Big Week For Big Brother 17! Plus, Writers Needed



With just over a week to go until the season premiere of Big Brother 17, things are about to go into warp speed.  I’m apologizing in advance for any spam of posts, but I only get a few months to blog about the show, so you’re going to get your Big Brother fix!


Tonight, we’re expecting a tour of the house, which is cool, but not as cool as tomorrow when the cast gets revealed! I am already starting to have Big Brother dreams, and last night Donny was back in the house and he won PoV, and ended up putting Evil Dick on the block. I  suppose my dream was an All-Star season, but that’s not what I’m hoping for in reality.  I love all new people.



Alright, I’m rambling.  Time to get to my point. I am looking for a writer or two to help this season.

If you are a hardcore feed watcher, watch late at night, and can quickly learn wordpress, I am interested in you.  Please use the contact form and tell me your qualifications!

See you later on tonight for pictures of the house.

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