Breaking News: Someone Left The House For Real (Spoilers)

Evil Dick left the Big Brother House

Evil Dick left the Big Brother HouseBy the looks of his shoulder, Dick will not be getting Big Brother 13 tattooed on the other one after this season, because his time in the house is over before it really got started.

According to our friends at Big Brother Network, Dick was called into the diary room just hours before the feeds went live, but was given the boot, or left on his own (info when we receive it).   This means Daniele was given the first golden key and will take her new brunette look all the way to the final 10.

This is sad news for anyone who likes drama because Dick was sure to bring it, and honestly he was one of my favorite houseguests of all time.  I was one of the people rooting for dunkin donuts (D+D) to make it far in season 8, and was hoping they could do the same in season 13.

There is still no word on whether or not there will be the regular eviction as planned, but on that note, Rachel at least kept her word to D+D and nominated Porsche and the walking hard-on Keith.    On the bright side, if Keith does get booted from the house in week 1, I bet it is still long enough for him to use that to get laid quite a bit at least for the rest of the summer.


This would also be a great time to watch the live feeds to find out exactly what the hell happened with Dick.  Don’t forget, it’s 3 days free!

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