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Big Brother 23- Monday Recap for 8/2/21

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Good morning all! The house was a little bit slower yesterday. Before I get into it, thank you so much Pamela! Your donation was very kind and generous.


There was still game talk yesterday (of course, some of these players don’t have an off switch!) but not nearly as much. Tiffany, for example, told us her brain is overworked. She said she’s always strategizing and said when she isn’t, she’s doing math in her head about the game. She said her brain is tired. (Hang in there Tiff, I appreciate you and your brain)


Tiffany continued to increase the target on Sarah Beth. I want to point out the way she does this because it’s more impressive than they way we see some people try to paint targets on others. She has a way of telling people info that feels more like info sharing. I think it’s because she has such good personal relationships with the others. When you hear people repeat the things she’s said, you don’t often hear them say “Tiffany told me…” They repeat this info as if it’s their own thought. It causes people to beleive the info more easily and it keeps her from looking like she’s spreading rumors.

I think this also contributes to the vote each week. (so far) There’s a difference in a vote being unanimous because people “want to vote with the house” and a unanimous vote. Normally when we see this, it’s because players don’t want to make themselves a target or they feel it’s too early to stick their neck out for someone else so they just vote with the house. That’s not what’s happening this year and it makes it more fun to watch. They arn’t “voting with the house” but instead, they’re being convinced they want that person out too. How many people had Sarah Beth way down on their list of targets just a few days ago? She hasn’t risen to the top because players want to “vote with the house.” They’ve been convinced she needs to go. (After Whitney leaves, I’m expecting this to change anyway)


I really like Sarah Beth and as much as I don’t want to risk Hannah, I’d be interested in a SB hoh. I’d like to see that other side of SB again, the side that yells at production and flips them off. I’d like to see how Tiffany can operate when she puts in a ton of work but things arn’t going her way. I also think I’d like to see Tiffany and Kyland have a pissing contest over who to target. I admit, my wish list is all over the place because I’d also like to see a Derek X hoh with possibly a Christian/Alyssa nomination. Hannah as hoh could be alot of fun since she’s so cut throat and blunt. Even Big D could be fun because who knows what the hell he’d do? I bet Britini would give us an amazing hoh week! She’d probably piss me off with her noms but it could be a fun hohitis week! (She’d go full BB20 Sam on us) Speaking of Britini, she messed up the chess board for a game that Derek X and Kyland were in the middle of and this was Kyland spotting her on the camera. He yelled and took  off running, trying to catch her before she demolished it. He failed. Lol (sorry its blurry but he was moving fast)

Christian didn’t use the veto and no one was surprised…not even Whitney. She’s not having a good week. She also wanted a spa day and got stuck with a mock trial instead. (After Thursday, she can have more time for spa days)


Christian and Alyssa went over their list of targets. They are Azha, Hannah, Britini and Derek X. (Claire and Tiffany’s fake F4 with those two looks to be paying off since they weren’t on the list) It also sounds like the other F4 Alyssa suggested with Derek X and Hannah….not so much.


Hannah and Tiffany are growing their trust with each other. When Tiffany first reeled in Derek X, she wasn’t feeling Hannah so much. (She didn’t want Derek X to have an option other than her imo) but once Hannah began opening up to her, that changed. Tiffany even said she may want a F2 with Hannah. She’s also told us that the game changes so her plans may change too.

Yeah, I know, this recap is full of Tiffany but she’s one of the people who plays the game nonstop plus she’s a bad ass so I can’t help it.

Derek X is another one who doesn’t turn it off a whole lot. He had a good talk with Kyland and they discussed their F2. Derek questioned Kyland as to why Hannah was such a big target to Sarah Beth. Kyland said that she sees how many people are close to Hannah, especially her team. She feels like if someone is that close to her team while she isn’t close to that person, they’re probably a threat to her game. (true) They also talked about how Hannah has said if she won hoh, she may have to use SB as a pawn. (also true) Kyland also said he doesn’t understand why Tiffany keeps mentioning Britini as a target. He doesn’t see her as a threat.

Production asked Derek F to the DR, called him “Big D” and the hg’s noticed. If they’re going with it then I am too. (Its less letters to type so win, win) Big D and Azha talked a bit of game in the HN room. It mostly consisted of Azha saying she wanted someone from the Kings to go next but didn’t know if she’d throw the next hoh and admitted she didn’t want to do it herself. She didn’t get why no one has taken any of them out yet. Big D said it’s because their team has the best player on it. (Haha) He told Azha that she wouldn’t be the first one out if the hoh was the wall comp. He said that would probably be him. Big D talked alot about their first meal after HN’s were over. (HN’s are kicking his ass ya’ll)


Claire spoke to Derek X about Kyland. She said he has a better memory than he pretends and while practicing days, she knows he intentionally tries to give her the wrong dates. (She’s mentioned this before) Claire has been working on DX for awhile but doesn’t know that like Tiffany, DX also has a F2 with Kyland. Claire talked a little game with Alyssa too and tried to get some info on Xavier. Alyssa didn’t give up much or she simply doesn’t know much. (Everyone Claire would like to build something with has already been taken by Tiffany. I’d mentioned before that Claire holding back socially the first couple weeks could get her in trouble and unfortunately, it looks like that’s what’s happening) I really like Claire and hope she finds a way to wedge herself in there and stick around.  I’d be surprised if she does well in the endurance comp if it’s the wall (because she’s so tall) but she’s proven herself to be good in comps. When it’s ‘her time to go,’ I could see her comp ability being the way she could mess up other peoples plans to get rid of her. Relying on a comp win isn’t the best way to maneuver thru the end game though.

