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Big Brother Racism, What People Are Missing

Aaryn is not an anomaly
Aaryn is not an anomaly

This season of Big Brother 15 has really captured the attention of just about anyone with an internet connection.  Articles popping up on CNN, Huffington Post, etc all about the language used in the Big Brother house this season.  By no means do I condone that type of talk, but it appears many writers are taking the opportunity to steer the argument towards ‘poor casting’ or ‘cheap reality show’ or negative remarks about Big Brother in general.

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I will never pretend to be a great writer, and this article will probably come off as poorly written as well.  English classes were always my worst subject (I’m more of a math person), and I hated writing in High School.  In addition, I played sports and my job consisted of working in a factory loading paper into a machine.

My history is relevant to this article because it seems a lot of writers are missing key parts of this issue.  Growing up in locker rooms and working in a male dominated field taught me that this cast is real life, whether we like it or not.  People outraged at the things Spencer has said would be traumatized working in some fields. McCrae mentioning how he doesn’t talk to women he wants to f*ck is something you’d hear before first break in a factory environment.

As far as Aaryn and GinaMarie, they are more real than anyone would like to admit.  I’m sure most of you reading this know someone, or multiple people who talk like this in private.  I know I do.  I don’t like it, and try to avoid those people, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t encounter them all too often. To pretend they’re some fluke dug up by the casting director of CBS is living in a denial of sorts.

The reason for this post is because I have seen a lot of people mention how the producer of Big Brother should be fired, the show pulled off the air, cast members evicted, and so on.  The main problem with that is it just sweeps the issue under the rug instead of addressing it head on. If any of those things are going to happen, do you think it will change the thinking of future contestants?  No, they’ll just be more careful what they say when they’re on the show.  While that’s a great band-aid solution, it doesn’t even come close to addressing the real issue. That issue is there are far too many in the country who talk and act like Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer than we’d like to admit.

Big Brother made a nice step forward by airing some of the dirty laundry that’s been going on in the house, hopefully we continue to learn from this social experiment instead of trying to just censor and hide reality.

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  1. Comments (140)

    Well said.

    • Comments (20)

      Totally agree with what you said and that is why I think that perhaps Aaryn who is stupid, young and ignorant does not get the ramifications of what she is saying. You hear people all the time and especially in college making “racial jokes” and “homophobic jokes” and probably most of their peers never stand up and say that is wrong. Home is where young people need to be taught that those “jokes” are racist and should never be tolerated, but she probably learned that as long as it is done in “jest” you are not a racist. WRONG!! That is why I hope she has a come to Jesus moment in the house and realize that her comments are racist whether anyone hears them or not. However, I do think that after the Paula Deen controversy everyone within the earshot of a television knows that using the N word is racist period and so Gina Marie should know better. As For Spencer sorry but yes I am sure some of those comments are heard in locker rooms, but if men in locker rooms are going around saying the when women say no they actually mean yes then men need to have a HUGE COME to Jesus moment because that is called RAPE PURE AND SIMPLE!! No wonder with this type of caveman mentality a woman is raped probably every minute. This is something that CBS needs to address because by their keeping quiet it seems as if the higher ups at CBS actually condone this man’s violence toward women. I am appalled that CBS has not addressed this issue!

  2. Comments (2)

    Totally agree. I was upset about this issue until CBS finally aired some of the comments on the show. Now instead of covering for these bigots, they are giving them the platform to show the world who they truly are, and they are facing and will face consequences for it in the game and real life.

    • Comments (1)

      I do agree with what you are saying. Im in Canada and I really enjoy the show. But on one had yes they cannot be held responsible but I do believe they should be taken out of the house. They took out that guy last year for the fighting in which he could have hurt someone. But at the same time Words can hurt just as bad!

  3. Comments (1)

    I completely agree, it’s not Big Brother’s fault.

  4. Comments (3)

    Very well said… I know too many that talk like that it’s life….

  5. Comments (1)

    i agree with you 100% to a point. its not anyones fault EXCEPT the ones saying such hateful and hurtful things. i do feel these people should be removed from the game. its time for such hate to be handled not swept under the rug. ive only been a bb fan since season 5 i love the show and dont want a few bad apples to cause bb to end. after cbs showing whats going on if they dont remove these people im afraid it will cause people not to watch this season.aka bad ratings

  6. Comments (231)

    Very, very well said !

