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You’re A Catty, Catty Person

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shelly and cassi before eviction

Julie Chen wearing a cape
A cape, Julie?

Well, that was a pretty interesting Big Brother live episode tonight.    What began as another evening of robots in the crowd and Julie wearing a cape, ended on a very sour note for anyone rooting for the newbie alliance.   Speaking of which…. a cape, Julie?  Do you moonlight as Frank Costanza’s lawyer?

The show as set up as the Cassi vs Rachel hour, highlighting their argument in the padded room which resulted in Cassi walking away telling Rachel she is a very catty, catty person who is very ugly inside.  Rachel then went off to cry about how Cassi touched at all of her weaknesses, yet is somehow a truly horrible player.   Sure, Cassi is no Evil Dick, but getting completely under Rachel’s skin like that was a bit impressive.


Cassi tried to then talk to someone who she thought was logical and smart, Brendon.   He decided to pull a Brendon and get pissy over a minor comment about swearing on her family’s life, and stormed away pouting.   I seriously don’t know who I feel worse for out of him and Rachel.  Both are pretty much loose cannons.

Cassi big brother 13
Don't worry, you got your fame

It was time to get to the votes, and like I posted on twitter, I expected the unanimous vote tonight simply because there was enough drama in the house this week and Cassi’s few allies likely just wanted to get by and not make any unneeded waves.  She wasn’t exactly trying hard to stay in the house, so there was really no reason for someone like Dominic to stick his neck out for her.  Cassi got her TV exposure, and her career earnings as a model will likely double or triple because of that, so everyone wins.


What surprised me is how toned down Julie has been in the post-eviction interviews so far this season.  Under normal situations, I’d fully expect her to show Cassi how Shelly turned her back on her, but she never did.   This leads me to believe the evicted houseguests (sans Dick) are being held in sequester for a possible competition to re-enter at some point soon.   Julie hinted at a former houseguest making an appearance on Sunday, but this  one will likely be just temporary.  Like others have speculated, this situation is likely someone like Dick hosting the food challenge then leaving.  If you are interested to find out though, make sure to sign up to the live feeds though.

There also was an announcement that the game will change on Thursday, and my guess on that is that the golden keys are done and teams are either shuffled or it’s going to turn into an individual game.

big brother 13 rachel
I do love this reaction

I also tried to avoid writing about the new head of household, hoping it would mean it didn’t really happen, but I need to accept the truth.  We are guaranteed another 2 weeks of Rachel screaming into the camera during the diary room talks.  On the plus side, it does leave the door open to more entertaining fights and bush visits.


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