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Big Brother Over the Top 9/29 Evening Feed Updates

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The bug is spreading!

If you missed the updates today, the HoH comp was, and is still being played. Wait, what?  Exactly. Much different than the traditional endurance comp to open the season where only 2-3 people actually want to win, so most hold on long enough to look like they didn’t throw it when they fall.  Anyway, the house entered the living room to see a glass with blue liquid giving them a vague warning.  Shane decided to drink it, because why not, right?  A drink that looks like anti-freeze can only be a good thing. Well, he was then called to the DR and came out about 10 minutes later with a t-shirt and a necklace with a tick looking thing on it. He explained this is how the HoH competition will go…


Shane was infected, and lost the comp.  He now has to wait until a buzzer sounds, and he can hand the necklace off to someone else (he chooses). That person is infected and is out of the comp. This will go on until 1pm tomorrow when the last person to not be infected becomes HoH.

The current infected are:

  • Shane
  • Danielle
  • Justin
  • Shelby
  • Scott
  • Neeley
  • Kryssie
  • Morgan (current)

Here are the nightly updates:

  • 4:45pm – The house is all together telling gross stories about themselves around the chess table.
    • Monte suggests a 2 month game of risk. That sounds awesome
    • Shelby went outside talking to the smokers crew, and trying to figure out who to pass the bug off
    • Jason is talking to the girls about how he wanted to crank up the house because they’re “over the top”. He is going to make it a mission to have a wild house
    • Shelby and Scott are playing chess.  I am shipping them… jk (but seriously, go for it)
    • shelby-scott
  • 5:14pm – The horn sounds, and Shelby infects Scott. Probably not a good idea to be playing chess with her when she had the necklace
    • scott-nothoh
    • Running to store, be back in about 20
  • 5:55pm – Back.  The sisters are talking to Monte and Cornbread in the London room
    • alex-morgan-monte-corn
    • This is one of the first times the girls are actually in the room and realize how much better that room is
  • 6:05pm – They broke up and moved into the Toyko room
    • The sisters and Whit are talking to Monte about Jason. They want to get him out because they know America voted him back in, but they’re scared of pissing off viewers (we won’t be mad. Our other option was freakin Jozea)
  • 6:15pm – Neeley is the next to get the crab
    • neeley-bug

Oh, I want to do a fan favorite poll each week:

[poll id=”34″]

  • 6:45pm – Dinner time!
    • dinner-time
    • During dinner, they are going around the table saying what they’re thankful for. Seeing as some of them will still be there for Thanksgiving, may as well have the dinner and thanks part while everyone is still there
  • 7:00pm – Feeds cut for the highlight episode
  • 7:08pm – highlight episode over. Pretty well done for one day. Summed up a lot of what happened up to the beginning of the HoH competition.  I wish CBS would run that highlight reel nightly. Just pull 10 minutes from one of their crappy shows
  • 7:30pm – Kryssie got her crab
    • krissie-crap
    • Going to watch TV for a little bit while the house still chats it up in the back yard.  Seriously, everyone being awake all day is exhausting. This is a lot to keep up with
  • 9:20pm – I’m back. Holy shit, the house is still together chatting.
    • I just watched 60 Days In and now look at the feeds like they’re in prison and I wonder if any one of them are going to start giving each other tattoos or start fighting any minute.
    • Morgan is currently infected
  • 10:30pm – Different conversations going on in the backyard
    • Alright, I was hoping to get the next crab transfer, but I am falling asleep.  I will update the crabs in the morning

Update tomorrow, night!

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