  7. Comments (11)

    I agree, nicely written. Your right, while over half of Americans outwardly have moved past homophobia and probably the same percentage or more have moved past racism, we need to remember there there is another half that think like the Aaryon’s, GM’s, and Spencer’s, in this country. If this were not true all this talk would be a nonissue. I agree writer, don’t censor it, learn from it, so that we can continue to change it.

  8. Comments (1)

    While what you say is true.. Doesn’t mean we should condone the actions of these people. If you set an example by punishing them in some way aren’t we sending the message that these issues will not be tolerated? Just a thought.

    • Comments (140)

      They have been punished. They just don’t know it yet because they’re still in the house. It’ll become clear once they realize they’re unemployed, but I don’t think any of them will actually _learn_ from it. Last night Aaryn actually had the audacity to play the victim card last night after being confronted for her racist comments. You can sure as hell expect her to play victim card ten fold once she discovers she’s lost her job and anyone who doesn’t live under a rock refuses to hire her because of the negative baggage she carries; no one will want to be affiliated with her.

      • Comments (1276)

        I totally missed that, I haven’t gotten to see the live feeds yet (or catch up on them I should say) and for some reason, at my house at least BBafterdark was a blank screen, and wouldn’t record. When did that happen, I need to see that.

      • Comments (768)

        Christina, it happened within about the first 10 minutes of BBAD.

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks Rob

  9. Comments (316)

    I am sure I heard some of these bad words over the years. However,the circle of friends I deal with don’t speak that way. They really don’t. We may not agree all the time, but we always respect eachother. If one of my friends were to say some of this stuff I would re-think the friendship.


  10. Comments (12)

    I agree! While I personally have issues with their comments, having them muted by removing them from the cast or canceling the show will not provide them any insight in how they are perceived in the larger society.

    Just because CBS doesn’t remove the cast or cancel the show doesn’t mean they condone the behavior but rather allows the audience to see what has always been part of the houseguests’ morality but hidden behind a fake outwardly kind persona.

    That kind of insight is important as we continue to still to learn to judge people by their character not their looks.

  11. Comments (24)

    Other reality shows, like Survivor, present us with a 100% edited version – no “After Dark”, no live feeds. BB is unique, so yeah, you will see the ugly side of human nature along with the components of the game. Yet, I think that in the transition to a longer season with more newbie houseguests, BB did not get “the mix” right. A few more older folks, with spouses and children, would tame the frat house spirit in the house.

  12. Comments (18)

    I can’t agree more. It’s not Big Brother’s job to go in and referee the game. It’s a social experiment and who ever is left standing, gets the money. They are to play the physical comps, social game, mental challenges, etc. Does it take a lot of skill to win? I think it’s more luck and I will be personally heartbroken if one of these hateful people win like Aaryn or GM but all-in-all, we all love to watch these idiots on Big Brother compete season after season and have their lives taped 24/7 This season just seems to think it’s The Real World but stop blaming CBS or the producers or Big Brother. It’s a game and if the producers start getting all involved this season by telling them what to say or kicking them out, then whoever won will feel like Big Brother had a hand in that. Let the game be played, whatever ignorant stuff that comes out of their mouth. These people are in for a surprise of their life when they leave. Let the game continue as is, everyone settle down and hope the good will prevail. Go Howard! Go Helen! Go Andy! Go Candice! Route for your favorite like you do every season and take it for it is, ENTERTAINMENT! Chill out people!

  13. Comments (4)

    i don’t get where everyone thinks aaryn (or however she spells it because i have stopped watching) is gorgeous. i have no problem saying that a woman i sbeautiful, but beauty requires a lot of things. most of which she is missing. first off…i can not get past the horse teeth.. that’s all i see. then comes the personality…which i can’t imagine any good man wanting to be associated with. even when i tried to like her, she slapped me in the face. she is disgusting. no beating around the bush about that. i must be sheltered because i didnt realize there were still ppl out there that put there stupidity on display for everyone and still thinks everyone else is the problem. hope you get off that show , watch it, and see what and imbecile you are. it is so obvious to us watching. god bless you…you need it.

  14. Comments (4)

    an imbecile….

