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Big Brother 23 – Post Eviction Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


I don’t know what is more shocking, that Britini actually went through with that super cringe rap, or the feeds actually returned shortly after the show ended this week.

I’m going to just jump into the feed updates seeing as they’re up and not much happened in the last 5 minutes since my update in the live thread



  • 6:15 pm – Xavier sitting alone in bathroom running through stuff in his head while he waits for the toilet
    • Meanwhile, Christian and Alyssa are worked up over some bed situation. We’ll check more on that soon
    • They’re complaining about someone taking a bed. And that person is just off of HN which means either Brent or Little X
    • Sounds like it’s Brent they’re complaining about
    • Let’s take a look at the possible noms based on alliances
  • Excluding Kings, Queens, DerekX, and The Cookout, here is who is remaining:
    • Britini
    • Whitney
    • Brent
  • Again, it doesn’t mean the rest are safe other than the rest of the Kings, but if Big X sticks with his alliances this week, those are the people who should be sweating
    • And I really don’t think Whitney is in my trouble with X so my prediction is either Britini or Brent
    • Now Britini is singing.  Between the rap and this, I know how I’ll be pulling for to be evicted this week
    • It pains me how many people don’t know who Tom Green is. And I’m referring to people inside the house. Like Alyssa and Sarah said they didn’t know him at all. He was on one of two celebrity Big Brother seasons. Two. I get them being too young to know him from the Tom Green show but come on
    • Alyssa tells Britini that she and Christian will back up Britini this week.
  • 6:50 pm – In a side room, the Aces are talking and Brent is feeling pretty safe this week.  Uh oh
    • DX is in the HN room with Hannah talking about how they threw the HoH.  Hannah is going to pretend her ego is bruised from it.
    • Hannah and DX are talking about how Alyssa and Brent need to likely go before the jury
  • In another room, Claire tells Tiffany she thinks DX has a little crush on him.  (or maybe the other way around?)
  • 7:45 pm – Feeds return and it looks like the Queens are have-nots this week
    • Kyland and Claire are going to do a 36 hour fast.  Tiffany asks why she wasn’t invited and they say they’re doing it on their own and she can join them.  They say they’re just drinking coffee, water, tea for 36 hours and Tiffany is like ‘I don’t want to do that’ lol and they joke that she doesn’t have to. They all hug
    • I will also say this pic above is my ideal final 3 – right now.  Things could EASILY change if they grow annoying
  • 8:00 pm – In the bedroom, Tiff and X meet up and it’s basically a guarantee Brent is the target this week
    • It also sounds like Whitney will be on the block with him because that’s what Kyland did last week (put a teammate up on the block).  They agree they can’t do Hannah or DX which means Whit is likely it.
    • They also agree Britini can’t go up back to back… there goes that. I guess we’re going to suffer for another two weeks minimum.
    • Tiffany camtalks and says Brent has to go because he was the mastermind behind Frenchie’s HoH

So if you’re just scanning like “wtf, just tell me who will be nominated this week!”, as of 8 pm, it is almost a guarantee that it’ll be Brent and Whitney.

    • Tiffany is back to camtalking. She says she likes Whitney on a personal level but on a game level, she’ll (W) will slit her (T) throat
    • And she is also next because she talks zero game to Tiff
    • She also says she’s going to work Kyland for a final 2

Check back for updates

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72 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Post Eviction Feed Updates”

  1. I have a question, which I’m sure a lot of people are thinking, but no one will ask. How is it okay for the black houseguest form an all black alliance, but if the white one’s did this, they would be considered racists, and probably thrown off the show, or at the very least fall out of favor with the fans? My thoughts are that production should not let this black alliance thing fly, it is too volatile.

    1. In a world formed and scarred by racial inequities, exclusion, and segregation, black people (and others) from marginalized groups feel a connection that is not based on hate, it’s an affinity. This affiliation and need to protect one another is more nuanced than what has been happening in the BB house since its inception. BB houseguests usually have played out societal, implied norms, which has been to “ice out those who are less accepted.”

      So, blacks (and other marginalized groups, such as women) sometimes feel the need to ban together to form strength. To slap the term “racism” on it is limited. Its comparing apples to oranges. Rather, we need to embrace that America is going through a reconciliation and hopefully some sort of healing process.

