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Big Brother Over the Top HoH Competition

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Ok, here we go, the first HoH competition.  It is going to be indoors, but other than that, I have no idea how it will go.  I think it will be something super small and simple, almost to the point of just like everyone sitting around the couch figuring out their own little puzzle.

We have 10 minutes to go, and so far everyone has been up and outside chatting with each other. Definitely different than other seasons when they spend half the day sleeping. So far, so good.


People ineligible for HoH:

  • Shane
  • Danielle


  • 12:50pm – Everyone is sitting around the couch waiting for the comp to begin
    • They are talking about their phones.  So far Jason, Kryssie and Alex have iphones.
    • Shelby is rocking the cheapest Samsung phone the store had
    • Whitney’s phone has her dog as a lockscreen and background.
    • Danielle has 15,000 pictures on her phone. Holy shit
    • Meanwhile, Justin wants none of your phone talk
    • house-waiting
    • Scott’s phone broke and he lost all his both contacts (I kid, Scott… )
    • Monte had an iphone, but he switched to the dark side with us and is part of the Android club. Welcome, bro
    • They keep talking about the green bubble, and I had no idea what that was.  So, iphone to iphone has a blue chat box for texts, but if they text to android, it is green background?
    • We may have a green bubble, but we also have a headset jack – just sayin’
  • 1:00pm – HoH time!
    • Into the house they go after the announcer tells them to go inside immediately!
    • into-thehouse
    • They read the sign “Only 1 may drink – Expect the unexpected”
    • hohcomp1
    • Kryssie jokes that’s how they’re doing elimination. Someone drinks that and drops dead
    • After sitting around the couch for a few minutes, Shane decides to take one for the team
    • shane-drinks
    • A voice comes over the speaker “Shane! You’ve been infected!  Get to the diary room immediately!”
    • He runs to the bathroom… oops
    • Now we wait to see what that was
  • 1:13pm – The house is still sitting around the living room waiting for Shane to return having some awkward small talk
    • Awkward silence
    • awkward-silence
    • They talk about how Johnny Mack never spoke but when he went into the DR, he would scream
  • 1:23pm – Shane has emerged with a spider t-shirt and a spider necklace
    • He is reading the card… Shane can’t be HoH.
    • shane-bug
    • The competition is going to last 24 hours. Here are the details
    • It is called BB Bug.
    • He wears the necklace until an alarm sounds, and when that happens, he must pass it off to someone who can’t refuse it.
    • When that happens, they become infected and can’t be HoH (they must also go into DR and get a spider shirt).. or is that a tick? Whatever
    • This will last a solid 24 hours and at 1pm tomorrow, the HoH will be the last person who didn’t get the bug.
    • (They totally should have made it an STD where they need to make-out to spread it. I’d love to see Scott hooking up with like Whitney)
  • 1:27pm – And that’s it. The group breaks up. Many of the guys head outside to talk about the competition
    • The guys think that the girls are going to snap on each other before the guys do
    • They briefly talk about how Alex and Morgan are from Texas, but doesn’t go much further
    • The guys talk about how the show doesn’t cast horrible people.  I guess they forgot about GinaMarie, Spencer, and Aaryn
  • 1:52pm – Not much going on now, just eating and talking.
    • Scott the virgin, Shelby, Danielle, and Jason are outside. Many others in the kitchen. Shane back in the DR. They’re probably yelling at him to show more enthusiasm next time he reads a card
    • current-house
  • 2:05pm – Whitney and Alex are talking about the HoH competition in the bathroom
    • Alex is worried because Shane is one of the people she speaks to the least
    • Morgan enters and goes out of her way to avoid talking to Alex. They’re making it too obvious
    • Whitney leaves and Alex quickly checks to see if anyone is nearby so she can have some candid talk with Morgan
    • alex-morgan3
    • Alex is worried because they brought similar flipflops, but Morgan doesn’t think people will notice
    • If Morgan gets the sickness, she is going to go after Danielle or Kryssie because they’re more with the guys
    • They hear noises and quickly break it up.  As Morgan leaves, Alex asks her to make her food. Morgan replies “No”.  Sisterly love
  • 2:12pm – Meanwhile, Monte signals Shane for a conversation and leaves.  Shane meets him in the London room a few minutes later
    • Shane says the one person he doesn’t care for is Kryssie
    • shane-monte
    • He thinks she’s too emotional and could ‘bust’ if she became HoH
    • He thinks she’s a great person, but he thinks Kryssie would target them
    • Monte says the two strongest girls in the house are Kryssie and Caley (I think he means Neeley)
    • Shane says he’s going to give it to Kryssie, even though it will put a target on his back.
    • Monte doesn’t see her lasting long anyway, because he thinks she’ll rub the girls wrong and they’ll target her
    • Now they call each other a ‘bromance’
  • 2:19pm – Outside, Justin is saying to pass him the bug as soon as he can because he doesn’t want HoH
  • 2:45pm – Shane has been able to pass off the tick, and it went to Danielle
    • danielle-tick
  • 2:56pm – Chess time
    • chess-lessons
    • Meanwhile, Danielle got her shirt
    • danielle-dealwithit
  • 3:20pm – Wow, these threads get long when I add more photos.  I am going to close this.

Read about how we’re going to impact the season, and check back in like an hour or two for another update thread

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