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Big Brother 23- Thursday Recap for 8/5/21

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Good morning! This looks like it could be a fun week ahead and I’m excited for it. We have a new hoh and the teams have ended. Naturally, BB can’t stop themselves so they announced a fan vote for something coming up soon. This is the best season in a long time but they still have to mess with it. (Grrrrr! That’s supposed to be a growl but it doesn’t look right)


First off, I apologize for yesterdays recap being so late. One of our dogs is 11, he often sleeps in and won’t get up until later in the day. (It’s a real pain in the ass when I have morning appts. Sometimes, I have to go to work and come back home around 10 or 11 to let him out for his morning bathroom break)  My dogs had a groomers appointment in the a.m. yesterday, which I usually don’t make for him. Anyway…it turned into a whole thing and really had me running behind. The groomer is used to it now but I remember the look on her face the first time I was making a follow up appointment, requesting an afternoon time and had to tell her “Jonas doesn’t do mornings.” (Yes, he’s spoiled, but he’s also old and I don’t want to make his life harder)  I know I wake up with aches and pains I didn’t used to have when I was younger!

Getting back to BB, grab your coffee and let’s do this…we saw the wall comp on the feeds after a battle of wills that came down to Alyssa and Derek X.  Derek X is the new hoh. (Steve did a lot of posting last night during the comp and after if you missed them)


Things of importance from earlier in the day yesterday:

  • Kyland let Azha know she was a target for Alyssa and Christian. It sounded like she didn’t have a clue prior this talk.
  • Britini briefly tossed out trying to keep Whitney. Azha said no way. Britini asked her who they should work with if the teams were ending. (It’s not a coincidence the people playing the best games have played as if there are no teams. I mentioned this the first week)
  • Sarah Beth and Hannah made some kind of truce and SB told Hannah she’d like to work with her. (You’ve got to put in more work than that)
  • Derek X decided that even tho Christian was a shield for him, he thought he should target him.

Today is when the real talks will happen so I’m just hitting the highlights from last night.  Derek did have game talks with Tiffany, Hanah and Kyland but he said he mostly wanted to wait for today. He’d already decided earlier in the day what he would probably do if he won. He’s mostly trying to figure out the best way to do it.

  • Tiffany and Azha were really nervous waiting for Alyssa to fall off the wall:
  • Derek X was VERY happy to be hoh, enjoyed some cake and lived his best life. ‘From the outhouse to the penthouse’ as the saying goes.
  • He read his hoh letter and everyone did the usual congrats thing. Derek F’s body language was so obvious. Lol
  • Derek F began worrying almost immediately. Xavier told him he would be fine. (He’s talked a lot of shit about targeting Derek X in the past and he knows a lot of people know it)
  • Britini, on the other hand, took it a different direction.  She was extremely excited for Derek X even though she had talked about targeting him as as recently as yesterday afternoon. She danced with Tiffany because he won.
  • Azha seemed totally fine with the results and she was already offering herself up as a pawn.  She mentioned this to a few people but not Derek X….yet.
  •  This got Britney started on on her pitch about not going up. She asked Claire, Tiffany and a couple others if they thought it was possible she could be a pawn. It turned into how she’s been unsafe as long as the kings have been safe and I’m sure by days end, her 21 day contingency plan will come up.  (I really don’t think this would hold up in court, just sayin’)
  •  Alyssa stayed mad for a while over losing because she really wanted this one.  She said these two things in almost the same breath: She didn’t know why Derek X seemed as if he wanted to negotiate safety for Hannah along with himself because the teams were over. She also said he’d better not put up any of the Kings. (Haha) They made a deal for Derek X to not put her up. Actually, I don’t think it was a deal where she would agree to drop for safety. Derek X had just said that Alyssa and Xavier would not go on the block if he won, trying to get them to drop. I also don’t think Derek X tried to negotiate for Hannah. He’s just guilty of it because Alyssa thought he might do it. (??) Alyssa, who was still probably bitter over losing, told Derek X she thought he would’ve still won even if Xavier hadn’t thrown it.  (Not exactly a compliment, huh?)
  •  After the comp, while celebrating with Kyland and Hannah, Derek X told them he agreed not to put Xavier or Alyssa up. He said after the comp was over, Xavier was trying to make it about ALL the kings. Derek X said he didn’t agree to that. What exactly is Kyland doing here? It isn’t a finger gun. It looks more like he’s doing  ‘here is the church, here is the steeple, open it up and see all the people.’ (Sorry if you don’t know that reference.  It’s something my grandmother taught me when I was young so I don’t know how common of a thing it actually is)
  • Xavier talked to his team as if Derek X had agreed to keep all of them safe. (Even though teams have ended, Xavier still doesn’t want to take the shot at Christian. He’s claimed that he’s fine with someone else doing it tho. He also likes Alyssa so I don’t think he’s gonna have a problem if Christian leaves. Lol)
  •  This looks like Sarah Beth pretending to be happy Derek X won but possibly regretting throwing that comp. We know that was her plan because she felt soooooo safe.
  •  Tiffany and Derek met for quite a while going over what he may do this week.  She pushed her own agenda while still supporting his plan too.  It sounded like (but keep in mind, you have to read between the lines and the lies) that she’d prefer Christian not go yet, she’d be ok if he did and she’d like to make sure Sarah Beth goes if Christian doesn’t. Britini has been discussed as the one to leave if they can’t get out Christian.
  •  Derek X even played lookout so Tiffany could run off later and not get caught.  (I think I’ve mentioned this but I love the relationship these 2 seem to share)

