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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!

Before I begin, I want to say that updates may be a bit spotty the next few days. I’ll keep having threads up so the comment section can do their thing, but I am having family health issues. For those who have been around here a bit, they’ll understand what issues. Needless to say, I may have to visit the parents soon which makes my updates slower as I can’t always monitor feeds all day.

Fortunately, it will probably be a slow week because that’s just the way the season has gone. Nick and Sam are on the block together and one of them will be leaving on Thursday no matter what happens. Well, they should be leaving on Thursday. There is always a super outside chance that someone is backdoored because this is Big Brother after all, but it sounds like Christie has to sign off on any big moves in the house and she’s set on getting Nick out.

I forgot to mention yesterday that there will be have-nots this week. It is the first three people who fell from the endurance challenge and that is Jess, Nicole, and Sam.


Today is the veto competition, and it really doesn’t matter who wins. Nick’s family wants him to win and Sam’s family wants him to win but not many other people really seem to care.

Let’s get to updates:

  • 11:10 am – Girls are upstairs getting ready for the veto competition while people are in the kitchen eating
    • HoH has turned into a party
    • They are talking about how Sam didn’t vote with the house
    • Tommy warned him to vote with the house beforehand but he didn’t. Jess said ‘it’s because he was hoping everyone Bella called out would flip’. No, Jess. It’s because he was just being loyal
    • Downstairs, Sam and Nicole are just talking game. Talking Bella, etc.
    • Nicole tells Sam that Christie said the plan to possibly keep Bella was bull. It was just to mess with her
    • Nicole says America is probably looking at her like ‘what the hell’ because she forgave Nick and Bella.  No, we’re not. We like you, Nicole.
    • Nicole says that Joker’s updates are her favorite. Screw you, Nicole. We hate you!   jk
    • Sam said “hello typers” to us
    • Nick comes in and Sam asks if everyone is upstairs blowing the HoH lol
    • Nick asks Nicole if there has ever been a season with one major power and a bunch of floaters.  Yes. 19.
    • Sam tells Nick how Christie still wants Jackson out and told Nicole about it.  Sam said if he stays, he’s going to put Jack and Holly up
    • This is because Jackson would have to choose between Jack and his lover
    • Sam re-tells the conversation with Holly and how he made good points. He may have made good points but it’s irrelevant because it’s not Holly’s HoH.
  • 12:30 pm – Cameras change to people doing nothing. Sounds like veto players will be picked soon
    • I’m going to the movies at 5 (2 big brother time) I need to get out of the house once in awhile
  • 1:30 pm – Ok, stepping away for a bit. I’m sure the veto comp will be soon so I’ll report on it when I get back
  • 6:30 pm – Back from the movies. Feeds are down for veto.

I’ll start a thread for post-veto when they’re up

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