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Big Brother 23 – Final 8 HoH Competition Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


No surprises in that live eviction show.  SB is gone and now it’s just 8 remaining.  While Alyssa may or may not have heard about the Cookout earlier in the day, it really doesn’t seem to matter because the Cookout has the votes in the bag.  The only thing that can really change the upcoming week is if Alyssa wins HoH and decides to not target Claire.  The streak will end for the CO and hope will continue for the people who aren’t fans of that alliance.

Will she win?  She has a good shot as she did well in the last endurance competition, but you never know how she’ll fare in this.  Let’s follow along now:


Remaining Players:

  • Claire
  • Hannah
  • Tiffany
  • Alyssa
  • Azah
  • Big D
  • Xavier
  • Kyland

I already crossed out Claire because she’s technically playing, but she has to throw the comp due to her coin of destiny win last week.  I doubt she’ll be the first out (that will likely go to Big D) but she’s not winning. Even if she does ignore it and win, it’ll be rejected and the win will go to the second-place winner.

  • The fight to avoid havenots is going on because that’s all the comp is at this point.
  • As soon as Alyssa dropped, that’s the end of this.  I bet they’ll give it to Azah as soon as someone takes the last HN spot.
  • Oh, and they scrapped the triple because fans complained. So now they’re doing back-to-back doubles which is better.  Triple is just too much in one night.
  • I forgot about Alyssa’s weak stomach. She was puking on night one over nerves so it makes sense she wouldn’t do well in this comp.  And I’m not bashing her, I also get anxiety and feel like puking and also have a week stomach for motion sickness because of it.
  • Azah is about to puke up there so they gotta drop soon if they want to throw it to her. But they also don’t want to make it obvious

  • Claire is out 3rd so she’s a HN.  That’s unfortunate in a week she wasn’t allowed to even win

  • And now they’ll drop like flies.  Hannah down
  • Xavier down
  • Feeds cut, likely because Azah is sitting so she’s probably disqualified

  • Yup, Azah is out.
  • Tiffany will probably be pissed at Kyland for not dropping sooner while ignoring the fact she remained up there as well lol Just like she bashed Big D for the beetle she was also scared of
  • lol the house is shouting encouragement to the players and Tiff mocks them by saying ‘come on Kyy’
  • Kyland slips and Tiffany wins HoH!
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138 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Final 8 HoH Competition Updates”

  1. CBS – if you’re reading this – maybe try and get all players who actually know the game and want to play the game – and not these stupid people who want to be “influencers” and “build their brand” and “reality show wannabes”. Can you imagine how a season where every single person playing has seen many different seasons? What kind of strategy could be involved? Now that could be exciting – and certainly can’t be any worse than what we’ve seen for the last how many years – 7+ years? Again – something has got to change – haven’t you figured that out yet?

  2. Tiffany winning HOH could actually create some real drama this week if Alyssa wins veto. Then Tiffany would be forced to put up Claire and would have to spill it all about the cookout. Claire knowing she wasted an anonymous HOH to go home by Tiffany, her ride or die, the very next week would most likely create some serious fireworks!

  3. prepare for another boring week where you know what will happen.
    Tiffany as new HOH will not want Claire gone, making Alyssa the only non alliance member. Alyssa will be nominated along with her duo Xavier with Alyssa going to jury if she doesn’t win.
    this season has sucked.
    Derek in the jury was too late in knowing the alliance, these people are not very smart about this game.

  4. When did BB become a team sport – it’s your turn to go on the block – it’s my turn to win HOH? Do they know only 1 person can win? Yes, you need to have allies in the game, but to do something you know won’t help your game but help your allies? Seems counter-productive to me. After this is over, 2 or possibly 3 of them will realize they lost the ability to win $750k to help the cause but not themselves. Sorry, I’m not that generous. Also, Tiffany (aka Derrick L 2.0) isn’t nearly as kind and empathic as him (though she tries), but she is more fake than he ever was – but she is doing well – and unless she keeps winning – she’s done. There’s going to be a lot of therapy needed by several of the houseguests this year. And finally, BB there needs to be some serious changes for upcoming years – if it survives after this year. Speed the game up – penalties for throwing competitions – different comps so no one knows what’s coming – just to name 3 things that need to change. SO BORED! The only exciting thing that can happen is that Claire realizes she can’t win HOH but needs to win every veto to get to the end and she does that. She won’t win at the end but her staying for a couple more weeks might add some drama.

