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Big Brother 23 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, Junkies!


First, thank you all for your concerns last night. I felt like complete dogshit but decided to play it safe and went to get tested today just in case.  My rapid covid test was negative and I expect the second test they took to be negative as well. That’s because I feel much better today in general but I had to take the test to be sure!

Catching up on last night, I guess it was a good time to feel bad because they just had some club thing last night which I rarely didn’t care about. They got all dolled and up pretended they were at a nightclub which is fun for them but not my jam. Speaking of, I thought it was hilarious how during the Wildcard Competition, Whitney and Azah come out looking glamorous AF and then Claire comes out looking like she’s ready for a few rounds of tennis after that comp. Stuff like that is why I’m really digging Claire this season. I love how she doesn’t spend all day obsessing over her appearance and is there to clearly just play the game. Easily one of my favorite players.


Today is the veto ceremony and while last night, Christian mentioned he’d consider swapping Whitney for DX, I’m positive that was just humoring Whit to get out of that conservation. I have no doubt noms will remain the same once feeds return and Whitney will most certainly be the person leaving the house this Thursday night. The only issue with it is that SB is really digging her own grave in the process. She is really threatened by Hannah and wants her gone now. While it’s normal for people to want others out, SB is digging a grave because she’s clearly breaking out of her mold as the innocent and sweet floater who just wants to have a good time all summer. She’s showing the house that she actually wants to play and when you combine that with her intelligence that she’s failing to hide, people are putting her on the radar.

All right, feeds should be going down in a few minutes as I type this and they will be back around 1 pm. I’ll post the veto ceremony results when the feeds are back

  • 1:15 pm – Feeds return. Veto not used
  • Tiffany and Hannah talking about SB. How she’s a thinker and always watching

    • Tiffany says when SB was making the argument about Hannah, she feels she (SB) was looking at her
    • Tiff says she knows SB has Kyland and she doesn’t know how to get her out other than putting her up next to Kyland
    • SB comes and the conversation breaks up
    • They just change the subject and talk about tattoos and stuff.  SB probably making mental notes on what she can complain about Hannah later lol
  • Oh crap, I just read the comments and forgot to mention Azah during the WC competition lol. That was hilarious. I’m not sure if Azah was trying some Jedi mind tricks on the ball but I was half expecting to see that thing just start floating to the end lol. Azah will unlikely win the game because she’s in a house full of sharks who really want to win, but she is also amazing.

    • They show a brief conversation between Whitney and X before he leaves for some alone time in the HN room.  She tells him to think about her, but it looks like she’s the one thinking of him
    • The alone time X wanted in the HN room was to likely grieve a bit. It’s hard to tell but seems like he’s fighting back tears

    • This is about his brother who he lost shortly before he went into the house.  Apparently, something about his brother’s bracelet set him off.  This is sad to watch. Why does production show this but not interesting game conversations?
    • Sounds like he may have broken the bracelet today.  This is legit heartbreaking to watch.
    • Then the feeds cut when he leaves the room because of course they do.
  • 2:55 pm – Christian and X hanging in the living room

    • Kyland spots them through the mirror and says he has one for each of them lol
  • Christian moves into the HoH room with Alyssa
    • Alyssa talks about how Kyland is playing dumb. She said even Claire called BS on Kyland’s memory. She (Claire) says he has without a doubt has one of the best memories in the house
    • Alyssa says if she wins, she would put up Azah and Britini
  • 4:30 pm – Hannah catching up with Tiff again
    • They are mostly going over their new SB obsession and how she needs to go
    • Quick conversation. Already over
    • Conversation resumes this time with DX
    • Tiffany tells them both that SB has to go.  She tells DX not to tell Kyland anything because she’s his right hand
    • DX says he can take the shot
    • Claire joins

    • Tiffany fills them all in on how SB has to go
    • SB enters and kills that conversation
  • 6:00 pm – Some conversations going but feeds keep cutting.

    • The HoH room is having a showdown!
    • Which of course instantly reminded me of:

    • The house is playing some game about a missing bucket hat.  They sure do love their games.  Just patiently waiting for the fighting to start…..
  • 10:50 pm – DX and Britini are outside talking
    • They are talking about when teams are ending and there is still speculation on it ending week 4 or 5. Come on. There are 4 people to a team. It ends after 4 weeks. BB ends like everything after 4 weeks. Every time it’s a battleback, it’s after the fourth eviction whether first four or first four of jury.  Plus, did they think BB would allow a whole team to be eliminated and then play 3 teams?  I mean it doesn’t change a ton in the grand scheme but it does just make it weird.
  • Anyway, Christian and Alyssa have been trying to pull DX and Hannah into the HoH room to talk but DX got trapped by Britini outside
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62 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Monday Feed Updates”

  1. SB, Claire and Hanna talking- guessing at the next HOH contest. They note backyard is closing tonight so they are expecting a big build. Endurance…SB says her whole team is gunning for it (Kings expecting the attack) so they can all make jury.

