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Big Brother Has Finally Begun; Feed Updates

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First, let me apologize for the abbreviated live feed updates last night. Between the beach and a birthday party, I was absolutely spent and needed sleep. I want to give Amy a huge thank you for stepping in and watching over the feeds during the very long roadkill competition. She kept texting me asking if it was normal to take this long. Yup, it is. My typical weekend consists of hearing loops of Jeff and his dumb interviews with evicted houseguests while comps are going on. On the bright side, I seemed to have jinxed myself by creating the nickname ‘sunburn’ for Michelle Thursday night. I was in the sun for about an hour and a half and my back was feeling pretty red (and I used sunscreen. My Irish blood shines through I guess).

On to the house…. If Jozea ends up winning the competition to re-enter the house, it appears his ego will have a new rival waiting for him… Paulie’s ego. While Jozea’s ego was manufactured, Paulie has certainly earned his by winning 2 HoH’s and a PoV already this season, all while having Bronte drool over all him and having a ‘showmance’ with the most beautiful girl in the house (Z). It doesn’t make an earned ego any less annoying, but at least we can explain his.



Over the past 2-3 days, I have heard Paulie mention there is no way anyone can beat him in endurance competitions (even light females who typically dominate those comps), how he has never lost a wrestling match, how he can beat Frank in any competition, and apparently telling people he was bred for this game.  Paulie – a Big Brother legend in his own mind.


Today’s power of veto comps is one of those very important competitions. Sometimes they’re pointless, sometimes they’re not. Today is definitely one of those latter days. You have Paulie, Tiffany, Corey, and Natalie playing. They still need to pull 2 more names from the hat, but right now James sounds like he’ll pull Natalie off, and Frank will save Tiffany (weird, right?). It’s quite likely Nicole will save Corey, and at this point I will be absolutely shocked if these are the final nominees heading into Thursday. It sounds like one of them will be pulled from the block, but who it is, and who is the replacement nom will be huge.

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Most of these feed updates will be very brief until the veto competition is actually complete, but here goes…