  15. Comments (4)

    but that is the whole point of the show , in my opinion. to see how different ppl react in a closed environment with ppl they might not have been around before. their true self comes out and they can’t help it. unfortunately for aaryn, it shows her narcissity. she needs to get a grip cause one day she will be older and like everyone else….with those freakin horse teeth. sorry for that…not like me….but she is soooo evil.

  16. Comments (137)

    okay I have to laugh at some of the comments I am seeing here. I know I am going to get a lot of haters when I say this. I see a lot of people who are followers, I see a lot of the same names for comments and these same people have been bashing CBS and the cast wanting them removed. I am a believer in standing your ground on your opinion. I still would like to have those certain people removed from the house for the comments they make. I do however agree with Beans about the fact that we do hear these types of comments in our every day lives and it is not CBS fault. I am still standing my ground and saying that it is not CBS fault for what comes out of their mouths. But how CBS chooses to handle it from there does become their fault.

    I believe we should stand up for what we believe in and not follow what the commentator says and his views. We all have our own opinions and thoughts and should stand up for those. I believe that Beans said it very well and there were good points made, but the facts are still the facts. These comments need to stop and these people need to learn what is acceptable on TV and what is not. Remember this is TV, not our conversation with a co worker next to us, or our friends at girls night out, or the guys at the bar.

    We do reserve the right to turn off our TV’s and not hear them, but we also reserve the right to watch TV without having to listen to what is spewing from their mouths this time. The more attention we give this, the more famous each one of these people become. I believe I read earlier in one of these feeds and comments, lets get back to the game and plotting that goes on and stay away from the negative comments coming from their mouths. We cannot change what is happening and how CBS is choosing to handle it, but we can state our opinion, stand up for them and then move on from that. Do not be change your mind because the majority of people are swaying back and forth. STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND STAY STANDING!!

    • Comments (137)

      Well put BB Fan, I have noticed as well how opinions are swayed by others peoples comments. CBS is still at fault for allowing these comments to continue. It makes CBS look bad no matter how you spell it out. Lets get back to the game and hear some plotting that is going on in the house. No more hate comments please.

    • Comments (21)

      I guess then you are the judge of what is offensive then?
      Some people have issue with cussing in general “C” word, “MF” word, “B&*ch”; if you are one, do you pass judgment and decide they must leave because they offended you?

      what if Aaryn made the rice comment but didn’t do it mimicking an Asian accent, is that more or less offensive? Who determines that?
      what about the use of other politically incorrect words, though not racist, they were offensive to some so should those HG be subject to your punishment?

      we should stop thinking that if a group of people don’t like someone else’s view, than no-one should be allowed to hear it.

      • Comments (528)

        Kiki, your white privilege is showing, Hun.

      • Comments (21)

        so you think insulting my perceived race is the way to win an argument of bigotry? You lost me there.
        While I don’t have a bit of white privilege (LOL) ; I just believe that I DON’T have the right to mute the voice of any other person, just because I don’t agree with what they are saying.. I have the RIGHT to disagree with it and voice that disagreement in turn.

        While some want Aryan thrown out (I want her voted out), GM, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Amanda and then sum have all repeat slurs, racist or insensitive comments/words so who decides which ones are worse?

        I can say for sure MY moral compass of who is right or wrong is NOT guided by BB Fan or you. I personally believe they should be voted out with regard to rules of the show… the consequence of their ignorance and statements will/should be handled by the community after they aren’t in the BB bubble.

      • Comments (528)

        Obviously someone who feels that just because a certain group is offended by someone’s view of them it doesn’t mean no one should be allowed to hear it, isn’t one of those groups. Maybe if you have been at the receiving end of these kinds of jokes or had to deal with the infuriatingly nonchalant attitude about it as I’m seeing here, you’d be able to better comprehend exactly WHY these people should be made an example of.

        I can deal with racism. It’s clear and it’s obvious and it doesn’t even try to rationalize itself. But this shrugging it off kind of indifference – or worse, annoyance at the attention it’s being given – drives me crazy. If it were only an issue of racism it probably would have ended long ago because there would be the racists and everyone else and everyone else wouldn’t tolerate it. But that’s not all it is; racism has a best friend in indifference and that’s the real reason we’re still discussing this. Because those of us not directly affected chose to ignore it or defend freedom of speech rather than be outraged.

        You only have to go as far as this blog post to see that.

