BBOTT Updates October 24 – November 15, 2016

Hey everyone, Steve here. Going to keep my rambling brief.  As you know, I have help with the updates through the season, and one of my writers (CaRyn) came up with a brilliant idea to have a separate page just for the detail-oriented aspects of the season.  This way, I can have a page that others can constantly update while keeping my daily spin on the feeds that I typically do.

With that, I turn it over to CaRyn…

First update begins on 10-24-2016. Last update is on 11-15-2016 on this thread. This is thread 1 of 2 threads.

11-15-2016 Tuesday (PT):

12:43pm Kryssie/Morgan – Morgan: I just wanted to talk to you about the F4 thing we have going on. I know you and Justin want to stay loyal to Jason. Kryssie: This week, yeah. Morgan: Obviously to get to the F4 we need to take him out next week. Kryssie: Right. Morgan: For the HOH I know he is not going to want it. If you and Justin wanted to throw it I would be more than happy to take the reigns and target him. If he stays that is a risk I am willing to take. Ya’ll wouldn’t burn any bridges with him if he stayed. There is a chance we could target him and he stays with the Veto. Kryssie: You know Justin is the one I truly care about in this whole thing. Danielle needs to go before him because she has a greater chance at winning. Morgan: And the Care Package. If I get this one I can’t play in the last one and I feel like everyone wants to play in the last one because it guarantees your spot in the finals. I trust you and I am want to work with you and it might make sense on why I want to target Jason so bad but Alex is my sister. That was the big sister twist. He got out my sister so that’s why I want so badly to be HOH to be the one to get him out. Even if I go home because of it. If he stays. I can say I was HOH and I went after a big target for a game reason and an emotional reason to target him. I haven’t let anyone else in the house know. I told you that because I wanted you to trust you. Kryssie: Thank you. That is a big deal.

2:53pm Justin/Jason – Justin: Nothing is changing. I am voting her out of here. Jason: She asked me today if I knew what everyone was going to do. Justin: She doesn’t know that the plan is to definitely get her out this week. Jason: Trust me I know that is the plan if the girls are throwing my name out for next week. Justin: Believe you are next on the list. We got to send one of them home. I know they are not trying to take me to F3. Where were they this entire time. For everyone’s game we got to get Shelby out of here. Jason: I am just glad I have you and Kryssie or else I would be stressed. Justin: There is no telling how things are going to pan out. You never know. Hopefully things are good. Jason: I think if we can get Danielle out this week and Shelby out next week, you, me and Kryssie are guaranteed F3. I am not trying to take Morgan and there is a possibility for her to get some money when she deserves none. I don’t know what Kryssie thinks on that or what you think on that. I think she is the least deserving. I would rather be in a F3 with Shelby because at least she deserves it. I don;t want her to get there because I think we deserve it more. Justin: To be real with you I think Shelby will win. Jason: That is why she has to go. Justin: If I took her to the end I know she would win over me. Jason: She will. She has played very, very well. Justin: I feel I played a really good game. Never did I throw anyone UTB. Jason: I wish I could say the same. Justin: I already know. Who knows? I just know I made a deal to keep me safe this week and it worked. Now when I get this Care Package I am going to do whatever in the hell I want to do.

3:06pm Morgan/Justin – Justin: I know we said F4 but I am thinking F3. Morgan: Obviously we will need to get Jason out this coming week. And your Care Package is going to guarantee you something until the next week. Toss me the HOH and I will get the blood on my hands. If he doesn’t go he will target me. Justin: I am thinking F3 – you , me and Kryssie. Any of us with Shelby at F3 we are not going to win. Morgan: Right. Because she has been doing so good at comps. Justin: I told her I would be coming for you instead of her but really it will be the other way around. The better payout will be you, me and Kryssie. Morgan: F4 you, me, Shelby and Kryssie. F3 I want the best shot at me winning anything. Justin: Keep this between us. I am not even going to tell Kryssie. Morgan: Let’s keep this between us. This F3 does not get implemented until we get to F4. We got to get Jason out. Justin: As long as you stay true to me I am going to stay true to you.

4:10pm Justin/Danielle – Justin: D, I want you to know you will always have a special place in may heart. Danielle laughs. Justin: You know. And you will always be able to come to New Orleans and see me. Danielle: Good to know.

4:30pm Justin/Morgan – Justin: I have been thinking about this and it could really be a good thing for us. Morgan: I don’t think anyone would see it coming. If we get to F4 we will have options. Justin: You can’t tell anybody.

6:12pm Kryssie/Justin – Justin: You know I got you, right? Whatever I do it is going to be in the best interest of you and I at the end. Kryssie: Are you going to throw the comp? Justin: I am not saying that because I don’t know what the comp is going to be. I have a plan you and I are first or second and Morgan comes in third. Kryssie: You know Shelby has to go before Jason, right? Justin: Well, I am not sure how that is gonna work. Kryssie: She can’t play this week. It is our only chance.

11-14-2016 Monday (PT):

10:10am Jason/Justin/Kryssie – Jason: Trust me, I am still down with the plan but it is best case scenario if Danielle comes off and Morgan stays up there. The only way I can stay this week is if Morgan goes if Danielle doesn’t go. So they gave us a chance and it makes me a little less stressful. Danielle wins – not great, but ok. As long as I stay. It just made it kinda less likely for me to go this week. Thank you, America. I still wanna win though.

10:41am Justin/Kryssie – Justin: If the Care Package is take one person to the end, it is definitely gonna be you. I know you say I can trust Jason and stuff, but I don’t trust him anymore. And I am just over that. If he makes it to the end it is what it is, but I do not trust him. You are the only person in the house that has never broken my trust and I appreciate you for that. And that is why you will be one of the ones I will take with me to the end. But I am not taking him to the end with me. I just want you to know that. Kryssie: Ok. Well, thank you. Obviously this is about my own survival. Justin: I have been thinking about it and he was the first person up there to them girls without Danielle. And then they went up there as a pair. He was the first one up there without Danielle even though he wants to blame most of it on Danielle. But he was the first person up there throwing me UTB. Kryssie: Well they probably talked about it beforehand. Justin: I don’t know and I don’t care because never not once did I ever be saying oh, you should do this to this person. I never played the game like this. This whole time. Never did I throw any of my people UTB or say they are a threat. I never not once did that this whole game. Never. Not for my own personal benefit or anything. I never said anything like, oh, you should go for Kryssie because she has a bum knee. Never not once have I done that in this game. So why should they be able to do that?  Why would they come up with their own stories why me or you for their own personal benefit? I am not with that sh*t. Kryssie: Honestly, that is traditionally how you play BB. Justin: I understand that sh*t but I chose to play BB a lot differently and really my social game has gotten me this far more than anything. Kryssie: You and I both. Justin: For me to be able to have things on both sides of the house and have sh*t going. Sociably I am like yeah. I don’t trust him and I am just telling you this because I probably am never gonna tell him this because he will find out eventually when he watches all of this sh*t. And I frankly don’t give a sh*t.

10:46am Shelby/Morgan/Justin – Justin: Are you alright? Morgan: Yeah, I am doing good. I was prepared for it. Justin: I know, but it is all good like I promise you I am going to do the best that I can and I am going to fulfill my side of the deal. Shelby: Ok. Justin: I like really have been thinking about it and I am really going to carry out the plan. That is something I really want to do. Shelby: I am just really upset. (Shelby crying) Justin: It is going to be ok. It is going to be fine. The worse thing that can happen is Danielle wins the thing and then you (Morgan) for sure are gonna go home. Morgan: As long as she doesn’t win anyone else wins, we’re good. Justin: And I told you if I win Shelby, I am going to take her down. Shelby: Ok. I am just really stressed out about it. Justin: I already know. It’s gonna be good. I am a man of my word and I promise you I am going to do everything I can. Morgan: Dude, I promise you, the fire under my a*s right now. Justin: It’s gonna be alright. Justin leaves the room. Morgan: I think he is being genuine.

10:50am Kryssie/Jason – Kryssie: If he did make a deal with those girls, part of the deal is he is going to take Morgan down. Jason: If Morgan comes down that is fine. We will still get Danielle out. If he wants to rebuild a bridge with me and him that’s not gonna help. Kryssie: I think the part of him that is not playing the game will pull you down. We just have to make sure he doesn’t win and he is pretty good at that himself. In the even that he does get it I will take care of it. Idk, I feel in my gut that he doesn’t trust you. Jason: I feel it too. Kryssie: He is being nice to you for my benefit, not necessarily his own. I will handle it. If he does take Morgan down.. Jason: It doesn’t matter. Kryssie: He wouldn’t take Danielle down. Jason: No. Kryssie: If I win it I am taking you down. Jason: I know. Kryssie: It goes without saying. I don’t know about him. It doesn’t exactly matter. Jason: No, it doesn’t. Kryssie: If I get it you will come down and he has to go up. Jason: Yeah. Kryssie: He will have to find lots of faith in everyone if that happens. And he has burned a lot of bridges this week. Honestly best case scenario he wins it, takes you down and I go up. Jason: It doesn’t matter. No one is going to vote him out if he is sitting up there next to Danielle. Kryssie: If Morgan stays up there OTB we can do whatever the fu*k we want. If there is a tie Shelby can send Danielle home. Jason: America will vote for Morgan. Kryssie: And then two people can vote for Danielle. Jason: Then that way it will not look like I did Danielle dirty.

1:06pm Shelby/Kryssie – Shelby: There is no way you go home this week. We will talk about results when they happen.

1:07pm Danielle/Kryssie – Danielle: If you win or if one of us wins we will have the votes to vote out Morgan. I would feel better if it were you or Jason or me voting because then we will know where the votes will go. I don’t have a problem with hi staying but I don’t trust how he will vote. Kryssie: I agree with you. He was telling me this morning that he doesn’t trust Jason anymore and I was like why? He has already said his thing about you because you have been vocal with his thing with the girls. Danielle: I just hope he remembers that they are the ones that voted him out and I was the one that saved his as*. He is here because of me. He needs to remember that. He needs to fu*kin’ remember that. Two evictions in a row they were gunning for him. Kryssie: They didn’t have any thing for him until this week when they realized they could use him. Danielle: Now all of a sudden they are his best friend. Like no. We have been loyal to him since day one and he needs to remember that. Who had his back when those girls didn’t. Kryssie: Right. I agree with you. Danielle leaves the room. Kryssie says to herself: This is a clusterfuc*.

1:10pm Danielle/Justin – Danielle: I just want you to remember that for two weeks in a row they have been gunning for you and in DE they voted for you and I kept you here. Justin: I know you did. Danielle: Because you are apart of my alliance and my loyalty is to the four of us always. Justin: And I believe that. But I was just wondering why you were being so ugly to me and I didn’t do anything. Danielle: Because you say you don’t like them so much and they get HOH and I feel like you are kissing their ass and you didn’t care about your alliance anymore. Justin: I never did. You already know my social game. I have been on both sides of the house. Nothing has ever changed. Even though they may dislike me and I may dislike them, they know that this is still a game. We have to come together at some point. I didn’t want them to blow themselves up last night with the grill and sh*t. Danielle: That was just me being silly. I just want you to remember that I trust you and you are my alliance for a reason. I have been here with you since day one. Justin: You’re right. You have. Well, good luck. Danielle: Thanks. Justin: Keep your chin up.

1:12pm Justin alone: I don’t care what you tell me, I don’t trust you. You lost my trust. I don’t trust you girl. You can’t trust a big butt and a smile.

1:21pm Veto Competition begins.

2:49pm Jason alone. Veto Comp still in process. Jason: So it sounds like I probably lost. Let’s hope not.

4:39pm Shelby/Morgan – Morgan: We know who is going home. Shelby: I am the newest target in the house, but I don’t care. Morgan: I am going to be that girl that everyone wants to take to the end because I suck. Shelby: Maybe you should win HOH then next week.

10:02pm Shelby/Justin – Shelby: Everyone is going to be coming for my head next week. I can’t play in HOH and now I have won the most comps out of everybody. I am in a really shit*y position next week. I wasn’t about to let Morgan go home. Justin: I really wanted to win that comp. Shelby: Either way you have a Care Package that will keep you safe. You are probably guaranteed F4 right now. You think everyone is still good with voting out Danielle, right? Justin: I think so. I am going to do what I agreed with. Kryssie is not going to put Jason OTB. Shelby: So hopefully you or Morgan win HOH. Justin: Right. I can’t guarantee Morgan’s safety over you. I know I made a deal with you. If it is you or her you want to sacrifice yourself for her? Shelby: I don’t want to sacrifice myself but my best case scenario would be we both stick around. Justin: I am 100% keeping my end of the deal and I am keeping you safe. It is going to kinda hard to protect both of ya’ll. It is either going to be you or her. Shelby: Unless we can get Jason. I know that is the case and I don’t want to sell Morgan out but if it is a choice between the two of us, I want to stay. Justin: I know that and I want to take you to the end. I think it would be fair. I can’t trust Jason. I don’t trust anyone in this game right now. I feel like I can kinda trust you. I am not coming for you at all. I know for a fact Kryssie is not going to vote out Jason. I told her I cannot trust him. She is the one I am close to because no matter who was HOH she never came up here and threw my name UTB. Shelby: I realized that when you were in the bathtub because if she had any side games that were against you, you would have found out about it by sitting in the bathtub. I feel bad for her that she trust Jason this much because Jason came up here and made a deal that was leaving her in the dust. Justin: She thinks he did that to make him and Danielle look like a target but I don’t believe any of that sh*t. She believes he did that to protect us. I never threw anybody UTB no matter how much I disliked them. Shelby: Omg, he offered me the deal I offered you basically only it was Danielle’s Care Package. Justin: I know for a fact he wouldn’t take me because he probably doesn’t think he can win against me and some sh*t. Not only that he has a huge following. Shelby: You have the personality. Jason has the personality and following. Our side thought he was running your side this whole entire time. Kinda the same way everyone thought Alex was running us the whole time. Kryssie is in a good spot. Kryssie is not in any danger. No one is trying to take out Kryssie. Jason is the best person for all of us to take out. I want to be in the finally and I don;t want Jason to be there. Justin: He makes himself seem so believable. Shelby: Yeah, if he has Kryssie believing that he threw your names UTB to protect you, he’s good. He is scary good. Justin: Right. And that is crazy. Whatever happens I got you. I will try to protect Morgan. Shelby: I put you guys in a great spot next week.

10:33pm Jason/Justin – Justin: They want e to sell you out. Jason: They want to evict me now? Justin: No, no, no. This is like for next week. I absolutely feel like I cannot trust you. Jason: I know. I love you man. You are my fuc*ing partner. I can’t see myself doing that to you. I would rather you win HOH or whatever. Jason: That is the game plan. Justin: And maybe week nine I can protect you or something. I am not trying to do that. I don’t want to put you OTB and sh*t. Jason: I know you feel like you cannot trust me but once Danielle is gone there is nowhere for me to go. I can only go to you and Kryssie. Justin: It is hard for me to trust you. I just don’t know what to believe. This game has me going crazy. I want to trust you but then I know I can’t trust you. I don’t know what the fu*k to do or believe.

11-8-2016 Tuesday (PT):

8:36-8:45pm Morgan’s Live DR: Hi, America. It is good o be back. I wish I could be a super peppy as I usually am but I am not going to lie, this has been the worst day of my life and it is day 42 and I think I have hit a breaking point. So this is going to be a very interesting live diary room session. Let’s get started. I am so pumped. Ok. One – How has my strategy changed since my last diary room session? What obstacles are you currently facing? Well, A whole lot of things have happened since the last diary room session. At that time I didn’t think Jason was a complete and utter liar as well as Danielle. I didn’t completely have the entire other side of the house as openly as I do now. I thought there was still a fighting chance for us. And then, Jason won the Veto. A lot of things happened and my strategy last time was keep a strong social game, fly under the radar, be seen as a non-threat and win comps when I need to. Now, I am basically tossing my social game out the window because I cannot stand these people. I cannot live with them. It is basically impossible to live in this house with Kryssie, Justin, Danielle, Jason and Whitney. It’s impossible. You might think I am being dramatic but no. You spend 42 days with these human beings and you’ll know what I am talking about. It’s impossible. So, you know my social game is definitely changing. I am not being nice anymore. I am not pretending that I like them and they are so funny. No. And at this point it is probably me or Alex going home and this is where it comes down to my strategy is changing and I have got to just win competitions. That’s my big obstacle. You know if Alex goes tomorrow I have to win HOH. If I go tomorrow she has to win HOH or you know it’s both Willet sisters gone in the DE, which sucks. But, it is what it is. Ok. How do I feel about the nominations for the week? Well, I am OTB again with my sister which absolutely the worse feeling ever. I think she is so deserving to be in this game. I want to be in this game and the thought of one of us going because of freaking Jason and Danielle and their scheming makes me just sick. Because I think we are both so deserving being here and I think any of the other side of the house even deserves to win the game at this point. But, I mean, that is just my opinion.and I was kinda just thrown for a loop whenever Jason kinda went back on his “F5” deal and thought he was super smart in the Veto Meeting this morning but that’s kinda how I feel about the nominations. I think it sucks and I don’t want to be up against Whitney. I mean she is safe but I just flat out don’t want to sit with her because, I mean I don’t.. Honestly I have no respect for Whitney anymore. But, that is just me. Sorry Whitney’s family. Ok, three, how does the outcome of Veto Competition affect your game this week? Well, you know we always make our worse case scenarios and this week it was Jason or Danielle winning the Veto and you know, somehow all of our worse case scenarios seem to come true. So, Jason gets it and you know, and at first we thought we had a fighting chance. He came up and was ok with the idea of getting Whitney out after we heard her, oh, what was it, “celebratory dinner” comment to Justin and basically saying, hey let’s celebrate with a dinner because probably one of her alliance members, me or Alex, is going home. Wow, Whitney, so you know we at first thought Jason was going to be ok with getting her out and then he presented us with the idea of getting Justin out. Then him and Danielle came to us with this “F5” idea and at that point even though they were lying we had no choice but to believe them. So, the outcome of the Veto Competition sucked because Jason flat out, you know, he lied. And now I am up OTB because of it. But, what could we do? We had to try. We had to fight. Alright, four, with only eight people remaining which hg would you say is your most trusted ally and why? Well, I literally cannot stand five out if the eight people. So, Obviously I trust my sister and I trust Shelby and no one else. They’re all liars, they can’t be trusted, they’re scheming. They preach this whole “loyalty” game. Well, guess what? Jason might preach that he is loyal but as of last night he was willing to toss Justin and Kryssie UTB. So, Jason you are not as loyal as you say. So basically I only trust Alex and Shelby and I cannot stand the rest of the house. Ok. Alright, five, it is said that Big Brother is a game of backstabbing and betrayals. How has this been your experience? Well, you know I can say that Alex and Shelby are the people that I trust the most and they are the people that have not backstabbed me. I wish I could say the same for Whitney but she can preach all she wants that she was never flipping on us and she stayed loyal and she was the bottom of her alliance but Whitney, you are a terrible liar. So, I know you have been working with the other side. Like I am not stupid. And it sucks. It really does hurt because you want to trust people. You want to know that people in your alliance are telling you the truth and actually gonna have your back. And to know that Whitney has blatantly flipped to the other side without even caring to take to us, make an effort to seem like she is playing both sides. So that has kinda been the hardest for me. But, I definitely saw it coming. I wanted to see the best in her after her “celebratory dinner” comment, I knew that was kinda out the window. Alright, six, what is your plan to stay in the house? Honestly, they’re gonna do what they want. I wish I could say I could campaign to stay, but I am not going to campaign against my sister. I think we both deserve to be here. I would love to stay. I know she would love to stay. I am going to fight my hardest if I do stay. Might shed a few tears when she goes, but there is no point we can talk to anyone to campaign to stay. They are all liars. They are gonna lie to our face. They can’t be trusted. So you know at this point you just have to let them decide and hope for the best and I hope I stay. I hope I can win HOH and not get voted out in the second eviction. We’ll see. Ok, eight. How do I fell about the upcoming DE and what is your game plan to survive the night? Well, I wish I had a game plan to survive the night but it is most likely me and Alex going home unless I win HOH. And I know I say ever week it is so important for me to win HOH but I have kinda been relying more on my sister and my social strategy to get me through this far. But, no, that’s out the window. It is time I plain and simple have to win HOH or I am going home this week. And you know, I want to keep fighting. And I am not ready to go home and I don’t want the other side of the house to get their way. The hypocridiots cannot win. If not, it is just gonna be like them taking over the house, picking us off one by one. Just farting and burping on each other and being gross. So, gotta win HOH. Alright, nine, today is election day in America, that’s so weird, how does it feel to be locked away, completely unaware of what’s happening during such a big event in the outside world? Honestly, you forget about the outside world being in here. It took me to today to realize that we get a new president today and I am not going to know who it is until I get out so it is so bizarre and like you get in here and you get so wrapped up in the game that you forget about this whole outside world. Like, I have to be like, oh, I still have family and friends and a life outside of this so it’s gonna be crazy finding out our new president. I am not going to tell anyone who I want to win because I don’t want to share my political opinions with you all. But I just hope America isn’t up in flames when I get out. That would be great. We’ll see though. But that is crazy that is election day. It is crazy to still be here day 42. So, they say you go crazy day 40 and today definitely was my crazy day. So, anything else not covered on above questions that I wanted to tell America? Um, America, I would just like you to know these people are impossible to live with. They are impossible to live with. Um, if you see me crying in this episode it’s not because I am a weak player it is because I broke and finally realized I cannot take these people anymore. I have been building it up for so long, not saying anything, and just trying to play you’re nice, gliding social game but, no. That’s done. Sorry mom, sorry dad, I cannot handle these people anymore and it is just gonna come to a point where I am gonna have to tell them how I feel. So, we’ll wee how tomorrow goes. I think it will be very interesting and I am just gonna hope for the best for The Willett sisters. We’ll see but I would still like a fighting chance and I don’t want to see my sister go but it is not looking good. But, that’s it, America. So hopefully tomorrow is not my last day in the house but we’ll see. It’s been a rough day but I am ready to keep fighting. Muah. That’s it. I hope you all are watching and not just paying attention to the election but I know that is a big deal to. But, yeah, that’s it. Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Hi, friends. Hopefully I won’t be home too soon. Muah. Bye.

