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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Friday Feeds

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Happy Friday! Tom’s very bad reign as HoH is about to come to an end as he’s going to go from a super power position to likely not even making the top 5. The biggest chance he has tomorrow night would be if Kato or Dina win the HoH as the power could once again slowly come back to him. The reality is, though, he lost his alliance at the worst possible time in the game. He’s HoH so he can’t play in the next comp and there are not many options or people to really flip things back in his favor. It’s going to just take luck and winning if he wants a crack at the finale.

Even if Kato or Dina win this week, it’s still a huge hill to climb because they’ll be in a similar position next week. There are just too many targets and not enough bullets for this duo to survive until the end.


Not a ton happened during my downtime yesterday. There has been a lot of back and forth on who will be going home tomorrow night but other than that, it’s just the slow and painful breakup of an alliance. It kind of has the feel of when Whitney flipped on her alliance in BBOTT. It’s just weird to see former allies pretending to still be friends but take jabs at each other. That leads us to the feeds:

  • 10:25 am – Nat and Lolo are in the bathroom and Kato is in the kitchen
    • He tells them ‘Good news for you guys, I’m going to win HoH this week’
    • Then he says ‘ahh but you’re safe’.  Nat says “why wouldn’t I be??”
    • Kato asks if she ever went to an acting academy
    • Nat asks if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and asks why he’s being weird.  He says ‘all is good’ and walks away.
  • Meanwhile, Tom is talking to Kandi in the other room
    • He is telling her that he tried to BD Ricky
    • Tom promises he won’t vote her out if she can get the tie
  • 1:35 am – They all make their way into the kitchen
    • So, Tom and Kato are being very passive aggressive toward the girls. Tom keeps asking if they want to talk privately. Kato says he’s upset because he didn’t get to talk to them yesterday because Lolo was sleeping
    • Lolo says “you guys can feel however the fuck you want to feel”. She is doing her aggressive approach
    • Kato comes out and asks ‘what?’ and Lolo snaps at him “do you want me to spell it out for you?”
    • He slams the counter “have you ever taken an acting class??”  She replies “I’m not an actor you mother fucker!”
    • Lolo walks away “you guys are pieces of shit for ruining everyone’s morning”  okay
    • Tom tells Kato he feels bad this Olympic American Hero is upset with him but they lied
    • They head back into the kitchen and Lolo keeps repeating “fun fun fun ya’ll turns into fun fun fuck ya’ll” then walks away screaming ‘fun fun fun’
  • They break up, Lolo goes into the bedroom to trash Tom and Kato to Dina
    • She keeps telling Dina that Tom threatened her and Natalie
  • 11:00 am – Dina and Kandi are in the side room and all cams on them
    • We hear Lolo screaming in the background. Thank you feeds for screwing us yet again!
    • Seriously, some major drama going on and all 4 feeds on someone doing makeup. Do not buy the feeds until summer.
  • 11:10 am – Ricky comes into the workout room and flips on Tom and Kato
    • He is upset because he was doing yoga in the room and feels like he was kicked out. He wants Tom to do his thing in the HOH room
    • Ricky leaves.  He was upset Tom was walking over his yoga mat so Tom rolls up the mat and they keep working out
  • Meanwhile, Tamar is downstairs upset that Kato slammed the table an hour ago
  • 2:20 pm – Things have calmed down a bit from this morning.
    • I’m going to try not to vent much but I am so disappointed with these feeds. I don’t know if it’s PR people freaking out when their Olympic athlete runs around dropping f-bombs left and right or not, but they have cut some of the best drama this season. They show us a very abbreviated version on the show and pretend the rest didn’t exist.
    • I know other seasons have cut when it gets way too crazy but there was nothing about the fight in the kitchen that needed to be cut.
  • 2:35 pm – Kato approaches Dina in the bathroom and tells her to vote Joey out
    • Kandi will just need to work on Tamar and Tom can break the tie
    • Lolo did a number on Dina earlier today, so I’m not exactly sure she’s brave enough to vote against Lolo but we’ll see
  • 3:00 pm – Kandi asks Tamar if she’s going to keep her, Tamar says yes.  Joey may be gone tomorrow. Woah!
  • 3:25 pm – Tamar is back in the bedroom re-telling the conversation with Kandi
    • Lolo is saying that they need to keep Joey because she made a promise to him
    • Tamar is struggling with this vote. I’m not quite sure where she’s actually going to vote tomorrow at this point.  My heart tells me she’ll keep Kandi
    • Lolo, Ricky, and Nat are just praising Joey over and over. They are really working him to Tamar.
  • 3:45 pm – Joey comes in and starts talking tough
    • He is worked up because Tom stopped him to talk before a shower.  Okay, Joey.  Woah!
    • Tamar jokes about Kato being a senior citizen.  Now she’s bashing him for being a celebrity (says the girl who has a famous sister)
  • 4:00 pm – Lolo is still upset that Kato predicted he would win HoH tomorrow lol.  Relax.
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