Jason Roy


Jason was a cast member on Big Brother 17, and was the 5th one evicted from the house, but not before making a name for himself as a fiery personality. That personality earned him the opportunity to compete against Big Brother 18’s Jozea in a chance to enter the 2016 fall version of Big Brother labeled “Over the Top”.  Jason won the fan vote and was the 13th and final houseguest to enter the house that season.

With America voting for the winner, it is a good chance that Jason will win it all if he’s allowed to make it that far, but the house is aware of that, so he may suffer the same fate as BB17 with another early exit

Big Brother: Over the Top

Jason was the last person to enter the house after being voted in over BB18’s Jozea. He was Monte’s first target, and was nominated for eviction, but survived when he won the first power of veto.


  • He was the person evicted when we attended the live eviction