      • Comments (21)

        so you are fine with censorship as long as it is in your favor. Double-edge sword they say.

        All I can say is once your voice is quieted because it goes against the person(s) that manage the forum in which you speak it, you will understand my point of view.
        Have we learned nothing by our history of mistakes?

        Let the ignorant ass-wipes dig their own graves, I’m too tired to hold a shovel tonight.

  17. Comments (1)

    Unfortunately it is true, people do speak like this, I have known many. I think it is very common. So sad.

    • Comments (137)

      it is very sad and that is my point exactly. And I believe they are wrong for what has been coming out of their mouths. Especially if it is aired and on TV.

      • Comments (21)

        it hasn’t really been aired on tv..(only a 2min excerpt about Aaryn)

        ALL of it has been aired over the internet. Big Difference!

        Believing they are wrong and/or being offended is completely different than shutting down the show or picking and choosing which ones to throw off based on what was ‘most’ offensive.

  18. Comments (1162)

    Silence isn’t golden when you fail to speak out against evil, especially any in your presence and
    causing harm to others.

    I applaud CBS for making a public comment about these issues, however it is more than
    sad that it took public condemnation regarding CBS’s silence to bring it about.

    • Comments (21)

      agree, but Aaryn isn’t in my presence.. she is in Howard, Candice, Amanda and Helen’s. Gina Marie said something so unbelievably inappropriate to Nick and Andy about welfare & insurance yet neither in remotely indicated that it was wrong.

      that is the social experiment.. how much of your value system will you put to the side to win money.

  19. Comments (96)

    Spencer’s mom just did an interview and said her son is a “good boy” and is saying all those things because he doesn’t want a target on his back and is trying to fit in with the other house guests.
    I’m sorry, but he’s an adult, not a child.

  20. Comments (195)

    I am a single mom in her early 50’s with a child with Down Syndrome. I am appalled as most of you are with what has been going on in the house but would like to share a few views. Growing up I remember playing the game eeny meeny miny moe catch a ****** by his toes. In those days I did not know that was wrong (I was the youngest of 7 and my mom had me when she was 40). To this day I can not believe we did that. It still makes me cringe just thinking about it. Anyway times changed and more was talked about and thankfully as I got older and educated knew this was wrong. If any good can come out of this it is hopefully the younger people watching this show and seeing the outrage realize that this is not acceptable behaviour. I am not sure how much I can type on this so please forgive me if I have to split this up. I mentioned my daughter because of course we have had people do that stare and what I do is try instead of getting upset to educate people. There are so many people that say Downs kids and that is labelling so in a nice way I explain people first language. It is an absolute outrage the things that are going on in the house and I don’t want to use the phrase it is a good thing but maybe it is so we can keep these issues in the fore front and help our children and others to understand that this is wrong.
    Ok so now I have to add that we have all been talking about those issues but not too much outrage about the cheating….I know there has been some but not to the extent as this. I am Canadian and watched some of BBC but my daughter had surgery so missed quite a bit. But, what gets me is that they apparently admitted to cheating and Aaryon is still HOH. As some have mentioned one of our contestants lost his HOH because of cheating and the final episode was priceless as the girl voted wrong (and they replayed it for her during commercial) and the wrong person won. But that was the rules. Why have rules if you are not going to enforce them….not sure if BBUS has the same rules but I would think so. This upsets me as much as the other because there is no fair game if someone can cheat. I would of let it go as on some sites it was hard to see if they cheated but I have read that some said they admitted to it!!!What!! Now that is totally wrong and it is so unfair to the others. I am going to end this just in case I can not write anymore and it doesn’t all get in but there is one other thing I wanted to talk about so will post after this. Thank you so much for letting me share my views. Have a wonderful day.

    • Comments (676)

      I saw where one said something like “and I said, we should just switch scoops” but it was someone talking to Jeremy and Aaryn and it didn’t sound like anyone admitted it.
      Does anyone have the date and time where they admitted cheating?

  21. Comments (7)

    The words and language being used on his season of big brother is NOT limited to a “blue collar” mentality….give me a break!! Ridiculous….

  22. Comments (2)

    I agree to a certain extent. It is nice that this behaviour had been exposed but it still would have been nice to see CBS evict them to send a message to say that it is not tolerant to ignorance and nor should the general masses. Wouldn’t it be tragic if my some crazy turn of events that these peoe were awarded with the money???

