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Big Brother 23 – Friday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Friday in the Big Brother house which means it’s nomination dayyyyyy.  Picture me saying that in a Bailey Sarian voice (I watch her too much).  Before we begin, I keep seeing people speculate on the triple vs two doubles. It was indeed going to be a triple in two weeks, but production changed it to two doubles because fans did not like the idea of a triple.

Even if you don’t believe me, believe in history.  They need 2 hours for a triple, they locked in 2 hours for the 16th. They’ve never done back-to-back double evictions before.  This was clearly a sign that the schedule was changed due to their mistake of assuming fans would like it plus overlooking the fact we’ll clearly miss a week of the cookout actually turning on each other if we had the triple. And, it’s not nearly as hard to change the in-game schedule as it is to change the TV schedule. They wouldn’t have a 2 hour double if they planned it this way.


Now, in the house, things could get interesting sooner than the double and that’s because of what happened during the HoH competition last night.  Everyone is mad at everyone due to Kyland and Tiffany going a  bit rogue and battling each other for the HoH.  That wasn’t supposed to play out that way and if they all had it their way, they would have thrown it to Azah. But, Azah fell fairly early, and then Tiff and Ky turned on game mode because neither wanted the other to win.

This pissed off Xavier because now he knows Tiffany will go after Alyssa which means he should be the one sitting next to her. That also means he’ll have been nominated 3 straight weeks while Kyland and Tiffany are over there battling each other for the HoH. He is starting to feel like he’s giving more to his alliance than he’s getting in return (and he’s right). While those two are building their competitive resume, Xavier is risking being sent home over a rogue situation that happened to Brent in BB20.


And meanwhile, Big D has been complaining all night because the comps are unfair to him. Come the fuck on. What did he expect heading into the season?  These are the typical comps they have every single year and suddenly they’re unfair because they don’t cater to the bigger or stronger players?  Big Brother competitions have always been about 3 different things – Fitness (endurance), Intelligence, and Luck.  They’ve never been about strength.  I do believe they had 1-2 eating gross things competitions over the years but that’s about it on that side (and not making fun of him, he has literally said he wanted an eating comp).

Grow up and accept the free money you’re getting by cruising to the final 3 with ease (I’m fairly certain third place gets a 5 digit prize)

Let’s get to updates ….

  • 11:15 am – Wow, I’ve been rambling so long that I’m 30 minutes behind on feeds.

    • Alyssa is talking with Tiffany in the HoH room
    • She is going over some points of why Tiff should keep her.  She claims that she’ll play for Tiffany next week and keep her safe.
    • Now she’s going over jury votes (this is all according to Alyssa) – Tiff has guaranteed DX, Claire, and Hannah’s votes (maybe. Likely).
    • Sit next to Azah, she has 2 votes from jokers (true). And she could win more later on which could make DX 50/50 (false)
    • Sit next to Big D, he has those 2 votes from jokers (true). And Kyland has been saying he’d vote for D (likely)
    • Sit next to Kyland, he has SB and possibly Big D (likely). DX may feel 50/50 (false)
    • Sit next to Claire or Hannah, she’s taking away from those guaranteed 3 votes in first line (true). If it’s Hannah, she will probably have DX’s vote (maybe)
    • Sit next to X, he has SB’s vote and Alyssa’s vote and he can probably get more votes
    • Now sit next to little ole Alyssa. She has guaranteed Hannah, Claire, DX, and SB.  She only needs 5 and already has 4 by sitting next to Alyssa. Alyssa guarantees she can only get X’s vote and that’s it.
    • This is definitely a good point by Alyssa, I’m not going to lie.  She’s likely off on DX flipping from Tiffany so easy, but right now Tiffany has this game on lock if she’s sitting next to Alyssa which isn’t really the case with anyone else.  What she fails to realize is that she needs at LEAST 1 cookout vote by sitting next to Alyssa and if Tiffany really screws over her alliance, they could all screw her back at the end.  I don’t think all 5 would vote against Tiffany though because their cause is more important than a little bitterness but it’s a risk regardless.  But still, very good argument by Alyssa.
    • Tiffany asks who Alyssa would target if she were to get Kyland out.  Alyssa says Big D, Azah, or whoever Tiffany wants.
  • Alyssa leaves and Big D comes in

