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Big Brother: Over the Top Live Whatever Thread

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Seeing as this is the first episode of a new type of platform for Big Brother, I didn’t really know what to call it, so ‘Live Whatever’ it is for now.

Remember, if you want to watch this,  you need to be watching the live feeds. I really hate to sound like I’m pushing the feeds on you, but it’s the way it is for the fall.  If you don’t want to join the feeds, you can stick around here and follow along.  I will do my best to add more screenshots this season knowing that people won’t have the episodes on TV to watch.  They will have weekly and daily recaps, and you can watch them on TV if you are able to use things like Chromecast, AppleTV or your Xbox One (no word on PS4), but you still need to be a subscriber to All-Access.  At $6/month, it’s a pretty damn good deal, but it’s always easier to spend someone else’s money I guess.


Enough rambling, here we go…


  • 6:50pm – 10 minutes to go!
  • 7:00pm – It’s on!  So exciting
    • I wish they did this episode on CBS to get people excited
    • Julie says that us and us alone decide who wins the season (that means no jury)
    • We’ll have an impact on evictions and nominations all season.  She doesn’t say we have complete power, which is good.
  • #butfirst, we meet the houseguests….
    • whitney
    • Whitney – She’s pretty much married, but without the ring.
    • She considers herself the female Donny (without the beard, sadly)
    • Next up: Shane
    • He claims he’s from a small town which is famous for the albino squirrel.  Really
    • First shirt off this season
    • shane-shirtoff
    • He grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, but does not practice any more
  • Next up: Neeley
    • Talks about her big booty and big rack
    • And her wigs. She loves her wigs
    • She will date anyone of any race – as long as they have money.  Shallow, but doesn’t hide it. I respect that – sort of
    • neeley-intro
    • Her biggest secret is her age (33)
  • Cornbread time
    • He is a typical southern as he calls himself.  Loves mudding, shooting, and grillin
    • cornbread-intro
    • I’m pretty sure the kid staring at the camera is a serial killer.  Just sayin
    • He’s won the Redneck Olympics 3x.  He wins the bellyflop contest
    • Hands off, ladies. He’s engaged
  • Next up: Shelby
    • Some people tell her she’s too pretty too be a lawyer, she tells them they’re too dumb to be a person (yea, she’s going to last long)
    • Says she was the biggest bitch in HS
    • Graduate of Pepperdine Law School (I wonder if she’ll talk about it as much as Paul did) in 2 years instead of 3!
    • shelby
    • She wants to start a showmance with a buff dude to win comps for her.  I predict she hooks up with Cornbread
  • Justin
    • Talks about New Orleans, and being a chef
    • He is going to cook his way into their hearts
    • I can’t keep up!
  • Kryssie
    • Waitress by day, rockstar by night
    • kryssie
    • She went viral in a video where she was rude to a customer
    • She lost a bunch of weight, had a extra skin, so she started bodybuilding
  • 7:10pm – Woah, timecheck, we’re flying
  • Next up: Monte
    • He is from the deep south
    • He loves to hunt, fish, blowing stuff up, and is amazed by fire – ok then
    • monte
    • Referred to himself in the 3rd person
  • Danielle
    • Talk about being a preschool teacher, and her amazing flag football skills
    • Never been away from son for so long
    • Find one ride-or-die who she’s loyal to all game
  • Scott the virgin
    • Yup, within 2 seconds of his segment, he announces he’s a virgin
    • scott
    • Doesn’t intend to lose his virginity in the house – sorry ladies
    • He’s a debt collector, so he’s used to being annoying
  • Alex
    • She is a super secret nerd who loves Pokemon Go
    • Good thing she didn’t play BB18, she would have missed when it was super popular
    • alex
    • She talks about how she’s a gamer. Please don’t talk about how you’re such a gamer girl all season
    • She foreshadows her sister by saying “If my sister walks through the door, she’s going to kill my game”
  • Morgan
    • First shot, getting out of the pool to show how different she is than Alex
    • morgan
    • She is the cliche Texas girl. Bigger the hair, closer to Jesus
    • She also mentions her sister and she wouldn’t work together because they’re so opposite
  • 7:15pm – Ok, Julie says that the houseguests will be moving in one at a time throughout the evening
    • I guess the feeds are now on?  Just shows a door
    • feeds-begin
    • Scott the Virgin enters first and does a quick scan of the house before looking for a bedroom
    • “Oh wow, they did all this in a week”
    • Looks at a double bed and makes a weird sound
    • Scott has found his bed
    • scott-bed
    • Good thing they got a guy who is narrating everything he does, otherwise it would be a weird feed with just him
  • 7:20pm – Scott is like a cat checking out a new place. Inspecting everything
    • Makes a Pokemon reference. We know he’s going to be friends with Alex
    • And in comes Morgan
    • morgan-enter
    • He is giving her a tour of the house
    • Scott counts that there are 13 placemats
    • They find the tip wall from BB18
    • scott-morgan-tips
  • 7:26pm – Shane enters
    • shane-enters
    • So far Shane seems chill, while Morgan is pretty energetic. Scott is still a virgin
    • Morgan asks who is going to teach her how to play chess. Shane volunteers before Scott can
    • I realize I need to start a new thread that isn’t as rambly.
    • I will start a new one when everyone is in the house
  • 7:35pm – In comes Neeley
    • neeley-enters
    • My character in video games is usually named Neely, so I am a fan
    • It feels real weird to hear them call her Neeley because I literally never hear that other than in game. I would be more used to them saying Steve
  • 7:41pm – Shelby enters
    • shelby-morgan
    • First prank of the season – Shelby suggests they hide and scare the next houseguest to enter
  • 7:47pm – Cornbread enters
    • cornbread-enters
    • His mic isn’t working too well, but he goes right out and tells everyone all about himself within a minute of being in the house
    • They’re shocked about Scott’s 9.5hr flight to LA.  I don’t know what airline he took, but it only took me under 6 hours
  • 8:01pm – Female Paul has entered the building
    • kryssie-enters
    • Now the storytime begins as people get tours around the house
  • 8:20pm – I was getting too far behind on the feeds, so I jumped ahead.  Whitney and Justin have also entered
    • whitney-house
    • justin-enters
  • 8:30pm – People entering the house has slowed down a little now
    • And just as I say that, Alex has entered
    • alex-enters
    • Her and her sister are not talking to each other and so far pretending not to know each other
    • They have made their way into the storage room
    • house-pantry

Ok, this thread is getting too long. Starting a new one

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