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Big Brother Over The Top Photoshoot

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I’m going to say this right off the bat, what is happening in the backyard today is the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed on the live feeds for me.  The house was woken up early (again – I’m sure we’ll hear bitching later) for the bathing suit photoshoot that happens yearly.  I’ve always kind of wondered how and when this happened, and if they just tossed cameras to the houseguests and told them to do it, but nope, they go all out. Professional photographer, backdrops, etc.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen production on the feeds other than the occasional accidental shot, so anything I bitched about yesterday for the 10 minutes of feeds being down prior to veto – I take back. This is great.  It started at 9:30am, so I did a flashback so I can watch it all in it’s awkward glory


Warning, this post is image heavy, so I will start a new thread shortly after for the live updates

  • 9:30am – The house goes outside to be greeted by the photographer guy who explains what they’ll be doing
    • He says at first, they will be doing solo shots, and the “rest of the house can sit back and cheer, or make fun of” the person posing. Alright then! Game on
    • The first thing they have to do is slick up
    • photoshoot3
    • Shelby is up first.  They tell her to do her best bikini pose
    • “I don’t pose in a bikini, I’m not a ho”
    • Shelby doesn’t realize her bikini top is a tad low and she’s showing. I wonder if they’ll tell her (I can’t post pics of that here)
    • Hahah… photographer “Hair back on your shoulders and the top needs to get pulled up just a little bit”  Shelby looks down “Ohhh yea”
    • shelby-fixed
      The dude hooked me up with a lazy way to censor it
    • He tells her to turn a little “Noo, I don’t have a good a… torso”
    • So this is her happy face
    • shelby-sexyface
    • “You’re really going to make me pose in a bikini right now? I’m not happy about this shit”
    • shelby-fakesmile
    • Photographer gives her a few more directions then “No whining… no whining allowed haha”
    • He tells her arm out, Shelby has no clue what’s going on, so this is her sexy arms out pose haha
    • photoshoot4
  • The diva is done.  Now to Justin
    • He is pretty easy going and bangs out the photos real quick
    • photoshoot5
    • justin-flex
    • Justin is going too fast for the photographer.  He has his poses ready to go and the guy has to tell him to slow down haha.  Must be a relief after Shelby
  • Morgan’s up
    • Morgan is in her natural habitat, so this is bliss for her
    • photoshoot6
    • He does the arms out thing, and this is more what he was expecting from Shelby
    • photoshoot7
    • Morgan handled it like a pro and is done
  • King Monte
    • The guy tells Monte this is competition (whatever that means) and Monte gets excited
    • monte-photoshoot
    • monte-photoshoot2
    • Photographer likes Monte “Is everyone watching this? This is exactly what I want”
    • “Stare me down!”
    • monte-photoshoot3
    • (I’m surprised he’s not wearing the HoH key around his neck)
  • Danielle’s turn
    • She jumps right in
    • danielle-photo
    • danielle-photoshoot
  • Cornbread is up
    • cornbread-shoot
    • Just like Monte they say
    • Nobody else is being a diva
    • cornbread-shoot2
    • “No tongues though, it’s CBS”
  • Alex now
    • I'd rather be playing Pokemon Go
      I’d rather be playing Pokemon Go
    • alex-shoot2
    • Alex cruises through
    • alex-shoot3
  • Whitney completes the plastics
    • whitney-shoot
    • Whitney isn’t as graceful as Morgan, but she did a smooth job as well
    • whitney-shoot2
  • Neeley is rocking it now
    • neeley-shoot
    • neeley-shoot2
  • Jason now
    • Killing the muscle poses
    • jason-shoot
    • jason-shoot2
    • Jason is lovin it
    • He keeps sticking out his tongue. Photographer “Someone give this guy a tongue sandwich”
  • Scott’s up
    • Bring it on hard, Scott
    • They had to bust out the color palette because Scott is so white haha. Poor Scott
    • scott-shoot
    • scott-shoot2
    • Scott’s a pretty funny dude
    • scott-shoot3
  • Shane’s up
    • Someone whispered “Is Shane last one?”  Shane pointed “No you have Kryssie”… Kryssie probably secretly cursed Shane for that
    • shane-shoot
    • shane-shoot2
  • Kryssie is up last
    • Photographer “We’re going to whale through this”… seriously?  Was that a slip or?
    • kryss-shoot
    • Kryssie keeps complaining that she’s going to fall in the pool
    • kryssie-shoot2
  • 10:00pm – Done with solos, now some group shots
    • groupshot
    • groupshot2
    • playfight
    • Ok, final group shot. Was pretty fun watching this behind the scenes stuff.  I will open a new thread shortly for the day’s feeds
    • groupshot3


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