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Big Brother 23 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s veto ceremony day in the Big Brother house, and for the third week in a row, it’ll be a switcharoo and another backdoor nomination which will result in DX going up and going to the jury. While I felt really bad for him after barely missing out on HoH this week, it’s his own damn fault for not guaranteeing safety when he had a chance. He didn’t even try. Alyssa ended up winning the comp by default because she was the only one who did play (side note – her bragging about that comp win is hilarious. I won a game of solitaire today. I am a comp champion!).

Derek X is a case study on what not to do in the Big Brother house from a strategic standpoint.  His social game was really good, but he played like someone who has never watched the show before. He made himself an early threat with the comp wins. Then he goes and backdoors his shield without a solid alliance backing him up. Then he doesn’t even play in a competition that could have given him safety while admitting he didn’t feel safe.  Come on lol. I want to feel bad for the guy because he seems like a really genuinely nice person but it’s hard to feel bad for someone who played so poorly.  He was never winning this game. The only sad part is that he won’t be in there toward the end to have any epic competition battles that will scare the cookout.


And you’re not escaping easy, SB and Alyssa. Your games aren’t much better, but you just haven’t won the comps that give you the power to show how bad you are. SB just does whatever Kyland wants her to do while pretending she’s going rogue. DX is offering her weeks of safety if he’s not nominated but she still refuses to take that and go after some people who have been clearly against her for weeks (Tiffany and Hannah).  And Alyssa is over here playing in a comp she didn’t even need to play in, bragging about comp wins she played alone and then getting her partner nominated because she played in the comp.  This meme is the BB equivalent of Alyssa


This is mostly because Alyssa plans on smiling when DX is backdoored because he did it to Christian. And while the karma is indeed hilarious, slow down a bit. You’ll be following him into the jury within a week or two.

There are just so many similarities between BB20 and BB23 now.  A powerful and loyal 6 person alliance that steamrolls through the game while stringing along tagalong ‘partners’ (JC, Sam, and Kaitlyn to a lesser extent) while competing against a bunch of really, really bad players who did more damage to themselves than what Level 6 actually did.  I’m not taking away from what the Cookout HAS done. Forming a partner to string along and also navigating through three weeks of twists without losing a person is badass. But the other side of the house also hasn’t made it very hard on them.

Anyway, I rambled to fill enough time…

  • 11:50 am – SB catching Kyland up on DX’s last-minute attempt to remain off the block. She is confident with her decision and feeds should be dropping soon to begin the ceremony.
  • 12;30 pm – Feeds went down around noon as expected. Should be up in about 30
  • 1:00 pm – Feeds return. DX nominated.

    • Upstairs in the HoH room, Alyssa, X, and SB in the HoH room talking
    • Talking about DX’s pretty poor game. I’m sure Alyssa is very happy
    • They are trying to ‘start fresh’ with SB.  Good luck with that
    • Alyssa says Big D told her if he goes out to ‘get out Tiffany’.  SB says ‘yea, I think he’d probably go after Tiffany and Claire’.  They’re going to be in for such a surprise
    • Alyssa says Hannah played this week and lost (roulette) lol.
    • The four of them (Kyland is in the room too) want to ‘form an alliance’. SB wants them to pick a name lol.  How about ‘Kyland, X, and the two damn fools’. That has a ring to it
    • The alliance is named ‘The Monarchy’ lol.
    • The group breaks up and SB tells Kyland this week gives her a strong argument why she should win the game. Sarah, jury members don’t win the game.
  • 2:00 pm – Kyland pulls aside DX to play some jury management pretending he’s still cool with him

    • And I updated my timestamp to 2:00 pm even though it’s 1:50 when I type this because I know it’ll take Kyland 10 minutes to get out his thought
  • 3:00 pm – The house is relaxing outside.  DX is already doing some slight campaigning which is nice to see. I’ll highlight the conversations shortly

    • Claire is doing some camtalking and counting votes. She feels fairly good about the vote (as she should). Alyssa, X, Azah, Tiff are what she considers secure. She says it will be an interesting week.  It won’t. DX is leaving
    • Big D pretends it would be smarter to evict DX after the battle back (there won’t be a battle back)
  • 5:00 pm – DX had a talk with X
    • DX plays the card that X is going to be the third nominee next week (unless he wins HoH) so he tells him he won $200 so far and will be able to play for the power if he stays.  And if he stays, he’ll put up people who X may prefer. X tells him he’s 70/30 in keeping Claire but he was 90/10 before the conversation.  I probably believe this but don’t believe it’ll get much lower than 70/30. I could be wrong though
  • 7:45 pm – Fairly slow night.  Houseguests around the kitchen right now.
    • Tiffany was a bit sad earlier she’s losing DX.  I mean she could try to keep him?  Crazy thought.  But she allowed that to turn into an anti-SB rant which is always good to watch
  • 8:10 pm – DX and Claire outside talking