They also played a game yesterday that involved a mock trial. People were assigned different roles and they got pretty into it.

Ky calling out DX during the fake trial
ooh, look, its evidence

Tiffany told Azha she only liked the feeds when they were talking game. Azha said she’d turn them off if she had to watch a fake trial and said she did turn them off last year when they played charades. (Ok, this may have been goofy but it was WAY more entertaining than charades)

More trial

Wow! I just figured out why my font size changed just now and another time last week. When I put a caption with a pic, it gets messed up if I don’t leave enough space between that and where I pick back up with a normal paragraph. This probably doesn’t matter to any of you. I just didn’t want you to think I was putting so much importance on the way Azha and Tiffany watch live feeds and intentionally enlarged the font. (I still don’t know how to fix it but hey… finding the source of the problem is half the battle, right?)

Have a great Tuesday!



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23 thoughts on “Big Brother 23- Monday Recap for 8/2/21”

  1. Wow that was a lot to digrest Mel. Britiani has really created some bad, bad juju in this house. So not cool to destroy a chess game, that is sacrilegious. Tiffany, I want to see her win BB23. Claire, Girl, get out there & do lots of damage woman. As much as I repsect & like Hanna & SB, this is a fight that is fascinating to watch. Some of these women are just Warriors, I love it. I must say, I’m thrilled with how some of these HG’s have really brought their A games. From some of the intros prior to entering the house I had my ideas, glad they have changed a lot. Christian has got a good head for this game, I wasn’t so sure until his HoH, then I got to see a real solid player. Hanna is just a beast, can’t be manipulated, just solid through & through. Xavier, I’m surprised a bit. I thought for sure he was going to rule this` game, but that hasn’t happened, I think he’s navigating a bit better, but he is a self proclaimed “Play’a”, so I thought he was going to toy with the women’s affections so to speak, but instead, I think he’s just out of his depth for some reason, can’t put my finger on it ;(. As much as I like Derek X, I just don’t see him winning this BB23. As for the rest of them, I see them as not winning BB23 at this point. Whittless, needed to be Love Island, but I can see why she wouldn’t be, she’s got kids. She will appreicate the spa & gym, so much more. When she stated: I’m Single.” I wasn’t so sure she really likes being single way more than being in a committed relationship. She just kinda creeps me out a lot. Alright BBJ Family, my two cents.

  2. Kyland doesn’t think Brit’s a threat? Just wait until all 3 jokers are on jury and voting with their emotions. With the Cookouts size and control on the house, they should be choosing their fellow jury members these next couple weeks.

    Also, hi! Longtime BBJunkies follower, first time commenting!

  3. Thanks Mel. As always you give a clear picture of what is going on in the house. You are funny and I appreciate your “take” on the houseguests more so than anyone (sorry Steve). Keep up the good work! Have a great day.

  4.  “I’d also like to see a Derek X hoh with possibly a Christian/Alyssa nomination.”

    Though I’d love that, I don’t see DereX having the nuts for that.

    1. LOL, she is a child in so many ways. I guess this is just one more attempt to right the wrong of being OTB for her. Only, she is showing she’s not cut out for this game.

  5. Without watching the feeds and relying strictly on people’s thoughts/written word, is Tiffany playing more of a Derek game or a Dan G game? Who doesn’t remember the funeral but I don’t remember much else about Dan G’s game. Derek’s was impressive (but boring) in the time spent on his relationships with the others. Plus I liked that Derek played a game without being nasty/rude about it. Obviously the BB game changed through the years and has gotten nastier, more mob mentality, 1 big group against the outcasts, etc. Just curious on everyone’s thoughts.

    1. Sunny, spot on. I didn’t think of that. Derek’s game was so sutble and brilliant because he was so smooth & under the radar. Boring yes, but, he won so there is that.

      1. Agreed, he won, he deserved to win, I’m happy he won, but it wasn’t as exciting as some seasons. But he did play play, as you say, subtle and brilliant – I totally agree.

  6. I like how the houseguests this season talk game but also find time to have fun interacting.In some of the past seasons the hg’s just lay around,try to go to bed early and have no personalities.I’m enjoying this group.

  7. I appreciate Big D’s awareness around endurance comps. I think it would be fun to see him win HOH this week, but because we know it’s endurance it’s doubtful we will see him with the HOH key.

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