11-7-2016 Monday (PT):

10:05am All hg – Alex is America’s third nom.

10:09am Kryssie/Jason/Danielle – Danielle: It is 3 to 3. Whitney will pull herself down. Jason: And Justine will go up. Danielle: Whitney is not going to vote out Justin. She already said she will vote out Alex. We would have three votes for Alex.

10:14am Kryssie/Jason/Danielle/Justin – Danielle: We won’t need a tiebreaker. As long as she keeps her word there will not be a tiebreaker. Jason: Just like I said, if they didn’t like Scott, they are not going to like Alex.

12:36pm Jason/Kryssie – Kryssie: All of the people that have put me OTB have been nominated by America.

2:20pm Alex/Morgan – Morgan: I thought Whitney would be a little more upset. It doesn’t matter to her which one of us goes home. Alex: Nope. It doesn’t.

11-6-2016 Sunday (PT):

8:23pm Shelby/Morgan/Alex – Alex: We are probably going home if it is me or you (Morgan) as America’s nom.

8:33pm Shelby/Whitney – Shelby: There is no way that anyone would vote you out this week and if you stay OTB you have zero votes. If I put up Alex or Morgan they would go home and then we would not have the numbers next week for DE.

11-5-2016 Saturday (PT):

1:03am Alex/Morgan – Alex is upset about Shelby complaining. It is a game. Alex: I think you and I are mentally tough people. I have to remember that not everyone is like that. Morgan: You have to remember that we have each other. There are people that feel super alone. Alex: Half the house are cryers. I will be fine. I just needed to walk away. Morgan: Just remember that social game is just as important as strategic. If these people irritate just let them hear what they want to hear. Morgan leaves the room. Alex tears up and tells herself it is fine. Morgan returns. Alex: I don’t do well with people that complain.

1:09am Jason/Shelby – Shelby is crying about being the BB house, sharing her HOH room and not hearing from family. Her letter was from Monica. You are the last person I thought I would be comforted from.

1:13am Alex/Morgan – Morgan: Justin is getting on my last freaking nerve. He is disgusting. Alex: I cannot handle Danielle stories. I can’t sit there is listen to the stories. She is like everything I cannot stand in a person. Morgan is glad Alex is in the BB house as comfort. Morgan: I can’t act like a do at home and freak out over things. Whitney is kinda of pissing me off. Alex: Whitney is pissing me off too. Morgan: If you flipped at least pretend you are loyal to us. She is doing a terrible job at that. Alex: She doesn’t care. Jason succeed in his mission to make her not trust us. Morgan: Honestly I wouldn’t be upset if she was America’s nom. Alex: Me either at this point. Morgan: I hope she does come back to us and in DE we have the numbers. Maybe she should have been loyal to us. I just want to tell Justin he is not freaking funny. He was in the first week. I hope Jason doesn’t sleep in the HOH so I can. Alex: You have done a fantastic job in this game of keeping your emotions in check. I thought you would be like Danielle and going off on people. Morgan: I know I am not the most smart and strategic so if I can keep a good social game that will benefit me. I can’t be the brain like you. I can’t be my normal freak out self cause where would that get me?

2:28am Shelby/Jason – Shelby: So we agree we just need to get out a big threat this week. Jason: Yes, either a big threat from your side or a big threat from my side. We need to make ourselves in a better position going into next week or going into the end game. If we are thinking end games it isn’t about numbers. It is about we got to get these people out of here that are better than us. And there are a lot people better than us. Shelby: Who is your main priority to get out? Jason: Alex. Shelby: Who is your main priority to keep safe? Jason: Kryssie. Shelby: She is your Morgan. Jason said he won’t go after Morgan and Shelby said she won’t go after Kryssie. Jason: We should probably save Morgan and Kryssie tomorrow.

11-4-2016 Friday (PT):

1:04pm All hg – Jason received the Care Package.

1:09pm Shelby/Morgan – Morgan: He is going to want to put me up because Whitney has already promised her Care Package. We need to figure out a way for him not to put me up. Unless I promise to use the Care Package in his favor only. Whitney might have promised that side.. Shelby: You won’t will you? Morgan: No, but I am going to need to say something to him. Shelby: Let’s just wait and see what he is thinking before you go promising that kind of stuff. Morgan: I just wanted to let you know that he is coming for me because Whitney has already promised her Care Package. Unless you can try to flip and say Whitney has more of a chance beating you in the end. He might listen to that. Shelby: I am pissed because now Jason will be playing to take him down. I have to win the Veto. Morgan: Or one of us. Say we get Justin out this week, Jason can’t play in the next HOH. Shelby: Exactly. Morgan: One of us wins, he goes home. Shelby: He is a sitting duck. Morgan: If we can get a target out this week. So it is probably good that he got co-HOH because he can’t compete in the next HOH to win it. That way one of us wins it and he goes home. We need to pick his brain before I make any promises. Shelby: I am thinking about how I can get out my target. Maybe I can convince him to go for Whitney. And then Justin and Whitney will be OTB against each other and then Whitney would have to pull herself off.

1:16-1:26pm Whitney/Justin – Whitney: You should be happy. I know they are going to throw me UTB though. Justin: No. Whitney: I think they are going to tell Jason, just put Whitney up. Justin: Jason isn’t going to listen to them.  Jason is going to put Alex up. Whitney: You think so? Justin: Yes. Whitney: Ok. Justin: It will be up to you to vote her out of here. Whitney: Well I would do that. Justin: I already know. Whitney: You know that I would. Justin: And I know you would and that is why I am trying to look out for you. If I am up there I know my people are not going to vote me out of here. Whitney: And I wouldn’t either. Justin: I already know. They wouldn’t even have the numbers to vote me out of here. You know what I’m saying? Whitney: Yeah, yeah. No, you aren’t going anywhere. But for sure they will have the numbers to vote Danielle out of here. Whitney: Do you think Jason is going to make a deal with Shelby, like put Danielle up? Justin: No. My side is so loyal. We don’t even do sh*t like that. We don;t even think like that. Whitney: No, I am saying who Shelby is going to put up. Justin: He probably will push to put Danielle up. You know what I am saying? That would make more sense, but he might not even talk game. Who knows? Whitney: I am trusting him not to put me up but I know Alex is so manipulative. Justin: Yeah, he’s not going to put you up. It is important of you to win this double HOH because if Morgan or Alex wins it we are all in trouble. Whitney: I know. Maybe Alex can go home this week. Justin: And maybe Alex can go home this week. Whitney: I would love to win the double. I am going to be scared to death if you or myself doesn’t win it. Justin: If you win the second DE you’re only there until the next HOH challenge. You see what I’m saying? I am going to be the 8th HOH of the 7th week. I am so superstitious it’s ridiculous. I am not going to be the 7th HOH of the 7th week because I won;t be able to be in the room and chill with the fish. I really want to hang out with the fish and chill with the fish tank. Whitney: Even if you don’t win and were to go up, you are not going to go home because you have the numbers. Justin: Right. If we are F5 you don’t have a good chance. F5 I’m not going to be coming against you. Whitney: I know. Justin: This is the thing, the people in my group are terrified of you. They feel like if you are in the last thing, ya dig, America is going to chose you. I don’t think that way. I think it is whatever America wants. Whenever that was you were going to go home that week. Whitney: I know. Justin: That wasn’t the plan. Then America put Scott up. I think America is looking out for you because if Scott didn’t go up it probably would have been one of us and then we would need Scott and Alex’s votes. But we didn’t even know if they were really going to go through with that. Whitney: I don’t know either. Justin: It is probably a good thing because we would have been out of power and out of numbers and everything. Everything is going to be good. Just got to stay positive. I hope my crew holds it down. They do see Danielle as the bigger threat. I haven’t won anything bit the Veto challenge. I am so glad I won or Kryssie would be gone. Whitney: I know. Justin: That is why I was so upset I didn’t win the Veto to take you down because I didn’t know what Danielle was going to do. But the only reason she did that was to be in good graces with America. Whitney: Yeah. But you don’t think Jason will put me up? Justin: He’s not going to put you up. I hope he doesn’t. I think he os going to put up Alex. I don’t know who he os going to put up to be real with you. But I don’t think he is going to put you up. Whitney: It just scares me because I know they are scared of me, that they never take me to the end. Justin: I will take you to the end. I think I have played a good game since I have been here. Whitney: I think you have too. Justin: I really have soaked up the BB experience. Whitney: I think you are America’s Favorite Player. Justin: I don’t know that. I would like to think that I am because I really do like spread my time throughout the housing I do confront people when I feel like there is a need. I am outspoken. Whitney: And you are very real. Justin: I am a realist and that could hurt me in the long run to. I don;t really know the group of people that follow this. I am not a social media. I don’t really follow a lot of this.

1:26pm Justin/Whitney/Jason/Danielle – Jason: Safety Ceremony – Shelby goes first and makes a hg safe and then I make a hg safe. She is probably going to make Alex and Morgan safe leaving Whitney as a nom. If my nom wins Veto I replace them and Shelby replaces her nom if they win Veto. She will definitely save Alex and Morgan. We have to figure it out. We have to claim which one is our nom. Justin: You (Whitney) Have been hanging out with them (Ball Smashers) everyday but it isn’t going to change anything. Alex is going to tell her (Shelby) what to do. Danielle: This is really Alex’s HOH.

1:28pm Shelby/Morgan/Alex – Shelby explains how noms work. Alex: So you can save us first. Shelby: Yes. Alex: Justin walked up to me and said Jason is putting you up. Shelby: He needs to shut his fuc*ing mouth until he nows how things work. Alex: the goal this week is just to send one of them home. Shelby: We have to win the Veto. Alex: What will be interesting is that this will put one person at the bottom of each alliance and that will make them have trust issues with their alliance. Shelby: That sucks because unless he makes Whitney safe she is going up. Alex: She is going to freak out once she knows how it works.

1:33pm Justin/Danielle/Kryssie/Whitney – Justin: I can’t wait to eat tonight. I will probably have to ease into it.

1:40pm Shelby/Alex/Morgan – Morgan: If one of us is America’s nom and we don’t win Veto one of us is going home 1000%. Alex: If LNJ is America’s nom we have a fighting chance. I will be pissed if I go home on Jason’s HOH.

1:45pm Ball Smashers – Shelby: I claim whoever is left over. I am in a fuc*ing rough spot right now.

1:53pm All hg – Jason: Who is ready for my HOH room? Letter from his mom.

2:14pm Danielle/Jason – Jason: I almost want to put it to Shelby that we need to nom our own people so that if our people win the Veto it’s on us to backdoor. That’s the only way to make this fair.

2:18pm Justin/Jason/Danielle – Danielle: If I am willing to go up as the nom to guarantee a strong competitor in Veto we have to win the Veto. We need to convince Whitney that even if she wins she has to use it on me. Whitney will be safe regardless. Their not voting for her. America is not voting for her and we are not voting for her. She has to use it on me so we can backdoor one of them.

2:27pm LNJ – Justin: Whitney told me she would vote Alex out. Jason: What if it is Morgan? Justin: She (Whitney) will vote her out.

3:12pm Shelby/Jason – Shelby: It will probably be Alex or Whitney OTB depending on Have-Nots. I trust Alex more but she is a beast and she has kinda implied she will not take me to the finally. Jason: Alex and Scott were playing real hard all over the house. Shelby: Well that is good to know. Jason: Alex and Danielle are the two power house players we have left now.

3:23pm Shelby/Jason – Jason: It is probably best if you put up one of your players and I put up one of my players. Let America’s player land as it may. And then we just Veto it out and see where we end up.

11-3-2016 Thursday (PT):

1:33pm All hg – They made it to the small table. Less hg = table downsized.

3:04pm Alex/Shelby – Shelby: Danielle and Kryssie are not acting antsy. I guess they know who I am going after and they are right. We might have to act to Whitney that Jason is the target. Alex: I wouldn’t tell Whitney anything at this point.

3:10pm Alex/Shelby – Shelby: I’m going to be sad if I have to send Jason home, but it would feel great to send either one (Jason or Justin) of them home.

7:45pm Shelby/Alex – Alex: If you get to the end and you have been loyal to your alliance it is something to be respected. You don’t want to get to the end and be the villain and backstab all your people.

11-2-2016 Wednesday (PT):

10:52am Jason/Danielle/Whitney – Jason: Whitney, if you won today would you be able to nominate one of those girls? Or is that like a real difficult thing for you? Whitney: (couldn’t hear first part or her reply) If it came down to me and Alex I feel like I should win. If came down to me and LNJ I will probably throw it to you guys. Because that would put me in such a tough position. Jason: That is smart.

11:01am Justin/Kryssie/Danielle – Danielle: Whitney was saying if it comes down to her and Alex she is going to try and win but if it comes down to her and you guys she is going to throw it to us. Kryssie: Sounds good to me. Justin:  Yeah, she definitely said she doesn’t want to be HOH because she doesn’t want to put the girls up.

11:23-11:44am Scott/Ballsmashers – Scott: I need to clear up some misconceptions. I want to clear the air with you four. Alex: Jason has been coming after you (Morgan) since day one. Whitney: I know that. I told you guys that. Scott: Jason see you as his number one target. LNJ has been trying to get distrust and discord within the group. Jason is Justin’s number one and Kryssie is Justin’s rock and Justin’s number two. I just hope this squad sticks together. The people on the other side of the house are ruthless. Whitney: I don’t want you all to be threaten by my relationship with Justin, because even though I did pick him to play for Veto, I had a conversation with him the night before. I made a decision that if anyone on our side of the house was up, and you (Scott) ended up going up, that I was going to chose Justin. But don’t think he didn’t tell me like if it is Jason up or Kryssie up I got to pull them down. I know I am Justin’s third string. Scott: People are saying things in this house that isn’t true. Most of what they have said about me isn’t true. Alex: I want you to know that Jason is not the reason you (Whitney) got pulled off the block. He was the reason you went up. Whitney: But I never thought Jason was the reason I got pulled down. Alex: Oh. Whitney: That’s why I am a little confused by that. Alex: You said that last night when we were talking. Whitney: Oh, ok, yeah. I said Jason had a conversation with Danielle that she was already on America’s sh*t list and that’s why I was pulled down. Nothing to do with Jason. I think he had a conversation with Danielle that she was already on America’s radar, she has been put up, and I think that he just kinda made her realize that if were to try and send someone else home over America’s nom they are going to have even more stuff against you. Alex: Yeah. Whitney: It was nothing to do with Jason. Alex: Ok. Good. Whitney: I think Danielle pulled me off because she did not want to piss off America and that’s the only reason. Alex: Cool. Scott: I just wanted to make sure the air was cleared because I am going home tonight, obviously.

12:09pm Shelby/Alex – Alex: How do you think that talk went? Shelby shakes her head no. Alex: Not good. She was very not receiving. Ok. We are on the same page.

12:14pm Scott/Alex – Scott: I feel good about the talk with Whitney. Alex: Idk. I didn’t really get a good read on her. Scott: Stay on top of her. Show her the light, show her the love.

1:39pm Alex/Shelby – Alex: Scott and Morgan seem to think the talk went really well. I was like, she really didn’t say anything. She just sat there. Shelby: She got real defensive about the Jason thing to. She said, I never said that. Alex: Yes you did. Do you remember her saying that? Shelby: Yeah. Yes I do, but I was just trying to stay quiet during all of that. Alex: If Jason has been throwing us UTB to Scott imagine what he has been saying to Whitney. Shelby: To the person on their way out. Really what is the point of that? Alex: I still do not know.

1:40pm Justin/Morgan – Justin: (starts in mid sentence) ..If anything if I do, I am getting Shelby out of here. Morgan: I could have probably figured that. Justin: Yeah.

1:43pm Production to Danielle to remove her items from HOH room for the new HOH.

1:46pm Alex/Shelby – Shelby: I am afraid for Morgan. They were talking about a country singer and she said something to Jason, like oh, he has the gayest lyrics or something. Alex: Why does she say stuff like that? Shelby: I was like, oh, sh*t. Alex: She has done that before to. Shelby: Really? I got very scared. He didn’t say anything then but he will put that away into his vault. Alex: I am going to talk to her. She needs to be smart. We are at the level that we need to keep it real with each other. Shelby: Yeah. Especially saying to Jason. I was like, no, what are you doing? Alex: Are you trying to shoot yourself in the foot right now? When was that today? Shelby: When Jason was on the hammock.

1:49pm Scott/Alex/Shelby – Scott: Jason tried telling me last night that you have had a pretty easy ride, Alex. I put him in his fuc*ing place. Alex: Are you serious? I have been the target since week two and every week I am trying to survive. He is just trying to plant seeds in people’s heads. He has had an easy ride. He is my number one target.

1:56pm Morgan/Scott/Alex – Alex: So did Whitney say anything? Morgan: I hope you (Whitney) that wasn’t to gang up on you or anything. She said, no I understand. I am glad Scott told me. I told her don’t think that was us not thinking you are not loyal or anything. She was like, no like, I was just figuring ya’ll were probably questioning why I chose Justin. I just made sure she knew that we still trust her. She seems ok with that. Justin came up to me and asked me if I was HOH was I keeping him safe. Alex: He asked me every week but he hasn’t asked me this week. Scott: If I had won HOH this week I probably would have nominated Jason and Justin.

5:43pm Justin/Whitney – Justin: Let’s just say hypothetically you were HOH who would you put up? Whitney: I thought about throwing it but I really don’t want to. Justin: I don’t want you to either. Whitney: I don’t think I am going to. Justin: Don’t. Whitney: Probably Danielle and I don’t know who else. It would probably depend on the Care Package. Justin: I don’t think America is going to send her a Care Package. Whitney: I hope not. Justin: No way. Whitney: I would put her up. Justin: It has to be two people. Shelby. Whitney: Maybe. Just like a pawn or something. Justin: Yeah. Witney: Are they worried if I win. Justin: No. They haven’t mentioned nothing about it. Whitney: Idk. I want to win because I feel like I need to. Justin: I think you need to too. Whitney: Are you going to? Justin: No. If I win I am going to get Shelby out of here. Probably put Morgan up as a whatever. Whitney: And not Alex? Justin: No. I wouldn’t put Alex up. Whitney: Cause she didn’t put you up? Justin: She didn’t put me up. But if anyone else wins on my side she is definitely going this week. Whitney: I hope so. Because she is going to win this game. I think she is going to win. Justin: No way. She doesn’t have any personality. She is a strong competitor though. Whitney: Yep. Probably the strongest girl in the house. Justin: You have to give yourself a little credit, little mama.

11-1-2016 Tuesday (PT):

10:35am Alex/Morgan – Morgan: I am nervous for the Veto Ceremony. Alex: Yea, I am just wondering what it is she is going to do. Morgan: I just don’t think it would make sense for her to take Whitney off and put one of us up. Alex: She is not going to. I think she is going to take Scott down. Morgan: I agree.

1:05pm All hg – Danielle used the POV on Whitney. Morgan is OTB.

1:13pm Alex/Shelby – Alex: I guarantee Whitney did to save herself. Shelby: Yeah, I thought so. Bye, Scott.

1:15-1:17pm Alex/Morgan – Morgan crying. Alex: Hey, you’re fine. Morgan: I don’t think I am. Alex: No. Guess what? America is voting out Scott. Morgan: Then why did she do that? Alex: Whitney is a vote. Morgan: It is ridiculous. Alex: Yeah. She flipped it. Morgan: I don’t know why I am sad. Alex: Just know that we can’t trust her. Morgan: Dude, hell no. Hell no. Alex: You are still fine this week. Shelby enters. Shelby: Are you ok. Alex: It’s ok. It’s because you (Morgan) were blindsided. Shelby: Are you upset over the nomination? Morgan: I wasn’t expecting it. Alex: Yesterday she was really, really tense. Morgan: She had to of offered them something. Alex: She is going to vote with them I guarantee it. Morgan: She is going to vote me out. Alex: She probably isn’t going to vote you out. She is probably going to vote with them. She probably said if I get the Care Package I will use it for ya’ll. Morgan: Yeah. I don’t trust her anymore. At all. Shelby: Well our only choice is to get out Scott this week. We have to win. We said we have to trust each other this week and now we literally only have each other. We went from 5-3 to 3-5 like that. (snaps fingers) Morgan: I kinda want to talk to Danielle. Alex: You should. Morgan: I just want to know the reason behind it. Alex: Get whatever information from her you can. Shelby: Whitney is not dumb enough to vote you out though. Scott is going to the America’s vote. Alex: She knows. Shelby: All she may be doing is burning bridges. Morgan: Yeah.

1:17pm Ball Smashers – Shelby to Whitney: OMG. Are you surprised? Whitney: Yeah, I didn’t know that was going to happen. Well, I mean, it doesn’t matter. Shelby: You are going to vote out Scott, right? Whitney: Yeah. Shelby: Maybe he was her target all along and she is bullshi*ing us. Whitney: I thought her speech was kinda weird because why would she be in defense mode? When I talked to her before she nominated me I honestly did not think I was going to go up. So I feel like she was pressured by someone to put me up or something. Maybe Scott. Morgan: Yeah. Idk. Alex: It just doesn’t make sense. She just got extra blood on her hands this week. Whitney: Maybe Scott wanted me up and then when he was America’s nom  she had a different reaction to it or something. But it doesn’t matter. Morgan: No. Shelby: You guys vote out Scott. Alex: Yeah, I am. But just how she did it was really weird. Shelby: I thought she wanted to split us up this week. Alex: She did that so weird like, just like how everything happened. It just was not what I was expecting. Whitney: The only thing she told me before was whoever is America’s nom I am bring them down and she didn’t do that. Alex: Yeah. Scott: I am glad they left me OTB. Now you still have your two Care Packages.

