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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house which is typically a chill day because the house finally gets the backyard after being indoors for upwards of 4 straight days (sometimes longer).  Plus everything is complete except for the veto ceremony which happens tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll likely see a relaxing afternoon which is probably when I should have done my site update.

Last night, if you got spammed with Big Brother 13 posts, I apologize! I re-did the site offline and when I went to import it, for some reason it took like the first 20 posts I’ve made on this site and bumped up the publish today to yesterday. I expected quite a few issues but never expected that.  I didn’t know it sent out emails for the new posts as well! Yikes. Anyway, you will probably notice small changes to BBJ now that I did my update. I really tried to keep the visual feel the same while modernizing the code behind it which will allow me to do more things moving forward. This change will also let me fine-tune how the site looks on mobile devices which has been a back-burner thing the last few seasons (due to old code).


This was really something I should have done in the off-season but didn’t think of it and didn’t want to wait until the next off-season. 🙂

Yesterday in the house, it was surprisingly slow. Nothing happened before the veto because nothing ever does happen the afternoon before the veto comp, and when the feeds returned, all the players who participated were holding their heads. This is because it was the spinny bowlerina competition where they spin and then…well.. bowl. Between the heat and the spinning, this typically knocks people out and I hear we had a few pukers as well. Definitely not a competition I’d like to play in. No thanks.  Anyway, Christian ended up winning which means the noms will likely stay the same which will bother Britini a bit.


You see, Britini hasn’t quite adapted to her role as ‘season pawn’ yet so she thinks it’s a good idea for Christian to take her down and Xavier put up another pawn for the remaining few days. It’s quite a bold suggestion that will likely go nowhere because it really makes no sense.  She’s 100% safe so Xavier has absolutely no reason to go through all that again with another pawn. Why in the world would he? “Oh, Britini, you’re safe. But I’m going to show Whitney my hand and put her on the block so she knows she’s likely going to be a target sooner rather than later.”

While I fully understand that being the season pawn must suck, it sucks a hell of a lot less when you’re sitting in the final 3 and know you just need to win 2 competitions to guarantee the second place prize (if not first place). And as I said before, unlike a pawn like Victoria, Britini actually has the physical and mental ability to win some of those final 3 competitions they have.  If she knows what’s good for her game, she would stop complaining and just accept the role and come out swinging during the final 2 weeks of the season. Being a pawn sucks when you can’t win comps for the life of you, but when you can win comps, it’s a gift.

Enough rambling, let’s get to some updates:

  • 11:00 am – As I’ve stated 100x, I don’t care about showmances, but right now I’m pulling for an X-Hannah thing and now a Kyland-SB thing.

  • I seem to remember her saying she had a girlfriend at home (not 100%) on that, but I also think she’s bi so something with Kyland isn’t completely out of the equation. If not a showmance, then a really good friendship which is also as cute. They’ve been super close all season.
  • 11:55 am – Brent outside talking with Big D and Azah
    • Brent thinks they’ll be cutting teams soon (he’s right)
    • Azah thinks Britini is still the target (she’s lying)
    • Brent points out the flaw in the logic of the pawn. The veto competition was knock-out style. This means the winner picks the next two people to face off. This happens during the HoH competition as well. I guess what happened during the veto comp is that Xavier picked Brent to play which is a clear sign he wanted him to lose. Brent is pretty aware of his position in the house and it’s kind of funny to see them still trying to pretend Britini is the target.
    • Big D keeps playing dumb and says he thinks just Azah and Britini are on his side and everyone else lying to his face.
    • Brent basically makes the shield campaign – If you vote for me (Brent), you lose a big target in front of you.  Again, these people need something new than the shield defense. That is as old as Evil Dick.
  • Brent is done with the two outside and he corners Claire in the bathroom to make a push.  He leaves and she makes this face before whispering something to the cam (way too low for me to hear)

  • In the bedroom, Alyssa trying to downplay her showmance to Britini lol
  • 12:30 pm – Kyland and Claire doing some whispers in the storage room
    • They are basically talking about how next HoH comp is a ‘need to win’ because if an Ace or Joker wins, there could be trouble for their ‘Royal Flush’ alliance
    • Ky moves into the bedroom to basically talk about the same thing to Tiffany. Tiff is concerned if Britini wins, she could go after Kyland and X
    • Tiffany says she doesn’t care about winning it this week but it’s going to show their cards. Kyland says ‘good thing we have a royal flush’
    • Tiff says Azah is worried that she (T) is being fake with her because she’s being fake with the rest of the house
    • Tiff says she is happy with Kyland. She also likes Claire and happy with her but in the end it’s her and Ky
    • Tiffany says Britini told her that X owes her an apology. Oh jesus
    • They continue talking about Azah and they’re not really sure how to feel about her for the long run. Tiffany really has to play more personal and make her feel comfortable
    • Kyland asks Tiff straight up – Thursday night, Azah and Claire on the block. Who does she vote out
    • She is reluctant to say it in front of the cameras. So Kyland has her hold his hand and squeeze her answer
    • And just before they come to the answer, Claire walks in and breaks it up.  It’s pretty obvious what her answer is. She spoke volumes by not wanting to reply, especially in front of the cameras. She’d want to keep Claire.