    • Comments (195)

      I agree to an extent but as I said in my post right now this is in the forefront and all everyone is talking about. So if they get evicted than these issues will go away as soon as another big news story happens. Unfortunately it is a catch22. But don’t forget how many viewers from around the world do not condone their behaviour and they will see it when they leave. And who knows…maybe Thursday there will be something that happens.

  23. Comments (15)

    it will be real power if HOH also be nominated as MVP. If Elissa is not evicted and again be the MVP and win HOH wonder what will happen and. it also be nice if Elissa is evicted and either Helen, Andy, or Judd win HOH and also MVP WOW just a thought. Amanda also but Not sure Mcrea might influenced her.

  24. Comments (1276)

    I originally wanted them kicked out. But after a bit of time I decided I thought it would be better for them to be called out for the actions. I don’t think it is now, or has ever been the casting director, or anyone elses fault. Unless they went into their interviews, spouting the kinds of remarks that they’ve said in the house (which we all know they didn’t) and then BB cast them for the allure of the drama it would bring, BB is not at fault.
    While these idiots are small minded racist, homophobic bigots, like Stevebeans said, it is NOT the small issue that some would like people to think. Most people who say that they are the few and far between, either feel the need to minimalize it because they do either say or believe the racist things they are hearing, or are so privilaged that they do not know what the world is really like.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is a big difference between not liking someone for thier actions, and discrimination against someone due who they are. Not liking them due to their race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or gender is wrong. End of story. The best thing to happen is for people to open their eyes and know that 4 out of 16 people they picked to go in this house have said these horrible things, do you really believ that number is way off from the people that believe the same as them?
    They are going to be held accountable when they get out, have no jobs, and have probably lost a lot more than anyone of us will know (which they should). I only wish that BB would have called out all of their comments, even if they didn’t say who went with which comment, to the house. But seeing the house guests acknowledge that they’ve been doing it, and still focusing on the game is showing a level of maturity that I don’t think I could.

  25. Comments (195)

    So to continue lol. The other issue I have is with Spenser and the language. I do not consider myself a prude but I only have had one friend that used the C word and he knew never in my house. I do not allow it. I voiced my opinion to him and he respected me for it and never used it around me. Myself personally think that is the most vulgar and disrespectful word to use. Along with everything else going on in the house the language is unbearable. I so hate to think our young people are growing up thinking this is a good way to communicate. They need to know they sound uneducated. There are a lot of strong and acceptable words in the English language that you can use to get your point across instead of cursing. I am not saying I never curse but with a young one it is not very often and never would you ever here that C word come out of my mouth. All I know is Karma’s a b#### and they are going to get their”s and one day will meet their maker who is the only one that can judge.
    Thank you Steve for this site. I was so disappointed that Canada could not get the live feeds as last year I got them for the first time but not until August and was so looking forward to the full season this year. Hopefully next year CBS will figure out some way we can get them here. I want to still support your site but don’t have a lot to give but will send something.
    And for my final comment (you are all probably saying thank goodness lol). Respect is earned and if I saw one of my friends acting like these houseguests they would lose mine. Thanks again everyone. Enjoy reading all your views on here!

    • Comments (195)

      Sorry wanted to mention too it is not just young people that curse a million times during a conversation.

      • Comments (768)

        I have a feeling the word ‘succinct’, isn’t in your vocabulary? 😉

      • Comments (676)

        Awww. She had a lot to say.

      • Comments (195)

        aww thanks Rita

      • Comments (195)

        Sorry Rob I apologize. I know I was rambling but with having to be with my daughter almost 24/7 attending to her medical needs it was nice even though not in person to have some adult chat. I take advantage of that when I can as you can see. lol I promise to try and keep it shorter if I get the chance to post again. “smiley face”

      • Comments (768)

        Hence my smiley face too! Post as you see fit Sambella. 🙂

      • Comments (195)

        Thanks Rob, I know you were just kidding around. Your not the first one that has joked about me being a person of few words….just ask my friends lol! Have a great day dear!

