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Big Brother Over the Top Pre-Season Talk

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Winter is over, another Big Brother season is here!  Oh wait, it’s only been a week since Big Brother 18. Well, I’ll take it.  I took a few days off, but I’m back and so is the show.  It begins tonight at 10pm est only on the live feeds.

Seeing as this is the first season to ever be exclusively online, this is new to everyone, and there will be some hiccups along the way.  We have an idea of the schedule, and there were reports coming out to explain things like ‘safety meeting’.  Allison Grodner (the producer) spoke with Yahoo about a few changes this season, so let’s dive right in…

She says viewers will be deciding who wins the money (yay to no more bitter jury), but also mentions a few other things, like this:


We feel like by choosing the winner and adding a cast member and then having a role in nominations and evictions, fans are really going to have a heavy hand in the strategy and making a difference in the game like never before.

Nominations and evictions??  This is definitely not your mother’s Big Brother (or yours, considering the old way was just a week ago). Viewers are going to have a massive impact in the show this season which I worry means less drama. They’re going to be ‘Jamesing’ it up for the camera (yes, James is a verb now), rather than making sneaky moves.  That said, there will still be competitions like HoH and PoV, so the players will still have involvement.  Perhaps it will be something like America choosing x amount of people per week to be safe, then the HoH can nominate 2 out of the remaining people. We’ll find that one out tonight.

This statement kind of backs what I was just saying:

When we started developing this series we kind of looked at it differently than we looked at the broadcast series. [For broadcast], we really focused on, “What are those three hours a week going to look like?” Now on this one, it’s, “What is the live series going to be like?” So the safety ceremony is a play on nomination that plays out over a longer period of time so that people can tune in more often to find out who is safe over the course of a couple days. As opposed to everything happening in one moment at the nomination ceremony, which is over really quickly, this is something that’s going to play out over a couple days — ending with the two people that will be nominated for eviction. So there are more reasons to watch live, more reasons to log on.

So it sounds like over the course of the week, players will be safe one by one. Perhaps HoH is just a safety position and viewers will completely pick nominations?

As far as sleeping all day, there is going to be an ‘awake curfew’, meaning there will be certain points throughout the day when they all have to be awake.  Bye bye naps

Competitions will be scaled down as a result of the curfew because they want to give people more outside time this season..  No more 2-3 day indoor lockdowns:

And because this is live, we anticipate there being more access to the yard on a daily basis — whereas on the broadcast version sometimes they would get locked down for four days at a time while we build these big, epic challenges in the backyard, and it kind of can mess their clock up because they’re never outside. We think with them being able to have more access outside, hopefully they can keep a more normal schedule so they are awake when people are watching the feeds and they aren’t sleeping all day.

Here’s to another 2 months of Big Brother fun!


(and I haven’t forgotten about Survivor. Ok, I have. I still haven’t watched the season opener. If anyone wants to write for that blog, now that my mini vacation is over, I’m going to be setting it up)

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