1:20pm Scott/Shelby/Alex – Scott: I don;t know if I am the target or not. Shelby: I think you could have been the whole time. Scott: Maybe but I think they want to eliminate the Care Packages. They want to get rid of the people that can receive Care Packages. Alex: I have a theory that Whitney probably made a deal that she will use the Care Package on them or something. Scott: Yeah. I don’t know what else she could have done. She had Justin, Danielle and Kryssie to get in her ear.  Scott: That was the one thing that I was afraid of. If Whitney made a F3 with Justin and Kryssie. And I think she did. If you think it is better for your game to get rid of me instead of Morgan just give me a quick heads up. It’s fine but I would like to stay. Alex: Who is voting this week? Me and Whitney? Scott: And America. America is probably going to vote me out. America has voted out their nom every single time. Alex: Whitney wouldn’t even look me in the eye. I think the other side has been trying to turn her. Right now I am caught off guard by what happened. I am trying to figure out what happened. Scott: Do you think it would be a bad idea if Shelby canceled Whitney’s vote? Alex: I haven;t thought about it. Scott: I don;t think Whitney has any reason to keep me around. If Whitney and America vote me out I am done. Alex: I think you need to talk to her about it but I haven’t even thought that far. I feel like Whitney isn’t with us anymore. Shelby: I don’t either. I knew she would be the first to flip the whole time. Alex: that side has literally turned her from us. I guess that was there goal along this week. She is a floater. Scott: If you (Shelby) want to keep me around you might want to consider canceling Whitney’s vote. Shelby: I have to talk to people and see how they would vote because I am OTB and don’t want to take any chances. Scott: Absolutely. You have to look out for yourself, Shelby. Alex: I just wonder what Whitney said to Danielle because I thought Danielle was on the outs of Jason and Justin and Kryssie. Scott: Danielle said Friday if I was America’s nom she would use the Veto on me. I was expecting her to use it on me or not use it all but I was not expecting her to use it on Whitney. I think Morgan is their target because she can use a Care Package still. But I don;t know. I can still be the target. I don;t have anything with Whitney.

1:21pm Justin/Whitney – Justin: Are the girls treating you like an outcast? Whitney: Yeah, they are pretty freaked out right now. Justin: You got loyal people that aren’t going to throw you UTB. Whitney: The reason I am up there is because of Alex and I don’t even care. Justin: I already know. No, they did not see that coming at all. Jason joins. Jason: I told you everything would work out. Justin: They weren’t expecting that but how do they think you feel? Whitney: I don’t know if Shelby and Morgan know Alex did that. Do you guys think that they knew? Because I kinda feel like.. Jason: That they knew what? Whitney: That Alex pretty much there me up there OTB. I don;t think that they know so.. Jason: It was mainly Scott and Alex. Whitney: I know. Jason: I would assume just from being on the outside that Shelby would have known too. Whitney: Right. Jason: Maybe not Morgan. Whitney: I don’t think that Morgan knew because Morgan was the target before my name came out of their mouth. Justin: Exactly. Whitney: And so they just keep us in the dark and then I just walked in there and said no, I did not expect that at all. The only thing I can take from it in her speech she said she was in defense mode so I just kinda feel like that someone wanted me up there and she felt like that is what she had to do. And Alex was like, no I don’t think that was it.  Justin: Oh. Whitney: I know, you don’t got to tell me. Jason: My conversation with Alex and Scott, they refused to say your name. They think if they don’t say your name no one knows who they are implying. But they overly imply it. I’m like, ok, just say Whitney. That’s what you’re saying. Whitney: I think Alex is super freaked out. Jason: She could have gone up. She should be thankful. Whitney: I know. I think she could have influenced Morgan to vote me out. Justin: And that’s real. Jason: And that is why it was done the way it was done and now Morgan will see when Alex votes her out tomorrow.. Whitney: They think I am going to vote Morgan out or something. I’m like, I am not going to vote you out. I don’t know they are just very paranoid. They are only paranoid because they know they lied. Jason: They lied and now they are finally gotten for one. And they are like OMG. Whitney: Yeah. Danielle joins. Danielle: They are scrambling and don’t know what to do. They didn’t expect it. They didn’t plan for this at all. Jason: No. Danielle: That is what makes it so marvelous. Jason: I feel bad because I could hear one of them crying. Danielle: None of them came to check on me when I was crying.Jason: I told you we wouldn’t hang you out to dry, Whitney. Whitney: I appreciate it you all. Jason: Not a problem. Rather or not thy were all throwing you UTB being with Alex they were. If they are all going to do what Alex wants them to do then they are all throwing you UTB to. Whitney: I know. Jason: they may not have had the words come out of their mouth but they would have voted that way. Danielle: They were going to do whatever Alex told them to do. Jason: Morgan would have done what Alex wanted to do which is vote out you. Whitney: Even if Alex wanted to vote Morgan or I out she knows I cannot be influenced so she has no plan now.  Jason: We will see what Alex does now. Is she going to screw over Scott or is she going to screw over Morgan?

1:32pm Kryssie/Jason – Kryssie: I wonder what they think. I wonder who they think is the target. Jason: They probably think it is Morgan. Because she was the one that went up in the spot.

1:42pm Alex/Morgan/Whitney – Morgan: I am pissed. Alex: She sold us out to save herself. Alex: I am going to vote Scott out no matter what. You (Morgan) have to find out from Danielle what Whitney offered her. Shelby: We have to filter information that we give her (Whitney). We only give her unimportant information. Alex: She (Whitney) has broken the alliance. Morgan: I agree. Shelby: We have to act pumped that we do get to stay together. Morgan: I had to leave because I knew she (Whitney) was lying. Shelby: We don’t even have any numbers if we win HOH. Odds are against us. Morgan: I feel so awkward know around Whitney because I know 100% she threw me UTB. It’s the game but it is awkward. Alex: Scott has made it look like I have a F2 alliance and now I am voting him out and it will look like I am breaking another promise. Morgan: Maybe Danielle thought you and Scott were close and if you flipped Whitney would also and vote me. She would think you are trying to keep Scott.

2:04-2:09pm Danielle/Morgan – Danielle: I started off defensively because I didn’t know who America’s nom was and I left you off the block because I needed you as a bargaining chip. After we found out America’s nom it kinda it shifted from playing defensively to offensively. I did tell Scott I would take him down if he was third nom but I didn’t want to upset them (America) by sending home Whitney. I thought if Whitney was OTB Alex would vote out Whitney over Scott. I didn’t want to take a risk of Whitney going home. It is better for me if Whitney and Alex are voting. You and Alex would have voted together and I don’t have a say in the votes. Morgan: I didn’t know if by putting me OTB you wanted me out or just putting me up guarantees Scott is the target. Danielle: I feel you are in a better with Alex than Whitney. I feel Alex is less likely to turn on you than to turn on Whitney. I hate to go back on my word and I am going back on my word with Scott but America handed me a gift. I was already in bad with America in the past and if I send Whitney home and I keep the person they (America) is giving me on a silver platter America is going to be what is wrong with you. I just wanted to the best scenario that he goes and you and Whitney stay.

2:11pm Morgan/Alex/Shelby – Morgan – I don’t believe her. I still think she made a deal with Whitney. Morgan tells them of about her conversation with Danielle. Alex and Shelby believe for sure Whitney made a deal with Danielle.

2:53pm Alex/Morgan – Alex: Remember when Jason was saying should Danielle put up Morgan or Whitney and I basically had to save you and be like I think you should put up Whitney. I didn’t really say her name. I bet you he went back and told her and twisted my words and turned us against us. That’s why having a sister in this game sucks because I was literally doing everything in my power to save you and it backfired. So bad. Morgan: Idk. I think Jason would want Whitney out though. Alex: I think he decided to use that and turn us against each other though.

5:08pm LNJ – Danielle: We were just saying that you (Justin) need to stay onto of Whitney. Justin: She is good. I think we got her. If anything she owes us one because her as* was going home this week. Even if she does decide to go back. Jason: She owes this this week. Danielle: My thing is I am nervous for her to win HOH because at the end of the day I don’t know if she is ready to make a move, like putting one of them up. Justin: No. And that is another thing I am not too sure about either. She might not necessarily turn and put one of them up yet so it’s like really too soon for her to be in that situation. Kryssie: One of us has to win it.

5:32-5:41pm Alex/Scott – Scott: For you and Shelby’s long term game I think it is best that you do not cancel Whitney’s vote because you might need her as number. I am thinking of approaching Whitney and asking her if there is any chance of her voting for me to stay. I have two little bits of information that might help. Morgan told Jason that she thinks she could beat me in a F3 and I know Morgan and Jason have an open relationship and I had a working relationship with Jason since week one and I know his biggest threat and to win this game is Whitney. Alex: Please just don’t bring up my name because I want to stay neutral. Scott: You can’t be a stray vote or that will hurt your relationship with Morgan. I will tell Whitney if there is any way she wants to keep me around to talk to you. I will be honest, I do not see Whitney changing at all. She has been pretty much been talking about keeping Morgan since this morning. Scott: So maybe I shouldn’t even bother. Alex: I am not going to tell you what to do because this is your game, but I have a gut feeling she’s not. She has been acting like she is 100% voting you out. Scott: Honestly I’m probably not going to talk to her. But later on down the road you might be able to use that information with Whitney to improve that bond with her. Obviously Whitney’s back was against the wall and she needed to say what she needed to say to keep herself safe because she was going to go home. Alex: I can’t blame her for what she did. Scott: You really can’t. Later on you are going to need her Care Package. You are going to need her vote. Alex: I have to do some major damage control. Scott: I am probably not going to talk to Whitney. I am probably going to go out with grace. Don’t feel bad about anything. You need to keep the core together. Alex: I don’t want to vote you out. Worse case scenario has happened. Alex: Whitney must have made the deal of the century. Scott: Hopefully she doesn’t stick to it. Alex: Whitney is in a tough spot now. She has made deals with both sides of the house so she is going to have to stab one of us in the back and she will be caught in a lie eventually. Scott: She needs to go for Jason. Alex: I know Jason used the information I gave him against me. He is a snake. Scott: You cannot trust Jason and you need to let Whitney know she cannot trust Jason. Maybe you should confirm with Whitney that you are going to vote me out. Alex: I am so sorry. I am really sorry. (they hug) Scott: You have been my best friend in the house, Alex. You really have. Alex: Thank you. Scott: And I appreciate your loyalty and everything. And I am glad I made it through last week because it bought you guys through another week and it would have been really bad of you this week. Alex: It just pisses me off that someone like you, that is a genuinely good person, who loves this game is being sent home and there is half this house that really sucks and half the house that doesn’t respect the game.. Scott: The good die young in this game, Alex. Remember that, The good and the honest die young in this game. Alex: It pisses me off. Scott: I will be rooting for you the rest of the game though, from home. Alex: Thanks. I need all the help I can get.

10-31-2016 Monday/Halloween (PT):

12:12am Justin/Whitney/Kryssie – Justin: It is operation Save Whitney tomorrow. Whitney: Yeah, if one you guys aren’t up. Kryssie: I meant what I said to you (Whitney) in the kitchen. I will absolutely fight for you. Whitney: I know. Kryssie: For America to nominate me that would be a huge slap in the face. They didn’t vote for me for two weeks when I was OTB. Both times America did not vote for me. It would be advantages for all of us if Morgan went up because of the Care Package.

12:44am Justin/Whitney/Kryssie – Justin: I hope me or Jason get HOH because I know he is going to pull the trigger on that Alex and Scott thing. Kryssie: I’m nervous because if tomorrows comp is anything physical my hands still are not healed.

1:56am Justin/Whitney/Jason/Kryssie – Whitney: Justin, maybe if you sleep with Danielle she will put up whoever you want. Kryssie: Were you guys cuddling? Justin: Under the covers we did a little foot rub. Whitney: What a little slut. Kryssie: I cried when Shane left before Danielle did. Jason: She (Danielle) made it tie to look selfless but she knew Scott was going to break the tie and send Shane home. Justin: She came up with that on her own. Jason: That was the exact same plan that Scott came up with. Justin: What if the orchestrated it? Jason: I would not be surprised. Justin: I am convinces. Kryssie: If she (Danielle) has been working with those two (Alex and Scott).. Jason: How do we get more confirmation on that? Is there any way we can trip her (Danielle) up and get more confirmation? Or do we just believe it and roll with it? It doesn’t put us in any better or worse standing with her because we already know about her. Justin : I think it is really the truth. Kryssie: But we need Danielle as a number. Justin: But do we if we got her (Whitney)? Jason: If we take Whitney from them, let Danielle think she is still with us and then we try to cut all of ties with them and then we cut her. Whitney: And I am on that side and you guys are with her and we can compare notes. Jason: It explains why she (Danielle) is always coming up with the same strategy as Scott. Kryssie: She (Danielle) told me Morgan was going up. Jason: She changed her mind right after talking to them. She (Danielle) talks game at me and not to me. She doesn’t need my opinion. She already has her opinion from Scott. Justin: I know he probably threw us UTB. Jason: He is probably saying, look, these people wanted you out over Shane. You have no other than to come and work with us. Justin: That makes so much sense. Jason: We need to get Scott out first. They say Whitney is going to win but what they are really saying is they don’t control Whitney. Kryssie left the room. Whitney: I think you guys will know for sure tomorrow if someone comes down and Morgan goes up. Justin: She (Danielle) said if Scott was America’s nominee and she won Veto she was taking him down. Jason: She said she just wanted two noms. Kryssie back in the room.

9:47am LNJ – Jason: With Scott OTB it is the best case scenario. Kryssie: If he stays up there that is the only way we are guaranteed a vote. Jason: (to Danielle) I know you wanted to pull down whoever America’s nom was but now I don’t think it is smart. I really don’t think it is smart. America is handing him on a platter to us. If we don’t take it we are as*holes. Danielle: Idk. I don’t give a fu*k about Scott. As a game player I believe anything he says over any of those girls. Idk. We will see how it goes. I don’t want two nominees in the house. That is terrible for me. Jason: You were nominated by people and you didn’t even nominate the people that nominated you. Danielle: Whitney and Shelby are going to think that way. They aren’t going to come after Kryssie or Justin. Jason: If we don’t break up their people this week then they will come after this side. If you take Whitney off and put Alex up with Scott and Shelby we will decide who goes home. What we were thinking about doing next week we can do this week. Instead waiting and hoping we are in power next week when we are in power this week. Danielle: She (Shelby) can still take away you threes guy’s votes and then it will be.. Jason: Whitney deciding. And Whitney feels they fu*ked her obviously because she is up there. Danielle: What is Morgan going to do? She is going to vote out Shelby or Scott. Jason: And then you break the tie. America is going to vote out Scott. I just don’t want to miss this opportunity. Because they are giving it to us real nice and easy. Danielle: I know. Jason: America doesn’t want to see them walk around and brain wash everyone. They don’t want to watch the Alex and Scott show clearly. Why is that what we are giving them this year? Danielle: If I don’t send out Alex that will make me her enemy number one. Jason: She (Alex) was going to let him (Scott) go last week. Danielle: You were thinking three people get to vote, but it is three votes don’t count. If someone we can convince Shelby that she doesn’t want to give that to them, she needs to give it to us. We can keep her (Shelby) safe instead of her wanting to put it in their hands and that is Alex’s number two. I wouldn’t mind Whitney coming down and Morgan going up. Jason: I think that is a scenario then we can convince Shelby you need to give the votes to us cause she is not going to trust Alex anymore. We can keep her (Shelby) safe. Danielle: I would rather pull Whitney down and put Morgan up. Jason: Are you that afraid to take out Scott? Danielle nods yes. We were all nervous that America hated us, they don’t hate us. They are helping us right now. If we don’t take the opportunity they will hate us. Danielle: Yeah, So we take Whitney down and put Morgan up. Convince Shelby to let us vote and we vote out Scott. Jason: If there are three votes, including America, pull Whitney down and let her vote with America. Alex can’t steer that boat alone and they will scatter. Danielle: We need to let Justin or Whiney win the Veto. Jason said he wouldn’t get much backsplash for pulling Whitney down if he wins Veto.

10:02am Kryssie/Jason/Justin – Jason: Do you think I convinced her (Danielle)? Do you think it worked? Kryssie: I hope so. Justin: Why is she so gung-ho about Scott? Jason: Because that is one of her alliance members. Danielle may have a side deal with them but I think she prefers us. If we pull her aside and say it is them or us, we can pull her in. Jason leaves the room. Kryssie: I think Jason is right. She (Danielle) would rather be loyal to us over them. I think the only reason she made that deal was in case one of us was OTB this week. No offense but I would be fine with Morgan or Scott going.

12:19pm Alex/Shelby –  Shelby: (comes in middle of convo) I don’t think I will win. Alex: I am not going to tell you what to do. Shelby: I just don’t want to be viewed as a quitter. I just don’t want it to hurt your game.

12:24pm Jason/Kryssie/Danielle – Jason: Whitney thought that they were more solid. Now she realizes they are ready to dump her off so, so, so easily. Kryssie: That’s fine. Let them hate her. She can come right on over to here.

12:31pm Alex/Shelby – Alex: If Scott does go home this week me and you need to pick someone from the other side because obviously this house division is ending soon. Shelby: I do have one thing to say about it. Not Justin. I don’t trust him. Alex: Kryssie, Jason and Whitney would take Justin to F2 if there was a F2. He is in the best position.

12:31pm Jason/Danielle/Kryssie – Jason: Everyone that wins Veto will take themselves down. It is all of us against Scott.

12:35pm Alex/Shelby – Alex: I think she would put up Morgan if Whitney or you come down because of the Care Package. Shelby: Whitney figured out the Care Package unless they told her.

11:44pm Shelby/Scott – Shelby: Did you talk to Danielle yet? Scott: Yeah. Shelby: What did she say? Scott: It is hopeful. I am pretty sure she is going to use it on me. Everything should be fine. Shelby: Coo. Talk to you about it more later.

10-30-2016 Sunday (PT):

10:32am Alex/Morgan – They discuss Morgan’s conversation with Danielle. Morgan: Whitney wants Shelby out and Shelby wants Whitney out. Alex: As long as it is not me and you. Morgan: I am on the same page as Shelby. Whitney said if it is any of us next to Shelby she wants Shelby out because she is getting dragged to the end. So that is in our benefit. Alex: It just can’t be me and you at the end. If you and me are together we control the votes.

12:09pm Jason/Danielle – Danielle: I am just going to talk to Whitney again. She said the least. Morgan at least said something. Jason: She (Morgan) gave you regurgitated same ole nothing. Whitney isn’t going to give the regurgitated stuff. I respect that she is playing her own game. I feel like they would be more willing to lose Morgan and if we twerk it to where we get America’s nom down than we got Shelby versus Whitney up there. And Shelby won’t go and we will lose Whitney. I think that would be the second best case scenario so that she can’t get a Care Package and two of us will receive Care Packages. But it is also like, am I threaten by her in these comps, not necessarily. Where I would be more threaten by Morgan. Danielle: I am split down the middle. Jason: Well you have to put up Shelby. There is no reason letting her vote and deciding who is voting. You might as well take her vote away from her. You have to put up Shelby. It makes sense. Or else it is Shelby’s HOH this week. Danielle: I don’t want to put Morgan up and then her stay and then I am one of her targets. Jason: I think she would come for me and Kryssie before she comes for you. A lot of those girls over there might come for you but I definitely think that Morgan irregardless is coming for me and is coming for Kryssie. My other thought is keeping Justin reigned in quiet difficult and he really wants Morgan. So if we don’t give him Morgan this week then we also have to reign him all week to make sure he is not going to do Shelby or do something else. It just keeps the maintenance of keeping Justin in line a little easier if it is Morgan. And then if it doesn’t work out, like we said it possible might not, then Whitney has to go and he is ok with that. But I don’t know if he will be ok with doing Whitney first on purpose. If Whitney is the only option, she becomes Plan B because Morgan is safe and he is ok with it. But I don’t know how ok he is going to be if Whitney becomes Plan A. I support your decision what you do as well but I think Alex and Scott will be more threatened of Morgan than Whitney in the long run. They probably have a better social relationship with Morgan. I don’t know if that will stop them necessarily from flipping. Whitney seem stop be the odd man out over there. Then that’s like not really breaking them up. They are still a foursome. Mighty strong. Whereas if you remove Morgan you pretty much break Whitney from them completely and then you just have a threesome. Who knows. Whitney said she is closet to Alex, but they all say they are closet to Alex. It all depends on this Veto comp. I am probably going to be America’s nom and would rather compete against Whitney and Shelby, than to have Morgan in there. But I don’t want to say let’s not put Morgan in there because she is too good of a competitor because we really haven’t seen her do that much. We have seen her do a rock wall and Scott almost got the same time. I could have beat Scott at that rock wall. Danielle: Yeah, I could have beat that tim too. Jason: So we probably both could have beat her time.

12:53pm Whitney/Alex – Whitney: If it comes down to it, and it comes down to all of us, who are you going to send home? Alex: I would save all the girls over Scott. Whitney: You would? Alex: Yeah. So if Scott is up there.. Whitney: The thing is Scott is likely to win this game. But I don’t even think he is going to go up. Alex: I don’t think he is either. That is why you almost have to be America’s nom to be a ? (couldn’t hear). Obviously I want someone from the other side to be America’s nom because it would be beneficial for all of us. I am just praying America’s nom isn’t you because that would be worse case scenario. I already feel like it is going to be me and Shelby up today. Whitney: I don;t think it’s gonna be. Alex: I keep speculating. Well if it is this if it is this and this person who would go. I just don;t like turning on each other. We may be forced to this week, but hopefully not. I know there is a lot to consider. If Scott gets to the end he would win. Shelby will be taken to the end because people know they can beat her. Probably Morgan to, but I think Morgan has a little more on her resume than Shelby at the end of this. So I don’t know. Whiney: But not a lot. Alex: Not a lot. Whitney: I think people are a little bit scared to because obviously Morgan and I haven’t gotten a care package. And Justin for sure is going to get one. But I would think Jason is going to get one as well. I don’t think Danielle is going to get one. So that just leaves me and Morgan on this side to get one. But I for sure think the next one will be a co-HOH. Alex: I think it will be too. It’s almost like whoever wins HOH, rather it be our side or their side, we kinda know like who the co-HOH would go to. It would go to someone on the opposing side. I know there is not a whole lot we can do until tomorrow. Whitney: If you were to go up and end up staying there, obviously Scott is not going to be up there with you, he would vote to keep you safe. Alex: Yeah, I hope so. I don’t know. Say the America’s nom pulls themselves down, we haven’t really had that happen before so we really don’t know who America would vote to evict. Whitney: I don’t think it matters because if Shelby keeps all the votes together than they will decide who goes home. What if Jason were to go up? Alex: then he better win Veto if he wants to save himself probably. I do think if he gets to the end he would win by a landslide. If America gives us an opportunity then we act on it. I don’t think he is going to be it. Whitney: I don’t think he is going to be either and that is why I am so confused on why he is dead set on.. Alex: I feel like he is trying to use reverse psychology on America.