  5. X has a point about Ky & Tiff not sticking to the plan of rotating HoH’s between Cookout members. Ky showed his lack of commitment to the plan week 6 when he did not throw the comp to Azah minutes after agreeing to. He knew he screwed up and tried to throw it to Tiff but…
    Tonight, every person had to know Ky was playing to win. Anyone who “dropped” before Ky can only blame themselves. I don’t blame Tiff for holding on. Also, I am glad to not have to listen to another Ky HoH. Just saying.

    1. TeeJ- you listening to the Tiff- Kyland convo on the feeds? She is one backstabbing B#$%^. She is justifying her win..how many people ever had the opportunity to win back to back HOHs, etc? And saying if Xavier has thrown comps that is his problem…really throwing Xavier under the bus to Kyland (as she did about Kyland to X). It all comes down to One for Tiff and Tiff for One. Tiff only cares about herself. But that is the way you win this game (I still can’t stand her as a human being…but that is my weakness). Xavier is trying hard to win but with so much more class.

      1. Thanks DPL. I am watching Tiff and Ky now.
        Agree completely that to this point, X is a class act. X is also playing to win and is subtly using people’s mistakes against them. Tiff is playing to win how we normally see. Try to build trust (fake or real) and pit players against each other. It is clear she is growing impatient by the increased snark and more aggressive conversations. Ky is willing to crap all over everyone to win. And any time he speaks with such slow, measured words, my BS meter goes off.
        *Edit: Adding that I think any time you brag in BB, you make yourself a bigger target. Tiff has mostly avoided huge mistakes but she is making more and more little ones – bragging is just the latest one.*

      1. I sooo hope that SB’s girlfriend has been watching the feeds this summer and can really fill SB in on how she (and others) were done this summer.. I can just imagine that phone call after the finale…and SB mentions maybe meeting u with some of them (they talked about a LA bar etc) and her girlfriend screaming at her to stay the hell away from those crazy #$$&…that conversation should get real interesting.

  6. Little D still bitching about the comps. He says this was supposed to be a season of “new beginnings” (who said that?) and yet things are the same. Comps still the same and not fair to people of size and that is wrong. What about the mental comps? Are they fair to the stupid people? (yes, I’m being sarcastic). He is talking about a questionaire when he applied- he was asked if he felt his size would be an issue for him in the game. He said no because he thought they were changing. He is just frustrated; his attitude is not with Tiff but he is just not being given a fair chance.

  7. Tiff getting nasty! Talking to Xavier about who to put up. She is tired of ‘hope’– and just wants them to know they are going to jury. She doesn’t want to risk one of the 6, important to her the 6 go to the end. Maybe baby D as the pawn. Sounds like Alyssa is going out.

    Tiff not worried about Claire as a competitor, she thinks Alyssa is more dangerous.

    1. Looks like Xavier signing off on he and Alyssa going up on the block. With the obvious target being Alyssa.

      Tiff now trying to sell her plan to Claire. they are talking real low..almost trying to sell Alyssa and Xavier with Claire thinking X is going but nope…

  8. How would people feel if it was the opposite and x was a white guy and they specifically said we are gonna have a all white alliance and all black people are going home 1st because the color of their skin sounds a little fishy if u ask me

  9. LOL. DF is very mad at Ky. Ky did not check on him and was more worried about sucking up to Tiff. DF wants things handed to him. Ky is the definition of narcissist.

    Three random thoughts:

    1. They should stick to their plan – you get nominated with your side piece. 
    2. Missed the live feed on the endurance but know Ky had to playing to win. Did he lose or did he drop? If he lost, does he say he dropped on purpose? If he dropped, it was due to the fact that SB clued him in on how much he might be irritating people. 
    3. Any bets on if Ky plays the victim all freaking week long due to comp/SB? 
    1. From what I saw he was down low on the disc and his feet slipped out form under him and he went into a sitting position and out. Although who knows what he will claim. Have been out for the past 2 hours so I obviously missed a lot of the feeds after 7:30ish.

  10. I just went back to rewatch the end of end of the competition. And I just realized that there were bubbles coming out of the elephant’s butt LMAO. I guess it’s the little things that amuse me at this point

      1. Thanks TeeJ: The internet told me they archive the last 24 hrs of feeds…I went all over the Paramount+ program and can’t find an archive…but that doesn’t mean much. It could be right in front of my face and I would miss it.

