Shelby Stockton


Shelby, where do I begin?  I went from thinking she is a huge sleeper pick to win it all to wondering if she’ll survive two weeks by the end of the interview. Here is the deal – she is a lawyer who doesn’t want to reveal that. She is boy crazy, but doesn’t want to get into a showmance, yet thinks she will anyway.

The best part?  This is the first time I heard the interviewer talk, and this was to tell Shelby that she had a creepy laugh. She does. I don’t even know if that was proper etiquette for the interviewer to do, but the laugh was so distracting, it was probably hard not to. I don’t want to trash on the girl as I thought Victor had an evil villain laugh at the beginning of BB18, but I eventually grew into him and voted for AFP. Perhaps Shelby will grow on me, if she’s in the house long enough.