      Race will manifest in the house in one shape or form. The fact that we all view it differently is normal. The question that will push this conversation forward is “why do blacks feel the need to form the Cookout”? Have blacks felt isolated in past BB seasons? I am not victimizing blacks or villainizing whites.

      The term “racist” should be used with caution (by all). And, let’s also elevate our understanding of what has occurred in the BB past. Just because white contestants did not overtly and expressly use the term “white only” alliance does not negate the implications and impact of MOST of the white-only alliances.

      It’s a great conversation to have. It’s a great post you raised. As much as we would like to think, we’re passed race, we are not. So, throwing inept jabs at such a complex topic only stalls us as a society.

      Stepped off my soap box.

      Have a great Monday, BBJunkies!

  2. I rather hope BB ends the team stuff pretty soon. You get an HOH their team is safe you have alliances here and there along with wild card that can give another person possibly safety that really limits the nominating choices and makes a rather dull week.

  3. Just popping in this morning to say hey to everyone and thank Steve and Mel for all the great updates.
    I am sooooooo happy French fry is no more and hope that Brent is the next one on his way out.
    I still have last night’s episode to catch up on but have thoroughly enjoyed reading BB Junkies and everyone’s comments.

    Oh, and I totally feel you Stevebeans about the possible final 3. While I love Kyland (a lot lol) I am TEAM TIFFANY all the way! Just love her sound, attitude and game play. GO GIRL!!

  4. As I got up this morning I checked the feeds and the only ones up were the HN Claire, kyland and tiff and I agree Steve I love love them. They were joking and laughing and not being nasty like past seasons and it’s refreshing. Claire even told tiff she has a crush on kyland when he went to the bathroom but doesn’t want a showmance. They were teasing about how DX wears Travis sweater everyday and tiff tells him you know it’s 100 degrees right lmao. I would love to see these 3 at the end.

    1. It was a pretty decent night in the BB House, I didn’t write any thing up but everyone was getting along laughing it up and of course some small talk about definitely getting Brent out. X got his HOH room and his pictures of his family were sweet. Letter was touching and after everyone left the room he mentioned one of his photos has him at his college and asked if he could have a different picture. He really emotional reading his letter again, some tears and telling himself it’s okay you can do this, pull it together. I was thinking good job, sir. That’s what I have, wish I could have shared more.

      1. Thank you for sharing that. I missed the HOH reveal. I was either rambling on here or dozing off 🙁

  5. Just thought I would throw out an unsolicited update. I still cannot watch the episode on my TV bc CBS still has not put it on Demand. However, I can now watch it on paramount + if I want to watch the whole episode on my phone. The teenager is very busy playing video games with her friends (I have learned to pick & choose my battles). So I am going to throw on another recording & keep an eye on the feeds. It will give me something to watch in the morning. If not on demand I will at least have the computer. I am usually fighting with her still at noon to get up. Tomorrow that will work in my favor. 🙂

    1. Sorry you’re having to go through this, Lynn. It must be torture. I missed the episode for an hour and half and thought I would lose my mind.
      My name is G8trgirl and I’m addicted to Big Brother.

      1. “My name is G8trgirl and I’m addicted to Big Brother.”
        LMAO! That was too funny!

      2. “Hi G8trgirl” (in my best AA group meeting voice) We would like to welcome you & to let you know your addiction will come to a screeching horrible hault in just 3 short months.

    2. I missed the show last night, too. I thought it came on at 8 in my neck of the woods, but it was 7! I really wanted to see the Rap from Britni. Oh Britni! Maybe I can find it on YouTube.

  6. Finally watching the episode here in the pnw. I’m weak I read the spoilers. Watching Sarah Beth with Kyland and I think they look really cute together. It was very sweet how he helped her open up about her father and his passing.

    He really seems like a sweetheart. I really rather see Sarah Beth with him than Whitney.

    Hopefully X will do a good job this week and get out a big Target not just someone who doesn’t matter.

    I agree people need to vote their own damn minds not just with the group.

