Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Evening / Overnight Thread


Good evening, everyone!

What a slow week. It’s incredible how different each week is in this house. We went from the pot boiling all week before the eventual blowup on Thursday night to Jack campaigning his ass off all week to a week where they make fake movies on snapchat and talk about nothing. What will next week be?

Slow weeks also make this part of my job tough because I typically like to increase a few paragraphs talking about the house before I begin the updates, but there is nothing new to say and very little to make sound interesting. The most interesting thing going on in the house is actually out of the house. That is Bella tweeting recently how she’s not thrilled about the way Nick is acting:


She’s absolutely right. It’s one thing for people to get close, give backrubs, etc, etc. What’s not normal is for two people to hook up inside the house and then snuggle with each other the second their partners are out the door. Especially when one of them knows his girlfriend can watch him obsess over Analyse. It’s hilarious and couldn’t happen to better people.

In another note, seeing as I know she’ll be around overnight, check your email, NKog!

I’m not sure there will be much here to update, but the overnight should happen in the comment section!  Unless a fight breaks out or anything interesting happens, see you tomorrow!

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