Big Brother Final 4 Live Eviction


derrick-calebHere we are, heading into the final 3, and the final week of the Big Brother 16 season.  I am writing this 5 minutes before the live show, so I don’t have a ton of time to reflect on the season, but I’m sure I will be doing a lot of reflecting the next week.  It’s always sad when the season ends.

So what will happen tonight?  Will Caleb or Victoria go to jury?  Will they take the hard or easy road?   We will find out shortly!

Updates –

  • Question of the night. Would Caleb have won BB16 if he got Derrick out?  Frankie and Cody would have been tough competition either way.
  • Also, correction from my previous post. Cody can’t use the PoV, but he’s the only vote so it’s the same thing.  He has all the power.  I wasn’t thinking when I said ‘will cody use the pov’
  • Highlights from the last few days.  Frankie tried to give the guys the millions of followers speech and said he holds all the power in the jury.  Caleb called Frankie out on his threads. Was pretty fun to watch.
  • Derrick got a ‘holla’ from his daughter.  That was nice to hear.  I thought I would have hated that punishment, but it was really fun hearing them do it the past few weeks.  The ex-players, the random people and now his daughter. Great job, BB
  • Showing the nominations which were Caleb and Victoria
  • 5:17pm – More highlights.  Showing Caleb talking about how great he is.  Then they show Caleb’s family. Caleb’s dad said there is a shred of truth to everything Caleb said.
  • 5:25pm – Commercial return, POV competition. It’s the web competition where they put faces up next to clues. I love this competition. It’s another I wish I could play.
  • Because Derrick threw that, there was no chance Cody wasn’t winning that veto.
  • 5:44pm – It’s eviction time.  Julie said ‘Victoria.. for the 9th time. Is there anyone left you haven’t thanked yet?’
  • Caleb used ‘at the end of the day’ twice in the same speech.  I believe that is the 4,683rd time this season.
  • Cody’s eviction speech. Tells everyone about the hitmen and the final 2 deal and his reason for voting out Caleb is because that’s the easiest route.
  • Caleb said he wishes he didn’t show Frankie as much respect as he did because Frankie showed his true colors.
  • Caleb really grew on me, and it’s sad to see him go.
  • No HoH endurance competition tonight. They really screwed us on the endurance comps this season.

Check back for more

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