  26. Comments (676)

    I have watched every season except most of season 1. This is my first year watching the live feeds and first time ever submitting a comment on your blog. I’m sure this is not the first season to have people say offensive comments but these people swear a LOT! Can anyone say how they compare to previous seasons? When I watch the feeds I feel sorry for the editors feeling they really have limited scenes they can air without the episode being nothing but a bunch of bleeps.
    Without knowing how BB handled the behavior in the past I waited to see how/if they were going to handle it this year. So far I am happy BB addressed it the way they did by airing it for the non-live feed viewers. It exposes them to be judged by the viewers, which is what they signed up for and is good business for BB.
    Now something I would love to see is a competition where the house guests learn how the viewers feel about their behavior in the house. That could give them a chance to reflect on their past behavior while they are in a perfect location where they all have LOTS of time to think. Because we all know they will learn WHY once they leave the house. And it will give us something different to hear them whine about while enjoying watching some squirm. But that’s just my thoughts.

  27. Comments (22)

    Can’t agree with BB allowing the remarks to go unpunished. They hired these people, interviewed them more than once, and had the oportunity to check them out through modern technology. They passed over many other decent people who actually know the game and don’t have issues with racism and homophobia. BB is to blame 100% and should get rid of the 2 or 3 who have done the worst damage…like Aaryn, GM, and Spencer. So do the right thing….no evictions this week, just exiting of the problem people. That would be the fairest thing to do to correct BB producers bad choices.

    • Comments (2)

      Well stated and agree, as I believe it would make others within the house think twice before saying these types of comments. No evictions bring back David and exiting the 2 or 3 worst (Aaryn and GM for sure, as let Spencer stay and see if those expelled and why would change him). They are technically employees of CBS (getting pay for being there weekly as well as a chance for a LARGE Bonus), so if CBS does not “fire” them, then they state this is acceptable behaviour for all employee within CBS. Correct?

      • Comments (20)

        LET Spencer stay is a huge NO!!!! Are you serious the man said and I quote when a woman says no she means yes!! That is RAPE so sorry but he is talking about a crime and he should be the first to go!

  28. Comments (1)

    I know lots have been said about the things going on in the BB House. . .and we all know the conversations are not liked by all . . .but just remember. . .we all have many, many TV channels and programs out there that we can choose to watch. . .I am a BB Fan since the first season. . .and I believe even though not all off what is being said is right, but if you don’t like it then simply turn the channel. . . watch the Disney channel. . .and quit complaining. . . .

  29. Comments (528)

    Sorry, but I disagree. It may not be the fault of CBS, but it IS their responsibility at this point and they’re doing nothing. And maybe some of you – likely the Americans – see this kind of talk on a regular basis but I certainly do not and I think if people chose to do this on national television they deserve punishment, not a chance at a half million dollars. You can say, well theyre not going to win, obviously! but in the meantime, while theyre in the house, theyre still moving along while others who are not guilty may be very well leaving. Stevebeans, you’re sounding a title like a defensive fanboy trying to protect his franchise in your post.

    No, this needs to be addressed and addressed and addressed until we are red in the face. Until people realize this isn’t okay and not just that passive “tsk, well duh it’s not okay but sheesh, can we please let it go?” No, that’s not addressing anything, that’s sweeping it under the rug. We need to make a big stink and send a message that this kind of talk is NOT “normal” and shouldn’t be tolerated and most certainly should not be rewarded with national recognition and a spot in a gameshow. Leaving these people in the house sends the message that yeah, sure, we’re like super outraged and stuff…but we’d rather watch our precious Bog Brother than actually do anything drastic to try and curb it. That would end the show and we can’t have that!! Good grief, people, priorities.

    As I’ve said before, this show has been on a downward slide for a long time. I’m sick and tired of these casts full of wannabe models and actors rather than real people. You keep calling this group more “real” than we’d like to admit – well, maybe in your world, not in mine. And not in a good world. What a statement it would make to pull this show off the air and openly apologize for the kind of people they allowed on TV.

  30. Comments (1)

    Man fuck all that bs big brother isn’t at fault! They are and that’s what’s wrong with the world now! We accept what’s in the spoon and we swallow! Miss me with all that! She is wrong, big brother needs to take action! We notice its only white people saying its ok! Gtfoh! Y’all kill me!!

  31. Comments (20)

    Sorry, but Dan was a saint compared to some of these house guests, and yes I am a Dan fan. Spencer in essence is talking about the raping of women just like that Frank guy did last year. He is a sick puppy!

