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Big Brother 22 Tuesday Night Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!

I don’t want to make the mistake I did a few days ago by having a mile long update thread so I figure now is the best time to cut it in half and start fresh for the night feeds.

Some people tell me that I’m the best at recapping episodes on TV, so I’ll give you one of my famous recaps for tonight’s episode – It was pretty good.

Alright moving on, the big talk of the afternoon has been Thursday’s vote. This is because Ian has been running around threatening his jury vote against anyone who spites him. I thought it was a bluff until I saw him rage a little in the DR after being nominated. That’s definitely not a side of him that I’ve ever seen. Maybe he actually will hold a grudge against Dani, Da’Vonne, and anyone else who had a part in his exit. Personally, I think that’s absurd and he’ll likely calm down by then but if he actually does do that, I’ll lose a bit of respect in him. He’s literally playing the season like he did on 14 and in that season, he was insanely week until the last half and then turned it up.


I know people may say ‘well, blah blah blah’, let’s keep in mind that Ian has fairly pretty hard in quite a few comps he should have done much better in. Trivia and the wall comp were busts for him. Even if he legitimately lost those competitions, it looks like he was throwing them which just secures it in the heads of everyone else that he’s playing weak right now.

Back to the point – People in the house like Nicole are all trying to scramble to make it appear they voted for him to stay so they’re trying to come up with some master plan. That plan is to convince David, Da’Vonne, and Kevin to vote to keep Ian while the other 5 vote him out. Nicole will then die on a hill saying that she voted to keep him and will probably beg anyone leaving in the future to let him know that. It’ll be a lie, but that’s her plan. What will be completely funny is if that happens and Enzo does his hinky vote. Oops, Dani needs to break the tie. Her good for nothing awful bad stinky week gets a tad worse as she has to be the bad guy one last time.


  • 6:25 pm – Cody, Memphis, and Dani are in the HoH chatting
    • They are talking about how David brought up the fact that a winner is on the block and they’re mocking him for acting like it’s super breaking news
    • They talk about how Da’Vonne has been studying faces. They think a face morph is coming up
  • 6:50 pm – In the love room, Da’Vonne and Kevin are beginning to think Christmas is a double agent
    • This is because Enzo told them that Christmas wants Ian out
    • They also figure out there are too many overlapping alliances
    • Kevin says he notices Enzo plays the mirror game. He just reflects back what he hears. This is the best way to describe Enzo
    • Kevin wonders why Tyler isn’t campaigning
    • Kevin says there are two overlapping alliances:  Dani, Nicole, Ian, and Cody.  Then Cody, Tyler, Enzo.   There are a lot more than that, Kev
    • These two are surprisingly close to figuring things out but are just missing a few puzzle pieces
    • Day suggests Kevin nominate Cody and Dani then backdoor Nicole if one comes down (if he wins)
  • 8:20 pm – Talks have stalled for now but I’m sure they’ll start back up soon enough.
  • 9:30 pm – Booze delivery!  Maybe Crazy Christmas will come out to play
  • 10:30 pm – Feeds are down. This may be a nightly thing at this point. Wonderful. Going to watch TV

Check back for updates

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