    1. @hogwild I completely understand. I watch BB & throw myself into this group to get my mind off things I’m going through in my everyday life. I am going to be brutally honest hearing about NK has truly effected me hard and it’s crazy seeing that I never met her or know anything personal about her. However, I was not lying when I said I feel like I have lost a Family Member and I feel like I did know her with all the nights the group of us have all spent together. I do not think the sadness is going away anytime soon. I also know I am posting more the last few days than I normally do this early in the season. It just makes me feel like she is here joining in (even though I can’t see her responses). If that makes any sense?

      1. It does and I’m sure part of this for me is that the start of the season is always slow and having Frenchie go wrap speed to start the season threw everything off.

      2. Bingo. Frenchy could have been a new start for the show…his drastic meltdown on week one just seemed to have moved the show ahead 6 weeks…we lost gaining a lot of insight into the other guests.. Hopefully we have time for a recovery.

      3. @hogwild I do not want to do anything else to bring you down. (I wasn’t even sure I should share it here, I was going to pm you but for some reason I cannot remember how to do it) However, I found my last post from last season. My heart aches reading it & I apologize in advance if this hurts you even more.

      4. No word on Mary finding that more than a little concerning I really don’t want to have to do another tribute meme this season.

      5. I went in to the season rooting for Frenchie. That lasted about 2 days. Now I’m kind of lost. I really do not know who to root for. I like Ky and Tiffany but I’m not over the top a fan of them yet. Hopefully this first week without Frenchie will shake things up….maybe.

      6. I have been very down for the past three weeks.A long time neighbor died in his sleep.Then a guy that had went all through school with my son died of cancer.Then,a friend didn’t feel well one morning and he died that evening.All within three weeks.A lot of tears have been shed..So,when I heard about NK,that just did it for me.I was driving today and just started to cry.Life is so short when you really think about it.Here today,gone tomorrow is so true.I believe NK is with us,as all of our loved ones that we have lost.I have to believe that.

      7. @Alda I am extremely sorry to hear all that. It truly is more loss than 1 person should have to endure in 10 yrs little alone 3 weeks. My heart goes out to you and I want to tell you I believe you are an amazingly strong person to not only get up everyday and function, but also have the courage to share all that with us. I more than appreciate it and pray you keep the strength you have shown.

      8. Aida, So sorry to hear of your losses. I lost 2 wonderfully amazing sisters (ages 59 and 62) to cancer and a beloved 14 year old pet in a 6 month period between 2017-2018 and those kind of losses can really knock you off of your moorings. Sending positive thoughts and healing your way. Keep your chin up, dear. Yes, the loss of NK is devastating to our BB family. It breaks my heart as I have not been as active here in the past few seasons, but she and I were really close when she first joined during the season of Vanessa “crazyeyes,” and the “Austwits.” We spent many a night watching BBAD together and discussing strategies and “Potball.” In the past few seasons, when I wasn’t as active, she would always greet me with a “Hey Sweetie, I’ve missed you!!” She even private messaged a few times to make sure I was OK. CANCER SUCKS!! Damn, she was one hell of a lady, and a witty, sweet and amazing contributor to this site. I just can’t believe she’s gone. I wish I would have checked in more often last year and known how sick she was, but, as was her nature, she was so private. Thank you for letting us know, stevebeans, and I hope you get the opportunity to let her family know how loved she was to the BBJ family. Rest in Power, sweet Nikki. You will be so missed. ❤️

      9. Sorry about your losses too.You don’t have to physically know someone to care about them when they are hurting.So thankful for you guys.

      10. I am very sorry for what you are going through the last few weeks. God bless, Alda.

      11. I totally get it, Lynn. Nikki was so feisty and fun that it’s hard to believe she won’t be here anymore. I was a big contributor here from 2015-2017 and not so much the last few years. Life just kinda got in the way. In her honor, I’m going to get my sassy ass back in the game! Miss you, NK.

    2. I just read about NK and I too feel the same Hog. The feelings we are all having speaks volumes about this group. Most, if not all of us are not personal friends and we wouldn’t recognize each other if we passed in the street. But the family Steve has created here makes losing NK feel like we lost a dear friend that we meet for coffee on the regular. My condolenses to her family and friends. This group now has a wonderful guardian angel looking over us. RIP NK.

