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Big Brother 22 – Saturday Feed Updates Veto Results

Never Miss A Post Update:


Good evening, everyone!


Sorry for the late thread but it’s OTEV day which means a fairly long competition so there wasn’t a lot to blog about this afternoon.  One thing I learned over the years is it’s pointless to get a post up just to report the feeds are down every hour. I did that the other day only as a way to express my extreme displeasure, but feeds are always down during veto so I don’t complain about that.

It’s a fairly interesting veto competition today for basically just one person, and that is Kevin.  If he wins and is able to take himself off the block, there is a real chance we could see someone like Christmas be the replacement nom with a legit chance to go home.  Cody and Tyler really do mean it when they say they want to keep David so it just isn’t in their best interest to get him out. I think they feel like they could beat him in the end if he’s there, or at least beat him in a comp to get to the final 2. I am just personally rooting for Christmas to get re-nommed a week after her power expired so that’s what I’m rooting for.

  • 9:55 pm – Well, I started writing this like 4 hours ago and feeds are still not up. I thought I’d be able to publish this shortly after and have PoV results for you, but feeds are still not up. You’re probably wondering where the feed thread is. It’s been in drafts! I’m publishing now just so you all have a new thread but won’t update until the feeds are back
  • Random note – Does anyone know where I can get contact lense small sample packs outside of the eye doctor?  Here is the deal, last year I got my eye exam done and got my Rx. They gave me some samples but I didn’t wear them for a bit. Then the rona rolled around and I forgot about them. Well, I tried to wear them recently and to my surprise, I can kind of see. The only issue is one of the lenses makes my right eye feel weird. Like not pain but watery if that makes sense?  Anyway, I want to try different brands to see if any feel better but I don’t want to return to the doctor a year later and be like ‘hey bro, yea I just tried out those trial pair you got me’.
  • I can’t seem to find any places online that let me buy just 1-2 packs. I need to get like a 6+ pack.
  • 11:00 pm – Feeds are back!
    • Cody won the veto
    • Sounds like Tyler picked up 10k
    • Cody tells Xmas that Dani is going to push for David to go
    • Cody mentions David took money so everyone is going to push to get him out
  • In another room, Kevin is realizing he’s in bad shape now
  • In yet another room, Memphis is shocked that David took the money, so now Memphis is using this opportunity to push him out
    • Sanctimonious Christmas is egging Memphis on.  She was on the block next to Kaysar. She knew she was safe but she still packed her bags and gave a speech. Wow, good for you! You’re a true Big Brother hero.
  • 11:30 pm – Cody pulls David aside
    • He asks why he took the money first. David says he’s donating it to charity. He has already said multiple times that if he wins AFP, he’s donating it so that does fit.
    • Cody tells him to tell everyone that because they’re all worked up he took the money
  • 12:30 pm – The night has been mostly the Committee in the HoH room trashing David for taking the money
    • And not to pile on, but if he legit did just go for the money, that was dumb. You’re on the block, you go for safety. However, it is entirely possible that he didn’t know the answer so he wanted to just get the money and if that is the case, you gotta do what you gotta do.
    • I’m sure most of the night will be full of David bashing so I’m off to bed

Hopefully they have the yard open tomorrow and I can get a full day of blogging in! Have a good night

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