  2. Glad to hear your test was negative Steve!

    Man I am just so tuned out with the feeds this year! I can’t seem to watch them for longer then 15 mins before I zone out. Really sucks because I’m not a big tv watcher but BB & the live feeds were my summer binge when the kids were napping or asleep. Now what else can I do to kill some time besides laundry lol.

    Do y’all feel this is the beginning of the end for BB? With the feeds cutting so much and stuff I just feel like maybe it could be and it makes me so sad!

  3. Production going overboard this evening in cutting feeds…cutting off lots of conversations.. Alyssa and Claire talking in the Bathroom…games strategy..They started to talk about a final group of 5 when bammmmm bubbles…

    1. Claire wants to build on her relationship with X.

      Alyssa advised Christian she will be be going upstairs to shower in the HOH soon….stool, stool, stool, stool……

      1. Do you think Claire has a thing for X? I thought I saw a pix of them on the hammock with his arm around her the last day or two.

  4. Yeah, I think we are in trouble this year…. Most years the house gets real quiet and boring by the time they are down to 6-7 guests… We are still at 13 guests and things are tooooo quiet. No fighting, no storming around (well since French left). This house needs LARGE qualities of booze…

    1. They are now discussing the sexuality of Disney characters….I think this generation just reads too much into things…or prior generations just oblivious as all hell…

    1. Azah confused about the “order” going forward…as to evictions…
      Tiff concerned about ‘them’ figuring it out… worried that Claire may end up bitter.

  5. So I have a few random thoughts after watching last night’s episode.

    *I do believe Tiffany, Claire & Kyland make a good team and I hope it wasn’t production messing with us but I think Tiffany was really happy she made that choice for herself (she knows everything about this game. They both do) I hope the trio stays united. I also enjoyed watching Tiff & Ky going crazy cheering her on. I also don’t think I heard anyone cheer on Whitless at all.

    *I think the Royal Flush will stay an alliance a few more weeks (unless you have seen something different on the feeds bc I have not had time to watch any since Thursday)

    *X calling out Whitless on that shirt & everyone agreeing with him was more good BB moments.

    *This season has 2 strong alliances & the people in them are staying true to them. Even though it makes it tougher each week for a HOH in those alliances to nominate people (esp the few that are in both) they are staying true to their word. (As of right now) Also to watch both the Royal Flush & the Cookout members have conversations with outsiders to fight & protect each other and no one is catching on I find Great game play. Kudos to them!

    *Watching X work so hard to protect Hannah without outing The Cookout is exhausting. He is doing a great job they all are esp bc the rest of the Kings really are spot on as to why they should get rid of her. (As I reread this I realize it is almost the same as the one above but I wanted to say it anyways).

    *Even though I just said how good they all are doing I want to add a little side note that Alyssa forgot to leave Christian her part of their brain. When Hannah tells him “when teams are over you need people outside your team to work with.” He says “Hannah is extremely smart & convincing I need to consider if she is the right person to put on the block” HELLO! YOU HAVE PEOPLE OUTSIDE YOUR TEAM! THEY ARE THE OTHER 4 PEOPLE THAT MAKE UP THE ROYAL FLUSH! (Insert my face palm)

    *At the end Hannah says “I will win the upcoming veto comp, I will remove myself off the block I will win HOH next week” As of right now the Meatloaf song “2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad” comes to mind.

    *Whitless says she feels incredibly confused why her name was thrown out there? Now you know how the House & America feels when you say that you wear that “sports bra” (can’t even type that word with a straight face) & hoodie to the gym.

    Last thought…..

    *I know there have been seasons where occasionally the nominees kinda snub the HOH when hug fest is happening at the end of the episode. However, I REALLY want to see a nominee go off on the HOH and ask them ” Where do you get off even attempting to hug me when you JUST put my face on that board! You got the wrong bitch!” (That would so be me)

    Sorry my comment is long-winded and probably all over the place. I’m just really happy I was able to relax & get my BB fix in. I am so ready to throw on the feeds shortly.

  6. Going to give people something to discuss tonight which shows players are better at pulling off a blindside Big Brother or Survivor? Over the last four or five seasons I would say Survivor they have gotten really good at it where the BB blindside has gone the way of the dodo.

