Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Updates


Good afternoon, everyone!

So, what did you do today? Oh, I just watched a group of strangers watch an uncertified person pop a cyst on someone’s back.

Yes, that’s right. Nick had something going on with his back, so Jack decided to investigate and dig a little


Holly was oddly fascinated by it while Christie and Sis looked like they were about to puke.

Honestly, I was eating, so I didn’t really watch or listen, but after a few moments there was a crowd forming

So there you have it. It is too gross for me to figure out if the procedure was an actual success. Sorry, I have a fairly strong stomach except when it comes to that. Can’t handle it. Nope.

The big question will be if the votes can be flipped in favor of Kemi by tomorrow night. I’m still guessing no, but last night may have moved the dial a hair. Sam is kind of pushing for her to stay because he knows she’ll have no problem going after Jack, but Christie is playing every side of the house and she is the person he is telling this to. I don’t think they’re going to actually make a push to keep her and she’ll just quietly go into Camp Comeback


  • 1:30 pm – Luckily, the camera is off the procedure. Now it’s Cliff, Nicole, and Ovi hanging out in one area and Kemi and Jess doing makeup in the other room
    • They talk about Nick and how they feel he’s so smart but he’s attached to Bella who is bad news
    • She loves Nick but he is so blinded by Bella. He can’t think straight around her
  • 3:00 pm – Analyse has a look like “I’ve seen some shit” after witnessing the cyst thing
  • Updates without timestamps because I’m too lazy to grab them
    • The couples group (Sis/Jack, Holly/Jackson, Tommy/Christie) are all talking and trashing Nick.
    • Tommy says that Nick is jealous because he really wants Analyse but Jack got her so he’s trying to split them up
    • Analyse says he can suck her dick. Ok
    • Jackson says that he (Nick) is sad he got stuck with Bella
    • Analyse calls him a pussy for wanting to go after her and Holly rather than Jack and Jackson
  • Veto show recap
    • Not much happened that we didn’t know. It focused on Bella’s complete inability to play this game. Shit, it focused on the fact that David may be the most aware person in the house other than those in power.
    • Kemi came a lot closer to winning than I thought. That would have changed things up a bit
  • Back to feeds
    • Kemi and Jack had a heart to heart and feel better about their relationship moving forward.
    • She explained how she was put off by hearing of his earlier comments that he can easily get her because she flirts with him. She’s not a fan of that because she isn’t really attracted to in
    • In fact, every girl in the house said Jason Mamoa was their celebrity crush except her (Kemi) so it was a little awkward when he came in.
    • Kind of dumb stuff but it’s good to see them clear things up a bit I guess

Going to end this one early. Feeling lousy. Hopefully you guys kill it in comments


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