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Big Brother 23 – Post HoH Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


We have a new HoH! And teams are gone. While teams may be officially gone, it’s still going to take a week or two for the mindset to go with it.

I will say, the mood in the house right now is just … different.  It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off the house but it’s probably just the relief of most of the house basically securing their spot in the jury.  It seems right now everyone feels safe which is always a bad thing because 2 people will be on that block tomorrow and 1 of them will probably be the target.


Who that target is right now is hard to say, which is a nice change from the last few HoH winners.  I mean I’ve basically already narrowed it down to a handful of people who are in danger. That is Britini and SB with Azah and Big D on the list but much much lower.  Even if D is on the block, he won’t be the target so the person sitting next to him is screwed. Let’s be real, Big D is probably cruising to the final 4 because it’d be really foolish to take him out. The guy was on the wall for a solid 10 minutes. He’s not winning any endurance comps or really athletic comps ever and round 1 & 2 of the final HoH are usually both athletic.

Alright, I put together a few paragraphs to fluff this out but it’s really hard to open up my third thread of the night because you really run out of stuff to talk about so I’m going to jump into the feeds:

  • 8:00 pm – DX celebrating with most of the house bit by bit in the storage room. Celebrating their spot on jury

    • So far Hannah, Kyland, Tiffany, and Claire have celebrated with him and probably more as I wrote this
    • In the bathroom, the Kings meet up. Christian says DX was probably the worst option to win but SB doesn’t think so. It’s ironic because Christian and Alyssa are likely far more safe than SB is this week

    • In the bedroom, Britini is celebrating with Tiff.
    • I bet this would be DX if he saw Britini celebrating

    • Britini talking to Azah and Tiffany about how they’re all good this week lol. Bro.  To be fair, Sarah IS probably the target but Britini is not very safe
  • 9:45 pm – They picked HNs. Rather than force Big D to suffer another week on HN, production changed it up and had DX pick.
    • Alyssa, Christian, and Xavier volunteered
    • Note – I say production changed it up but that’s just speculation. The wall competition almost always puts the first few drops as havenots. And that’s fine, havenots are really stupid anyway and they never show them on CBS, but why even have them at all if they’re just going to manipulate it?  Just think of something different.
  • 11:45 pm – Overall talk of the evening is that DX is really leaning toward giving Christian a backdoor which would be a really big move considering most wait for double eviction to get strong players out.
    • If DX does make this move, that paves the way for a very different path fo the season. I think most pictured Christian and Alyssa cruising deep into jury but now he’s on the cusp of going home?  Wow. I’m on board with this. Pegging off a Britini or SB is really the easy and safe route which is always boring for the feeds.
    • I honestly thought he was going to do that so I’m going to have to put a lot of thought into DX’s future if he does.  While it should be entertaining for the feed, he is exposing himself over many more evictions to go. He’ll instantly become the strongest comp player in the house.  Yikes.  Again, hopefully great feeds but this actually could be a poor decision.
  • And bonus points to me – Tiffany said Royal Flush multiple times in front of Hannah tonight so DX came clean to her about it.  I said Royal Flush likely wouldn’t survive the night and it’s already falling apart.  It was an alliance formed through teams. Now that teams are gone, the alliance will be gone.

Check back for updates

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20 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Post HoH Feed Updates”

  1. I have been a fan of this website for years and even though I’ve disagreed with you on a few things I really enjoy your perspective.

    Everybody knows what’s going on. It would be silly to deny it after watching the past 3 seasons. This year the selection committee for the show did a very good job of selecting very specific people with very specific talents and weaknesses to insure the outcome they wanted. And you know what? ….”I’m not mad at it.” Good for CBS and good for big brother ….. unfortunately it does make the season kind of boring because every vote is going to be unanimous or close to it and we already know who the final four will be unless somebody’s able to save themself prior to that happening with a last minute veto or HOH win.

    My prediction is this week Brittany will go home and then after that it will either be Sarabeth or Christian and then after that it will be the one who survived or Allison and so on and so on

    Clare will go the first week she’s eligible. That’s when the show will finally get interesting. If the cookout is able to survive to the final 6…..( I do see a scenario where Aza goes before Derrick X but still very unlikely) they will have to turn on themselves and we’ll finally get to see some BB gameplay. Hopefully!

    Aza will be the first cookout member to go then big D. Your final four is Xavier Kyland Tiffany and Hannah.

    Who wins it?