    • Comments (23)

      Dan played the game well. Especially in the first season where I feel he was not mean to anyone. His treatment of Danielle last year was questionable, but nowhere near the level of these current creatures.

  32. Comments (1)

    In the European version of Big brother Aaryn would be kicked out for slurs but here we do nothing. Sadly doing nothing is condoning it in my eyes. Sad sad sad.

  33. Comments (23)

    Of course the reality we see is not fake. When people are raised to believe they are better than someone else because of their skin color or their sexual preference, they stand a good chance of being racist. Sure it’s real. Go anywhere in the South. And is it a good recipe for reality television? Maybe. Should the show or CBS pay a price? I agree that they probably should not since it will not eliminate the problem. But I am not forced to watch the show.

  34. Comments (1)

    I am not condoning any of the actions or language going on in the BB house, but I would love to know how many of the people complaining about the language listen to “music” performed by Lil Wayne or has done some lip reading at a pro sporting event, or our awesome vice president when Obama got re-elected. It’s easy to hide behind a computer and call people out even though all of us have had moments in our lives when we have acted in a similar fashion (maybe not racist, but may have said something behind closed doors that might offend someone) I bet most of the people who are complaining about racism wouldn’t have a problem with Aaryn being called a honky or anybody making fun of Judd for his accent. I guess now a days that goes by that politically bs name of “reverse racism.”

    Like I said I don’t have similar views as the house guest and I don’t condone their actions but if you are really that upset there is this crazy invention called the power button…just turn it off. Obviously people are entertained by this and BB has lasted 15 seasons. I despise Walmart… That doesnt mean I sit on the computer all day and whine about it… I just don’t shop there.

    The point of the show is to have people from different walks of life co-exist for 3 months… There is going to be some unpleasant things happen. As many posters have said… This is not the first time comments like this have happened on BB.

    I have also seen people calling people out for their “white privileged life” what would you call that. I am white and I came from a hard working lower middle classed family. I was the only white guy on my high school basketball team for 4 years. Even though I was the leading scorer and 4 year varsity letter men, I still had people from my school yelling that I ( as a white guy) had no business being on the court…. What would you call that…. Reverse racism? I was also recently passed up on a promotion because the administration was getting pressure to hire a minority…turns out I was much more qualified (not being biased). My dad was a HS principal and when he got hired at one high school they signed a petition to keep him from getting the job simply because he was white.

    Sorry for the rant, but this stuff drives me nuts.

  35. Comments (1)

    It’s not about the music nor the movie or anything that we hear in the real world. This is a show that has rules that the house guests have to follow. We seen willy get excited for his actions and these house guests are no better. No cbs and bug brother aren’t responsible for babysitting them all but there are rules they set in place for all house guests to follow. How is it fair that they are allowed to say whatever they like and how “Howard” mentions they can’t react it’s in the rules!!! We live in a world where bullying is becoming so huge and when you have a show that doesn’t do anything about it doesn’t matter what they think about what a said it’s what there doing about it that speaks louder. Two people can be fired from there real life jobs but nothing can be done in the house? Totally wrong if in my opinion. Also this is bring bad publicity to the show a show that’s been around for 15 seasons you would think they would wanna keep that and not worry about the shows future. It’s all about setting an example, I don’t think we know how much the house guests get huge fan bases all different ages and it sets bad examples and shows that’s it’s ok when nothing is done about it.

  36. Comments (3)

    I love the comments made and have been reading all of them respectfully.

    I myself am angered by the vile comments made. Not just race, sexual preference but also the derogatory comments made about women. Have we gone back in time or something.

    I was actually thinking of not watching the show, but my light bulb turned on. These are real people with real views. As a Canadian, I am not taking this as America’s views as a whole, but a subset of people. Let them dig their graves.

    I cannot wait until they get evicted one by one and watch their smug faces. That will be worth it. Also, I can’t wait until the show is finished. What happened to Paula Dean for something she said 20 years ago.

    These nitwits are on the show to help their “careers”. LMAO. I can’t wait to see when they find out exactly what they have done to their careers. They will soon find out how America (and Canadians) feel about this behaviour.

    Let them keep digging.

  37. Comments (1)

    I heard that well said once again!Julie on the Talk got it going on, all I will say wait until they come out of the big brother house, I’m just waiting for that day! Go Head all of my People!

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