2:40pm Danielle/Kryssie – If I had just won that Veto. If I just would have answered that question right on the first try, I would have had the lowest time and Neeley would still be here and Scott would be gone.

3:02pm Danielle/Kryssie – I will go rock climbing with him (Mike). I am wearing fuc*ing gloves. Now that I know I am actually kinda capable of doing it, If I had the right equipment it was like, aside from having brutal cuts on my hands, it was really eye opening kick as* experience.

3:56pm Whitney/Morgan – Whitney: (cuts in mid sentence) ..cause it always Shelby, Alex, Scott. Morgan: Yeah, I have thought about that but then Alex has said she wants to distance herself from Scott. Because he is the that keeps clinging to her. She says I don’t want that because it puts a target on her back. Her priority is keeping the four of us together. It will be interesting if she is OTB, Scott will obviously take her down. Whitney: But I think Scott is going to be one of the only votes this week because he is not going to go up. Morgan: That’s true. So he will be a for sure vote. Whitney: He will vote you or me out. Morgan: Unless he is America’s nom. If Danielle is saying she wants two people up at the end I can’t imagine she wouldn’t put up two people that are targets of hers. Which would make me think Shelby/Alex.

3:57-4:11pm Jason/Justin – Jason: So Danielle is trying to figure out if it is better to put Morgan up or Whitney up. Talking to the voters this week it is probably best to put up Whitney. It sounds like they are more threatened by Whitney because she can win and they don’t think Morgan can win. That Morgan is unliked. Justin: That sucks. She is actually the only girl on that side that I have any loyalty with. Jason: I know. And trust me I would rather work with her than any of them. But this is the benefit of putting her up initially. If America blesses up with not putting us as America’s nom and Whitney is already up there initially, then she can’t be backed door. It is likely the Veto will be used especially if there is three of them up there. And we can leave the America’s person up there. If Whitney wins the Veto this week, we will be in Halloween costumes so she will not be in a disadvantage to anyone else. So at least we are guaranteeing her a spot to play and if it ends up having to be Morgan in the spot, we can sorta say Alex and Scott sorry we tried to give you the person you would prefer but it just didn’t work out this week but the deal is still good, you still have to vote out Morgan. For most people they are looking at it like maybe it is Whitney’s time to go but I am looking at it like hopefully Whitney can save herself this week. Then we can force to be Morgan’s time to go. Don’t stress about it. Don’t think about it too much. Let Danielle do what she wants to do. Justin: Right. She is going to do what she wants to do at the end of the day. Jason: She approached me with that today, early. Like do you think Morgan is best or Whitney? I was like I think you are overthinking it I think you should stick with your original plan. But then she talked to Scott and then I talked to Scott and Alex and Scott together and to make it seem the smoothest and the most guaranteed that Alex and Scott will not  vote one of us out this week and vote out one of their own we kinda have to give them the one they want and they are the most threatened of Whitney. But if Whitney can up herself off, or you can win or we can somehow finagle Whitney comes down, then Morgan goes up. They did say they didn’t care but they are more threatened by Whitney. So we are more likely for one of them to vote for us to stay if we are the America’s nom if Whitney is up there. Justin: I definitely don;t want Morgan around. Jason: I know, me either. But sometimes in here you can’t get exactly what you want. Justin: I can if I win the Veto and I take Whitney off. Jason: Yes. Yes you can. Justin: And Morgan is just going t be up there. She is going home. Jason: That is why I said it might be the opportunity that Whitney needs to win. Or somebody that wants Whitney down wins. But I do understand why it is actually smarter to put her up. Which we are guaranteeing them that our word is good. Which it is good this week. I don’t know how long the deals will be good, but this week is some real sh*t. Alex was like are you serious? I think I am going up. I already guaranteed you that you’re not. Clearly you don’t believe me. Like gave me a hug. Like I had just told her this. I told you (Alex) two days ago. So obviously they were thinking I was trying to pull some sh*t over on them and I’m not. I am trying to make some real sh*t right now. But we are just going to have to roll with the punches. But if you can win the Veto and take Whitney down, I am going to tell you that is what you should do. And then we can get Morgan up there and Alex and Scott will vote to evict Morgan. But if we do what we want at the beginning and just thrown Morgan up.. Justin: We got to get Alex and Scott. We got to get one of them up out of here next week. Jason: I want to win HOH and put them both up against each other. I am using them this week but next week they got to go. Justin: Hopefully on my HOH I eliminate Shelby. If they (Alex and Scott) win HOH next week we are up sh*t creek. It is going to be a trip trying to get Danielle out of here. The thing is I know for a fact she (Danielle) can’t turn us (LNJ) against each other. Jason: No, she can’t. She is our fourth, but she is not going to break up the three of us. We don’t have to worry about what we are going to do about Danielle because they (Ball Smashers) are going to come for her. The more I thought about it all the points for Whitney are just as valid as for Morgan. Justin: I think Neeley being out of here is good move because she was going to turn on you and me. Jason: It was a good move. I don’t think she would have turned on me as soon as she turned on you. Justin, Right. Jason: That is why I was like I don’t know about this.

10-29-2016 Saturday (PT):

3:23am Justin/Danielle – Share sleeping in HOH bed. (platonic)

10:08am Jason: Ok last cigarette. Last cigarette of my life.

12:40pm Kryssie/Jason – Jason talking about how he doesn’t want Alex and Scott to me nominated because they are most likely to flip. Jason: They will be the first two to screw over the rest. Kryssie: Saving those two (Alex and Scott) would be the only fighting chance we have if one of us (LNJ) ends up OTB. Jason: I would be surprised if Shelby got a Care Package and was America’s nom this week. There are three Care Packages left so one has to go to LNJ. Kryssie: Only Morgan and Whitney remain without packages. If we can get one of them (Morgan or Whitney) out this week it will better our odds. Kryssie: I would be more than happy to see Morgan leave this week. I would rather not see Whitney go, but it’s a game. Jason: I would prefer Morgan go over Whitney. Jason: I wouldn’t be surprised if you are a Have-Not because you haven’t been one. Kryssie: I know my time is coming.

12:46pm Danielle/Kryssie/Jason – Jason: We were just talking game and how it is best if someone that hasn’t won a Care Package leaves. So then maybe we can have two Care Packages in the coming weeks compared to only having one. Just for advantage odds. Danielle: Morgan is so stupid for sending Neeley home. She (Neeley) was the only one from this side that gave a sh*t about her (Morgan) and now were like f*ck it. Bye.

1:26pm Danielle/Shelby – Shelby: Our first time talking game. Danielle: You are not my target. Shelby: I think we are good people to have around for each other because , you know, there are other people in the house that are going to beat us in finale and we would have a chance against each other. I have been trying to keep your name out of talks. Danielle: It is not even in my head for you to go home. If it shakes out that you are OTB this week, know that.. Shelby: I’m obviously going to have to use the votes then to keep myself here. Danielle: I want you to use the Care Package how it benefits you the most. Taking votes away from my side of the house, I understand that completely. It’s a game and I understand that completely. I would want you to use it and take votes away and guarantee your safety. I don’t want you to go. I do not feel like Scott is a threat in the game. He is not a threat to me so he is not on my radar. I am not going to put my chips in his basket for him to go. It is not a wise game move. Just know if you go OTB I do not want you to go and I will be gunning for you to stay. Shelby: There might be someone that is beneficial for both of us to go, but I think it is pointless to discuss it until the noms are up. So we are mutually not coming for each other.

1:34-1:47pm Scott/Danielle – Scott: Obviously we are on two opposite sides of the fence, but the one good thing is I really don’t think I have ever lied to you in this game. We haven’t really talked game for me to have lied to you. Danielle: I think our issues were just personal. They spoke about the alliance Scott was in with Shane and how Danielle didn’t know about it at the time. Danielle spoke about how she felt like Neeley was trying to push her out. Danielle was thinking of flipping on Neeley before Neeley could flip on her. Danielle said she was going to apologize to Scott about what happened with the kitchen thing. Danielle said she was in her emotions and overreacted and blew up. She said she was going to apologize but then someone told her about the whole terrorize thing and she was like fu*k that, but it isn’t in my character, even then. And the only reason it upset me was because I have been bullied my entire life. To hear that struck a cord from my past. I want you to know I don’t hold anything against you. Scott: I appreciate that. I think people were assuming I was going to come at you super, super hard and I knew the votes were 3 to 3 so I was trying to get that vote however I can. I was going to play in the middle but after that hammock convo with Kryssie way back in week two it felt like half the house didn’t even want to associate with me. Now I have no other choice than to go with the other people. I have not trusted Kryssie since week one. Danielle: When it comes to game I have an open door. I feel like in my alliance I am probably at the bottom of the totem pole and based on the conversations I heard last week from the girls you are in a similar place as me. Scott: I was about to say that. And I want you to know you are not my target this week. And if some reason America noms you and I win Veto, I plan on taking you down. Scott: Oh, cool. I really appreciate that. Danielle: People expect me to come after you and that is just not a smart game move and I know BB well enough to not make emotional or brass decisions. I feel like because we are in a similar place, and I know you have allegiances to Alex and I’m not asking you to be in an alliance.. Scott: That is the one person I will not turn on. Danielle: And I understand that completely. And I respect that completely. And I want the both of you to know I have an open door. Just because Alex nominated me, just because you sent Shane home and we had our personal, whatever, little argument, that does;t affect how I am playing the game. And I know I need people from the other side of the house to move forward. You and Alex are the ones to be willing to play the game and be able to know that sometimes game moves have to happen and sometimes you have to put a little bit of trust into someone from the other side of the house. Like you said the night you evicted Shane, I have not gone back on my word once in this house and I have played and honest and loyal game. Scott: I really believe you have. Danielle: I plan to do that until the end. This is me giving you my word that I do not plan on nominating you. And if America nominates you and I win Veto, or someone from my side wins Veto, we plan on taking you down. Scott: Cool. Excellent. Danielle: I want you to know I have an open door. If you want to talk game, we can. If you want to talk deals, we can. And I don;t want any personal argument that we got into or anything like that to affect our game play. I think at some point we will need each other to move forward. Scott: Yes. I want you to know as far as next week is concerned if I win HOH you are not going up, and I am pretty sure Alex feels the same way although I can’t speak for her, and you are not going to be a replacement nominee. And if for some reason you were to be America’s nominee , if that is still a thing, we would use the Veto to take you down. And that would mean it would be one of original nominees going home. Danielle: It hasn’t been just two people OTB yet and my goal this week is just to have two people sitting OTB. If Alex stays off the block at least as an original nominee then I will know 100% that there is real, real potential for us moving forward deep in the game together. Even if someone from my side, the other girls (Ball Smashers) when HOH and they put you OTB I would be willing to use the Veto on you. You are not someone I want going home early. You know what I’m saying? I think potentially you, me and Alex could move forward in this game together. But Alex is the only person I am not willing to turn on. Danielle: I understand and I respect that 100%. Because I believe in loyalty and I don’t expect you to turn on Alex. If Shane were still here I wouldn’t do that to him. Scott: Right. Danielle: I knew what you wanted to do the week you were HOH and I wasn’t even going to go up there and try and change his mind because he is set and he has in his mind what he wants to do and I respect it as a game move. I also wasn’t going to campaign against him (Shane) or anything because he was my number two. Scott: Of course. Danielle: If Shane were still here, I respect that you won’t turn on Alex because if he were here I wouldn’t turn on him either. Scott: And I knew 10 minutes before Monte’s eviction he wanted me to switch my vote so that Monte would definitely go home and it wouldn’t come down to America’s nominee and he was like I can offer you a one week safety deal with the other 6 people that have turned on you this week because the number one target for next week is Alex. And I was like Shane, that is not an option for me. You can’t promise me a one week deal because you are planning on taking out Alex anyway. Week two when a lot of people wanted me out of the house, Alex was the one person that never gave up on me. Literally the entire house was ready to give up on me but she was HOH and was like no, I am not going to give up on Scott. I owe her my life in this game. I really do. So, as far as next week goes you are not going to be a nominee if I am HOH, you are not going to be a replacement nominee. If you are for some reason America’s nominee and I win Veto, you are coming off the block and if someone else from my side is HOH and they either nominate you or you are America’s nominee and I happen to win Veto, I would still be willing to take you down. I don’t want you going home next week, regardless of who is HOH. Danielle; You will see this week that my word is my word. Scott: Excellent. If you do nominate two of the girls (Ball Smashers) as your original and one of them wins Veto and takes themselves off, you can use me as a replacement nominee if you want and I will still hold true to the deal I just offered you. Danielle: Ok. Scott: If that is an option you want to go with. You don’t have to obviously. Danielle; I don’t want to do that and the only reason is I don’t want you to go home. Scott: Sure. Danielle: That is the only thing that would scare me. Scott: Alright. Sure. Just an offer. Danielle: But thank you for letting me know that you are comfortable with that. I want to try and stay clear of that as much as possible. Scott: Absolutely. Just if I am the replacement nominee then my deal is still good with you. Danielle: Ok. Scott: It’s still good with you. Danielle: Ok. Awesome. Scott: Alright. Good talking with you, Danielle. Danielle: Yes. Thank you Scott for talking. Danielle: Absolutely.

1:45pm Ball Smashers – Shelby: Danielle is not going to talk game. The Have-Nots didn’t give us anything this week. She told me I might be OTB and I am not a target and Scott is not a target. Alex: It’s pretty much she is coming after me. Shelby: I am assuming that’s what that meant. Whitney: Why would Scott not be a target. Shelby: No one thinks that Scott was responsible for Shane getting out for some reason. Alex: They think it was me. Whitney: Which only concludes to him that he had nothing to do with it. Because none of us has said that. Alex: If we had it our way that would have been Danielle going out that week. That was all Scott wanting Shane out. Shelby: Well, I didn’t feel like doing that there. That is something you and Scott need to do for yourselves. Alex: So you (Shelby) are going up as a pawn and it is probably going to be me and you (Shelby). Whitney: I don’t know if she will put you (Alex) up though. Alex: Me? Whitney nods head yes. Alex: I think she might put up ya’ll two (Shelby and Morgan) or something. She will try to backdoor me. The thing is they don’t control any of the votes. Shelby: Scott went to talk to her. Alex: Did he? I wonder if she has a target or of she is just happy to get one of us out.

1:49pm Jason/Danielle (Kryssie joins later and then Justin joins) – Danielle said that Shelby wasn’t a target on her side (LNJ) and if Shelby is OTB this week LNJ is willing to work with her. Kryssie joins Danielle and Jason on the outside couch. Danielle said that she told Scott her door is open and even though they had personal issues she is willing to play the game with him and Alex. Danielle wished she had talked to Scott a little bit more because Shane left because of miscommunication. Danielle mentioned that she put it in Scott’s ear that she was going to flip and vote with Justin to get Neeley out. She told him that so that he knew she was willing to play the game and willing to flip on someone in her alliance that she thought would come for her. Jason: Which was his whole campaign to me. He (Scott) is probably thinking, damn, why did I campaign to Jason I would have campaigned to Danielle. Scott said he is only loyal to Alex. Danielle: We have to know that moving forward we have to put Scott up against Alex. Justin joins. Jason: We have to send one home that hasn’t won a Care Package yet. So sorry, Whitney, if Morgan can’t go. Jason tells them he feels Alex and Scott will flip. Jason doesn’t think Shelby will eliminate Alex or Scott’s votes and if she does and one of LNJ is OTB they are fu*ked. Jason: They will vote out Morgan before they vote out Shelby and they would vote out Morgan before they vote out me.

3:47pm Shelby/Scott/Alex – Alex: As long as we keep protecting each other we will be ok this week. Shelby if you are OTB I am voting for you to stay. Shelby: Both of you guys are right?  Scott: The only way I would ever to you out is if it is just you two OTB. Shelby: Ok. Then I know to take your vote away. Shelby leaves to get water. Alex: I think that freaked her out. Scott: Yeah, I think that was a bad thing to say. Alex: I don’t want her to be shaky with me or you.Scott: Yeah, that really freaked her out. I think I am a little to direct.

3:55pm Alex/Shelby – Alex: I was trying to talk to Scott because I felt that when he was talking to all of us he wasn’t telling us everything. Shelby: No, he wasn’t. Alex: That is why I wanted to check in with you because I know there are things you can’t tell the entire group. Shelby: Yeah. Scott is working with Danielle. Alex: For sure? Is that why he is not going up OTB or being touched this week? Then that means I am probably the target for sure. How do you know he is working with Danielle. Shelby: He said that both of them are at the bottom of their alliances and want to work with each other. He offered her a one week safety deal. No nom, no Veto replacement. And then he was saying something about keeping Whitney over Morgan. Alex: Are you serious? Shelby nods yes. Alex: No, we are keeping Morgan over Whitney. Shelby: Yeah, I know. Alex: You will be able to control that and it would obviously be how you want it. Shelby: Wouldn’t you rather keep Morgan over Whitney? Alex: Yes, here is the thing. Both of them are eligible to get the Care Package. Morgan will do what we want with the Care Package. Whitney is in good with Kryssie, Justin, all of them. Morgan has no ties with any of them. Shelby: Exactly. Alex: Morgan is 100% loyal to me and you. That is why when you and me were talking, I was like this is good, because if you and me stay in tight, we are all three fine. Shelby: That is exactly what I was thinking. Alex: Morgan isn’t a threat in the game or anything. You know what I am saying? Shelby nods yes. She proves she can when a Veto fi she needs to. She can be hg choice if she is not on the block. Earlier I was stuck with do I go with us and Scott thing or do I go with the girls and him saying that to me was like WTF? Even if you are thinking it don’t fu*king say it out loud. Alex: For me I saw us three as equal fitting in that sense. Shelby: He just said it was literally you guys and I am the expendable one. Alex: That makes me feel like I can’t trust him or anything he says because if he is saying that to us, what is he going around telling everyone else at this point? Shelby: So I guess we will just have to see how noms go. If it is you and me we have to make sure the America nom stays OTB. Alex: We can’t let each other go home because at this point you are the only person I trust in this game. Shelby: We always knew we couldn’t trust Scott but I thought we were the exception. He just literally told me he would vote me out. Morgan joins them. Alex: This week we three just need to stay tight. Shelby: Scott just told me he would vote me out. Alex: Yeah. He just said it to her face. That scares me because if he is saying that to your face what is he saying about us behind our backs? Morgan: We need to stick together and vote together. Shelby: I trust you guys over the rest of our group. Alex leaves the room. Morgan: I want to get up there (HOH) to talk to Danielle before Whitney has a chance to get up there.

4:01pm Alex/Scott – Alex: She (Shelby) was freaked out. I wouldn’t mention me. I would focus on trying to mend you and hers relationship. Now she thinks you would vote her out over me and I think that makes her feel she can trust either of us. Scott: I didn’t realize that was up in the air. If you do talk to her again let her know I do want it to be us in the F3 – me, you and Shelby. Alex: With the other girls we need to act like we are all equal. Now that Neeley is gone, Morgan has no ties with the other side of the house and she is 100% working with us. Scott: Thank God. Alex: Maybe we should make an alliance name with us three. Scott: Team A.S.S., our initials or Secret Weapon because she (Shelby) is our secret weapon. I really think there is a 90% chance all three of us are safe this week. Danielle doesn’t plan on nomming either one of us (Alex/Scott). Alex: I would also keep it on the DL about wanting to work with Danielle because she (Shelby) did mention it to me. We have to build our trust. We can work with Danielle and then bring Shelby in if needed. Do you think Danielle is telling the truth? Scott: Yeah, I don’t think she has a reason to lie. With nominations tomorrow it doesn’t make sense to lie.

4:03pm Jason/Ball Smashers – Jason thinks he will be America’s nom. Shelby: What if America gives me the Care Package and the nomination? All laugh. They talk about who and when hg have been Have-Nots. Jason: I think your side of the house got a bad perception at the beginning because of Monte. Once Monte got out you guys all got a breath of new life to redeem yourselves.

5:11pm Jason/Justin – If LNJ is on the block they need to win Veto and take LNJ off the block. Jason: Even if it is one of them we should still take down America’s nom. I am not telling the girls this but I made a deal with Alex and Scott this week. That is I am America’s nm they won’t vote me out and they agreed to it. I said we are not going to nominate you, which was what Danielle was already planning to do, but I twerked that into a deal for me. What I did not get from them was if Kryssie was America’s nom it’s no guarantees. I can only make a deal for myself. I can’t put all this out there and try to save her too. But if I am America’s nom and Alex and Scott are people voting they have agreed to not vote me out as long as they are not nommed this week. If we take Scott down if he is America’s nom and we take him down with the Veto it will show even more that this was a good deal. We weren’t lying when we said this sh*t to you. I would be very surprised if you were America’s nom that deal will work the same way. I didn’t lug you in but they would plug you in the same way. I couldn’t plug Kryssie into that deal the way I can plug you into that deal. Justin: I know they are still willing to work with us to the end. Jason: Well they really weren’t willing to work with me once I didn’t vote for Scott to stay. He was basically saying well things are different now. Justin: He told you that? Jason: Yeah. So I was like ok, here is the deal for this week. Nelley asked me what his campaign was and I told Neeley and Neeley leaked it back to him that his campaign was talking bad about Neeley. Clearly me and him were on different pages at that point. Justin said he would never tell Kryssie and Danielle because he is working with Alex and Scott too. Jason: They could still fu*k us over and vote with their crew but they know they got to take a shot at one of these people because eventually Scott doesn’t want to be in a F5 with these girls. So I was like here is your shot and I shook both of their hands on it. I didn’t even shake their hands on the quad bs. Know what I am saying? Justin: Next week one of the girls (Ball Smashers) wins HOH they are coming for Danielle regardless. Jason: Alex, Scott and Shelby are more like a trio over there. Justin: The only reason they are keeping Shelby is because she is a weak player. Jason: She is also loyal. And that is probably their perfect F3 scenario. I didn’t make a deal with Whitney or Morgan because they might be nominated and might not be voting. Justin: Whitney is going to be a problem down the line. Jason: Oh, she’s a problem. Justin: Alex and Scott are the ring leaders on the other side. Do you think that was their strategy with the HOH. Jason: No. I think one of them was throwing it. Shelby tanked. Maybe Alex threw it, but I don’t think Scott would throw it. Scott almost went home just moments before so I don’t think he there it.

