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Big Brother 23 – Monday Evening Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


I rambled on a bit too much today between the feeds and site updates I figured it was time to start a new thread, so here we are!

Before I begin, I need to recap the story of the week. That is Brent and the awkward week ahead of us. While Xavier had full plans to do a sneak attack on Brent this week, I don’t think anyone expected Brent to not only fall into the trap but build his own crazy scheme that embarrasses himself further.


Brent still thinks he’s Xavier’s target this week, he created this massive plan to screw over X and ruin his week. That’s because Brent really believes he not only has the votes to stay, but a fairly large majority of the votes to stay.  He thinks Thursday is going to come along and Britini will be walking out the door with X in shock at how his HoH went. That’s because Brent decided to force an alliance on the Queens which they really wanted no part of but felt bad rejecting it.  Brent legitimately thinks he has all the votes from his alliance, the Queens, and Alyssa/Christian. I am dead serious. If eviction were tonight, he’d expect to hear at least 8 votes against Britini.

I don’t know how long this house can keep up the lie to him, but the longer it goes, the more awkward it gets and I’m here for every minute of it.


Let’s get to updates:

  • 4:30 pm – Xavier and Whitney getting pretty cozy together in the HoH bed.
    • They talk a little game, but X really isn’t feeling it so he begins to talk about how he likes not talking game with her and how it’s nice to have someone to just chill with.  I don’t know if that’s a defensive mechanic because he knows he’ll have to cut her or he’s being honest. Perhaps both? He has no issue lying to people like Brent, so I assume he just doesn’t want to lead Whitney on more than he has to because he may actually like her.  That’s my guess based on the character I’ve established from him
    • But they talk about the house. How DX and Hannah make a cute couple but DX is holding back.  They talk about Travis and how successful he’s going to be.  Just basic conversation. It’s actually nice to hear a normal non game conversation between two people sometimes.
    • They talk about the veto comp and how X was really concerned for Brent’s health. I guess he looked really bad out there and he wondered if they were going to have to stop the competition because of it
  • 4:55 pm – Meanwhile, poor Kyland is trapped in the room listening to Britini complain
    • She is still upset at X’s speech.

    • This is seriously painful to watch.  She wants a week of safety next week.
    • She’d love a letter from her family, etc, etc… then win HoH lol
  • 7:00 pm – Chill house right now.
    • Sarah is playing pool alone while others are scattered around the house
    • Feeds are pretty bad tonight. They have been dropping a ton.  They’ve surprisingly been fairly good these last few days but today is a bad day
    • Whitney, Hannah, and DX are in the bedroom chatting when Brent comes in. They are so good at lying they call him in to join the conversation and instantly swap to plans for next week with Brent.
    • Brent talking about how telling the truth has saved him so much this game
    • Hannah confesses to putting 5 coffee filters in the machine lol
  • 8:00 pm – Big D, Xavier, and Azah hanging around in the HoH room talking about the house

    • D jokes how earlier in the season, Xavier asked for a blanket and Whitney went running to go get him one and beat it back to him before Azah brought it lol
    • They talk more about Whitney saying how she’s a great person, etc but a relationship with X is not happening.
    • Feeds keep cutting so it’s hard to follow along
  • 10:45 pm – Xavier and Christian spent most of the night hanging with Alyssa, Azah, and Brit in the tub upstairs.
    • DX and Tiffany goofing off around the house trying to scare Kyland

Check back for updates

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18 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Monday Evening Feed Updates”

  1. Wonder how long it will take the houseguests that are so interested in Alyssa to realize if they take out Christian they may have a shot at their own Showmance with her????

  2. Just wave. My vision has been off the last couple of days probably diabetic stuff, so it’s hard for me to read the print.

    Watching a little bit of the Olympics and those synchronized divers are freaking incredible..

  3. OK, feeling mean posting this…but seriously dude? Seriously??? DerekF is cam talking. Saying how tough it is but dad taught him to be a fighter. God is showing him the way and he will be coming home with $50,000. I won’t comment on the religious aspect. But seriously–you have been a fighter battling away in BB? It has been a battle? Just what battle for security has Derek F been involved with???? Not enough food in the pantry? (they took away the women in the bath tub and gave me Big D…yeah, production is really messing with me).

  4. Alyssa, Whitney, Azah, Britini in bathing suits sitting on the sides of the HOH bath tub (feet in the water)….Xavier and Christian in chairs in front of them…

      1. Xavier just left, SB joined, much more clothed and not joining the hot tube gang, sitting on the floor..the 4 women and Christian- he ain’t going anywhere..

  5. Sometimes, I wonder if Brent just thinks if he tells the house how safe he is and how he knows how much the teams are supporting him he can make them all believe it.

  6. Part of me is feeling bad for how stupid Brent is going to feel when he gets out of the house and see how he was played. With the rampant insecurities/anxiety so many young people feel with how others think/talk about them, it’s interesting to see someone who is so confident in himself. Yes, he’s way too confident that he’s so great and others are so stupid. But you have to admire the self confidence to a degree. How wishy-washy am I in this?  

    1. It is sad when you have enough knowledge to think you are right but not enough knowledge to know you are wrong. Self justification is often not a very pretty thing.

    2. I thought Brent was extremely cocky in his introduction the first night but thought I’d wait to see what he does the first weeks. His constant attachment to Frenchie during his HOH including making himself a part of most conversations irritated me.

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