  • 10:00am – James and Natalie (havenots) are sleeping in the same cart, while Day and Z are getting ready for the day on the other feed
    • Paulie called to the DR at 10:06. Veto competition possibly incoming shortly
  • 12:00pm – PoV players being picked!
  • 12:20pm – Players picked. They have been practicing the cube veto competition all day. It makes me wonder if they’re either just going strictly on a guess or if they were able to peak out the glass and noticed it being set up
    • Bridgette and Da’Vonne picked to play.
  • 12:50pm –  Need to run some errands. I have a feeling people are going to be practicing for the veto competition until it goes on, which itself will take a few hours. I should be home before the competition is complete
  • 5:00pm – Back from errands. Feeds down as expected for veto competition.
    • Question for anyone who has experience with glasses. I have 3 prescriptions from the past 4 years. The first two are very, very similar. The third one has a similar right eye, but a bit different on the left eye.  I ordered a new set of glasses from zenni (because glasses are way too freakin expensive in stores) using the 3rd. Wearing them today, it just feels weird. Like my right eye feels a tad blurry (depite that being the same Rx). Could they have a) messed up the glasses or b) my right eye is overcompensating because the left lense is different than my former two pair?    If anyone knows glasses, my Rx went from +0.25, -1.25, 15 to 0.00, -1.50, 10.  (My right eye actually remained exactly the same at +0.50, -1.25, 165).  I’m back to wearing my 4 year old glasses because they work fine. Any advice?
      • Is Zenni bad?
      • Should I give the new glasses more time despite feeling dizzy?
      • Should I try to order a pair from Zenni using my 4 year old Rx and see if that’s better?
    • Sorry for the OT question, but it’s a slow day until feeds return.
  • 5:20pm – Feeds back. Corey won the PoV
    • Tiffany was the first out of the competition. Guess she’s not so much the competitor as her sister.
    • Paulie is up in the HoH room and telling everyone they just need to relax and chill all week. “One thing is certain in Big Brother, you’ll get nominated and evicted.. unless you’re in the finals”.  Wise words, Paulie
    • Corey said there is no way Tiffany won that Roadkill competition (Paulie jumps in and agrees of course).  He feels that was his shot to take out Corey, and now Frank’s just going to stay going after Tiffany again
    • Get this… Paulie plans on going up to Tiffany and saying “you’re going home this week, so anything you have against Frank, please tell me. And she will, right? I mean she has no other option”.  Paul hits him with a bit of logic “Why should she?”, so Paulie plans to lie and give her a false sense of hope in order to get secrets against Frank. Damn you, Paul. That would have been awesome to watch. Hey Tiff, you’re going home no matter what, so it’s in your best interest to help further my game because I’m awesome and everyone spills house secrets before they go home
    • Paul replies “Then she’s going to go to Natalie and tell her the plan”… Paulie “Who cares? She can’t win a competition” (very confident!).  Paul… “That will create paranoia with James”. Paulie.. “No biggie, I can talk to James”.  Paulie has an answer for everything. Sounds like my 15 year old daughter when I ask her reasons why she didn’t do her homework.
    • Tiffany walks in and they literally start talking about how she almost won that veto. Yes, the girl who can’t win a competition almost won the veto. Paulie is way too over-confident
    • Paulie calling Da’Vonne ‘Momma Day’ over and over is driving me nuts
  • 6:00pm – Tiffany is sitting alone in the bedroom when Frank comes in….
    • Frank-Tiffany
    • She says ‘someone has been fucking me since day 1, and that is Day’. Frank agrees
    • Tiff feels Day and her had a final 2, but she used V2 and treated her like shit.
    • V2 says she’s going to tell Frank everything because she doesn’t care at this point…..
    • Nicole, Z, Michelle, Day, and Tiff had a small girls alliance going called the ‘Fatal 5’
    • The whole thing about gunning after Frank was started by Z because Frank smacked her ass and Day jumped on it. Nicole was freaked out about targeting him, though. She didn’t want to
    • Day was planting seeds saying Frank was going after Tiffany and she needed to get him out first.
    • Day also told Tiff that she made a final 5 with Zaki, Paulie, Corey, and Nicole (weird she would tell Tiff that), and she feels on the outskirts of it
    • Say (Day) had a conversation with Z about whether or not to stick with the girls or swap out Michelle and Tiff for Corey and Paulie. Z said stick with the guys.
    • Then Day kept all the information about Tiffany nearly going home away from her last week. After that, Da’Vonne threw Corey and Nicole under the bus.
    • Tiffany is going to put Day up. They’re going to try to get Corey and Nicole’s vote this week after they tell them that Day was the reason Corey was even nominated
    • She asks how much damage he did to her last week. He says he didn’t really campaign against her. He got Bridgette to put her on the block and that was about it (true). But, the girls also said he was making fun of her. I’m trying to think, and all I can think of is like Corey and crew talking about Tiffany a lot. Frank may have here and there, but Corey was hardcore against her saying she’s following him around bugging him all day. They were also making fun of Frank at the same time. Paulie’s crew literally is the ‘Mean Girls’ of the house.
    • Tiffany admits she’s not nearly as smart or strategic as her sister (also true)
  • Spy Boy Paul enters the room. Let’s see what info they give up