7:16-720pm Alex/Danielle – Alex: I assume I am the target and I totally respect that. If for some reason I am not the target and you don’t want to make the target, I am totally willing to make a deal with you to protect you in return for you keeping me safe. If you don’t put me up I am totally down with protecting you these next few weeks. I feel we are the female targets and right now I feel we are getting played in like a head to head situation. Like we are having to attack each other. I think coming into these weeks coming up ahead instead of attacking one another it we be better if we worked together to protect each other. People are going to start coming after you and me no matter what and if you go people are going to come after me. If you go people are going to come after me. If you keep me I would 100% keep you safe next week and I would be able to convince the girls to like not touch you next week at all. I know Scott mentioned something to me about him wanting to work with you as well so that is just something I wanted to throw out. If you ever did want to do something in this game I am open to it. Danielle: My only question is I know you have made deals before and gone back on them so how do I know your word is your word from here on out? Alex: With the Kryssie thing, the only reason I went back on that was because I was told I was being lied to. I was told Scott wasn’t the target that I was being lied to and that Monte was actually the target. I felt it was a eye for an eye because Kryssie was lying to me in a sense and then I talked to her after and she apparently had no idea that Scott wasn’t the target. I don’t really know what miscommunication happened. I felt like when I made that deal with her she almost went back on it with me. She was lying to me. So that is where the miscommunication came. And I tried to talk to her about that before. I tried to clear the air with her. I do know that it probably does look really bad on my part that I had to break that. For me all I have is my word so I can’t do much otherwise except  prove it to you within the coming weeks. Danielle: Ok. Alex: So it is just something to think. Obviously I respect whatever you do. Danielle: Ok. Alex: Because I think you are a really strong player in this game. Danielle: I think you made a lot of good valid points. I am interested in deals in the future. I think people expect me to come for you and Scott. Alex: That is kinda what I was thinking too. If you and me ended up doing something people would not expect it because we don’t really even talk much during the day. It just wouldn’t be something people would expect.

7:20-7:29pm Danielle/Morgan – Morgan: I want to play this game with someone that is smart and strategic and I think you know this game inside and out. Some people intros house are playing this game very emotional and I want to play this game with my head and not my heart. I want to play it strategic and I think you are a good game player. I basically wanted to come up here with this and present and if you want to do it, if not whatever. For your HOH if you don’t target me, keep me safe, if I am HOH same thing. You and I working together I don’t think anyone would see it coming. I think it would be kinda beneficial. You have to start thinking of who would be good to take to the end. There are some people I know that if they make it to the end they are going to win. I think it is worth keeping me if you want to team up. Danielle: This is the half way point and think this week and next week things are going to be shifted. It will still be a numbers game but you will be looking at the finish line. It seems like not even the HOH knows where things are going to lie. I am just going to put people up and if one of you wins the Veto and like good luck to everyone because really it isn’t up to me it is up to your side of the house. Shelby is taking away LNJ votes and I respect that because if it was me that is what I would do. Really it is going to be up to your side of the house. I plan to make my move very strategic. Morgan: I do think it is something to consider once numbers go away. I don’t think anyone would see that coming. Danielle: I want you to know there are no hard feelings with you voting out Neeley. I want to tell you from an individual game perspective, I respect your decision 100%. Morgan: I was torn up until the day of. I thought about it and if Neeley stayed in this game she was going to go far and if she made it to the end she would have a good chance of winning. Danielle: Yes, she was apart of my alliance but from my perspective it was a good game move on your part. I was contemplating that as well. I thought if someone from our alliance had to go maybe it was good that it was her. In the future I have an open door to listen to strategies and ideas and bounce things off of each other. Morgan: I do feel like we do have a lot in common and it does suck because we are on opposite sides of the house and I never get to talk to you. If I do stay, I have an open door and think it can benefit us both.

9:32-9:48pm Danielle/Jason/Whitney/Kryssie – Danielle: Like I told Morgan it is not up to me who goes this week. What I want to come out of my HOH is that there are only two people sitting OTB. If for some reason you are America’s nom I would want LNJ to use the Veto on you if we won. Whitney: If that were to happen maybe Shelby could use my vote as well. Danielle: For me it comes down to after Veto. It might be better for Shelby to let them (LNJ) pick then it doesn’t get blood on anyone’s hand from your side. Kryssie: It would go in your (Whitney) favor for us to be the bad guys. Danielle: The only thing my HOH meant this week is I am safe. This week we can’t decide based on Have-Nots because the three people that are Have-Nots have never been a Have-Not. Jason: They may just are being fair. With Have-Nots I think they are being even across the board. Whitney: America is staying loyal to their nom. Danielle: Because nom has gotten America’s vote.

9:49pm Jason/Kryssie/Danielle – Danielle: I want America’s nom to come down no matter what. Jason: Of course. Danielle: I am telling everyone that which might be bad. Kryssie: No.

9:50pm Ball Smashers – Whitney: She (Danielle) didn’t say I was going up. She wants two people sitting OTB come eviction night. Alex: So she wants to make sure one of us goes home. Shelby: It really just feels like they were filling the gaps this week with Have-Nots. Whitney: Kryssie mentioned it would be smart if it was all of us there to let them decide. Alex: (looks at Shelby) Please don’t do that. Whitney: Don’t give them the power. Alex: Do the opposite of what Kryssie says. Ok? Just like she wanted Morgan to give her Veto to Neeley. Whitney: Maybe she is putting Morgan and Shelby OTB. Shelby: I think I am going OTB. Alex: It could be me too. Whitney: Scott seems to be a lot happier since he talked to her (Danielle). Morgans: They are more buddy, buddy. Whitney: He won’t go up this week unless it is America’s nom. Morgan: She just wants to break us four up. Alex: The two she puts up are her actual targets. There really won’t be a backdoor because she has no control. I wonder if Danielle realizes that two people in her alliance are guaranteed to win if they get to the end. Morgan: Exactly.

10:07pm Scott/Alex – Alex filled in Scott about her talk with Danielle. Scott: Danielle is putting me OTB and if I am America’s nom she is taking me down if she wins Veto. Jason also told me the same thing. Alex: Danielle wants to take the third nom off the block. Danielle’s original two nominees are in trouble. It’s either going to be Shelby and Morgan or Shelby and me. Scott: Have you talked with Shelby? Alex: Yeah. I think you’re fine. Scott: I should probably just let it go. That’s the thing that makes me most nervous is that if it is you and Shelby, I am afraid I might have screwed you over just a little bit by what I said on the hammock. She might cancel my vote or some sh*t. Alex: I don’t know. I think Morgan and Whitney would vote to keep me over Shelby, but I am not positive. I don’t know that for sure. That is what my gut is telling me. I don’t know if she (Danielle) is putting up Morgan and Shelby and then putting me up as replacement. Scott: If I am in this house without you I am going to be fu*king lost. I am not going to know what the fu*k to do. Alex: I am going to do whatever I have to do to stay this week. She (Danielle) is not going to nominate Whitney just in case Whitney is America’s nom. If for sure looks like she is putting Shelby up. So it will be Shelby and Morgan or Shelby and me. I think she is going to put up Shelby and Morgan. I don’t think she is going to give me a shot to play in Veto. Jason told me I wasn’t going up, but at this point I don’t believe anything Jason is saying. Scott: No. I know I can’t. I know that even the things he says are true I know he is just trying to punk (?) me. That ship has sailed. That ship sailed last week. Alex: He’s pretty much a snake. Really the biggest snake out there. Scott: If it is you and Shelby I would rather Kryssie play in the Veto than Jason. Alex: Well apparently Kryssie doesn’t even think she can be America’s nom or something.

10:28-10:49pm Whitney/Justin – Justin: The way it looks is she is going to nominate Morgan and Shelby. Want to Alex and Scott to vote Morgan out of here. Alex and Scott are going to come for you before Shelby. They know with America voting they can’t win against you and Morgan. I want you to know because I don’t want  you to be blindsided. Whitney: If it comes down to whoever and me on the block I think I can talk to Alex because I am closet with Alex. I think Alex will choose me over Shelby. Justin: The only reason I think they are going to do that is because you are a stronger competitor than Shelby. She will be easier to eliminate than you. Whitney: Alex is a stronger competitor than Shelby and Alex knows she will be picked off before Shelby. Justin: You are not the target this week, but you have to win HOH soon. Whitney: Ok. Justin: You are going to have o make smart decisions. I know you are in tight with those people but you are going to have to do what is best for your game. The plan is to eliminate you, Morgan and then Shelby. Not necessarily from my side but from your side. I think everything is going to work out good the week. I think America’s nominee will be Jason or Kryssie. I believe in you and I trust you more than anyone on the other side. Whitney: Yeah, you should. Justin: That is why I am telling you this sh*t right now, because I don’t want you to be blindsided. You cannot tell anyone on your side because they will ultimately turn against you. Whitney: No, I won’t. I won’t say anything. Justin: Ultimately it is you or them. Whitney: I know. Justin: You gotta look out for you own game. Honestly you care for Alex and Scott but you can’t trust them. They will vote you out of here because they cannot win against you. Especially if America has anything to do with it. That is the same thing on my side. I would like to think we have loyalty but I don’t trust anybody. I just have to play smart right now. Which I have been doing. Whitney: I am just gonna have to take it day by day. Justin: Yeah, that’s all you can do. But I just wanted you to know that, alright? I got your back. Whitney: Has Alex told you that personally?  Justin: Well to be honest with you I have talked to Scott. Scott and Alex are sharing the same ideas. Because ultimately, they’re their own alliance. Whitney: Yeah, I know that. Justin: So like, I’m telling you they are going to eliminate Morgan, you and then Shelby is going to be last. They are going to use my side to make that happen so that it doesn’t look like they are going to get their hands dirty. That is why if you are OTB they are going to vote you out of here. Because it is going to look like they had no choice. Whitney: Does your side feel the same way though? Justin: Well, this is the thing, my side loves you but they also see you as a threat at the end. What’s going to happen is, this week if it doesn’t work out with Morgan you will be the replacement nominee. But also you have to look it everybody on your side has gotten a Care Package and there are only three Care Packages left. So the way we look at it is we have to eliminate Morgan so that at least guarantees three Care Packages. You’re gonna get a Care Package. Two people on the outside are going to get a Care Package. So if you make it through this week the next Care Package os probably going to go to you. I am going to try to win HOH this week and hopefully you get a Care Package and we can just go from there. Hopefully everything goes as planned this week and you are gonna be here another week or until whenever. I don’t want you to go home. I don;t trust Morgan at all. I know it’s a lot. If you make it this week you will definitely get a Care Package next week, so you gotta be good. And then I hope I get a Care Package the following week because I can’t be HOH two week in a row so it will have to be the following week. But in my favor the good thing is Danielle is still in the house. Whitney: So she could get one? Justin: I don’t think America is going to give Danielle a Care Package. I think I am the most likely to get a Care Package on my side. Whitney: It is probably going to you or Jason. Justin: Right. I know for a fact that Jason made a deal with Alex and Scott that they are not going to vote him out of here. They are going to vote for whoever is OTB. Whoever is OTB is going to get eliminated. This is going to be the perfect opportunity for Alex and Scott to get you or Morgan out because it’s gonna look like they didn’t have no choice. I don’t want you to be blindsided. Whitney: I am glad you are telling me about it so I can see what I need to do. Justin: Play your own game and play smart. I am looking out for your best interest and this game. I don’t even care if it is you and me in the F3. If America picks you we had a good run, you know? I don;t want you to be blindsided by this because you are a really good person. I really see that. You have been taking care of me and like, I appreciate you. We have to ride this wave to the end. If you make it past this week you are deftly gonna get the next Care Package. It’s gonna be perfect because there are only three left and everybody on your side has basically got one. So they are not going to be able to save their as*. Are you ok? Whitney: Yeah, I’m ok. I have watched this game for years. Ian going to be ok. I am just going to take in everything you said and take it day by day and make some moves if I have to and everything is going to work out. Justin: That’s my girl. You have to promise me that everything I tell you for my own game sake and yours that stays between us. Whitney: I promise not to say anything. It would ruin me and you. Justin: It would because my side is gonna think they can’t trust me with anything and like that is the last thing I need. Whitney: I’m not going to say anything. Justin: The only reason why Alex and Scott tag alone with Shelby is because is because she is going to be easy to eliminate at the end. Whitney: Me and Morgan know that we are in trouble. Justin: This is so important. You cannot tell her anything I told you. Whitney: I’m not going to. Justin: Because I feel like she would go tell Alex. It’s best for our game if you keep this between us. Whitney: I’m not going to say anything. Justin: I would like for you o win HOH or somebody from your side to win so they can come for Danielle. I am not really causing too much chaos in the house. Whitney: If it came down to it it would be best if I won. Justin: That is where I am at. I would like you to win because if you do I know I will be for sure ok. You are the only one I trust. Even though I talk game with Alex and Scott, I don;t trust them one bit. I know they will turn on me but I am not the biggest threat right now. They’ll probably come after Danielle and Jason. That’s why I am not in a bad situation really. Right now, that’s why I feel like I can hold off on my HOH.

10-28-2016 Friday (PT):

12-12:14am Alex/Morgan – Morgan: Scott sketches me out. Alex: He doesn’t sketch me out. Morgan: Obviously because he has told everyone he is taking you (Alex) to the end. Alex: That is probably something that will end up bitting me in the butt, which sucks because I have never told him that. Morgan: Honestly you would beat me in the end. Alex: Me? Morgan: Yeah. So maybe I should just vote you out. (giggle) I am just freaking paranoid and stressed out. Alex is thinking of approaching Danielle and saying since they are both targets on each side of they house they should work together. She said people wouldn’t expect it and they could offer each other safety for a week or two. Alex believes Danielle is someone good to take to the end. Morgan: That is exactly what I was going to approach her (Danielle) with – safety. Alex: What you have going for you is right now you are not seen as a big threat in the house. Morgan: What sucks is anything I say, she can say I said the same thing to Kryssie. Alex: She (Danielle) could say the same thing to me. Morgan: That’s true.Alex: If I can escape this week, I have a good chance of going far. Now that I have people’s personalities figured out I kinda know how I want to play the rest of my game.  Danielle was like the one person winning, I’m like, I’m screwed. If Jason or Justin won, I have deals with them and I could at least wiggle my way out of the situation. Danielle is the one person that wants me out so badly. I need the Care Package to go to one of ya’ll so badly. Preferably you (Morgan) so it would open the door for you to work with Danielle and you could protect me. Danielle is smart. She may be annoying, but she is smart. And I have said that since the beginning. You (Morgan) word vomit a lot so you have to go in their and speak smartly and mineable. If you can get through this week and the DE, which I think will be next week, I think you have a shot at going to the end. I think at the end you will be able to win your way through some comps. You can win comps at the end. I wouldn’t mention anything about winning comps to Danielle. Morgan: I don’t want to be seen as a Shelby. Alex: That is a strategy is this game. That is a legitimate way to play this game and many people have played that way and gotten to the end. You are not a Shelby because you can actually win comps. Lying low, which is what you are doing, is working because people aren’t wanting to talk you out. So don’t switch your strategy yet. Morgan: No, I’m not switching my strategy. Alex: If I were you I would lie low until F6 or 5 and then win as many comps as you can to make it to the end. You (Morgan) have the advantage of saying I haven’t really made a big move and I am easy to beat. Just say that about yourself. And then when you are at the end starting winning your way to the end and then you can say my strategy was to lay low and crank it up at the end and win. Morgan: Shelby makes a good point, nobody wants to be brought to the end. Alex: Lie low because right now the big fish are trying to take out each other. You can lay low and still strategize and make deals with people. Just don’t get in fights and don’t win every comp. If you are on the block win Veto. You just have to be smart about it. You (Morgan) are not the target. I am scared because I know I am on the chopping block but I am hopefully of the possibilities of  positive things to swing in my directions. My only thing is I don’t want to be taken out by Danielle. No one here wants that because she (Danielle) is such a completely ridiculous human being. So that would suck. Morgan: It makes it so much harder having a sister in here, don’t it? Alex: It makes it harder for me too. I am protecting you but not giving away that I am protecting you. It will become real useful when it gets down to our side turning on each other because people will come talk to you about me and people will come talk to me about you. We will be able to know who to target. So that will be real dangerous for others. I hope America puts up Kryssie for America’s nom. She (Kryssie) drives me insane. I think she is terrible at this game. She is not a good BB player. Getting Neeley out was one of the smartest moves we could make at the time. Kryssie is not in game mode – she is: who do I like better and who do I feel most comfortable with and who do I agree with most. She (Kryssie) needs to go. I do agree that when Scott was running around chasing Danielle, I didn’t like what he was doing. Morgan: That was very annoying. Alex: It wasn’t necessary. Morgan: Scott honestly gets on my nerves.

1:28am Danielle/Justin – Justin: I love to be outside. I love to be in the woods and sh*t. You’re not really tripping on sh*t when you’re like out there.Well, for me, I’m like barefoot and I’m just like out there just free, ya know? I’m just fishing, chilling. I’m just out there in the country. I don’t worry about anything. I told you like Big Foot is my only concern. And like the chances of me seeing Big Foot is like slim to none. So like, if that’s all I got to worry about is Big Foot, I’m living pretty good.

1:04pm All hg – Shelby received the Care Package.

1:09pm LNJ Justin: America hates us. Jason: America definitely hates us. If they (America) nominate us this week we are definitely going home because they are going to take out the two other votes and then one of their friends and have their two other friends decide with America. Good luck, Kryssie. It is me or you, girl. Danielle: Our saving grace is we win the Veto and take America’s nom down. If we don’t get to vote they will have to chose between their own. Danielle says she doesn’t understand – the other side are such horrible people. Danielle: If I get out of here and I see that production is spinning this to make us look like shit*y people, and them look great, I am going to be fun*ing pissed.

1:09pm Ball Smashers/Scott celebrating inside – cheering loudly. Alex: Danielle is pissed. Alex: As long as America noms one of their side we will be fine. Shelby: Their not going to make it that easy on me. Scott: We have to win Veto. Whitney: You don’t have to announce until the eviction ceremony. Shelby (alone) goes in SR yells to the camera, Thank you, America. I love you, America, and comes back out. Alex: Basically we can choose who goes home. Whitney: Danielle doesn’t get any control this week. Alex: She just gets to decide who goes OTB. Shelby: Do you think they (America) did this so I do have to go talk to Danielle? Do you think that means I was in trouble this week? Alex was in trouble last week and she got it (Care Package). Alex: They (LNJ) are going to try to twist this. Whitney: They (LNJ) are going to try and get some control. Alex: We can keep you here so no matter how much they (LNJ) threaten you, don’t let them. Shelby: I know. They always try to threaten me. That’s why I am not going to work with them.

1:15pm LNJ – Danielle: We are being bullied. Basically. We are being picked on every week. We get picked on every single week. We can’t catch a break no matter how hard we fight.

1:19-1:39pm Whitney/Morgan/Alex/Scott (Shelby in DR) – Whitney: What we would like to happen is for Kryssie to be America’s nom and obviously stay up there. Morgan: It doesn’t matter which two of us is up there as long as she stays up there. Alex: If Kryssie went home on Danielle’s HOH America could (cancel? – couldn’t hear) Danielle’s entire HOH. Morgan: That would send them (LNJ) scrambling. Alex: It will send a strong message. Next week would be so interesting because they would really have to disintegrate and come to us. Scott: They would have no choice. Whitney: And they always thought to would be the other way around. Alex: If that happens it will be phase two of this game. New chapter. It will no longer be the same. It will be shaken up. This right here probably pisses Jason off so badly. He was making comments like I don’t understand, America must actually like Shelby. He wouldn’t expect it, stuff like that. They expect America to hate Shelby. Morgan: Have Nots will be so interesting tomorrow. Alex: I think we should let Shelby talk to Danielle first and then we will know what Danielle is thinking. Shelby out of DR. Shelby: I am probably going to go up this week as a threat. Morgan: You know she (Danielle) is pissed because it is her first HOH and she has literally no power. Shelby: It’s going to keep being like that. It is going to be less and less power if the Care Packages get better. I finally get to do something. Scott to DR. Alex: I am so worried they are going to put you (Shelby) and me up there together. I think you (Shelby) need to lie and say if you keep me off the block I won’t take away all of your votes, or something. You (Shelby) need to stay off the block this week. It needs to be Scott or somebody. Shelby: Tell me who it is or I will take away your votes. Shelby talking to the camera: If you nominate a hypocridiot, you have all the power so your hypocridiot will go home. Scott: They (America) has always stuck with their nom. Morgan: That is true. They have never flipped. Whitney: America never flips. Alex: So loyal. Scott the most trustworthy person (America) here. Shelby: So you know how they think I am on the outskirts of the alliance, do you think I should play that up this week? Whitney: Just to see who they talk sh*t about? Scott: I think if you play up being on the outskirt, you will get more information. Shelby: Nobody ever tells me anything. Morgan: Perfect. Shelby: I think I got the Care Package because America knows I am at the bottom of my alliance and they (America) want me to have a little more say in the group. Alex: I think you should talk to her (Danielle) alone. Alex: I think you (Shelby) need to do whatever you can to not be  put up OTB. If you get put up OTB it would not be good for us.

1:27pm Production calling Danielle to DR. Danielle is HOH room. They called Danielle 8 times and then decided to call Scott. After Scott, Production called Danielle again.

1:28pm Jason/Justin – Jason: I really wish you did vote to evict Nelley then I would have at least a little bit more faith in America that they may not nom one of us. But knowing that you didn’t, I have no faith. Justin: Because like man, I stick behind my team and my word. Jason: I know, I know you do. It would make me feel better if that was the fu*king case. Cause I could say, well maybe America will nom him (Scott) again. Justin: That’s all I got. I like to stay true to my word. And I keep it so real, like fu*k , I tell you like, I’m like yo, I ain’t voting for you. Jason: I know that’s the fuc*ing case, but if it wasn’t the case I would feel so much better.

