Big Brother Over the Top Live Feed Thread



Well, here we are.  So far the season began with 15 minutes of Julie showing the intro clips of the house, and then they entered one by one after that. The season of being completely live is true because this is it.  No pre-recorded opening night. It’s definitely a new way to watch the show.  Let’s get back to the feeds…

  • 8:40pm – Monte entered
    • Cornbread announces he’s sweating like a whore in church
    • Shane goes off with Monte alone to show him the house. So much for everyone showing each other around
  • 8:50pm – And with that, we have our original 12.  Danielle is in the house
    • danielle-enters
    • Jason (or Jozea) will be next, but I wonder if they’re going to call them into the living room, or its’ just going to happen.  Will anything happen tonight?
    • Scott the virgin was happy to show Danielle around
    • scott-danielle
  • 9:00pm – Camera 1 looks Whitney
    • whitney2
    • And here comes the life of the party, oh boy!
    • jason-house
  • 9:05pm – Now that Jason is in the house, the champagne is out. Time for people to get to know each other
    • champagne
  • 9:10pm – Now they sit around and talk about themselves
    • Alex and Morgan go through their intros and don’t mention each other.
    • Whitney talks about her job as a medical assistant. Neeley asks if she has seen anything cool, and Whitney replies “well, a boil”
    • Scott introduces himself as a debt collector, Jason jokes that he’s gotta go
  • 9:25pm – BBOTT tweeted that Julie is going to talk to the houseguests soon, but that may be it for the night after that. We’ll see
    • Jason looks at the board… ‘who is Nic’?
    • danielle-jason-sign
  • 9:30pm – Julie pops up on the screen
    • julie-house
    • Meanwhile, Shelby didn’t know what to think about having live competitions
    • shelby-face
    • Julie announces no jury (no more ‘just being happy to make it to jury’)
    • She tells them that America tells them we pick the winner
    • First HoH is tomorrow
    • Jason does it first brag about being a hardcore live feed watcher.  I doubt he knows of this site yet, so I doubt he’ll give me any shoutouts.
    • Here is a closeup of the Shelbyface
    • shelby-face2
  • 9:50pm – Cornbread, Monte, and Jesus break off to talk
    • They go into the bedroom which looks like an alliance meeting
    • alliance
    • But Shane quickly breaks it up and says he doesn’t want to be caught together

So, what do you guys think of this format so far?

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  • 9:53pm – Whitney talks about her boyfriend. I have a feeling she’s going to be talking about him to an annoying level this season
    • Scott is the first one called to the DR
    • They are telling Whitney how much they love her accent.
    • Danielle jokes that she wants to whisper in her ear and she can repeat it
    • Whitney says even her boyfriend mocks her accent.
    • Whitney is worried about being the person with subtitles during her DR sessions
  • 10:00pm – While the house is getting to know each other, I am going to watch this week’s AHS.  I will be back in an hour.
  • 11:00pm – The house is still getting to know each other. I’m going to sleep, as the HoH competition is tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say now that I have more of of a feel of the season 

Come back tomorrow! 

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