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Big Brother 23 – Tuesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


A little slow on the start of my update today, but still generally recovering from yesterday. Plus I had my FT job interfering with my afternoon, but not that anyone actually cares about that so I’ll just jump into actual Big Brother stuff

The big story of the night was Kyland approaching Britini and telling her not to campaign against him otherwise he would start spreading info about her.  That is some super suspicious behavior because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an HoH approach a nominee and tell them not to campaign against the HoH. Typically we all expect the noms to campaign against the noms. If this isn’t a red flag to Britini and really the rest of the house, I don’t know what is.  He’s clearly trying to keep a big secret (which we all know is the cookout), it’s just weird how long it’s taking these people to figure it out.  DX has dropped hint about it, but nobody has actually speculated it as a direct accusation other than DX and Claire’s observation.


Today on the feeds, X had a sitdown with Kyland talking about the weeks ahead.   X is already beginning a campaign to get out his next biggest threat which is DX. With Britini likely leaving this week because she won $100, DX could be the next big target for the same reason. X is terrified those powers will come back to bite him and wants to mitigate any chance of that happening by removing the people with the most money.

Claire is also gaining more attention because she’s making it clear to the wrong people that she wants to start targeting actual threats rather than going with the flow.


Let’s just get to updates:

  • 2:00 pm – Tiffany approaches Hannah for a little private time

    • Tiff tells Hannah how DX and Claire were talking about putting up big targets
    • They want to steer DX and Claire away from those targets because they (DX/C) think Tiffany and Hannah are on their side which will force them to show their hand if they actually do go after someone like X
    • They continue and Tiffany basically spells it out. Claire and DX think they have Han/Tif in their pocket so they need to go before they’re exposed.
    • The more I listen, the less likely it seems that the cookout will actually break up before the end of the season.  They may band together and boot Kyland, but the other 5 are likely going all the way.  If Azah doesn’t tell Britini this week, there is no chance of anyone slipping.
  • 3:00 pm – DX has joined so the game talk generally stops or becomes fake
  • 3:40 pm – Tiffany pulls Kyland into the HoH room and warns him that DX is going to try and keep Britini this week which is why Claire has to go next week.

    • Why it’s not DX leaving, it’s because Tiffany noticed Claire is getting into his head.
    • He asks for an example and she says Claire mentioned how anyone sitting next to DF will go home so he should be the one to leave. Kyland says ‘oh that’s a paradox because if we send DF home, that won’t be the case’. Is it, though?  That’s like saying ‘There is a boulder in the road which means cars are guaranteed to use these back roads’ and someone says ‘well that’s a paradox because if we remove the boulder, people will start using that main road again’.  Yes, Kyland. That’s the point.  Claire wants to remove the easy pawn nobody will send home because any future HoH can easily use him as a weapon and just sit him next to their real target. By sending him home causes trouble for future HoHs who once again have to be careful on who they use as pawns.  But I’m glad Kyland thinks he nailed that
  • 6:30 pm – Slow updates in the house today because it’s not only slow but I have a raging headache from yesterday so been napping, etc.
    • Really not a lot going on in the house tonight. A lot of stressing by Britini
    • Britini had another talk with Kyland who denies they had a deal

    • Family dinner time
  • 7:00 pm – Uh oh, Claire heading up to the HoH room to speak with Kyland.
    • Get comfortable, Kyland is going to try and make a point
    • This is him trying to pick her brain so he can probably hear her targets and get confirmation that Claire wants out the big people
    • Claire tells him about the duo theories after this week.  Big D/ Azah. DX/Hanna. Claire/Tiffany. Kyland/SB. X/Alyssa which is ironic because that’s exactly what Tiffany planned early on in the season and Claire is just now catching up on that aspect of it.  Of course, Tiffany’s plan was merely a way to control the house and hide the cookout but it worked to perfection because now Claire is saying that’s what she sees.
    • But her theory is that whoever’s partner leaves gives the remaining person more power
    • Claire mentions how X and Alyssa have been distancing themselves from the house
  • Meanwhile, downstairs Britini is campaigning to Tiffany.  Tiffany pretending she’s making good points, etc but she’s talking to a brick wall
  • 8:00 pm – Claire and Tiffany meet up in the bathroom

    • She re-tells her conversation with Kyland
    • The whole conversation is frustrating because we all know how Tiffany is really thinking. She’s the one who talked about getting rid of Claire next week simply because Claire suggested going after people like X.  If you are rooting for a potential flip where Tiffany joins Claire and DX and the three of them hold hands and skip into the final 3, it doesn’t seem likely.
    • Don’t get me wrong, Tiffany is playing smart. She’s clearly the strategist out of the cookout while X is more of the leader/mediator. I think the growing problem is that Claire is just likable and pretty naive so it’s just tough seeing someone who also genuinely likes Claire (like Tiffany does) cut her throat because it’s ‘best for her game’.  But again, as a strategy move, what Tiffany is doing is pushing all the right buttons to help advance her game, it’s just a bit sad to watch because I really like their friendship.

I think I’m going to end it here. Massive headache still. Likely dehydration.  I should be back in the swing of things tomorrow and there will be plenty of campaigning by Britini, but unlike last week, I don’t see there being ANY chance of an actual flip.

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20 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 – Tuesday Feed Updates”

  1. So, it has become so clear that the cookout is a racially motivated alliance that it is truly hard to continue to enjoy this season. It was spelled out so succinctly in Sunday’s episode by Tiffany. She pointed out each member of the cookout at the beginning of the episode, then named each non-black who each member of the cookout is using. Frankly, Id be disturbed if any racial group did this, white, black, whatever. And, this would be super big CBS news if all the whites did that to all the non-whites in the house (i.e. if all the whites aligned and each had a black contestant to use), as it should be. Not my idea of fun.

    1. I’m sorry, but I’m so confused about your comment. Is this your first season to watch this show??? Is this your first time reading THIS blog? It has to be. It absolutely has to be. Smh…

    2. Looks like ol’ Jimbo is trying to start some $hit. Dude, take your comment to FB or Twitter where it belongs. Nobody here cares about your ignorant BS.

    1. This is why I would be better on Survivor than BB 39 days in the wild I could handle three months listening to this kind of BS well production had better remove all sharp objects from the house because I would snap.

  2. Who isn’t part of the final 6, because I count 7 people being in the cookout. Plus please SB out next since she thinks so badly of Britni, it would be just the 2 of them, but maybe that isn’t fair to Britni

    1. Pretty much just Brittini this group much like on survivor when there is a big alliance all thinks they are at the top of it and won’t realize they aren’t untill they are sitting in the jury house.

  3. I’m hoping DX figures out the Cook Out soon, wins HoH, puts two of them up, and if one comes down, put up another one. At this point I really don’t care which ones.

  4. Thanks, Steve! I have noticed that Tiffany is pushing to keep DX longer than anybody else. Unfortunately, I think that is to have him take out Kyland and X because she cannot figure out how to get them out. Her relationship with Kyland is fractured and nobody is close to X. I really don’t think she has the COs best interest in mind. And that is what will be her downfall. Hannah has the best chance to win it, but she is playing so well that people aren’t noticing. Just an opinion, but I think Tiffany plays like Dan and Hannah plays like Derrick.

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