  7. @Steve I like them as a final 3 also. I like & respect them all for different reasons (I also think they respect & trust each other and that always helps). Which in turn makes them a good solid team. They really seem to work well together. From what I have seen none of them feel they are above or better than the others and they are not throwing each other under the bus to anyone else. Stay Gold Ponyboy! (Sorry it just came to mind)

      1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. Do you know in the beginning of the movie when Rob Lowe is coming out of the shower if you pause it at the right time you get a quick glance 😉 I’m not a pervert my friends & I figured it out when we were teenagers and our walls were covered with his posters. Ahhhhh the memories.

  8. I was listening to Hannah basically telling DX how big brother works & going into detail about how it works with the final 2. Then telling him the best strategy when in the final 2. Has he not watched BB or is he just amusing her bc he has a crush?

    Then Tiffany in the bathroom with Claire basically saying the same thing I said earlier, there is no reason for the house to vote all together. So they were figuring out how many votes they need this week to get the right person out. That will actually make it exciting to watch bc it can be a real nail bitter when it’s close & even crazy when someone throws a rogue vote if they are either out of the loop or just want to screw up someone’s game. HEEHEEHEE.

  9. And the feed censor needs a bathroom break so we get animals for no other reason… all 4 cameras off..the new standard for censorship and control by Production.

  10. For the first time in 23 seasons, I didn’t get to watch live. It killed me.
    Julie looked ok, but her hair was a little messy. She was WAY too kind to Frenchie. He’ll be back on Twitter soon and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.
    I hate to hear they threw the comps this early. I was pulling for Sarah Beth, but I’m happy X won cuz he’s not hard on the eyes at all! More time with him for a week is just fine, however, that Wildcard comp sounds like it may throw a wrench in his reign.
    Lord, I hope I don’t ever miss a Thursday night episode again!

  11. “Now Britini is singing, between the rap and this I know how I will be pulling for her to be evicted this week” You & Me both Steve. I noticed everytime she starts singing they cut the feeds (not sure if they did it this time). I really did try to like her & wanted to definitely cut her slack & give her the benefit of the doubt bc of knowing she is on the spectrum of autism. However, I have 3 friends with children who are also on the spectrum and they NEVER work my nerves like this. I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with that. I just really don’t care for her personality. That’s just me (no need to post hate, I am just speaking my opinion)

  12. Brent is telling others (Whitney, Hannah) that: “Big D voted for Britini and while a sympathy vote it is now twice that he decided to vote against the house position and that Big D can’t be trusted as he will clearly go his own way when he wants”. Brent going deep into strategy discussions in trying to set the stage to go after Big D at some point and of course we get sleeping kittens. I’ve edited this as I wrote it too quickly. I’m not saying that Big D can’t be trusted because he refused to follow the house but stating that is whatt Brent is saying in an attempt to put Big D under a bad light and cast a shadow upon him for a later eviction.

    1. I actually like that he voted against the house. I cannot stand this “vote with the house” bs that started a few years ago. What ever happened to each person in the house having & using their own brain? You would think that BB takes 1 brain & splits it 16 ways b4 they enter the house. SMH!

      1. Oh yeah, agree fully…. The group ‘vote’ and controlling alliances becoming standard (boring) procedure…individual one on one game play has sadly long been absent. I really need to make use of my Paramount subscription and watch the early shows. Brent is also working big time in shifting the target to Big D and away from himself. He is trying to play cool but he knows he is in trouble. How many times during week 1 did French tell everyone how much he loved Brent and what a great guy Brent was…I think a wee bit of French stink rubbed off on Brent, although he tried to wash it off this past week, I do not think he did.

      2. Brent can try all he wants. Big D is not in danger this week with X as HOH so HAHA Brent! Also how does he know Big D did the rogue vote in week 1? Did I miss something?

      3. I think in this case that everyone except Big D wanted Frenchie gone. Some houseguests are just irritating and need to go. Last week though, Travis should have had more votes, especially from his team. I don’t get the love for Big D. If he ever gets HOH, he’ll be dangerous.

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