1:37pm Justin/Jason – Jason: I fell like I have been true to myself. I stand behind everything that’s ever happened in here. I don’t feel like I have done anything wrong. Don’t feel like anyone on our side has done anything wrong. Justin: You can never change who you are. You are who you are man. That’s a beautiful thing. You know you know yourself. Jason: Yeah. Justin: A lot of people search their whole lives to find themselves. Be confident in you as a being and you as a whole. So I mean that goes a long way. In this place and out of this place. Jason: Oh, yeah.

2:08pm Jason/Danielle/Justin – Jason: You ok? Danielle: Yeah, I went to the DR. I’m fine. Justin: You alright? Danielle: I’m fine. I think I am going to prance around in my bikini and make everyone wish they had an a*s like me. Jason: Oh sh*t, girl, you’re on that petty today? Ok. That’s where I am right now. Ok.

2:15pm Jason/Alex (hard to hear this convo) – Alex: I don’t know what your relationship with Scott is like. Jason: He was basically like, fu*k you because I didn’t take his deal last week. Alex: I figured it split a little so I didn’t know where I stood with ya’ll. Jason: You are still fine with me. Alex: I haven’t told anyone that I have been talking to you but like if you are Justin were to get HOH or if like I get HOH I wouldn’t target ya’ll.  You know what I am saying? The expect the same thing back. Jason: Of course. That’s what I said to Scott. I know things are different in the house now and he was basically fu*k you I don’t want to work with you at all anymore. I was like ok that’s fine. But you are still fine with me. Alex: Ya’ll are not my target. Jason: Ok. Alex: We need to work together because we are all big targets. Jason: Yeah. Alex: We have to protect each other. Jason: Exactly. Cause I’m like, especially this week is going to be interesting. Alex, Yeah, I don’t even know what to think about the Care Package. Jason: I don’t know what to think about it either. I might be America’s nom so I might be up there. Both: We have no idea. Alex: If you (Jason) end up being nominated I will campaign to not have you go home. If you can protect me with Danielle as much as you can. I feel like I would be her number one target. Jason: Let me get back to you on that but from what she has been saying it doesn’t sound like that. Alex: If you keep me off the block, I am good and I will have your back. Jason: Ok. You know what I’m saying? Jason: You’re kinda sailing the ship over there. Alex: That is what people think. Jason: Well, it kinda looks like that. Girl, I ain’t got no problem with that. I ain’t going after the captain. I will do what I can do and we will see how this week plays out. But, yeah, you are fine with me even without Scott being involved. It is fine. Alex: You protect me and I protect you. Jason: Ok. (They shake hands.)

2:30pm Danielle talking to camera: I am going to win the Veto this week. I am probably one of the best players in this house. Let’s be allies, America. Let’s work together. I am just a single mom trying to follow her dream that she has had since she was a kid and do something for her son. I need you to vote one of the girls this week. Make them America’s nom. Make one of them America’s nom. You saved Alex last week. Put her OTB this week. Let’s make this a game worth watching. Let’s make this a game worth playing. Don’t make it so easy for them to just push us out of the house. Let us making it interesting for you, America. Let’s make it entertaining. Let’s make it worthwhile. Let’s make sure your get you $5.99 a month.

2:31pm Alex/Shelby – Shelby: What if I could convince her (Danielle) that Justin voted with us for Neeley. Alex: You could. Shelby: But that could be risky because if he doesn’t go home he would be coming for me. But it’s a thought.

2:36pm Whitney/Morgan (you can hear the convo, but you can’t see them on camera) Morgan: I think she (Danielle) is freaking out. Whitney: She (Danielle) has been over there talking to herself the whole time over there. Morgan: Yeah, I think she is having a panic attack. I am still scared sh*tless for this week. Whitney: Me too.

2:36pm Danielle/Jason – Jason letting Danielle know that Scott and Alex may flip because they have already been having those discussions. They will be the ones that are the easiest to work with. Danielle could say that she doesn’t like Scott personally but this is a game and a good game move. Danielle wasn’t going to put Alex OTB unless it was the perfect opportunity to get Alex out. Danielle just wants America to nominate one of the girls (Ball Smashers). Danielle’s been thinking Morgan and Shelby. It keeps Whitney off and Justin can still work with Whitney.

3:53pm Shelby/Alex – Alex: Here is the deal, if for some reason we are forced to turn on each other this week – you, me and Scott have to stick together. I do not want to throw Whitney UTB. I do not want to, but worse, worse, worse case scenario.. Shelby: That’s who I was.. Alex: We are on the same page.

4:01pm Justin/Danielle – Danielle: I am trying to think of who America’s nom could be. Part of me wishes that you were the one that voted for Neeley. That you were Neeley’s fifth vote and not America. Because then I would be able to gage America a little better. For us (LNJ) it would have been better if you were that fifth vote and not America. Cause it would be, oh, America voted for Scott which means America might nominate Scott. Justin: As bad as I like didn’t trust Neeley, I still was gonna like vote with my team cause I felt like it was important to Kryssie. Danielle: Yeah. Justin: That is why I was like, I am just going o vote with my team. You know? Danielle: Yeah. Justin: And leave it up to America. Obviously America didn’t fu*k with Neeley. Danielle: Yeah, I know. Justin: And like I didn’t really fu*k with her either to a certain extent. Danielle: You know I was in the same boat as you. Justin: I just didn’t trust her, yo. And then she wore that witches hat and that really killed it for her. After she put on that witches hate I really didn’t have any love for her. Danielle: As bad as it sounds if it was you that voted Neeley out and not America it would be a sigh of relief. Ok, America doesn’t hate us that much. Justin: The only one on the other side that I can trust is Whitney. Danielle: She (Whitney) is not my target. Justin: She is closer to Alex than any of the other girls, but that is Scott’s right hand girl and he would like literally do anything for her. And the rest of the girls are just disposable, really. All of the girls are disposable to Scott and Alex. Even Whitney. And like, Shelby, Shelby is disposable to all of them really. I mean it is sad to say. She is the most disposable one and then second on that list is going to be Morgan. But honestly when it looks like they are talking game to Shelby they are just telling her what she wants to hear. Danielle: No one has come to talk to me. Justin: They just don’t really trust you.

10-27-2016 Thursday (PT):

12:10am Ball Smashers/Scott – Shelby said to Scott that if you say anything then you basically sexually abuse someone and hit them in the face.

12:19am All Hg – Danielle’s HOH room. She received a letter from her mom.

12:47am Shelby talking to the camera crying. She blew a mental comp which she was wishing for this whole time. Then I realize that Scott and Alex are the targets. Next edition is November 3rd and maybe that will be Scott or Alex. And then the next eviction after that is November 10th and that will be the other one (Alex/Scott). And the next one is November 17th and that is probably my eviction. November 18th is when I get my results from the bar exam. And I felt just like I did at the bar exam like I did losing the competition – like a fu*king idiot. And is I get evicted the night before I get my fu*king bar exam results I will lose my sh*t, America. So I thought I would explain the real reason I am having a mental breakdown tonight. I don’t care if anyone is targeting me or not and no one will let me in the DR to complain about it so I am going to go to bed now. GN.

12:55am Jason/Ball Smashers – Jason enters the room. Ball Smashers greet him. He doesn’t say anything, doesn’t make eye contact, grabs his jacket and leaves the room.

12:55am Kryssie/Danielle – Danielle wants Alex to leave this week.

1:31am Scott/Jason – Scott: I’m surprised Danielle is not even thinking of me as a target. Jason: I was expecting her to say you and Alex. She didn’t say who she was going to do but she kinda shot that down.

1:33am Justin/Danielle/Kryssie – Danielle: Before they (BallSmashers) try to make a deal with me I am going to say- Why should I believe anything you say to me right now? Kryssie: They have literally double crossed your best friend in the house twice now. Danielle is going to tell Ball Smashers that neither Scott nor Alex is going OTB so they can choose.

1:54am Scott out loud. So, I am not the target. That is some information I got from Jason. Which is bad because I need to be the target to make sure that I have a little more control over the Veto. Because the worse case scenario would be something like she (Danielle) nominates Whitney and Morgan. That way if she tries to backdoor Alex. Because that’s unacceptable. I would rather be OTB eviction night and make sure she pushes through another week.

1:58am Morgan/Alex – Alex: I do feel a little bit bad because I know Neeley was your closet ally and I feel like it would have been more beneficial if it had been like a Kryssie instead of Neeley for you. Morgan: That sucked. Alex: But at the same time for me I am super stoked. Morgan: It does suck but at the same time I knew if Scott stayed it’s numbers and Scott, he owes meh is a big target, if he keep you (Alex) around you are going to have my back.

10:44am Alex/Scott – Scott: I don’t we are going to be able to make a F3 with Whitney. Alex: We won’t. She is in too deep with Justin and Kryssie. Scott: If eviction night the third nom comes off the block than that means it is Danielle’s original nominees. Scott: If Alex is OTB with Morgan or Shelby, Whitney might be willing to vote Alex out over Morgan or Shelby. If it is you and I OTB he could tell Ball Smashers to vote him out. If we have a kick as* Care Package we may not have to make any sort or deal.

10:51am Alex/Scott Agree that if they have to they will make a 2 week deal with Danielle. Scott said he isn’t going to keep the deal, he would break the deal.

11:05am Shelby/Alex Alex: Now that Neeley is gone, Morgan is with us 100%. Whitney I’m a little bit cared about.

5:06pm Scott talking to camera: I think me and Alex are going to have to make a two week deal with Danielle, but don’t worry because I am not going to honor that sh*t. Danielle will be like you promised. And I will be like never cared. But I do need to make sure Alex doesn’t go OTB this week. Cause that would be bad. Very, very bad. And also if it is a two week deal Danielle might realize that she doesn’t want to take me out this week because that just ruins half of her deal if I go home. And maybe her own allies will vote to keep me. I’m sure Justin would. I’m not sure Justin would. Obviously, I think Justin would. If Danielle asked Justin to keep me safe I don’t see why he wouldn’t.

8:22pm Justin/Danielle/Kryssie – Danielle: I want to talk with Whitney one on one and then after I want us three to talk to her. And just be like we want to work with you. We know you have been working with them (Ball Smashers) and we understand that because we are loyal to each other, but at the end of the day, you re going to have to break off because they have no plans in keeping you here. You are too liked. Whereas on this side that is not something we are factoring into in our game. Kryssie: Nope. We have a – may the best player win – mentality on our side. More than I just have to make myself more likable than you. Danielle: We have gamers mentality whereas they (Ball Smashers) have survival of the fittest. You (Whitney) are going to be the first one picked off because you are the most liked. And when that time comes, we’ll be here.

8:24pm Justin/Danielle/Kryssie – Danielle mentions Care Package tomorrow. Danielle can’t see Shelby getting the Care Package. She said she could see it going to Morgan or Whitney. Danielle: America, don’t waste it on Whitney. She doesn’t need it. I don’t want her to think I just want to work with her because she got the Care Package. Justin: At the end of the day, I don’t think she (Whitney) is going tow rock with us. Kryssie: I don;t think she will consider it now, but she will at some point.

8:51pm LNJ – Justin showing different styles of dance moves (water sprinkler, lawn mowing, cut the tree down)

9:59pm Danielle/Kryssie – Danielle thanks BB for letting her nap forever.

10:24pm Kryssie/Jason – Kryssie: I am so nervous for this weeks nom. Jason: Me too. Me too. Kryssie: I am very mush afraid that my poor performance in the Veto comp last week will reflect that in the eyes of America. I just didn’t want it to look like I gave up. T0 have to stand there and let the clock run out for 20 minutes.

10:45-11:04pm Jason/Kryssie/Danielle (nearby) – Kryssie: You don’t think he (Justin) voted for Neeley do you? Jason: Idk. I don’t think so, but. Kryssie: I want to trust him so bad. Jason: Me too. But I also know how much he was like – I think Neeley is the right thing. I think Neeley is the right thing. Kryssie: He went to bed early the night before and I was like, oh God, I hope this isn’t because he can’t face us. Jason: Idk. Kryssie: Because, what if America did vote for Scott?  Jason: They could have. We might see that this week if Scott is America’s nom. And it might look like well, what could have Neeley done so much that they still hate Scott but didn’t vote him out? Kryssie: Or it is going t make it look like someone from our side voted the other way. Jason: Like, you (Kryssie) are saying Justin? Kryssie: It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s that he is absolutely playing his own game too. Jason: Yeah, he is and I was trying to reel him in about that. He (Justin) was like we could do Neeley now. And I was like no, no, no. We can do Neeley later. I know you don’t trust Neeley because she put on a witch hate, but we can do Nelley later. I think I had him convinced but you know, I don’t really know. He is a difficult person to read because he is, Justin. Kryssie: That’s the thing, I love him to pieces, but like I. Jason: I mean if so then that puts us in a better position because this week because we probably won’t be America’s nom and they will still nom Scott again. Kryssie: It sure would be nice. Jason: But, I would like, it is a double edge sword, well if it is what happened we can feel a little bit safer this week. If that is not what happened, and we don’t feel as safe this week and we know we can’t trust Justin as much as we want to. But I would like to believe in my head that he wouldn’t do that. Kryssie: I trying my best to feel that way as well. Danielle: I kinda of just like ask him (Justin) one on one and tell him you can be honest with me. I am not going to think of you any differently. Jason: I asked if he voted Nelley and he told me no. Kryssie: I did too. Danielle; I just want to know because it’s going to help us strategizing moving forward. It’s important to know that. Rather he did or didn’t. Jason: It doesn’t matter. Danielle: It doesn’t matter. Jason: You already knew he had mistrust with Neeley. I don’t care f he did but I want to know. Danielle: Yeah, I just want to know because I want to know. Jason: Well he is still awake in bed right now if you just want to spring it on him. Kryssie: But, I mean if America did vote for Scott, he voted for Neeley, then that might mean America will go ahead and nom Scott this week. Danielle: Yeah. Kryssie: Cause you already said you weren’t nomming him anyway. Danielle: No. The only thing with that is, what I am scared about, America nomming him is…hold on. Never mind. Jason: America needs to nom somebody from that side. Danielle: Yeah. It needs to be somebody from that side. Jason: And then we have three people voting. Danielle: That’s what I was about to say. I don’t want America to nom Scott because I am scared the girls will vote him out, but at the end of the day, it’s not going to matter because America noms Scott, that’s three of them OTB and they only have two votes. Jason: It’s going to come down to a tie. Danielle: And I get to break the tie. Jason: Yeah. Or America goes for the 3rd…You know what I’m saying? Danielle: Yeah. Jason: Even that depending on how the block sh*t goes we might even decide if we want Scott or not. But if America gives him to use it might be a good time to take him out, but who knows. I mean, we just have to see how this sh*t goes. Danielle: I am thing too far ahead. Jason: But it would help to know if Justin did that. Danielle: But the only thing, I don’t think he would tell me, he didn’t tell you (Jason) and he didn’t tell Kryssie. I just want to know because it is going to affect.. Jason: I think if he was going to tell anyone he would tell me. Danielle: Exactly. Jason: Because he told me like long before, then he told either of you, the mistrust with Neeley. Danielle: Yeah. Jason: He was already confiding with me with the Neeley thing. Danielle: Well, him and I had talked about it because I told him I was iffy on Neeley. That I had been noticing the way she acts around me..had acted around me on a personal level. That was like a red flag for me. Jason: Well, even before the witch hat he was like, we got to get Neeley out of here. Kryssie: He (Justin) had mentioned that to me before the witch hat. Danielle: Yeah. Like I said, if he didn’t tell either of you two the odds are he is not going to tell me but…I just want to ask him and tell him I am not going to look at you any differently, like if you, that is what you thought was best for your game. Yeah, we lose a number but you felt like that was something you had to do and I respect that, but.. Jason: Now he is safer with that side also because he did what Scott wanted. Scott begged me to vote for hm to stay and guaranteed me everything under the sun, a house a mule, a car, all types of sh*t. Danielle: I just want to know because I want to know if that was America’s vote. I know me, when I got America’s vote, that 9-1 vote, I was like omg, like really, like America voted for me. And that changes the way I thought about the game from then on. But if I would have know it was all along then I would have had a different outlook. And like you approach things differently. I just want to believe him (Justin) when he says it wasn’t him. Kryssie: I want to believe him so bad. Jason: Do you want me to go ask him one more time? Danielle: No, I’ll ask him. I am just going to say, I know Jason and Kryssie have asked you, but I just want to ask you myself. Jason: And explain why. Danielle: Yeah. It is going to affect my decision making. Jason: But don’t say it’s going to like affect your decision making. Jason: Don’t say it like it’s going to affect your decision making…like, don’t lie to me right now or I’m going to nom you if you voted out Neeley. You’re (Danielle) good with regardless of what you did. Danielle: I just need to know where America stands. Jason: Yes. And what possibly could have happened. Danielle: What kinda irritates me is that week two Neeley knew that it was somebody in the house that voted for me and she didn’t say anything to me. Jason: I mean, we don’t know that. What Monte says, that’s all just hearsay. We don’t know how anyone votes in there. Danielle: That’s true. Jason: She (Neeley) believed it from Monte, but.. Danielle: Monte can lie. She (Neeley) made a good point about that. When I say Scott’s reaction in the room. That’s why I said it in the room, I wanted to see Scott’s reaction and you could tell. Jason: He (Scott) was taken off guard with that. Danielle: He was like, how do you know? Do you know who it was? He was like…he got super defensive. Cause he was standing there quietly and right when I said that he was…(snaps fingers). Jason: Back on it. Danielle: Yep. And that whole we don’t want someone to go without like getting any..like you don’t want anyone to leave with all the votes. And he was apart of his alliance. Knowing that now, it just makes way more sense. The odds of it being him are higher. Jason: Yeah, that’s true. But, I would like to think Justin is built out of more loyalty and I do think it was America, but Idk. Kryssie: I feel in my gut that it was America, but I know Justin did not like Neeley. Danielle: I feel in my gut that it was America too. I want to believe, it’s sad, but I want to believe that it was Justin. Jason: Yeah. Me too. I would rather it be Justin because I don’t know why America hates us so much. Danielle: Yeah. Honestly, as much as it sucks, how bad that sounds, I wish…if Justin were to tell me it was me. Jason: That’s a fine game move I am fine with that. Danielle: Ok Good. It would be a sense of relief versus him saying it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me. Jason: Yeah. I had to explain and he (Justin) was like that wouldn’t work. And I had to explain yes you could exchange votes with America. And he was just like oh. Like he didn’t understand it which made me think, like Justin I know you are smarter than this. Danielle: No, he understands because when he was out here with me he was telling me like the night before he knew so America’s vote is hidden. So if America votes for Scott and I vote for Neeley…he knew. Jason: He knew. Yeah, I know he knew. Danielle: But then he was like I’m not going to do it because I don’t want to upset Kryssie. The only thing that makes me believe that he didn’t do it because he did not want to upset you (Kryssie) with your HOH. I don’t know apart of me ants it to him because it just gives me hope that America isn’t like fu*k these guys. Kryssie: Well, if you are going to ask him, maybe don’t bring up Jason and me. Just say like hey, I wanted to ask just you and me, like don’t let him know you heard from two people already, you know…. Danielle: Yeah. I’m have been wondering and I just want to know if you did…I’m just going to be honest with him..I would rather it be you (Justin) than America. Jason: So, please tell me. Danielle: So if it was you like you could tell me like not going to use it… Jason: Use it against you. Danielle: No. Cause he knew how I felt about Neeley. Did I think it was the right time? No, I didn’t. But that’s not to say he didn’t see his chance and take it. Jason: Yeah. Danielle: And I respect him for that. It is an individual game at the end of the day. I just want him (Justin) to have enough trust in us that he can tell us that. Jason: That he can say, yeah, I did something. Danielle: Yeah. Because it does affect how you play the game. Jason: Maybe he won’t say it because he is playing both sides more than we assume he is. Instead of him taking his own shot at Neeley. You know what I’m saying? That;s why you got to set it up like, I don’t care even if you did it because Scott fuc*ing sold you a car, I just want to know if you did it. Danielle: Yeah. Jason: Because it doesn’t matter to me. Danielle: Right. Jason: I feel like the is the only reason he would deny it. He wouldn’t want any of us now to start mistrusting him – oh, you really are rolling with them chicks and Scott. But, if you set it up like – I don’t give a fu*k if you are rolling with them chicks and Scott. I just need to know if it was you are not, because I am trying to predict what America will do. We can’t predict anyway, but. Kryssie: No. I felt bad even asking him because I felt like he was insulted that I asked him. Jason: Yeah. He wasn’t insulted that I asked him because I know I had discussed it a bunch with him and basically every time I would talk with him he was so down with Neeley and I had to keep convincing him the opposite way. Kryssie: Yeah. Jason: So I know he was like, ok, Jason is just checking in again. Danielle: Yeah. Kryssie: I don’t want him to think I don’t trust him. Jason: I just don’t want America to make it this easy for these girls. Kryssie: That too. Jason: Or for Scott. Why is it so easy for them? Danielle: That is the biggest thing for me is, like I want to have faith in America that they see the type of person Scott is. That they would not keep him here over Neeley. Jason: Like we don’t know everything Neeley was doing. Danielle: Exactly, we don’t. Jason: I don’t think Neeley was doing anything. Danielle: It wasn’t as bad as what Scott was doing. Nelley is not walking around saying she is going to terrorize people and make life a living hell and… Kryssie: And the fact that he’s got people in his corner here. They were like, I just really didn’t like Neeley coming at him (Scott). You literally eliminated somebody because they stood up themselves. Danielle: Exactly. Stood up for themselves. Jason: I don’t wan to say something but there is a…never mind I can’t even say this. Oh well. Kryssie: Ok. Jason: There is part of this fandom that judges certain people harder than they judge other people. Danielle: I understand that. Jason: Do you know what I mean? And not that that is the end all be all, but I see it. I see some people are allowed to get into fights and then some people are not allowed to get into fights because then they fall into the stereotype you call them this, this, this and this. Danielle: Yep. I just don’t understand how those girls can be like Neeley was yelling at Scott but not be mad at Scott because he bullying a grown as woman. Jason: Because Scott is there friend. Danielle: They don’t care what Scott says. I don’t know if they don’t know what the definition of friendship is but I am the type of friend that if you are going to do something that.. Jason: If it is something I don’t agree with I am going to fu*king tell you. Danielle: Tell you. Jason: And that is why I was Scott, I am going to let you know. I don’t think you are a bad person. I may not think you are a good player but I don’t think you are a bad person. Danielle: Exactly. Jason: That is why I had to take it up with him. Danielle: That is why today I said I don’t have any respect for Scott on a personal level. I will never talk to him again after this. I have no respect for him. Jason: I didn’t catch Julie’s face during that one. What did it look like? Kryssie: Her journalist face. Jason: Oh, ok. Kryssie: Very noncommittal, very smart. Danielle: But no, I was just like I don’t have any respect fro him. I have no respect for Scott. And that is the honest truth. I don’t respect him. And he doesn’t need to speak to me. He can have his space and I can have my space and as long as he respects my space, we’re good. Kryssie: And then he can have his plane ride home. Danielle: And the fact that he says he doesn’t regret it. You don’t have to..You can regret the things said, without regretting the actions in your game. He could say I don’t regret campaigning, but I regret the way I went about it. Kryssie: Yeah. Danielle: If he really wanted to do PR that is what he would have said. Kryssie: Yeah. Danielle: I don’t regret campaigning to save myself. Jason: He’s not trying to do the PR thing with you (Danielle), he is trying to do the PR thing with Kryssie. Danielle: Exactly. But I don’t understand.. Jason: Because he thinks America hates you because you were nommed by America and she (Kryssie) got a care package. So he (Scott) is thinking oh no, like I need to mend some fences with Kryssie because America likes Kryssie. America doesn’t like Danielle so they’re fine with harassing her. Danielle: So they don’t care if I am bullied or harassed. Jason: Exactly. That’s his PR move. It’s not that he is trying to come off great all together. He just wants to come off great to the people that might have fans. Kryssie: Never in my life has anyone ever tried to ride my coattails for anything. Jason: We’ll I am sure he wouldn’t be riding your coattails, I am sure he has plenty of fans on his own. Kryssie: But that is essentially what it is though. That’s like I am going to pretend I am in good with you so that people that don’t necessarily like me, will like me. Jason: Right. Or at least forgive me on how I treated you. But I don’t care if they think I treated Danielle bad cause they all hate Danielle anyway. Danielle: Yeah. Everyone hates Danielle so they don’t care if I (Scott) hate her. Jason: Right. Danielle: they don’t care if I fu*k with her. Jason: Yeah. Danielle: Because they don;t even like her in the first place. Kryssie said something but I couldn’t hear her and then she said: Never mind that. Forget all that. Danielle: I just don’t understand him. I will never understand him. Like I said after this I will never speak to Scott. Kryssie: Nope. Danielle: Like some of the things they were saying in the BB house were like oh I didn’t like you in the game but now that the game is over. No, I will never speak to Scott. Jason: I will probably be at New England events with Scott and I won’t speak to Scott. Danielle: I will never speak to Scott. Kryssie: I said it upstairs before. I would sooner hit up Cornbread. Danielle: Exactly. I would rather write Cornbread a hey dude sorry that.. Jason: I would rather go to the gay club with Monte. That’s more likely to happen. Danielle: I will stock note’s Instagram before I ever read out..I will never in my life. The wrap party, if we have one, will I speak to him? No. No. Not at all. Not one teeny tiny bit. These girls.. Jason: The wrap party so many people want to talk to you, you want have time to talk to hg. Danielle: I don’t plan to talk to hg that I have lived with for the past forever. Ya’ll probably. Kryssie: I was going to say.