    Tiffany wins this year ….hands-down without even having to try.

    She will never see the block unless she is an obvious pawn with no other option and she will never receive a negative vote.

    The only way that she loses the $750,000 is if she pisses off a lot of jury members with her “Fake Sympathy” (The live feeds are showing so many examples of her being Overly loving and sympathetic to certain players and then talking serious trash about them behind their backs the minute the person walks out of the room. If people catch on to that which they often do in the jury when they start comparing notes then she might have a problem at the very end)

    and she is sitting next to Xavier.

    It all depends on who wins that last HOH and who they take. It would be silly for anybody in the cookout to take Tiffany. If Tiffany is was as smart as I think she is she would like to sit next to big D or Aza at the end but I don’t think that’s going to happen

  2. Long, opinion based thoughts. Please understand, I don’t watch much of the live feeds and admit that I have not followed the conversations posted here as well as I could have.

    • All woman alliances never seem to work. That said, this is the season it had a good shot. 3 weeks, 3 guys evicted, by 3 male HoH winners. It was a good start towards an all woman alliance.
    • Even though Alyssa had the 4th male HoH nominate 2 women, once Hannah chose Derek X to compete for veto, Whitney should have been throwing Derek X under the bus to Alyssa, Christian, and her cuddle buddy, Xavier. Derek X had already won 2 POVs, had a chance to beat Christian in the last POV, and should have won the wild card comp against Brit and Tiffany.
    • Sadly, Whitney was too focused on snuggles and waited too long to make a difference.

    I have liked most of this group. I liked Derek X, Tiffany, SB and Kyland from the start. Still do – more or less. It’s just that I also enjoy seeing new things work in the game.
    My brother and I grew up against a six sister alliance. I learned of respect. And while I am not a fan of big alliances, seeing an all woman alliance would have been fun to watch.
    Now how do we get the houseguest to start casting rogue votes??? These unanimous votes are HORRIBLE! Well, except for Brent. In the immortal words of Frenchie, what a meathead!!!  

  3. So happy for DX!! Would love to see SB and Christian on the Block. If one comes down, put up Alyssa. Time for a King to go – make a big move and pull in the remaining Jokers to your side. Forget the “Royal Flush” alliance, DX, you were the outsider anyway.

  4. I don’t know why I can’t seem to upload a photo. I keep clicking on them and nothing is happening. Oh well I guess I’ll just be a blank wall this year.. lol

    1. That’s exactly it. I keep clicking on things and nothing is going to the upload part. I tried to regular photograph I tried a bitmoji.

      Oh well. No biggie.

      **I want to upload my Seahawk one!!**

      1. I had to resize a picture to get it on the site before (as my Avatar) as it was too big. Most sites will shrink them as needed but I remember this site was challenging.

  5. Anyone else feels no matter who the target is we will have another group think house vote on Thursday? So far it’s been the HOH picks their target and the house says ok fine and that’s it my gut feeling is that is not going to change this week and I really wonder if that is going to be the theme for the rest of the season.

    1. I can truly see the logic in voting with the “group” or “hive”.
      HOWEVER – I am constantly shocked how few rogue votes there are on evictions.

      1. Yeah it works great till it’s your turn to be the fish in the barrel. Why so many seem to think it will never be them is beyond me.

      2. I was getting carried away on my original reply but should have included that any player with a decent social game and who’s name is not the first out of anyone to evict should definitely cast some rogue votes. This week, Tiffany (for sure) and maybe Claire could have gotten away with rogue votes and denied it. I would have voted rogue and when questioned about my vote, I would blame Xavier…”He might have cast the vote to make his cuddle buddy feel better”. Not only does that put some suspicion there, but it could also create some distance between Azah and Xavier.

  6. I’m just happy that DX won.Enjoy watching him on the feeds dancing and enjoying himself.Tomorrow he’ll be back to serious DX figuring out who to nominate.Should prove interesting.

  7. DX made a deal with both Alyssa and X for safety before they fell. After they fell while X was hugging DX congrats, X said to DX he wanted safety for the kings also. X told the kings in the bathroom DX said it was deal. DX told Hannah and Kyland that he never agreed to that. Sounds like Christian thinks he is the target and X said “yeah”. Should be an interesting 24 hours!

    1. I agree! Hannah and Kyland are on such a big DX high right now, I’m hoping they’ll disclose Cookout info. That would make for a really great week!

      Full disclosure: I’m on a little bit of a DX high myself.

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