    • Paul is sniffing for info on who won the RK. He is worried about what will happen if Corey takes himself down. Frank says “You know what concerns me is that everyone thinks I won when I didn’t. I told them I didn’t. So don’t look at me telling me you’re not going up, because I don’t have control over it”
    • Paul looks over at Tiff “I think you are” (roadkill winner).. she replies “I did. I don’t give a fuck. People don’t believe me anyway, but I did”
    • Corey enters the room and the conversation pauses.. nevermind, he didn’t stick around long.
    • Frank jokes with Tiffany about being a dictator with a cabbage patch kid
      Frank jokes with Tiffany about being a dictator with a cabbage patch kid
    • Paul is supposedly upset beacuse he was told Tiffany was going home, and he was close with Bronte.  She tells him that was the plan and it was a last minute switch to keep Tiff (it was). He claims he didn’t know it, so he is saying he was lied to with his game on the line.
  • 6:30pm – Frank makes his way to the HoH room to talk to Paulie and Z
    • He tells them that he didn’t win roadkill. Paulie agrees and thinks Tiffany did because of her tells (she didn’t look at anyone this week)
    • He says it’s obvious that members of his supposed alliance voted against him (Frank)
    • Paulie says he wanted her (Tiff) out last week, and she’s going to go this week.
    • Frank says if he sees an alliance member on the block that lied to me, he may vote the other way. At least Tiffany has been honest to him lately telling him stuff
    • Paulie pauses, then comes back with ‘lately’.. Z laughs uncomfortably.
    • Frank says ‘that’s fine. It’s because someone was telling her I was coming after her’
    • Paulie pauses again… “who did she say said that?”.  For the first time, Paulie is speechless. He is rambling and stumbling over his words.
    • Frank jumps in and says there is a bigger snake in the grass, and Tiffany isn’t a threat
    • Frank continues.. “think about it. If it wasn’t for that member of our alliance who said that. We’d still be 8 strong and going to the final 8. So what is the biggest issue? Me or Tiffany being lied to, or the person who lied?”
    • Paulie keeps directing back to Tiffany and how she should have been gone last week
  • 6:45pm – Frank is going off on the situation. Not in a mean way, but he is hammering everything Paulie says because Paulie keeps going back to Vanessa, going back to trust, going back to how she’s probably just laying low.
    • Frank points out that she admits she’s not as smart as her sister. Her life was on the line today and blew it hardcore. She’s not too great at competitions.
    • When Paulie says he’ll talk to her later and she’ll probably make stuff up about Frank because she’s a liar and her sister did the same stuff (threw stuff at the wall and hoped it stuck), Frank went off about how it’s pretty strange that Tiffany is telling him stuff almost verbatim that he has said. She’s not that good of a liar and can make up accurate stuff. There is a leaky faucet between his old alliance and Tiffany, and he thinks he knows who it is (Day). He says that a few times, and Z suggests Day, Frank replies with “maybe”.
    • Paulie denies it and thinks it isn’t happening.  Ohh, Paulie pulled out a 100% on Frank (his 17th 100% today).
  • 6:55pm – Frank leaves and Paul (who joined mid-conversation) brags about how he’s in tight with ‘the other side’.
    • Paul is proud of himself, but I don’t think Frank and Tiffany were really hiding much
    • Paul tells of the story from Tiffany that Day floated around the idea of getting him out and keeping that girl alliance (which was true). Paul and Paulie think that is a lie.
    • Paulie tells the alliance he was told of is a lie (it wasn’t)
  • 7:02pm – Paul and Paulie keep talking about how awesome they are and feeds cut back to Frank who is back with Tiffany/Corey
    • Corey is wondering if she should use it. They’re all saying you use it. If you’re on the block, you use it.
    • Tiffany shakes his hand and tells him Da’Vonne will indeed be the replacement
    • corey-tiffany
    • So, Corey and the crew talk a lot. They reveal things like Frank’s weird early final 2 deal with Nicole, but said it fell apart quick and wasn’t very serious. They told him that the reason he was nominated was because they were told Corey was going after them. But, they then speculated the real reason was because Day wanted Corey out so she can get Nicole back. Tiffany then realized Day pleaded not to nominate Nicole, but do Corey instead (so that fit).
    • Corey finished by saying he is going to use the veto, but he is going to be drilled by them. What should he say.  They said to gloss it over.  The key will be what Corey reports back to Paulie and crew
  • 7:17pm – Paulie cam.
    • The group is still talking about how Tiff is going home this week. There is nothing they can do to stop it. Paulie says again how he is going to walk around the house announcing he knows that Da’Vonne will go up if Corey goes down
    • They talk about how Corey was just being hammered.  Paulie says he is going to hammer it into Corey’s head… ‘Yoo.. just shut the fuck up’.  Great way to convince him
  • 7:27pm – Corey enters
    • He spills some of what was said. Still doesn’t mention whether or not he’ll use veto
    • They finally ask if he’ll use it, and he says ‘I don’t know’.
    • Corey lets them know how Frank and crew told him Day would go up, etc.
    • Now the group is giving Corey veto speech suggestions. Like they did with Tiffany…. and that didn’t backfire at all (eye roll)
    • Da’Vonne told him to use it. She’ll accept being up
  • 7:50pm – Z and Day have been listening to how great Paulie thinks he is.  Ugh.  Need an eye strain break
  • 10:40pm – Things have calmed down a little in the house. Corey and Nicole are outside chatting casually. I am going to scroll back 3 hours to see if I missed any other flareupslll
    • nicole-corey


Check back for updates

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