11:50pm Alex/Morgan – Alex: Scott tells me everything. We don’t need to be aligned with the same people. He wants to bring you (Morgan) to F4. Shelby, me and Scott have a F3. It doesn’t mean I am not going to take you but I have to make deals with other people to secure safety. I needs Scott protection.

11:51pm Jason/Danielle/Kryssie – Danielle: This is not BB OTT this is BB Best Friends.

11:57pm Alex/Morgan – Alex: If I were you I would try to get as close as possible with Danielle. Morgan: I think that is my best bet right now. Morgan: I feel like I am on the outskirts. We have this alliance but now that Scott has stepped in I feel we have sub alliances. Alex: That is a part of the game. Scott owes you at least one favor. Morgan: He owes Shelby nothing. Alex: Right, but Shelby has been someone that has been tight with him since day one. Morgan: I am over analyzing everything. Alex: You need to start making deals with people, but don’t unless you plan on keeping them.

10-26-2016 Wednesday (PT):

6:58-7:40am  Scott/Jason – Scott campaigns to Jason. Scott tells Jason why he sided with Ball Smashers – he felt run out by LNJ. Jason felt Scott wasn’t receptive to hear Jason last week to keep Shane. Jason said he felt Scott had blinders on. Jason: With alliances and deals there needs to be compromises. Jason couldn’t see how they (Scott/Jason/Alex/Justin) could move forward if there can’t be compromise. They talk hg numbers/sides of the house. Jason needs to think and he will talk to Justin.

10:08am Scott/Morgan/Alex in bathroom. Neeley walks in later – Scott said to Alex and Morgan if you keep me in this house I will…(I couldn’t hear what he said). Neeley walks in and overheard Scott’s comment. Nelley: Early morning campaigning I see. Scott said absolutely.

10:11am Alex/Shelby/Neeley – Neeley about Scott: Say whatever you want, but proof is in the pudding, honey. If you was feeling some kind of way had all the power you felt like you needed to do.

10:15am Neeley/Jason – Neeley tells Jason she overheard Scott saying to Alex and Morgan that if they keep Scott, Scott will make Danielle’s life a living hell. Jason says Scott is saying you (Neeley) will flip on all of LNJ to work with Morgan. Once Alex is out you (Neeley) will flip on all of LNJ. Jason – don’t let Scott get you heated. Jason said Scott mentioned that Neeley is a comp threat.

10:24-10:40am Justin/Jason/Neeley (outside couch area) – Jason mentions Neeley walking into bathroom at the same time Scott says he will terrorize Danielle. Nelley said Scott is showing his as* this morning. (Nelley is heated.) Jason said Scott is trying anything and everything. Jason advising Nelley not to give Scott anything or he will say Neeley is explosive. Jason says Scott is going to use anything he can. Kryssie comes to sit down. Jason tells them about his conversation with Scott earlier. Justin leaves the convo. Jason said Scott did say something that he thought was legit – the girls are going to vote Scott out unless they have a 4th vote. Kryssie and Neeley – They don’t. Jason said that is why he was working so hard on me. Kryssie: Sorry, Scott, no one wants you to stay. Justin comes back and sits down. Whitney is outside now and can hear LNJ convo. Nelley rants about Scott and other hg chime in.

10:40am Neeley/Whitney – Neeley walks over to Whitney. Whitney: I didn’t know you guys were arguing. Nelley said I will tell you later and walks back to outside couch.

10:41am Jason/Neeley/Kryssie (Justin is outside and can hear them talk.) – Kryssie hopes Scott sealed America’s vote. Kryssie mentions this is anti-bulling week. Nelley rants more about Scott. Kryssie said I bet Ball Smashers would be interested in what Scott is saying. Justin goes inside BB house. Nelley follows Justin inside to talk to Ball Smashers.

10:46am Ball Smashes (minus Whitney)/Justin/Neeley – Neeley tells Ball Smashers that it has been mentioned they will not be in a F5 with Scott. Nelley tells them he is campaigning. Alex says Scott is a super fan and isn’t going to go down without a fight. Scott can hear Neeley from the bathroom. Nelley says to Scott she isn’t like Danielle – she isn’t going to cuss Scott out and act crazy. (Nelley is heated. Voice raised.) Nelley says if Ball Smashers vote to keep Scott, LNJ will pick them off one by one. Nelley told Scott he didn’t need to say sh*t about her and come for her and throw her UTB. Scott says he has never said a negative word about her (Neeley). Nelley says Scott’s game plan is to bully Danielle. Kryssie enters the BB house. Nelley rants about Scott and his BB game so far. Scott says that is your opinion. Nelley says Scott and not loyal and Ball Smashers shouldn’t trust him. Nelley goes back outside.

10:46am Whitney/Jason – Jason tells Whitney what Scott said to him this morning. Scott throwing Whitney UTB. Whitney said I don’t have a vote bit that is good to know. Whitney appreciates Jason telling her.

10:49am Kryssie/Neeley – Kryssie says she heard Neeley yelling so she came inside to make sure Neeley was ok. Kryssie said Neeley was definitely in charge of the whole room. Kryssie asked Neeley is all he said was he didn’t say a bad word about you. Nelley made face/hand gesture but didn’t answer. Danielle comes out and Neeley tells Danielle about Scott’s comment – terrorize Danielle. Kryssie tells Danielle about Jason and Scott’s convo earlier.

10:50am Scott/Justin/Alex/Morgan/Shelby – They talk about how that was intense (situation with Neeley). Scott defends himself and says he likes and respects Neeley. Scott said people can believe what they want to believe. Scott said 6 people have been coming after him the past 3 weeks and it the sh*t had to hit the fan eventually. Scott said he doesn’t like Danielle and has been open about it. They don’t like the purple bullying dig that Nelley said to Scott. Scott said the bullying comment was low and it hurt him. Scott said he didn’t know how to respond to that comment. Ball Smashers went outside. Justin said to Scott it is all good. Justin said America might send her (Neeley) home. Scott is banking on it.

10:59am Jason/Kryssie/Danielle/Neeley – Kryssie and Neeley tell Jason what was said inside while he was talking with Whitney. Ball Smashers come outside and sit in hammock area. Jason tells them about his convo with Whitney.

11:02am Alex/Whitney – Alex tells Whitney what happened inside the house with Neeley. Whitney tells Alex what Jason said. Nelley walks up to them. Nelley apologizes for blowing up. Nelley walks back to the outside couch. Alex mentions Justin comment once Neeley went back outside – Justin wants Neeley out before she gets him out – pull the trigger first. Alex – this is your week. Whitney – maybe Justin will tonight. Alex said she wanted to talk to Justin and ask him about his comment but she didn’t want to scare him off. Whitney asked if she thinks LNJ is trying to throw them off. Alex says yes, it was all planned. Alex said Neeley looked more like an as*. Morgan joins them. They talk about Neeley doing damage control now. Morgan said it is too late. Morgan says she thinks she will bring the comment up about Neeley saying LNJ will vote them out one by one if they vote to keep Scott – if Kryssie says anything to her (Morgan). Whitney says that Scott says Alex is his ride or die and hg get from that comment that Alex and Scott have a F2. Alex says she really needs Scott to stop saying that. Alex said she needs to talk to Scott about it. Whitney asked if Justin was inside and saw what happened with Neeley and Scott. Morgan and Alex said yes. Shelby joins them. They fill in Shelby and tell Shelby Neeley apologized. Shelby said she didn’t get an apology. Shelby tells them about the convo she just had with Jason. Jason is trying to force us apart with the information he got from Scott. Shelby thinks Scott did say those things but they don’t need to take it for face value. Whitney: If Neeley acted a fool than America say it. Alex: She (Neeley) was a crazy person coming to life.

11:04am Scott/Shelby – Talking about what they have both individually said to LNJ to further their game. Spoke about Scott and Jason’s convo this morning and things Shelby said in the HOH room to Kryssie. Scott said I hope you girls know what I am doing and know I am loyal to you. Shelby says she knows. Shelby said she doesn’t give a sh*t about what Neeley said. Shelby said Neeley is starting sh*t but hasn’t approached Shelby with a safety deal. Scott said he tried to make a safety deal with Jason for his vote. Shelby understands. Scott said just know you and Alex are my top two.

11:21am Scott/Whitney – Scott tells Whitney what Neeley said to him. Scott said he respected Neeley up until this morning. Whitney said she thinks LNJ are just trying to turn their votes because they are scared. Whitney tells Scott to lay low. Scott said I obviously said some things to be able to stay in the game. Whitney said we have your back no matter what they say or how many fights they try to pick with you. Whitney said you are in jeopardy of going home so you have to say whatever you have to say to stay. Scott repeats the comment he made that Neeley overheard in the bathroom this morning: America if you keep me I am going to make Danielle’s life a short lived hell. Scott said Neeley wouldn’t have said anything if she hadn’t of walked in on him and heard him make the comment. Whitney said what Neeley did just made her look stupid.

12:58pm Jason said one of the fish looks like it has down syndrome. A couple of minutes later Jason calls downstairs. No one answers the phone. He says they are racist.

1:50pm Morgan/Scott – Morgan doesn’t like that Neeley said the bullying comment to Scott. She thinks Neeley twisted words. She believes Neeley crossed some lines and that comment put Morgan over the edge. They talked about working together.

2:21pm Neeley/Kryssie/Whitney – Kryssie is concerned for Neeley. Kryssie said everyone said yesterday they are voting out Scott but no one is interacting today and she doesn’t want anyone to change their mind. Whitney said she doesn’t think anyone is going to change their mind. Whitney said everyone was just taken aback by the way Scott was acting this morning. Whitney said Ball Smashers are just trying to distance themselves from Scott. Whitney thinks everything should go as planned.

3:47pm Justin/Scott – Scott says to Justin he knows Justin has to vote with his alliance but he wants him to know that even if he does have the numbers to keep him in the house Justin is safe. Scott tells Justin that Justin has done him favors and he appreciates it. Justin says there are many days they can team up and do some things.

5:17pm Ball Smashers/Scott – They are talking about Neeley’s bullying comment towards Scott. Morgan – If Neeley does stay that is something I am going to bring up because that still bothers me. The Ball Smashers think LNJ have been bullying Shelby.

7:55pm All hg – Neeley’s eviction speech – I’m sorry Scott. But you no longer deserves to be in the house. Over the past 24 hours he has thrown each and everyone single one of you UTB in the hopes of trying to save his own skin and playing the game to the very last minute. He came into this house and on day one made an alliance with four people who have all but left the game. Also I think the Coup de grace to Scott no longer needing to be in the house are the antics of late of trying terrorize people to gain more TV time. It started last week with his cheesy trying to get Shane out of the house. Apart of his alliance, mind you. Then it went on to terrorizing Danielle and then even telling, I overheard it, telling you if you let him stay he is going to terrorize her even more. And I think the coup de grace why he needs to go is because he overheard that Kryssie hurt her hand during the Veto comp and applauded. Applauded. He applauded in someone else’s misery. And why would you do that if you want to be in this house? Why would you want someone in this house. I don’t care how you feel about each other. No one should applaud someone else’s misery. That is disgusting. And for those reasons, Scott no longer deserve to be here. He only wants his weekly stipend. He only wants TV time. He is not here to compete. He is not loyal. And he does not deserve your votes to stay.

8:02pm Evicted Neeley. America’s vote sent Neeley home. (Scott applauds aggressively.) Neeley leaves.

8:03pm Scott says in from the hg to Kryssie – I would never applaud because I thought you hurt yourself. Kryssie said: Scott I heard you clapping. Scott: Because I didn’t even know you had gone yet. I didn’t even know you had gone yet. I didn’t know what the comp was yet. Kryssie: I am not going to give you TV time. Scott: That’s fine. Kryssie: Bye. Kryssie walked away. Scott said loud enough for hg to hear: I would never applaud because I thought Kryssie hurt her hand. That’s bs. That’s bs. Neeley’s picture turned black and white and Scott claps. Scott said: Revision is history. Welcome to BB. (Justin/Kryssie off to the side talking – Justin: The 4th vote had to be America’s vote. That is the only way it could have happened because it was 3 to 3. Kryssie: Idk. All those girls lied to me. Justin: But I told you they would do that. Kryssie: I know you did. It’s still bs.) Jason: Even if you (Scott) didn’t clap then clapping now is just as ignorant or arrogant, so just chill, Scott. Scott: If you think so. Jason: Just chill. Scott: People have been saying sh*t about me the past 3 weeks. Jason: Yeah. Scott: Telling lies about me. Jason: That’s this game. Scott: Yeah, telling lies. That’s the game? Jason: Yeah. Scott: Saying I clapped when Kryssie hurt herself? Jason: Well, I wasn’t there to see it but.. Scott: That didn’t happen. I wouldn’t clap because I thought Kryssie hurt herself. Jason: I mean when you clap to hear that Neeley is evicted it sort of makes…(Feed stopped). Scott: I am happy she (Neeley) is gone. I am happy to be here. Danielle to Scott: When Monte left, did I clap? No, I didn’t. When Monte left I gave him a hug. Monte was talking crap about me all week long. All week long he was talking crap about me. You don’t think I was happy to see him leave? Did I handle it like that? No. I gave him a hug and I told him good game and I watched him walk out the door like a normal person. I didn’t whenever they called his name. I didn’t clap when his picture turned back and white. That is disgusting, Scott. Scott: When someone says I am a disgusting person because I applauded when someone hurt themselves. I would never do that. Danielle: You actions show that. Scott: I would never do that. Danielle: Your actions show that. Scott: Yes, I am happy I am here and I am happy she (Neeley) is gone. Danielle: Your actions show you are a disgusting person. Scott: But I am not happy that Kryssie hurt herself. I would never applaud because someone hurt themselves. That is not what I do.Danielle: Ok, Scott. I would never clap because you hurt yourself, Kryssie. I feel most people… Jason: We may not want to be involved in this but it’s a game. We are all involved. We are all involved. We can’t just stay out of it. Everybody’s involved. We are all living here in this house together. Just like you can’t stay out of the dishes, we are all here, we are all involved. So rather they want to be involved or not they are. Everyone’s is involved.Welcome to the game. Ball Smashers in the bathroom doing a victory dance. Shelby slapping her wrist while dancing: How does it feel, Neeley? How does that slap on the wrist treating you? Kryssie walks in the bathroom. Kryssie : I trusted every single one of you. Alex: It’s a game, Kryssie. It’s BB. You gotta do what you gotta do.Kryssie: You want to live with that another week? (Kryssie pointing to kitchen where Scott is standing.) Shelby: Neeley called me stupid. Nelly made her speech about me last week. Morgan: Kryssie, I can honestly say I was with you. Neeley’s argument with Scott this morning kinda really got under my skin bringing up the bullying thing and purple day. Kryssie: What do you call this? What do you clapping when somebody loses? Morgan: I wasn’t there for that. Kryssie: He is doing it right now. Literally clapping when she left. Alex: This is Scott’s argument with them. We don’t want to be involved this. Kryssie: You don’t want to live with this another week? Alex: There are a lot of people in this house with crazy personalities. Shelby: I didn’t want to live with Neeley another week. She was actually really mean to me. Kryssie to Shelby: I don’t know what happen between you to, so I am sorry, but. Morgan: For me it was the argument and…I mean we signed up for BB and we knew we were going to get and arguments with people and people are going to terrorize other people, but brining up purple day for me, that was just something that really got under my skin. Kryssie: What do you call what he (Scott) is doing if you don’t call it bullying? Alex: People have been bullying him (Scott) just as much as he has been bullying other people. Morgan: Yeah, it’s both sides. Alex: It is not a one-sided thing in my opinion. Both parties are guilty. And at this point this was a strategic game move for us to get her out. It was nothing personal. I like Neeley and she knows that. I told her that.. Morgan: I think Neeley is an incredible player and for me this was simply numbers and this is a numbers game. I know I broke your trust and I completely agree that, you know, but at the same time it was numbers and me the argument this morning is kinda what sealed the deal. In my opinion. So. Kryssie: Ok. You guys are entitled to your decisions if that is what this is about, but like you really want to live with this sh*t another week? Honestly, I just want to play the game and there’s been a lot of personalities, you know, that can rub people the wrong way. Kryssie: Do you want him to clap when you leave? Morgan: No. No, I don’t. But, at the same time, I had to think of long term game for me and I knew that Neeley was a strong competitor and I knew in the end she is going to beat me out. And it was the argument for me this morning that just got under my skin. If you want the honest truth from me. Kryssie: No, I appreciate honesty. I feel like I haven’t gotten it from any of you guys. Morgan: Right. Kryssie: It’s your choice, dudes. I had nothing to do with that. Scott and Justin alone in Have-Not room. Justin: Congratulations. Scott: People are lying about me. Justin: It’s all good.It hurt me to vote you out of here. Scott: What you did was strategy and I respect that. You haven’t lied to me. Just: No, dog. I told you I was voting you out f here but guess what? America chose differently and that’s what it is. Scott: That’s what happens when people spread lies and rumors.

8:06pm Kryssie/Jason/Danielle/Justin – Kryssie: I fuc*ing herad you laughing you (Scott) piece of sh*t. Jason: It is your word versus his and they’ll air it. Kryssie: I know it. Jason: They’ll air it. They air it. So if it happened, they’ll air it. It doesn’t matter. Jason points at Shelby’s picture: You need to play bit*h.

8:07pm Ball Smashers/Scott – Alex: I think everyone just needs to take a breath and calm down because right now everyone yelling at each other isn’t helping anything. Shelby: Right. Alex: Let’s get focused. Morgan: Channel all the energy into HOH. Let’s kick some as*. Shelby: Exactly. Alex: Their (LNJ) pissed and you (Scott) are still freaking here. Thank you , America. Scott: But on some real sh*t girls, I would never applaud because someone hurt themselves. Alex: No, no, no, no, no. No, no. Just brush it off. Just brush it off. Shelby: The camera don’t lie. Scott: Yeah. Alex: Just brush it off. I know that speech got you worked up but America has your back. Morgan: She did that so you are going to get flustered and throw you off. Alex: America had your back this week. Alex: Let’s not give them (LNJ) what they want. Morgan: Don’t listen to a word they say.

8:10pm Production tells Alex her duties (from Care Package) are over.

8:16pm Jason/Justin – Jason asked if Justin voted out Neeley. Justin said no. Scott enters the room. Jason says Scott I don’t want you to think I am not happy for you to stay. Neeley’s speech was a little much. Scott said if she would have said all of that without the part of me applauding when Kryssie hurt herself and I was evicted I still would have given her a  pump and said good game.

8:22pm Kryssie and Alex talk. Kryssie wanted to know who is bullying Scott. Alex said she has seen it happen to Scott. Alex agrees that Scott does it too. Alex said she is not defending Scott but just wanted her to know other hg are doing. it. Alex said this way game play.