In a recent conversation with Alyssa, Derek X was asking how he got brought into the Royal Flush since he was enemy #1 in the house at the time.  Alyssa was honest and told him it was all because of Tiffany. She said Tiffany really had faith in him, trusted him and said she went to bat for him. (Ya, I know she’s using him and will want him out eventually but it’s still a game. She’s allowed to play it.  If he tries to get her out at some point, that’s ok too)

  •  Christian told Xavier he was going to put his acting skills to use this week. Alyssa told him Derek X wasn’t putting any of them (Kings) up and said they had all made it to Jury. It’s like with Britini, Alyssa is going with the ‘what you think about, you bring about’ mentality, I suppose.
  •  Tiffany let the Royal Flush name slip in front of Hannah. At first, I thought she did it on purpose but after Cam talking later, she said it really was an accident. Hannah became more curious and mostly wanted to know who was in it. She was asking because she started thinking, maybe it was some larger alliance that wanted her out and maybe that’s how she ended up on the block. (It’s not true but I could get why she might think that) Tiffany and Derek X both downplayed its importantance to her.  (There’s no reason not to because like Steve has been predicting, it’s pretty much over anyway)  It was kind of funny because Tiffany was asking Hannah how she knew about it and Hannah told her that Tiffany was the one who did it. I could be wrong but I’m still not a 100% it was an accident, no matter what she said to the cameras. She said it like 4 times! I had a feeling she was wanting to make sure that Hannah and Derek aren’t too close. It’s a secret Derek X kept from her, after all.  Is she already has Hannah more loyal to her than she is to Derek X and I’m sure she wants to keep it that way.
  •  Tiffany told Claire (and us when she was alone) that she didn’t want Christian to leave yet but Derek X was more important to her game than Christian.  (I know he’s more important to my viewing happiness) She said she’d support what he wanted this week. (We’ll see) She also told us she was annoyed with the way Xavier kept talking about trying to keep the kings together. Like I said earlier, I don’t even think this is sincere from X and I think he’s just trying to make it look good, but I could be wrong.

We have the whole day to go but as of now, Derek X could possibly put up Sarah Beth and Britini as pawns, in an attempt to backdoor Christian. There’s a slim chance Derek F or Azha could be pawns, especially if she volunteers. If Christian plays and wins the veto, Britini or Sarah Beth could become the target. I know people like Derek X need big targets as shields and I know Derek X is seen as one himself. Having said that, I’m not sure this is a mistake. Christian’s ability in these competitions so far is not the usual, even for pretty good competitors. I think when you have a chance to get this guy out, you need to take him out. Christian already didn’t trust Derek X, so he isn’t exactly breaking any bonds. He also came up as a possibility to go when Christian was hoh. If Christian or Alyssa get another HOH and they can’t take out Azha, (which was the plan) I think Derek X would be a fine consolation prize for them. On top of that, Tiffany wants to keep Christian around to do some of her dirty work but if he isn’t there, she may want to keep Derek X longer to do that work. You also have Xavier who stayed on the wall until the last 2 people and Derek X could play that up. Let Xavier take the place of Christian as the new competition threat.  Even though he’s a newbie, he’s shown himself to be a self interested player. I feel like he’s going to do what he thinks is best for his game, not Tiffany’s.