    • She immediately talks about how she knows she’s likely losing a jury vote by sending Alyssa home but if that’s what is needed for the 6, she’s willing to do it. She won’t send a CO member over Alyssa
    • Talk goes to how she won the HoH competition. She claims she would have fallen if Kyland dropped before Azah.  And then all the rational behind her thoughts of why she remained up over Kyland
  • Feeds cut. Noms?
  • 1:25 pm – Feeds return. They got a smaller kitchen table

    • Meanwhile, Kyland heads to the storage room to talk to us
    • He is speculating on who would possibly take him to the final 4
    • He’s feeling pretty confident a majority of the house would be willing to take him because they would think they can beat him (in final 2)
    • He knows he has to win a comp at final 4 otherwise he may not make it in.  If he does, he feels confident he’ll win one of the final 3 rounds (he’s probably right) and if he wins the final round he will probably win the game (meh, not sure about that)
    • The advantage he has over Tiff is not being selfish (lol – everyone in his alliance thinks he’s the most selfish) and his advantage over X would be his goodbye messages and Tiff
  • In the storage room, Kyland and X talk

    • They are talking about Tiffany.  X is still a bit annoyed their alliance was basically split last night but he’s keeping it from Tiff
    • He says how Tiffany asked him to throw the HoH comp to her.  It was the knockout trivia comp.  He threw it to her (she failed and Kyland won).  He says after, he was in the storage room with Alyssa and she came in saying ‘don’t ever throw a comp to me again’
  • 2:50 pm – General chatter around house.  Tiff just got called into DR which means noms likely soon.
    • And as I type this, feeds go down
  • 4:45 pm – Noms are up
    • As expected, Xavier and Alyssa are on the block
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29 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Friday Feed Updates”

  1. For those without feeds just be advised it is a wild night in the House; riveting adventure, not. Hannah, Claire, and Tiff in the HOH discussing faces, recognizing various features. And Azah and Kyland doing dishes in the kitchen….as Kyland tortures her with slooowww personal questions (past relationships). He is digging into her psyche makeup…it ain’t innocent. Looking for weak spots in her mind.

  2. The top 3 people actually playing.
    X or Ky or Tiff.
    Regarding the actual safety of the Cookout members, I am not sure it mattered who won HoH. There would be a mutiny if any of them break the alliance.
    Tiff vs Ky vs X.

    • Tiff’s primary focus has always been to keep the CO hidden with a secondary plan to ensure she stays relevant in both the CO and the jury.
    • Ky’s focus? He is loyal to the CO but on more than one occassion he has considered exposing the alliance if it allows him to be recognized as the mastermind and alpha. Outside of the name and member, he has already given the jury enough information to put it all together – a certainty once SB arrives.
    • X has helped keep the CO focused. He sticks to plans. Doesn’t rock any boats. He has strategically stayed off the radar. The only reasons he has target on him at all is Alyssa – and the fact he was voted most influential.

    Last nights HoH.
    Who should be mad? Tiff might end up being mad at herself as the win definitely put a bigger target on her. Ky is mad at Tiff for beating him (at his own game). X is mad at both of them for not sticking with the plan. But in this case, X should be mad at himself. EVERYONE knew Ky could not be trusted to throw the comp. He should be mad at himself for dropping before Ky (blaming Tiff for trusting Ky less than he did seems like a weak reason to be mad at her).
    The top 3 people playing are playing different games. Taking different risk. Yes, this will finally, HOPEFULLY, get interesting again.
    **Side note: Hannah is still playing but barring a major shake-up, she is playing from behind. Claire is still playing though it feels like she is aware there is a side game and her only chance to get further is sticking with Tiff/Hannah. Alyssa, Azah and CryBabyD can think the are playing all they want.**

  3. Xavier is acting ridiculous if he’s actually loyal to the CO. He’s so pressed because “Claire was supposed to go next.” Says who? Xavier? It’s been 50/50 on who the CO wanted out. Xaviers side isn’t the majority just because he’s on a particular side.

    1. I think he is just butt hurt because he looked bad leaving the last comp so quickly. He should start playing his own game if he doesn’t like what others are doing. just sayin….