      2. I cannot do it from my phone only the computer. Under the video view it has the blue line. If you take your cursor you can click different areas of the blue line & it goes back in time. Sometimes you have to “work it” to get where you want to be. This image is live (sorry it is not letting me attach the image)

  11. Tiff & Claire in the bathroom chatting & laughing about what went down & what was said during the comp. I give mad kudos to Claire for truly not being mad or upset & being genuinely happy for her friend (take note baby d) she is not even complaining about not being allowed to win this comp. Also talking about how proud Tiff’s son Christian is going to be of his Mom. I love this friendship (I do believe Tiff wants to be a genuine friend to Claire as much as she can under the circumstances) and I will be sad when Claire is not in the house anymore.

  12. Sara Beth left the house as clueless as when she went in. That is, until she heard Ky’s goodbye message – I think her head may have spun a 360 off camera. When he spoke a a secret alliance, that she wasn’t a part of, her eyes filled with tears. When Julie asked if she and Ky would be friends outside of the house, did you catch her answer? “I made a lot of great friends in the house.” She’s going to fill in the rest of the puzzle for DX in jury, and I predict she’s going to a VERY bitter juror.

    1. Both Dx and Britini said they felt played as they were filling in the puzzle tonight at jury house. When SB,Alyssa and Claire join them they will make up the majority of the jury. They will have to pick one of the F2 so I can see them voting for Hannah if she’s sitting up there

      1. I think Tiff said tonight that she wanted to take Hannah to the F2, but she may do better against Ky or Big Baby D. I think X beats everyone, especially if he wins a few more comps. I don’t mind a bitter jury, but not if it’s so bitter they give it to a floater(I’m looking at you, Azah).

    2. She was about to cry when Julie asked about her and Ky being friends outside of the house. If you rewatch the episode she is holding back tears. If Ky is in final two he is not getting SBs vote. I hope she feels really dumb when she puts the alliance together with DX and Brit and realizes that Ky used her HOH to get out HIS biggest competition in DX. DX is so sweet that he would have held to his promise to not put SB up. This is why I love DX so much #DXForAmericasFavoriteHouseguest

      1. SB is that dumb….she will vote for Ky.

        But DX was just as dumb for not playing and making sure he would not be given the back door. He will learn from this mistake and will make an outstanding all star. Actually he is the only one of this cast that deserves to be one.

  13. All the Have Nots need to just say NO! It’s too late in the game for this, especially since there’s an alliance BB knows about running the whole show anyway. I’m ticked that BB yelled at Alyssa.

    1. I agree! I’ve always thought the Have Not punishment was unnecessary. Remember when it used to be PB&J? How about when we got to vote on what they could eat? Still, why deprive them?

      1. Do away with the slop. It just can’t be healthy.
        Cold showers and the HN bedroom are fine.
        No one should be allowed to ‘volunteer’ anymore. Either always put people in based on comp results (if people want to stay together, it forces them to drop as soon as their partners do), or, make it random every single week.
        And give them a bed time as added incentive to stop throwing comps.

      2. They also used to have food comps. Those were fun. This season is not enjoyable. I feel so bad for Claire when she finds out that everything Tiffany said to her was a lie. I understand that it’s a game and people lie, but to be used all season and then be voted out when you are no longer needed is so humiliating.

      1. Details!!! Please. I have been out…so I totally missed that. Would love to know what they said…just told her to stop or called her into the DR? They really need a have not mutiny.

      2. She was eating chips. Feeds cut. Feeds return. She and X head upstairs to the game nook and she is crying about being on slop (I would cry too). Said she is already too skinny. (Can’t relate to that one)

      3. I was being a smart ass. Jackson was constantly sneaking food in the shower when he was on slop ( never got in trouble bc Mommy had CBS by the balls) & they had a steady flow of watermelon for the narcissist.

      1. He’s a spoiled brat who should be sitting in jury. They do the same comps every season, if you can’t compete, too bad.

      2. @Silvergirl me too I know I am too old & overweight for some of those comps. It’s all about self awareness.

      3. Me neither! I’d much rather sit on my couch and judge, lol. Now, if they had a 50+, nothing too physical season, I may reconsider.

      4. That was his complaint. This is supposed to be the “new” big brother. He said something like they should have new comps to accommodate people like him.