    • Why Claire? Because she wants to remain loyal to Claire as she’s a better ally but doesn’t want to appear to be going against the Cookout which is important to her on a social level
  • 3:45 pm – Oops, I fell asleep. Long night last night. Right now everyone is hanging by the pool but I’m going to look and check conversations from before
    • Nevermind, Kyland and Sarah pull to the side for whispers

    • She tells him how her plan worked. She said some things to Britini and Azah how she thinks X and Whitney are working together
    • And Brit went to Claire and Tiffany and told them who then went and told SB (Sarah)
    • So now the four girls are convinced X and Whit are working together
    • She (SB) doesn’t know if they’re working together or not but it works in her favor because the girls will try to get rid of Whit next
    • Kyland tells her how the Kings and Queens feel good together for a final 8
    • SB talking about targeting Big D. He says that’s not unreasonable. But SB wants to keep him because he’s not going to win comps
    • SB wants to get rid of Christian in a double eviction
  • The house got a beach ball so people are playing

  • Warning: We’re getting a showmance segment on CBS tonight.  Viewer Discretion Advised.
  • 4:30 pm – Britini following Azah around trying to figure out a way to word how she’s going to ask to be removed from the block.
    • Here is how you do it, Brit – Don’t.  As I said at the beginning of my post, her being a season pawn is a blessing because it carries her far further than she would have gone alone.
    • Her argument that she’s going to use literally works against her.  She is going to tell X and Christian that Brent is a ‘master manipulator’ so she doesn’t want to sit next to him. But you see, the issue is Brent is gone if he’s sitting next to Britini. By her praising his game and manipulation skills will make them want to keep him against a sure thing rather than say a Whitney who he could possibly convince others to vote against.
    • I have dealt with a ton of car salespeople over the years. I think I’m obsessed with getting the best deal on a car so I negotiate every few months to see if I can score a 30% or so off MSRP on the car I want. I never get what I want so I move on, but I try.  Now, let’s say there is Bob who also represents people in buying cars.  I’ve been chosen to represent you versus the salesman but I’m trying to convince you that Bob is the better option because the salesman is a master manipulator. How does that make sense?  Bob is going to get walked all over and you’ll end up paying 30% more than MSRP thanks to Bob.
    • I’m not sure if my metaphor is really good but point is, Britini is the perfect pawn for the week. Nobody wants her out. There is 0 chance Brent can convince people to keep him over Brit.
  • Stepping away to watch the CBS episode
  • 6:15 pm – Back.  I’m honestly surprised Tiff turned down that offer. I mean it was the right thing to do, but that was an extremely tough position to refuse safety for yourself and two additional houseguests. That’s hardcore. I seriously would have had a tough time with that because it makes you look like a big asshole, but she did it. Props to her. Again, it was the right move, but it was also ballsy and impressive

I’m going to close this so I can start an evening thread

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29 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Sunday Feed Updates”

  1. Dang are these people stupid or what….Kings all saying they don’t want to win HOH and get blood on their hands….so scared to win and do anything…meanwhile they are being blindsided.

      1. Yup, and for how many years have we heard them say no blood on their hands….but on the last night before the jury has that really, truly, been a jury issue???

      2. It’s like they don’t get it’s part of the game rather it’s Big Brother or Survivor at some point you are gonna piss someone in most cases more than one someone off.

      3. …and as we are still PRE Jury all the hoopla that is going on over avoiding the next HOH because there is no house target (although Kyland is trying) is beyond understandable. I wonder if they really “understand” the game…

    1. Setting up Whitney. And Kyland trying to get close to Azah as she has misunderstood things when she offered to go up instead of Britini. Kyland telling her about the danger of exposing the Cookout approach by voting to protect her. Azah said she understood and they hugged.

      1. Well I can think of some of the romances that have actually won and are still together as couples…

    1. There’s very good possibility that she might be in a polyamorous situation as well and may have spoken about the possibilities before she went in the house. I would hope so anyway…

      1. I remember reading something about Sarah Beth saying her girlfriend would be ok if she met someone in the house .She wouldn’t be upset.

  2. So we have another week where we all know exactley who is going home Thursday and CBS does the standard editing again for the Thursday show to try and make it look like that was not the case.

    1. I’m looking into the advanced profile thing again. I’m going to see how much it hurts the server before I re-add it. Things obviously haven’t been super stable since the update so I’m going to wait and see how things remain before adding a major update like that

      1. Did you get my donation yet? I’m a little worried that you haven’t received…my god I’m glad it wasn’t a ballot…too soon?

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