    2. I agree with Joy. Just because you are in, and loyal to, an alliance it does not mean you don’t have control of your own narrative. It is possible to win comps and stay loyal. If X was/is capable of winning more comps, then he has clearly made not winning them part of his strategy. Furthermore, even if he outright lost all those comps, he is currently using those losses as strategy.
      *Not sure that playing the victim is a good look for him or that it will help his game.*

  4. Thanks Steve! I agree (as if that is relevant in any way) with all of it; But for the switch to the doubles and dropping the Triple. No way in hell that was done because fans objected (the net is not screaming with protests over it). It is all about positive PR for CBS. CBS is going to want to celebrate a Cookout victory with the biggest prize in BB history. They want lots of positive press about the 6. Lots of celebration pics and you can’t do that when the final 6 last for only about 90 minutes (and that final week of 6-1 may not look good and possibly make for very bad tv, especially if that 1 loses it and starts name calling). The Cookout has been talking about Final 6. Even now they won’t dump Kyland because of ‘final 6’. CBS is going to give them that, and not for just a few minutes. And CBS is not going to want post season complaints from the Cookout that they really didn’t get to celebrate in the house together as the CBS schedule took that from them. This is a clear set up by CBS to get rid of Alyssa and Claire in an hour before in-house anger grows and then allow the 6 their week of celebration (as well as house tension for some tv storyline). And just rewatch the ‘jury house’ segment from Wednesday- Britini magically puts it all together about the ‘side people’ and both DX and Britini think that is brilliant game play with no upset…..CBS didn’t write this script but they sure are influencing it to present the corporate image they want.

    1. Just rewatched the Jury House scene from last night. Hmmmm yep, Britini used the specific words: “They have Side People”. (go and google it-it is not a common Big Brother phrase). Imagine Britini getting the exact phrase correct, perfectly. Not working with some one, not your friend, your alliance, but the exact term: Side People… And DX said “Duo” and that if you hit the block you go go up with your duo and they have the votes to send you out. Genius. Props to them”. So far the ‘duo’ going up has occurred with SB and Kyland (now Alyssa and Xavier). Didn’t happen with DerekX. DX and Britini have figured out that level of game play detail from evictions they haven’t seen yet…bullshit–BB Production is feeding info. This is clearly the most rigged season of BB ever.

      And lastly- might as well really piss of the Tiffany fans: sorry Tiffany you are NOT the first person to win back to back HOHs. You won hot, then Claire won hoh, then you won hoh. Not back to back. Yes, Claire’s HOH was secret but she did noms and she was prevented from becoming HOH the following week. Just like the HOH winner doing the 2nd half of a Double Eviction, short and without all the benefits, but still a HOH win.

      1. LynnD, Haven’t done it yet,…I have Paramount on my iPad but not on the computer yet (I usually watch on the iPads and post on the computer). May do it later this evening. I think I understand what you are saying as to how to do it-THANK YOU! But with CBS/BB Production intentionally going above and beyond in rigging things with the drop of the Triple and my rewatching the Jury Segment from last night and seeing 2 + 2 = 6 (they know what they can’t know at this point) my interest is waining fast…. But as this is the last season of BB I’m trying to stay in there.

      2. You’re welcome. If I remember correctly a few yrs ago I had an iPad & I could back track on the also. J/S

      3. Per a quick internet search last night it looks like in the past they had a 24 hr archive you could access as a menu item…I just never used it. Appears different now with Paramount Plus

  5. Would seem to me that if some one from the CO really wanted to win this year that they would want to sit in F2 with a non black contestant. I think Xavier has that figured out and would have taken Alyssa. Maybe even Claire or Hannah.

    1. yeah I’m ready for Ky to exit stage left. He is too sketchy for my taste at this point. But I would feel sorry for Brit and DX in the jury house with SB and him in it together.

      1. Yeah, I’m all for him staying in the house another week or so, but I don’t want that lizard in the final 3.

      2. He will be pulling them into rooms at the JH to discuss what a great job he did in the house. That they should vote for him to win the money even though he is in jury. Of course these talks will go on for hours at a time. Brit will karate chop him in the throat, DX will then coax him out to the pool & SB will lourer him to the pool. There handlers will be out to lunch & no one will know how it happened.

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