He just needs to take the advice Tiffany gave him last night. She told him “Don’t let anyone back you into a corner.  If people wanted power this week, they should have kept their ass on that wall.”


Have a great weekend!


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16 thoughts on “Big Brother 23- Thursday Recap for 8/5/21”

  1. Hi everyone. Hope ur all doing great I got a question regarding the site is there anyone on that could help me. Has the site changed. All the post r smaller print n I can’t figure out how to get it corrected. Tia

    1. Patricia: Is it just this site or others too? Anyway, you can try depressing the control key (ctrl) and the plus key (+) at the same time to enlarge print. If you are using a laptop you should be able to use your touchpad to enlarge by using two fingers and moving them away from each other. Also, ctrl and + will work on a laptop.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Ty so much hun for the info. I’m on my phone I will try it n see if it works here. I’m so out of the loop this year without bbad idk wats really going on. Lol

  2. Ummmm, are you new here, Crying Danni?! LOL Either that or you’re here to cause some $hit. Just in case it’s pure ignorance which I seriously doubt, here’s a lil reminder of a few all-white alliances throughout the years, and let’s not forget the N word and other racist comments caught on the live feeds over the years, eh?

    Chill Town
    Elite 8
    The Renegades
    The Exterminators
    The Detonators
    The Hit Men
    The Committee
    Six Shooters

    I could go on but you’re not worth THAT much effort. Have a fabulous day!

    1. None of those alliances were based explicitly and solely on race though. They were people with affinity with each other who happened to be the same race.

      In contrast, membership in the CO is based entirely on race, and weak players were included who wouldn’t normally be included simply because of skin color (eg Deref), while others who have a natural affinity with the core members are excluded simply because of skin color as well (like Derex).

      As a POC myself, I find that a bit unsettling for the precedent it sets and its future implications on how people will play.

  3. Ugh. SB needed this HoH. Period. Ok, I’m done with that now. In some ways I’m glad Derek X is Hoh. But, not sure how this week will go. Promising safety & then Xavier stating that all the Kings, kinda dumb, well maybe not. Both Derek X & Christian are comp beasts – So the PoV . . . . .. .?

  4. DeX definitely needs to break up the showmance. I’m over Alyssa being mad at everyone accusing them of a showmance. Don’t sleep in the man’s bed if you don’t want to be talked about. Old schooler rule.

  5. Thank you, Mel – totally get catering to the dog – no worries.
    A King has gotta go this week! Preferably Christian, but, if not, SB is a viable option. They have a smugness about them that they assume they are untouchable. Hate it when a player feels safe enough to throw a comp(I’m looking at you, SB), especially an HOH. I hope DX can make a big move without putting a target on his back. With the Royal Flush alliance “down the toilet,” he needs to pull in the remaining Jokers and go after the Kings.
    Would love to see Tiff and DX in the F2.

  6. Thanks Mel! You da best! Congrats to DeX. Am glad he won. Though I liked the teams more than I thought, I am glad the ‘automatic’ safety some HGs enjoyed is now gone. Incorporating the teams, while not relying on them is a smart decision. Looking forward to talks and noms! Wheee DeX!

  7. Mel your Grrrrrr, was perfect. I have a hard time with a raspberry..you know pllllllthhhththth.. gonna have to work on that cause I can sure use it here. Thanks for the recap Mel!! Have a great weekend.

  8. When is the rest of the house going to realize they need to start targeting members of the cookout alliance? You would have to be deluding yourself not to even consider the four them are working together and three of them did very well on the wall comp this should send up some red flags.

      1. I think they do but because of the crap that happened in season 21 none of them want to be first to take a shot at them. Technically Frenchie has did but neither of those two were his true target I’m still not sure who it actually was I do know if people are unwilling to go after the cookout alliance because they are afraid of being labeled racist by an online mob that is sad.

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