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Big Brother Over The Top Live Eviction Thread

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It’s been a week since Big Brother Over the Top premiered, and it’s time for the first eviction of the season.  It’s been a pretty crazy week for anyone who is a fan of the show because we got to watch a ton of firsts that usually briefly skimmed over on the episodes.  I went over how great this season is in my earlier post today, so I’m not going to repeat that.  Let’s just say it’s worth the watch.

Tonight there are 3 people on the block, and one of them was selected by America via a poll inside the live feed area.  Danielle, Kryssie, and America’s selection: Cornbread.

There is so much to talk about, but the recap is currently on, so I am distracted while writing this. I’ll just get right into posts…



  • 7:10pm – They are showing a  bunch of highlights for the week like a typical CBS episode.
    • They’re on night one right now and show the clip where Alex called her sister Mo’ an hour or so into the game. Shelby noticed but didn’t catch on
    • This was Morgan’s reaction
    • morgan-reaction
    • Now it’s HoH time and they show the clip of Shane running around the house looking for the Diary Room after he drank the potion
  • 7:30pm – Ugh, now it’s the Shane / Danielle showmance clips
  • 8:00pm – Live eviction time!
    • live-eviction
    • They jump right into it.  Danielle gives her speech. Standard ‘I hope you keep me’
    • Cornbread goes with the fun route. If you keep him, he’ll have everyone’s back somehow
  • Votes:
    • Neeley: Cornbread
    • Jason: Cornbread
    • Whitney: Cornbread
    • Note – this is incredibly weird without Julie talking to them
    • Morgan – Cornbread
    • Justin: Cornbread
    • Shelby: Cornbread
    • Scott: Cornbread
    • Alex: Danielle (to create paranoia)
    • Shane: Cornbread
    • Cornbread eliminated
    • Here is Alex’s face when she evicted Danielle for paranoia
    • alex-happy
    • Monte heads to the DR to get the results.  No Julie tonight, so he is Julie
    • Cornbread says ‘Fuck ya’ll’ on his way out. Not a happy
    • cornbread-evicted
  • 8:10pm – And that’s it. Now they’re trying to figure out who did the 1 vote
    • I don’t even know what to think about that. So far, eviction night was by FAR the weakest part of BBOTT. By a mile.  I really hope they take a lot of BBOTT to the summer, but I will gladly take Julie Chen and the live eviction episode
    • HoH competition to begin at 8:45pm
  • 8:40pm – The house goes back to the bedroom and Monte heads outside (to get instructions I’d guess)  Comp starting soon
  • 9:00pm – HoH Comp time!
    • hohcomp2
    • Endurance competition. They need to hold up some crown with their sword
    • They need to push their sword against their heads and hold the crown up. After 1 hour, they will only be able to use 1 hand
    • shelby-crown
    • Very quiet.
    • Whitney has her serious face going (her normal face)
    • whitney-focused
  • 9:15pm – Everyone hanging in there. Jason is the only one talking.
    • Shelby – down
    • Justin – down
    • Alex
    • Shane – down
    • Jason – down
    • Scott – down
    • Kryssie – down
    • Morgan – down
    • Whitney – down
    • Danielle – down
    • Neeley
  • 9:23pm – Jason down. I had a feeling he wouldn’t last. He was acting like James. Too overconfident and talking while everyone else focused.
  • 9:38pm – Shane down
  • 10:04pm – One hour mark! Switching to one hand now finally
    • Morgan down 1 minute into second hour
  • 10:09pm – Scott was struggling for a bit before he dropped it
    • scott-struggling
    • 10:14pm – Kryssie down
    • 10:28pm – Alex is leaning in on the pole a bit after being warned for using two hands (she didn’t, but her right hand was close)
      • alex-leaningin
    • 10:30pm – Danielle down
    • 10:55pm – Still going. Just 4 remain standing
    • 11:02pm – Whitney down
    • 11:13pm – Justin started dancing and he dropped his thing.  Dumbass.  Down to 2

Check back for updates

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