and Jackson were chosen to play in the veto alongside Tommy, Christie, Kat, and Cliff. That means Christie now has a 50% chance of someone pulling her off (assuming Nick actually does it, but that’s nowhere near a guarantee because he’s all over the map). Kat has a roughly 33% chance of being taken off (Jackson would take her off) and Cliff has a whopping 16% chance. The sad part for Cliff is that he’s almost certainly the one to go if Christie does get taken down off the block, so the numbers are not great for him. However, seeing as Christie is almost a sure bet to go home if she remains on the block, that improves Cliff’s chances.

Last year, OTEV was around this time, so it’s possible that’s what it is this year. If that is the case, feeds are going to be down for a long time. It’s 1:30 pm in the house and they haven’t even started the comp yet.


1:30 pm – Jackson, Cliff, and Kat are all up and getting ready. Everyone else just hanging around

3:00 pm – Still no veto yet!

5:30 pm – I fell asleep but feeds have been down for about an hour for veto!


6:00 pm – Feeds back!

Tommy won the veto.  Bye Cliff.

From the way they’re talking, I think Cliff went down during the comp and just told them to continue and accepted defeat. Jess said it was incredibly sad

I guess Kat did something in the comp which caused Cliff to get injured so the feeds came back and she crying hysterically and is now in the storage room alone trying to calm down. She did something like grab some rope during the comp which they may have both been going for and he got hurt. Not intentional

It does sound like it was OTEV


Upstairs, Nick and Tommy are talking. Tommy wants to get Kat out this week to balance out the guys vs girls. Plus with Cliff generally being hurt, he’s easier to beat in the long run. Both are pumped that Christie gets to come off the block. Nick, this is why nobody likes you. You bounce back and forth to whoever is in charge and you try to steal Jack’s girl the second he walks out the door. You’re slimy

Sis says that they gave the people the names of the comp before it began. Wtf.

Overnight thread is up plus a discussion on Cliff’s non-move 

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