10:41pm Ball Smashers/Scott – Morgan said they probably shouldn’t talk to Danielle until after the Care Package. Scott doesn’t plan to talk to Danielle at all.
More updates to come soon for Wednesday. Drama after eviction – lot of hg having separate convos.

10-25-2016 Tuesday (PT):

12:33am Alex/Morgan – Morgan: Whitney is smart. She is bsing everyone. She asked to be OTB so that she doesn’t break the promise. Alex: I know. Whitney knows exactly what she is doing but at this point there isn’t anything you can do about it. Morgan is going to talk to Kryssie when they wake and suggest Kryssie put up Shelby so that Kryssie has her and Whitney voting the way Kryssie wants. Morgan is not concerned with breaking her deal with Kryssie. If Morgan got HOH she wants Justin out. Morgan said if you screwed me over I would never talk to you again. She said she would scream we are sisters and she would scream it at the top of her lungs. And I would say you were lying the whole entire time.
12:39am Jason/Justin – Justin is going to vote to keep Neeley here.

1:38am Danielle/Jason – Danielle said Neeley has tried to get in her head and have her flip. Jason – I know she has said that to people. Danielle has seen some things in Neeley since Shane has left.

1:58am Jason/Danielle/Justin – Justin: Kryssie is taking this hard. For her sake I hope Scott goes home.

3:08-6:57am Scott alone talking to America about hg, his time in the BB house and his plans moving forward in the BB house.

10:45am Justin/Whitney – Justin: I’ve been thinking about it and it is going to be a 3-3 vote. Whitney: America will vote out Scott. Justin: I don’t think so. Whitney: You don’t? I think Neeley only went up because Scott wasn’t an option. Justin: No, I don’t think so. Kryssie would be so hurt. It would have to be America’s vote. Justin asked what Whitney said to Kryssie. Whitney said for her to put me OTB. Justin said it will be up to America. What they want.

10:55am Morgan/Kryssie – Morgan will use the Veto on herself. Morgan would love to use the Veto on Neeley but she would be the dumbest player if she didn’t use it on herself. Kryssie said: With that being said, that is your girl. Are you content with her going home this week? Morgan: No. Whitney and I are on the same page and will vote for Scott. Kryssie: Whitney is concerned that you guys will flip and she doesn’t want to be the person to do that. She almost asked me to put her as replacement nom. Shelby asked me 100% no to. The problem is I don’t think Shelby will give me the same courtesy that you will and respect the HOH and vote that way. Morgan: With Shelby it is up in the air. With Whitney that is two votes guaranteed. Kryssie asked if I put Whitney up I can still count on your vote for Scott? Morgan : Yes. Kryssie: That makes me feel good better because I didn’t want to put Shelby up because I feel like she is the know of person that will hold a grudge. Morgan said that is weird because Shelby even came up to her this morning and said she is worried and almost wants to be OTB. Morgan says why does everyone want to OTB. This is the opposite of the game. Kryssie: Being OTB next to Scott is the safest place you can be in the game at this point. Your vote is an insurance vote that Scott does leave. Kryssie’s gut tells her to put Whitney up because she doesn’t want to put her in that weird position. Whitney has been straightforward with her since the beginning. I don’t want her to be in a position to betray my trust or you guys because that is not great for her game because you guys need her right now and I might need her later. It is a toss up at this point but I am leaning towards Whitney.

11:13am Morgan/Alex/Shelby – Morgan tells them what Kryssie said. Alex: So they want to protect Whitney. Shelby: There is a better chance of me going home than Whitney. All she said to Kryssie was Whitney was more liked in the house and she could potentially go home. Alex: That is important information for later on down the road. She is going to work with Whitney over us. Shelby: We just need to lay low until Wednesday. Morgan: She did say that later on down the road that you (Shelby) will throw me and Whitney UTB. I will need Neeley later on down the road when Shelby flips. Shelby: She thinks I am a lone wolf. Alex: If we get Neeley out this week we will have the numbers and the advantage and be more protected and we have Scott to take the bullets for us. Morgan: She would love for a female to win but she doesn’t want to get rid of Jason and Justin because she thinks she can beat them at the end. Alex to Morgan” Don’t feel bad voting Neeley. Morgan: I don’t feel bad. All three then talk to the camera and ask for America to please vote Neeley.

11:24am Morgan/Scott – Morgan: For me obviously I am going to vote to evict Neeley but it is going to cause me a lot of issues for my game just because I did make this promise to Neeley and Kryssie and that is going to blow up in my face. And Whitney made the same promise but they are going to put Whitney up as the replacement nom so that she obviously is not going to have to vote so she is no blood on her hands. Going forward I want you to stay but I need you to make me second priority. Scott: I can make you my number two but Alex is my number one. Morgan: I just need to be above Shelby and Whitney. Scott: That is fine. I can definitely do that. Morgan: Kryssie has let it be known that she has loyalty to Whitney and that is why she is making Whitney nom and she doesn’t want Whitney to have to chose or flip or break promises we made. She thinks I am keeping Neeley because it is good for my game. Nelley has promised me to take me far in this game and work with her and Kryssie. I do believe out of all the girls the target will shift from Alex to me. Scott: Keep in mind if I do go home no one from the other side is trustworthy, with the exception of maybe Justin. Jason has turned on me multiple times in this game. Scott explains that Jason is around him when things are going good for Scott but when things are going bad he sh*ts on him in public. Morgan: I think if we pull this off we have a way better chance moving forward. Let’s do it. I want you to to stay in this game and I want to work together. Scott: Absolutely. That works for me. Morgan: Between us we have a good chance at winning comps.

11:33am Morgan/Whitney – Whitney tell Morgan what Justin said. Morgan said so he isn’t going to vote out Neeley? Whitney: I don’t know but right now he is having doubts. Morgan: I cannot vote Neeley out unless there is a 99% chance she is going home. At this point we are banking on America. I cannot risk voting Neeley and Neeley stay. I break Kryssie and Neeley’s trust. Whitney: I offered to go up so this might work. Morgan: So you are going to be fine and Krisese has made it very clear that she wants to work with you and she trust you. Nelly really trust me. That’s what is frustrating because Alex and Shelby are like lets just try. Whitney: What if America votes Neeley out and we didn’t try? Scott has never been put up as America’s nom. Morgan: That is true.

12:05pm Whitney/Morgan/Alex – Morgan: At this point it might completely screw me over but I am saying lets go balls to the wall. It is boring voting with the rest of the house.

12:06pm Scott/Justin – Scott has been Have-Not twice and tells Justin he doesn’t think America will send Neeley home. Justin is trying to think about his game and every vote counts. Scott campaigns to Justin said he will think about it.

2:56pm Alex/Scott – Scott let Alex know that Justin wasn’t going to vote out Neeley. Scott says I hope you are willing to bank on America. Shelby walks in and Scott tells Shelby. Scott thinks he has a 50/50 chance with America.

3pm Shelby/Alex – They are frustrated about the votes but don’t want to give up on Justin yet. Shelby: I think it is still worth it to try. They are going to come after us anyway. Who cares? Alex tells Shelby to cry tonight around Justin. It is the one thing he isn’t expecting. Alex: If he did us this favor we would owe him and he would be protected. Kryssie would never have to know.

4:31pm Alex/Morgan/Shelby – Alex: We should do the opposite of what everyone wants. Morgan: I just think we should do what we want to do regardless of what Justin says and go with it. Shelby: Can you imagine if the America’s votes did go our way and we didn’t do it?

5:14pm Shelby/Alex/Morgan – Alex asked Shelby when she was going to cry in front of Justin. Shelby said probably after dinner.

7:09pm Justin/Kryssie – Justin is voting to keep Neeley and Kryssie says I know, I trust you.

7:25pm Various hg playing What are the odds? Justin lost and has to lick Jason’s armpit. Hg chant – lick it. Justin said he can’t so it. F*uck that game.

9:38pm Morgan/Shelby/Whitney – Morgan: Let’s just go balls to the wall. We are the Ball Smashers. Balls to the wall. Alex said she is voting out Neeley because they all have lied to her (Alex) face. They decide not to tell Neeley.

9:48pm Scott/Alex/Morgan/Whitney – Scott: If it works out I am going to be sweating in my seat. Can you imagine the tears from Kryssie? Shelby enters the room. They discuss when to talk to Justin. They do not want to give him too much time to change his mind. Scott: If it does work out it will be a game changer. Shelby said that regardless of the deal Morgan has with Kryssie LNJ will put Alex and her (Shelby) up first. Alex said that she and Shelby will come up with some lie to say to Neeley to save Morgan if Neeley stays.

9:53pm Scott to Ball Smashers the POV speech he wanted to give: Morgan you better use the POV on yourself because we have some petty jealous motherfuc*e*s who are upset that they can’t win competitions for themselves and if you don’t save yourself they are going to send you home. So please save yourself.

10:43pm Alex/Morgan/Shelby – Alex said if Neeley stays and says anything to Morgan, Morgan can say she put up a fight but Ball Smashers threatened they wouldn’t work with her (Morgan) after that. Alex said to Morgan that she feels bad for her because she is getting the short end of the stick out of all of us. Shelby told Morgan that Scott wasn’t coming for her it was a priority thing.

11:26pm Ball Smashers – Morgan was asking for a good come-back if Kryssie said anything to her. Then Shelby offered to walk by if she sees Morgan and Kryssie talking and if Morgan needs Shelby to step in and help the code name is Pineapple.

11:46pm LNY (minus Justin) – When Shane entered the BB house Danielle thought Shane was so handsome. Danielle said OMG he is so handsome he is probably going to like one of these little girls over here.

10-24-2016 Monday (PT):

12:03am Kryssie/Jason/Justin/Danielle – Justin used the “n” word when he was talking about his girlfriends. He realized immediately what he said and apologized. He said he was trying not to say that the whole time. Danielle, Kryssie and Jason all said Neeley has said it a few times. Jason said don’t worry about it.

10:10am Alex/Morgan – Alex apologizes to Morgan that she can’t play and win Veto because it isn’t good for her (Alex) own game.

10:22am Danielle/Neeley/Jason/Kryssie – Neeley thinks LNJ has a good chance in the Veto. She thinks Morgan will be their biggest competition. Kryssie believes the people she made deals with will keep their word and vote the way she wants. Jason said they will break their deals – welcome to BB. America will be the tie breaker vote. Nelley says if she stays OTB there is a really good chance she is leaving. Nelley knew it was going to her or Shelby OTB as third nom.

10:49am Danielle/Jason/Kryssie – Kryssie said her therapist diagnosed her as borderline narcissistic and violent yet she has been like the most self deprecating and crying as*hole since she has been there. Justin walks in the room and Jason tells him to make sure Shelby does not win the Veto today. Don’t lose the Veto until Shelby is out.

10:52am Danielle/Kryssie/Jason/Justin – Justin said he doesn’t trust Neeley. Kryssie said even if you don’t trust her we need her as a number. Justin knows.

10:59am Danielle/Kryssie/Jason/Justin – If I win Veto I will take Neeley down. Kryssie will too. Jason said that will ensure one of them go home. Jason says if Neeley stays up there this week was a waste. Kryssie will be heartbroken if the week she was HOH someone from her side went home. A few minutes later Justin said what if Neeley wins HOH and comes after us. Kryssie said she won’t right away. Justin said you don’t know that. Justin believe Neeley will put Justin and Jason OTB. Kryssie said Neeley will go for the girls first. Jason says to Justin that he knows he is nervous about Neeley but there will be plenty of time for them to get her out. Neeley comes in the room and tells Neeley if he wins the Veto he will take her down.

12:11pm Alex/Morgan/Scott – Agree they need to take out Neeley and Kryssie first in the Veto comp and then Justin.

12:15pm Justin/Scott – Justin said Neeley can go home Scott said that is what he is hoping. Nelly and Kryssie can’t win the Veto. Justin said if you (Scott) win the Veto you cannot come for Kryssie right now. Scott said that is fine his priority is Neeley and Danielle and maybe Shelby and Morgan. Justin said that is his agenda.

12:18pm Justin/Whitney/Scott – Whitney asked Justin if he was playing to win. Justin said – I’m not. No indeed, not. Whitney asked Justin if he was surprised Neeley went up. He said no. There are people on his side that don’t like her.

5:18pm Scott – If Mrgan wins and takes herself off the block we still have the votes to get out Neeley.

5:42pm Morgan/Alex/Shelby – Morgan said to Alex if you are telling me to leave myself on the block. Alex – if you use it on Scott. Morgan – No. I’m not. Alex – Morgan, just listen to me. Alex- But Neeley goes home.

5:42pm Kryssie/Shelby/Alex/Shelby – Kryssie congratulates Morgan. They hug and Morgan says thank you. Kryssie feels them Scott heard her from the other room when she came in from playing Veto comp and he clapped because he knew she did bad. Kryssie said she is done. Kryssie says to Morgan she is happy for her but also for the game. After Kryssie walks away Shelby said she is probably going up as a pawn.

5:50pm Kryssie/Neeley/Jason/Danielle – Neeley says to Kryssie do not put up Shelby. Kryssie says no. Kryssie mentions putting Whitney in Morgan’s place. Jason says that ensure that they stick to their plan. If we get any inkling or wind that they are not we can act like we are flipping. That also ensures that Justin doesn’t stray. Nelley agrees.

5:52pm Scott/Alex/Whitney/Morgan – Scott suggest in order to appease America should he spend the next 48 hours hanging around Danielle and sh*t talking her. To get that 4th vote that we need because he needs that 4t vote. Alex suggest trying to flip Justin’s vote.

6pm Kryssie/Neeley/Jason/Danielle – Kryssie tells them how Scott clapped because Kryssie hurt herself and did bad.

6:11pm Scott/Kryssie/Danielle/Justin – Scott asked if they were able to see anything while they were in the HOH room during the Veto comp. Jason said no. Scott asked Danielle if this was the first comp she couldn’t compete in. Danielle agrees. Scott said you couldn’t even watch it so that sucks. She said she slept. Scott said just another day then. Jason says – Are you saying all Danielle does is sleep Scott? Scott – Yes. Danielle reminds him she is voting this week. Scott says he already knows how she is voting. Jason said we already know you are a di*k so. Danielle – And just for the record he wasn’t calling you a puppet master. You aren’t smart enough for that. He was calling Alex that. When he told you to open your mouth he was pretending to c*m in it. Danielle then says don’t come for me Scott. Scott says – The plot thickens. Danielle says yeah. He called Alex the puppet master because she is smarter than you and you are a complete idiot. Scott said, oh, ok, so he just made a mistake when he said my name. Scott says I guess he (Shane) should have spent two days practicing his speech. Danielle – like you did. Scott said with my like 20 second speech? Danielle – Or the speech you planned for Kryssie and insulted her over and over. Scott asked what speech was that where I insulted her. Kryssie – you’re kidding. Danielle – I cannot wait for you (Scott) to go home. Scott – If Kryssie didn’t put me OTB America might have instead of Neeley. Danielle – It doesn’t matter you are going home. Scott- Oh, really? Ok. That s news to me. A few minutes later Justin says don’t let it get to you. Scott said he already knows what it is. Justin – I just don’t like to see nobody down. A few minutes later Scott is standing in front of the trash can shaking his drink. Kryssie comes over and says – move. Scott says absolutely Kryssie. Scott follows Danielle into the other room where most of the hg are chatting. Scott says to Danielle too bad this is the one comp you couldn’t compete in. Danielle says yeah, too bad, Scott. Scott – It probably would have been the one you won. Danielle – you made your $4000 so you can go home now and smoke some cigarettes. Scott – I will go home with a smile on my face. Danielle – ok. Justin gets up to walk out and says, oh my gosh you guys. Cut it out. Jason – is there a need for this? Really though? Danielle – I don’t know why he has to make little comments towards me. I wasn’t talking to him. I was talking to everyone else in the room. Scott – I am just enjoying the BB fam. Danielle – ok, Scott. Jason mentions giving each other a minute. Danielle says which is why I walked in here. Scott followed me in here. Scott – just enjoying time with my BB fam. Everyone is apart of my BB fam. Jason – BB fam doesn’t work that way. Scott – it doesn’t. Jason – no.

6:21pm Jason/Ball Smashers – Jason said he doesn’t think Scott understands that if Kryssie hadn’t of nominated Scott, America would have based on Have-Not. America is going to vote Scott out. So even if you guys are going to vote Neeley, Scott will still get America’s vote and Scott will go home.

6:33pm Justin/Kryssie – Justin asked what is about to happen? Kryssie – we all need to do our best that whoever on that other side that is not OTB vote for Scott. Scott thinks everyone will vote someone else. Justin – I really want Shelby out of here but you are right. Kryssie – Morgan will use the Veto on herself and I will have to put up Whitney. Justin – coming from that aspect you’re guaranteeing Scott to go. Kryssie – Scott thinks they are voting out Neeley. Justin – Really? They are definitely vote Neeley out. Do they have the votes? Kryssie said it is dead even. Justin – so America is going to pick.

6:37pm Scott and Ball Smashers – Scott – Danielle said she was going to send me home. He asked the girls if they were going to vote him out. Whitney said no she is going to try to talk to Justin. Scott – even if we cant get Justin we can possibly get America. Scott said he is going to give Danielle a break but it isn’t over.

6:42pm Scott/Alex/Whitney/Shelby – Shelby asked Scott if he is going to talk to Justin about voting out Neeley. He said he will. Shelby – I want to get Neeley out. Alex said this is the one shot that has been handed to us. Nelly can run away with this game if they just have the numbers. That’s why we have to try.

6:44pm Scott/Whitney – If you all want me stop I will. Whitney said she doesn’t care at all. She just doesn’t want it to turn off Justin. The best thing for now is to lay low.

6:52pm Justin/Scott – Justin checks on Scott. Scott said he is just playing the game. Justin says keep positive. Scott said he is staying positive. Justin said he hates seeing people being attacked so it kinda bothered him a little bit in the kitchen. Scott – If it bothered you I will cut it out. Justin – no, no no, I felt like you were being attacked. Scott – oh, ok. Justin – you know what I am saying? It’s all good. I just wanted to make sure you were straight. Scott – Ok. Cool. I am good actually. I am just playing the game and I am having a good time doing it. Justin – just keep your head up. Scott – thank you. I appreciate it.

7pm Jason alone – He is happy with Morgan. Justin may try to pull some stuff.

7:19pm Scott/Whitney – Scott tells Whitney that Justin thought Scott was being attacked. Whitney – yes. That is great.

7:27pm Justin/Kryssie/Danielle – Danielle says to Justin about Ball Smashers – if we hear you are going to vote out Neeley we are going to vote out Whitney. If you want to guarantee Whitney stays you have to vote for Scott. Kryssie can’t see Morgan voting Neeley. Justin – You have to look at it the way it looks to them (Ball Smashers). What is beneficial to them. They want numbers. Kryssie doesn’t think so. She says there are always number with HOH and America. Danielle says to Kryssie that she thinks she should ask Morgan to use the Veto on Neeley. She may not but you can throw it out there. She trust you. Kryssie – Nelley is going to ask her too. Danielle – Morgan should use it.

7:31pm Morgan/Shelby – Morgan thinks Scott could flip on them and if he does she would be the first to go. Shelby says different things to all of us. He has lied to my face so many times.

7:37pm Shelby/Jason – Jason – you guys always say you are voting one person and you vote the way. It is a game I get it. But when it gets down to a certain point we wont be able to fix anything.

7:41pm LNJ – Talking about Morgan using the Veto on Neeley. Jason – she’s not going to do it. Nelley – it’s a stretch. Jason – I just spoke to Shelby about votes and and said I know you are lying and voting out Neeley this week and she gave me that look. Justin – I told you they were going to do that. Jason – I just got perfect confirmation.

7:52pm LNJ – Thinking of putting Shelby OTB so that Whitney can vote for Scott.

8:57pm Justin/Kryssie/Danielle/Shelby – Shelby checking in with Kryssie. Kryssie said she is hearing stories about Ball Smashers voting differently and wants to know if Shelby knows anything about it. Shelby says she thinks Scott is saying that. Kryssie wants Scott’s vote to be unanimous. Shelby said she will vote out Scott if she isn’t OTB. Kryssie said if you switch and vote Neeley we wont be able to work together.

8:58pm Alex/Morgan – Morgan wants Shelby OTB so Morgan and Whitney can both vote because they both made deals with Kryssie. Alex wants Scott to stay. Morgan says it feels like Alex is trying to keep Scott over her. They both agree they need each other in the game.

11pm Justin/Whitney – Whitney says she wants to vote out Neeley. Scott isn’t coming after Justin or Whitney. Neeley would come after both Justin and Whitney. Whitney trying to get Justin to vote out Neeley. Justin says Neeley’s target are Shelby and Alex. Whitney feels stuck because she doesn’t want to tell Kryssie. Justin said he thinks he will vote out Neeley. Justin told her to tell Kryssie she will vote out Scott if she is not OTB.

11:20pm Whitney/Kryssie – Whitney suggest that Krissie put her OTB so that Whitney can keep her word. Kryssie says if you feel like you should go OTB because the girls will flip concerns me. Whitney says they will vote out Scott but the house changes it mind every hour. Kryssie cries and doesn’t want someone on her side leaving on her HOH. Kryssie may take Whitney up on her offer.

11:36pm Neeley/Morgan – Neeley asking Morgan to not vote for her. Nelly said she will save her long term in the game. Morgan said she would love to use the Veto on Neeley but (Neeley cuts her off). Nelley says No, I get that. Morgan says she hasn’t heard anything against Neeley. Morgan says there is no need for Neeley to leave and she hears anything she will let her know.

11:37pm Jason/Danielle/Justin – Jason and Danielle talking Justin down from voting Neeley out. LNJ need the numbers and Neeley is loyal. Nelly doesn’t have the power to get Justin out.

11:45pm Alex/Morgan – Alex says Scott would owe you if you keep him. Morgan wants to know how Justin votes first.

11:51pm Whitney/Alex/Morgan – Whitney filled them in about her talk with Kryssie. She also told them about her talk with Justin. They will tell Scott that they think he has a chance with Justin. They also do not think Scott should go after Danielle anymore.

Last update.