    • They are joking how the house has always been coming for them
    • Claire thinks Hannah will be okay when DX leaves because she thinks they’re going after duos. So she expects to be a target with Tiffany next
    • She asks what he’d do if it’s her, Tiffany, and Hannah as final 3 and he says he’d cheer them on so much but then joke how he’d come back in a battle back
    • They talk about AFP (America’s Favorite) and he thinks he may be on top 3.  But he’s leaving too early.  She says ‘if the four steamroll through the season he has a good shot’
    • She wonders if the six of them are together.  They speculate it’s probably just a group effort this week to take him out but it’s not like they have a name. Oh, they do. I wish I had a database tracking everything but the cookout has to easily be the longest-lasting 6 person alliance in the show’s history without losing a member. It’s unlikely they’ll lose anyone next week as well which will put them in the final 8. Holy shit, we’re already near the final 8.
    • Claire says SB has been mentioning Shelly Moore. I’m not sure why anyone would mention Shelly Moore ever other than to answer the question “name any one of the pathetic new cast members from Big Brother 13 that never had a chance in the game and were set to be pawns from day 1”
    • Claire wonders if this season will end up with 2 of the most disliked people in the house in the final 2 (SB and Kyland).  At least she pegged that part right about them being the most disliked right now
  • 9:20 pm – DX is talking to Tiffany
    • He says he is annoyed Kyland and SB are happy.
    • He wants an underdog to win this season.  He wants to stay and go after the strong players
    • He says he saw Kyland, Big D, and then X walk out of the HN room.  He still isn’t putting together the massive alliance. He just thinks they’re briefly working together
    • Tiffany says SB sees herself right in the middle of the Alyssa, X, etc group.  She thinks SB feels she has 6-4
    • Azah joins so the game talk dies
    • I updated the Spoiler Page – If it looks funky, clear your cache

Check back for updates

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35 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Monday Feed Updates”

  1. some of these people are going to look back and feel incredibly stupid that they did not put the obvious Cookout alliance together. this season has sucked and these people are stupid.

  2. If we vote for Claire, Alyssa, Azah or Tiffany – then none of them will have enough money to play the Coup d’etat. Maybe America needs to tell them something. X cannot play as he needs to get his hands dirty.

    1. My favorite moment of the season happened last night when Claire and Derek X were talking on the hammock. Claire confided to him what she did and where she worked. He was so surprised they both worked in New York City. His reaction was hysterical. Lots of laughter despite them both being on the block.

  3. Is X cocky or what? he only has $150 bucks, and if most of us vote for everyone else but him, $50 won’t give him the money he needs to play Coup D’etat. Actually the only 2 who have the money even if they get $50 bucks was Bid D, Hannah and DX. If us voters do this right we will force KY, X and Alyssa, SB and Tiff to not have the chance to play for this power.

    1. Yes, X is cocky and I guess he’s got the right to be since his social game is good (he’s the confidant to everyone) and he’s got the Cookout. He did lose all of his $$ when he won the Veto. It takes $250.00 to play for the Coin of Destiny. Azah, Alyssa, SB, Tiffany, Claire, Kyland, and Xavier cannot play for the Coin of Destiny because even if each of them won the $100.00, it would not be enough to play. Hannah currently has $150. She can only play if she gets voted $100.00 this week. Please God! Do Not Let Her Win $100.00! That leaves Big D and Derek X. They both have enough to play for this final power. If Derek X gets voted out Thursday only Big D will play.

    1. Was it because she didn’t play roulette after telling DX she was going to play? If she had won, she could have taken Claire off the block and gotten someone else on the block. Just an assumption.

  4. Steve, I was laughing my ass off the entire time while reading your commentary. I hollered when you said their name should be Kyland, X, and the two damn fools. I can barely type my response because I’m literally in laughing with tears in my eyes. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Thank you for making me laugh after the rough day I had working today.

  5. Nobody seems to know that Derek F will play in the Coin of Destiny. Hannah thinks she will get enough funds the 3rd week to play but not if I can help it. I was throwing her votes because of her association with Derek X. Hopefully, voters will not give her any votes now.

    1. Thanks, Mona. I was wondering about the $ amounts.
      Anyone who has the $ needs to play. Zero reason not to play. Only one person gets to flip the 50/50 coin and they could lose. Which means….
      Claire absolutely needs win HoH on Thursday. Then she put Ky and BD on the block next to X. Because why not?  

      1. They need $250.00 to play. If Derek F plays and wins, it’s a sure bet he’s putting up SB. If Derek X stays only he can prevent this.

      2. I am expecting BB to try and spread as many bb bucks around as possible. I am assuming only 1 person can win the game and then they still have to win the coin flip.

      3. Problem with that is Tiffany will run her HOH just like Ky did to SB. I cannot wait to see the sides reaction on how played/betrayed they were, bring on the bitter jury.

  6. Can we acknowledge how SB was so proud of herself to flush out the roulette power during her HOH reign, when, grrrlll, common! This could have actually benefitted her game had it been left in the game for next week. But she’s doing ALL of Kyland’s work for him. It’s sad.

    I’m going to laugh when she’s in danger next week. If only there she had that damn roulette wheel to play!

    1. Yes, absolutely yes. Flusing out the Roulette Power was hysterical. I also sincerely apprecaited when X went up because of Alyssa the only one to play. Go BB Bucks

  7. DX – Dumb Survivor Move Dude – If you have an idol, use it. That being said, the only other HG to go for it was Alyssa. Only 1 would win.  DX social game isn’t all that great. Love him a lot, but . . . . . .  Love the BB Roulette & how a HG ended up OTB. Brilliant, leave it up to the BB Gods. Sara Beast too funny.

      1. After DerekX goes Thursday we will have nine players left five gameplay wise that are delusional idiots four who have game skills and of that four only two have won any comps. Nothing is written in stone but I would say Xavier is the most likely to win of course one HOH or veto win by Tiffany or Hannah can change that,

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