Morgan Willett


Much like her sister Alex, Morgan is peppy and a lifetime cheerleader.  She claims she doesn’t want to have a showmance (nearly every single person has been asked the showmance question. Please stop pushing showmances on people, BB). That said, both James and Nicole said the same thing, and look at them. However, seeing as Morgan doesn’t have very many options in the house, I think she’ll actually stick to that plan, especially because she said it puts a big target on her back. She likely knows she’ll already have a huge target on her back by having a sibling in the house, so a showmance is not a good thing.

Regarding Alex, neither of them actually mentioned each other in the interviews, so it is unknown if they’re going to admit they’re related. In order to do that, they’re going to have to make up a fake last name for one of them, and hope the house is stupid.