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Big Veto Competition Today; Saturday Feed Updates

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Will Paul's plan to get Paulie out work?
Will Paul’s plan to get Paulie out work?

Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s an early start for me because the Big Brother house is already getting a jump on the day. Havenots and veto players were already picked, and it’s only 9:30am in the house.


If you’re wondering about the overnight report, it is coming. Pam is still going through the flashbacks and getting that together. I had to leapfrog her post because of how early production has them going today.

I am going to jump right into it….



  • 9:30am – Veto players picked. Michelle and Natalie are the only two not playing
    • Havenots were selected by what I assume was how they finished in the last HoH competition. Natalie, Nicole, and Michelle are the havenots for the week.
    • Natalie of course has the nevernot pass, so she is safe. I would think Nicole is safe as well because her card said she is safe from everything this week. It’s possible Michelle is the lone HN
    • Paul seems a bit grumpy today as he’s sitting around the table sulking.  Paulie asks if he’s pissed, and he says he is.
    • Paulie says “look man, I made amends with everyone in here, so I don’t know why you’re upset”
    • Paul replies “You made amends with everyone, and made it with me, but I don’t know why you did with me because you didn’t need to” (paraphrasing)
    • I guess Paulie had a bathroom conversation with Michelle before my post and told her more about the guys alliance. Paulie threw Paul under the bus and said he (Paul) initiated it. That is why Paul is pissy
    • Michelle jumps in to clear up how Paulie did namedrop Paul. She wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to battle with Paulie
    • Paulie told Michelle there was one guy in the alliance he really trusted. Paul calls him out on that and says “Well, who is it? It’s clearly not me. It’s clearly Corey. So yea, I’m a bit offended because I haven’t done anything to lose your trust”
    • Paulie – If you’re offended, sorry you’re offended
    • Natalie jumps in – “Did you say it would have been hysterical to get me out of the house?”
    • Paul says – “So you said you had manipulation to help you get Da’ out. Did you manipulate me?”  Michelle jumps in – “He did!” (watch out Paul, I think your PP alliance is about to be exposed)
    • Paul points out how he didn’t want Da’ out, and he did that for Paulie (this is true). He did the homie move by getting her out on his watch, but he still can’t be trusted?
    • Paul – Look man, I had your back, but I can’t say that right now
    • They talk about the plans Zakiyah had to go after Paul and Victor. Paulie denies that, but Michelle jumps in once again and says “she told me she wanted to put up Paul, Victor, you (James?)”  I love how Michelle keeps jumping in. Such a troublemaker, it’s great
    • Paulie to Michelle – You’re on the outside of the alliance, but you just manipulated everyone to save you twice. I gave you props for that.
    • James says he doesn’t think she manipulated anyone. She is a straight shooter
  • 9:40am – Had to do a timecheck. Yes, it’s only been 10 minutes
    • Victor just chillin in the back with a “Keep a straight face… keep a straight face” face
    • Paulie to Paul – “I never tossed your name under the bus.. except.. ”  Michelle jumps in to mock the ‘except’ part
    • Paulie asks Paul what shit he has ever said about James.  Paul says ‘a lot’, but won’t tell him the things he said
    • Paulie slips that he was working with one triangle, and Paul says ‘woah, I thought you said you were working with all of us (the guys)’
    • When Paulie tells him that when they got down to 5, they had to start clipping people, Paul says “Ohhh, so Vic, you and I were next apparently”
    • Paul points out how Paulie had 3 person alliances all around with a few different people.  Michelle jumps in once again “I wonder who is initiating it (with air quotes)” This is in regards to Paulie saying Paul was initiating the big alliance
    • After some back and forth, Paulie says “At the end of the day, there were 5 people I wanted to get to the final 5 with”, and Paul replies “Right, but there was also a triangle, and I wasn’t in that triangle”
    • Paul walks away and Paulie sits there thinking about his really shitty week
    • paulie-upset
    • Paul comes back and says “Paulie, there is no animosity”
    • Michelle starts in on Paulie now how he was the one who backdoored Victor
    • Then James jumps in and asks “Why is it every time Natalie’s name gets brought up, it’s always about her boobs.. FT, etc”
    • You guys need to sign up to the feeds and watch this.
    • Paulie gives some shitty reply, and Natalie jumps all over him.  He replies saying he thought they squashed the boob talk last night in their conversation and now that conversation seems fake. Natalie raises her voice “stop calling me fake!”
  • 9:50am – Now the kissing topic comes back up. How Paulie said “this would be the perfect spot to make out” to Natalie. James called him out on it, then Michelle once again jumps in and says “Why didn’t you say stuff like that to me or any other girl if you were only kidding?”
    • Michelle comments about how he is going home, and Paulie points out there is still a veto competition. Then mentions how he never kicked her while down
    • Michelle says “uhh yea you did.. yea you did” (but then didn’t have a good example. She would have had a great example if Victor nominated her yesterday because Paulie was literally going to stand up after noms and give a speech aimed directly at Michelle saying how she tried and failed, blah blah blah)
  • 10:00am – Michelle and Paulie are still going back and forth about her nomination
    • Paulie mentions trusting him, and she says ‘Of course I didn’t trust you, because you’re full of shit’
    • Paulie talks about his brother’s alliance and Michelle laughs and says “Ohh the detonators? You wanted to do a 2 person alliance with 5 people?”… then says “You’re never going to be a Cody or Derrick”
    • She continues… “Nobody in the house is like Cody or Derrick” and he said he tries, but he wanted more loyalty.  Michelle replies “Loyalty my ass! You had 3way alliances with everyone”
    • Michelle – “If this is your plan from the beginning, why did you send Victor home?”  James – “Seems like you were covering a lot of bases”
    • Michelle – “If you say loyalty one more time, I’m going to shoot myself in the head”  haha
    • James to Paulie – “If it’s squashed, it’s squashed. Why go tell me it’s squashed” (Paulie jumps in) “Becuase it’s squashed” (James continues) “then start it back up throwing me under the bus” (Paulie replies) “because it’s true!”
    • James asks Paulie how he can make final 3’s with everyone in the house.  Michelle jumps in and asks Paulie if they can have a final 3 (lol)
  • 10:10am – Michelle asks if Paulie is ready to play veto. Hopefully he has a clear head!  (sarcastic)
    • He tells her he has played in bigger games than this
    • Michelle tells him she guarantees if he got down to the final 5, he would have made final 2s with everyone, just like Derrick
    • Paulie, James, and Michelle are essentially talking in circles at this point.
  • 10:25am – People scatter and they boys have a brohug
    • grouphug
  • 10:30am – Talks break up. Paul heads into the bedroom to talk to Michelle
    • Michelle says she wanted to work him up more, but Paul says they did a good job rattling him
    • Natalie says she feels very secure in the house right now
    • Nicole comes in and they talk a little. The girls wish her luck today.  Apparently she really is a havenot, and the wording on the card was misleading. Apparently super safe from everything doesn’t mean everything.  Dumb
  • 11:30am – I am so behind, I had to jump live.
    • Nicole, Michelle are in the kitchen while Natalie is in the bathroom carrying on a conversation.  They are talking about how Z tried to blow the house up
    • Things have calmed in the house for now.  I’ll keep you updated if it flares up again

Check back for updates

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