Whitney Hogg


Holy accent, Batman. Whitney has a super strong southern accent, and that’s good because she’ll stand out with such a diverse southern cast this season.  Seriously, when Jason (not Jozea) enters the house, I think there will be 2 people not from the south this season. I will have to double check, although I think someone is from CA as well.

I really don’t know what to think about Whitney. Her accent is cute for a few seconds, then you wonder if she’s faking it, then realize it’s real and realize she sounds like she’s mocking Nicole in a slower tone.  Of course the showmance question was asked, and she says that is a big nono for her, as she’s in a long-term relationship and doesn’t plan to jeopardize that. I seriously don’t know why the people kept asking about showmances. I don’t really think I see anyone hooking up, except maybe Shane with maybe Shelby.