      5. They’ve had non physical comps, like the first one Tiffany won, and the golf one. He couldn’t even win those.

      1. Yeah, he looked pissed. And, seriously, can he NOT pronounce, I vote to evict…” I don’t think he has said it correctly all summer.

  14. Alyssa now in tears…she can’t stand being on slop. She has been on it 3 times…and she gets too skinny. She says she is over it..the game is not fun anymore. She is over this..she can’t stand all the fake behavior, fake meetings, fake 1 on 1s.. and Bob cuts the feed….

      1. I think they deduct their pay if they don’t play by the rules. Still, I wish she would eat anyway.

      2. That does sound familiar. Then they should all eat as much as they want. Penalty votes don’t matter with this season.

      3. I don’t remember the season but it was Evil Dicks 1st season. Jen was a HN and her & ED got into a huge blow out. She went in the house & made a huge (if I remember correctly) salad. Everyone tried to get her to stop. She basically gave BB the Big FU bc she sat out back & ate that salad like she gave zero $hits.

        I find it a little crazy some of the dumb crap/trivial nonsense I remember about things. Not just BB related. My Family brings it up all the time.

    1. What pissed me off was when it was down to Tiff and Ky,Big D kept yelling for them to make a deal over and over.I guess he was tired and hungry and wanted to go inside.He told Tiff not to hug him because she was all dirty.He is unreal!!

      1. I am rebelling. I won’t call him BigD because he likes it. That said, DF only wanted them to make a deal because he was bitter.

    2. Never made it to the episode yet. I’m stuck on the feeds (when bubble bob allows us to see them). But yes I am listening to Baby D (Thank you @MustangSally ) boohoo about every time he goes out those effing sliding glass doors it’s never a comp for him. There have been plenty of comps he could have won had he put forth any effort. Of course there are comps that he will not be able to ever win, I get that but there have been plenty that he could win if he bothered to try instead of always expecting someone to just throw it to him. I have zero sympathy for him. His temper tantrum about how unfair this game is being to him is a crock of $hit. Want to be Claire where you HAD to throw it, is stuck on slop, never got to enjoy any benefits of the HOH (even though she won a comp) & will probably go to jury this week bc she is not in a alliance protecting her. He need a reality check.

    1. Tiff now asking Xavier about who to put up…she is thinking Alyssa and Claire. so much for being Claire’s friend… Don’t know what Xavier told her as Bubble Bob cut the feeds again…..just as he was about to speak.

    2. Xavier now grilling (nicely) Alyssa about what deal if any she had with Tiff about not going up this week…was it only last week…they are scrambling big time to invent a storyline to put up Alysa and Claire.

      1. It’s a double on Thursday so it’s fitting to put up Claire and Alyssa. They will be be gone Thursday anyway

    3. Throwing comps irritates me to no end, especially at this stage in the game. Part of building your resume, should you get to the final, is winning comps. These people are more concerned with jury management than anything else. Azah sat down and was disqualified…she’s worthless at comps and nothing should be “thrown” to her.

    1. The ONLY way a big or surprising move happens is if Tiff sticks to HER original plan that people are put up their side duos. X and Alyssa. Even then, Claire would have to win the POV and pull Alyssa down to make a Cookout member leave.
      Odds: Slim and none.

  15. Tiff wins HOH for the second week in a row…she ran Claire’s secret HOH…
    she will for sure nom Alyssa. But Claire will go right behind her in the double so it really makes no difference

    1. I don’t think Claire survives if they have really dropped the Triple for 2 doubles so Cookout can have a week together as a final 6 (8-6 before 6-4 instead of 7-4 with the triple). NEXT week they will have to be a double: Alyssa and Claire unless one pulls off a Veto win..

  16. I want to see Tiff win this & not have the heart to put Claire up. I can dream. I definitely don’t want to see the remaining ones throw this to AZAH…..and as I type this down went Azah

  17. And I will say it once again, BB Production cannot think their way out of a paper bag. AND by doing 2 doubles it all allow Cookout to have ALL 6 in the house for a solid week instead of instantly going from 7 to 4 (and 2 cookout) in 1 week. Pure set up by CBS to show off the Cookout and allowing them to celebrate for a week all to themselves. CBS did the math….and are now really rigging it..

    1. I can’t believe Derek didn’t fall off sooner than he did I’m not surprised Alyssa fell quick being as small and light as she is that banging into the elephant was going to get her pretty fast plus as soon as DerekX was evicted I think she checked out.

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