      1. They can’t spread out as much as they used production keeps them much closer to camp than they did in the early seasons. The other thing is if two or three players disappear at the same time the rest get suspicous real quick.

      1. Exactly and that should be kept personal and not put in the episode but they probably will anyway because they are asshats.

  7. I’m 2 min into the episode and Immmm baaaack!

    Yes Brent YES! Your strategy is amazing. If you are reading this can you please let us know how amazing you think it is now?

    And …….Awwwwwww how cute are Christian & Alyssa with their matching hairdo’s. (Insert my hand heart over my heart)

    Oh LAWD how much time do they spend on britini & trying to highten up her image?

    1. I feel the same as you, but your comments are not getting old. Your posts help to remind me I’m not alone in wishing these people would vote independently.

      1. I have said the same thing during many updates. THINK FOR YOURSELF! Though I will admit Brent’s shut out eviction was so satisfying.

  8. Whittless I can do without. Claire is brilliant. Hanna, man that woman is something. I want her to go far if possible. Still rooting for Tiffany to win BB23.

  9. SB is like the helpful neighbor that always seems to come through when you are in need of something and then finally reveals herself to be a monster..Azah and that ball was kinda scary but HILARIOUS at the same time. Is it time for the slippery fill the tank with a spoon comp yet?

      1. yeah now that you mention it..old age…I was thinking of the comp for HOH that typically lasts for a very long time. That one just makes me laugh when they replay to music.

      2. I’m pretty sure they will still do the HOH slip & slide. It’s a staple like OTEV & Zingbot.

    1. I feel that way about Britini. She trys very hard in the show to come off as this cheerful, rah, rah, kind of person…but I believe she’s a really dark & moody kinda girl!

  10. I feel the same way about Claire. The way she talked about herself while playing the WC comp was insightful too as she said she was just to big and clunky to accomplish a comp that you needed to be all delicate (or something like that).

  11. I thought the same thing when I watched the show last night. I know the girls like to get dressed up when they know for sure they’re going to be on TV, but geez, this is a competition! Hello?! Claire deserved the win, but did she show her cards in the fact that she chose safety over her teammates? Meaning, she basically told the house her teammates are safe this week. Smart people not in the royal flush should have viewed that as a sign, maybe?

  12. Perfect explanation Steve on the 3 players for wc. That is probably why Claire won it. She went in it to win it. She isn’t their for any beauty contest. Claire is also 1 of my favorites. Right up there with Tiffany.

  13. So glad you tested negative,Steve.Sorry if this was mentioned before,but I read about an incident that happened in the house last week.Whitney was chatting with X and Brent about cuddling with DX.She said that she told DX to close his legs because she didn’t want to “feel his eggroll”.She was laughing hysterically.X called her out on it right away.He said he wanted to hear an apology from her,and how inappropriate that remark was to make.She laughingly apologized.Then continued to laugh.X was not happy with her at all.

    1. 1. That is completely inappropriate for her to say. Kudos to X!

      2. Maybe she should NOT be rubbing up on all the men all the time. For some reason I see her as the type to be parading men around her children like it’s no big deal.

      1. X could have ignored her,but I’m glad he didn’t.I doubt it will have any effect on her unfortunately.

      2. Like it has been said before. These guys (with the exception of Christian and most girls) are here for the game & the $$$$ (ok Christian is the one here for both) They are not here for a 3 month hook up.

        This is the season they needed Sam. She would mouth stomp some bitches! If JC was terrified you can imagine Whitney would be in the witness relocation program by now.

        @Kari get the Van (I pick you until we find Nancy) we are going to pick up Sam & drop her at the house. (This is a different season so we might as well go in a different direction)

      3. I really hope Whitney is the one to go. She’s the only one that seems to be over at least sexual and showing her body off and it just is completely unattractive to me. Even if I was gay I wouldn’t be attracted to her because of her overtness.

    2. Whitney is fake and unattractive on soooo many levels! Am happy she is on the block, and hopefully she will follow Brent out the door. They can get together for drinks! lol.

    1. Ok saw it….BWAHAHAHAHA. Thank you for the heads up also my phone kept ringing so I actually paused it to not miss that pure entertainment. (Normally I would keep it running & only slightly pay attn) I was not missing that. Who here thinks her reasoning for it is a real head scratcher besides me? That made NO sense. Plus Claire was getting so good at Maneuvering the ball on the small part that I think it was a really good idea she took the safety until jury. They are not going to forget how well she did.

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